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The Tsuntsuntsuntsuntsuntsun tsuntsuntsuntsuntsundere Girl Getting Less and Less Tsun Day by Day 4.7
An Evil Dragon That Was Sealed Away For 300 Years Became My Friend 4.8
Confession Series 4.9
A Goddess Becoming Useless Due to an Overly Caring Man 4.8

A Goddess Becoming Useless Due To An Overly Caring Man

Chapter 5 Chapter 4 Yaki Tomato Updated : Jul 05,2022 - 16:41 View : 1.3M
The story of a losing heroine doing her best to win! 4.5

The Story Of A Losing Heroine Doing Her Best To Win!

Chapter 6 Chapter 5 Yaki tomato Updated : Aug 25,2020 - 22:13 View : 647.8K
Even Though She's the Losing Heroine, The Bakeneko-chan Remains Undaunted 4.7

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