Petite! Tenorikuma 5

Petite! Tenorikuma

Vol.1 Ch.2

55.6K Jan 21,16 Yumimi

Tenorikuma is a shoujo gag manga about a girl named Kokoa-chan and her dad, opening up a new coffee shop called, Tenorikuma. The employees at Tenorikuma Coffee are Kokoa-chan, her dad, and 4 centimeter tall bears (Chai, Latte, Maple, Frap, and Macchiato). These little guys may be small, but they're caring, and hard workers. Join them in their adventures of working at the Tenorikuma Coffee shop!
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Odd at War 5

Odd At War

Chapter 2 : The Nuisance

55.6K Aug 25,17 João Rebocho

Odd at War is a fantasy/action manga that follows the story of Kehl. A young boy who was introduced to the truth of the world he lives in, in the worst way possible. After being rescued by a mysterious figure while his village was being raided by mercenaries, he comes into contact with a whole new world. A world of violence and fear. As he discovers who is to blame for the death of his loved ones
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Accord X Malice 5

Accord X Malice

Vol.1 Chapter 1 : The Great Birth Of A New King

55.6K Jan 20,16 Chibuzo Offor

It was an era of war between the god of light and the god of darkness when they gave birth to their heirs. The heir born to the god of light was a useless boy,incapable of anything except fighting . It was not until an unexpected incident occured the right hand man to the god of light began training the young boy so that ,one day ,he may conquer the darkness. How will the fate of these two heirs m
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Mask!!(SKY) 5


Ch.2 : Lust Vs. Giraffe!!

55.6K Jul 02,16 Sky

In the year 3000, a meteor strikes earth and destroys it! Terfiying beasts born from Humanity's Sins now take over the universe. These monsters are called the "Ghastly Seven Sins"!! Meanwhile, at the center of the universe, Adonis, the ruler of the universe, and it's strongest being is destroyed! What in the world is going on?!
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Sunny With a Chance of Dragons! 4.7

Sunny With A Chance Of Dragons!

Chapter 2

55.6K Feb 20,21 郭晓

There exists a young girl with a pair of braids from bones that’s called the witch, suddenly a dragon egg fell on her head and met a fierce baby dragon, the two discriminated beasts, worked together to find where they belong, what will they meet in their adventure?
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Ledd 5


Vol.1 Chapter 1 : A Place You Can't Escape

55.5K May 12,17 J. M. Trevisan

Ledd is in the most feared prison in the world, but he has no idea of his own crimes. He doesn't know who he is, nor he remembers his past. A mysterious tattoo on his right hand glows with strange powers. With the wizard Ripp, the beautiful and courageous Drikka and the ogre Horlogh, the young warrior will seek the truth about himself and his origins. But on Ledd's path is the violent king
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Lightless 5


Vol.1 Ch.2 : Introduction

55.5K Jan 20,16 ~fashionstrawberry

Miyako is a 'nonhuman' girl that her parents send her to an academy were students are taught to fight against ,non humans.' She finds out about this and thinks it is really strange that her parents did this. While in the academy she gets involved with a very important family whose profession is to kill non humans.
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Tron: Legacy 5

Tron: Legacy

Vol.1 Ch.1 : File. 1

55.5K Jan 20,16 Washio Naohiro

A high-tech adventure set in a digital world. Sam Flynn, when he was a child, has been told stories about a different world his father created. After 25 years of not seeing seeing his father, he enters his dad's arcade and finds himself pulled into the digital world of "TRON" where his father has been trapped and living for years. This is a life-and-death journey of an escape across a cyber univer
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Cutlass II 5

Cutlass Ii

Vol.1 Chapter 1

55.5K Jan 20,16 Higuri You

from Fantasy Shrine:] Blessed with looks and brains, Tsubasa is cool with everyone except the devil-may-care Tokimaru, whom he refuses to open his heart to, in fear of Tokimaru's safety. As fate would have it, they are both dragged into another dimension when an unknown entity attacks them and tries to snatch the "secret" from Tsubasa. For 2 months, these two venture in the wonderland where pirat
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Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut 5

Tales Of Destiny: Director's Cut

Vol.1 Ch.3

55.5K Jan 20,16 Bandai Namco Games

From Wings of an Angel: Focusing on the (most prominent) anti-hero of the original storyline, this manga is an incarnation of the recent game "Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut", which came with the ability to play as Leon Magnus. Now we will follow his story and find out what drove him to do what he did and the reason why. The story of love, pain and betrayal unravels and the wheel of destiny t
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Saigami 5


Vol.1 Ch.1 : It All Began With A Letter...

55.5K Feb 20,16 Andrea Otilia Vörös

Hanasaki Ayumi can't quite find her place in the world with every day being one of emptiness and loneliness. But on the day she receives a mysterious letter, everything changes. Finding herself in a frightening new world full of unexpected adventures and fanciful characters, she joins in the journey of two adventure-seeking young men. Hoping that she'll find a way home, Ayumi soon realizes that th
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Toki to Eien - Toki Towa 5

Toki To Eien - Toki Towa

Ch.2 : The Bride That Crosses Time

55.4K Jan 20,16 Bandai Namco Games

Toki is a Princess and she is to be wed to a Knight, to which there is mutual affection between but she still has concerns. Toki also has a second persona within her named Towa. Towa has blonde hair, and is much different from the reserved Toki as she is much more unyielding.
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Legend of the Sun Knight Side Stories 5

Legend Of The Sun Knight Side Stories

Ch.1 : The Answer

55K Apr 03,16 Yu Wo

The manhua adaptation of some Legend of the Sun Knight side stories written by Yu Wo released with the original novels.
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Kara no Teikoku 5

Kara No Teikoku

Chapter 001

54.9K Dec 28,17 Kita naoe

Long ago, the Emperor possessed great mystical powers... and now, a young boy wonders: will he have them as well. With no memories, and only a rose-shaped scar on his forehead as a clue, he ponders his legacy while on the run with the girl who rescued him from a group of armed warriors. She takes him to a scientist who seems sure Rose is the Emperor's clone, and that this young boy must assume the
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Reiya x Reiya 5

Reiya X Reiya

Vol.1 Ch.2 : Layer 2: Love X Justice X Transformation

54.9K Jan 20,16 Kikuta Michiyo

Leia Mikazuki, a second-year middle school girl, has a strong sense of justice and is called "the guardian of Hoshimino". Thanks to a longtime friend, Kira, she can transform to fight evil. This volume contains two chapters of Reiya x Reiya and two chapters of BLT.
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Dark Hair Captured 3

Dark Hair Captured

Vol.1 Chapter 2: When I Grow Up...

54.9K Sep 27,19 Ryuusuke Mita

Darkhair Captured is an incredibly underrated and imaginative fantasy story about a young Earthling named Captured and his adventures in a distant universe where he isn't really wanted. When he was really young, he was tormented by the other kids, and when he came across a special ring, he acquired the power of the Spect'master which gave him great power a
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Koufuku Daibu 5

Koufuku Daibu

Vol.1 Chapter 4 : Majo Mao!

54.9K Mar 22,16 Hori Nodzuki

Contains 4 oneshots: 1. Koufuku Dive 「幸福ダイブ」 2. Poison Angel 「ポイズン エンゼル」 3. Kurogane Girl 「クロガネ ガール」 4. Majo Mao! 「マジョマオ!」 -taken from Manga Zone Scans Mao (a witch) comes to the human world in search of a cell phone containing the souls of 1000 demons. In order to find the phone, she enrolls in a high school, where she meets Kento, a boy who refuses to believe in the existence of w
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Key Jack 5

Key Jack

Vol.01 Chapter 001

54.8K Dec 27,17 Shiomi chika

*Also included is a short story called Meiou Hades published in volume 1 of this manga: Amano Yuuichirou was hit by a car, and when he next opened his eyes he found himself in a dark world full of monsters. The only living thing there seems to be a miraculous young man with snow-white hair and jet-black eyes. A short story published in "Key Jack" Vol.01 by the same mangaka... - From Storm
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Magical Illusions 5

Magical Illusions


54.8K Jan 20,16 Suzuki Jiro

Ever since Xiao Qiao was little, she's loved mythical fantasy books about magicians and can't wait to grow up to be an author so she can lose herself in magic! She's always believed that one day a magician will appear an take her away to a magical land- but nobody believes in dreams nowadays, or do they? One day whilst daydreaming on the way home from school Xiao Qiao falls down an unc
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Konjiki no Gash!! 2.8

Konjiki No Gash!!

Chapter 5

54.8K Sep 21,20 Cheng Guang Culture

An ordinary girl transmigrates to a fairy-tale-like world with kids only. Thus, she becomes the only “grown-up prisoner” among the “little prisoners” in an hotel. They are requested to help the hotel get over the crisis. What’s confusing is, the kids are never innocent, lovely or happy. They are hostile to everyone…
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Kyouyou Illustrations 5

Kyouyou Illustrations

Vol.1 Ch.0

54.8K Jan 21,16 Tsuruta Kenji

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Tableau Gate 5

Tableau Gate


54.7K Jan 20,16 SUZUKI Rika

High school student Satsuki Hikawa lives alone in a mansion while his grandfather, who is his only other living family member and an art dealer, travels all over the country. One day Satsuki's grandfather sends him an art book that is called Tablet. Each page in the book seems to represent different tarot cards, but most of the symbols are missing. Soon after receiving the book a mysterious girl s
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