The Glade in the Forest Behind the School 5

The Glade In The Forest Behind The School

Vol.0 Ch.0

40.9K Jan 20,16 Kasuga Miho

The 5th oneshot from Yuri Tengoku Anthology. In The Glade in the Forest Behind the School, two girls share a secret place, and become close because of it.
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Hirahira no Tsuri 5

Hirahira No Tsuri


40.8K Jan 20,16 Hosuka

Frill is a young boy who travels from town to town, selling the beautiful flowers that grow on his back. One day, the flowers on his back mysteriously begin to wilt and Frill worries that he can no longer grow any flowers.
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Happy Death 5

Happy Death

Ch.0 : [Oneshot]

40.7K Jan 21,16 Shumijin

When a fool lost his smile.When everyone around him are smiling through a lie.When the one he lives for laugh through a mask. The fool shall wish for a happy death.Original webcomic:
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Nagisa Round 4.9

Nagisa Round


40.5K Jan 20,16 Oka

Ryuunosuke returns to his hometown to live with his grandmother after the death of his parents. He';s glad to see his old friends Tomo and Asuka, however, he quickly discovers how different they've all become in the time they were apart. Will Ryuunosuke be able to regain his lost friendships?
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Kid 5


Ch.0 : [Oneshot]

40.3K Jan 21,16 Nanae Tajima

A father trying to escape prison and go back to his ill son, comes across a child who asks the man to be his dad, but what is a child doing in a prison?
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Matane 5



40.1K Jan 20,16

Dialogue-less oneshot.
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TC-225 5



40.1K Jan 20,16 Tanaka Tatsuyuki

In the future (1998), Japan has fallen under military control. As young men are conscripted to help with the war efforts for longer and longer periods, Risa waits anxiously for her boyfriend's return...
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Kanai-kun 5


Vol.1 Ch.1

40.1K Jan 20,16 Tanikawa Shuntaro

Today Kanai-kun is absent from school. Kanai-kun has passed away. Who was Kanai-kun. Was he actually here?
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Zoku 11-nin Iru!: Higashi no Chihei, Nishi no Towa 3.8

Zoku 11-Nin Iru!: Higashi No Chihei, Nishi No Towa

Chapter 3 [End]

32.3K Jan 21,20 Hagio Moto

Having been admitted to Cosmo Academy, Frol and Tada are now having a rough time adjusting to a couple's life, with Tada regularly outperforming Frol in academics - and, to their chagrin, popularity. While the two try (and often fail) to navigate this change in relationship dynamic, they then receive a warm invitation from their old friend, King Mayan Baceska, to visit him at his palace on pla
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Parallel Lines 3.8

Parallel Lines

Chapter 5

32.2K Jun 30,22 Yukue Moegi

Ichiya, a young gay man, falls in love with the adorable Minato, as soonas he enters fashion school. Alas, next to Minato there's Jirou, an annoying guy with a goatee!The competition between Ichiya and Jirou to get Minato's favor starts! Or that's what they thought... But as they keep spending time together and bickering, Ichiya starts to think he's the only one allowed to criticize Jirou. Are the
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