Toriaezu Chikyuu Ga Horobiru Mae Ni 4.3

Toriaezu Chikyuu Ga Horobiru Mae Ni

Chapter 24.2: The End

56.3K Oct 22,22 Nemu Youko

One day in front of the Dadakusa girls’ basketball team, a man calling himself a prophet appears. “The earth will perish if you don’t win the prefectural tournament.” Find out the fate of the earth, basketball, and love by reading "Toriaezu Chikyuu ga Horobiru Mae Ni."
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Shindou Family Circumstances 5

Shindou Family Circumstances

Chapter 5

56.3K Oct 17,19 Maki Murakami

The "cynical slapstick comedy" one-shot follows the troubles of Rikuto Shindou and his "mother," Shuichi Shindou. Rikuto has grown up without many friends because they always call him a liar after finding out his "mother" is actually a man. Rikuto is now in high school, and he is freaking out because his mother is supposed to come to school tomorrow for an interview w
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Dahlia no Obi 5

Dahlia No Obi

Vol.1 Chapter 4 : Summertime

56K Jan 20,16 Ooshima Yumiko

A young man, about to be married to his childhood love goes to look for his best friend who was supposed to return to the small village for his wedding from Tokyo. When the young man arrives, he finds a note left by his friend and the presents he would have brought. The note refers to a night when there was lightning and rain, cutting off the power in his small village. Was it really lightning
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Venus Trap 2.8

Venus Trap

Chapter 6

55.9K Sep 06,20 六十一分漫画工作室 / 芝士棒 / 阿喵喵喵3 /

I’m Mia Tang, a hustler, a black widow who can lure you in with a few sweet words. I’ve spent my life perfecting the ‘art of the con,’ and I’m proud of what I do. Why shouldn’t I be? The hustle is the only thing that’s real in this world full of deceptions. So when you, Ellie Xia, try to steal my biggest mark from me, with your pink frills and long lashes&
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Hamidashi Shirayukihime 4.4

Hamidashi Shirayukihime

Vol.1 Ch.1

55.9K Jan 20,16 Debbie Macomber

from fictiondb: IN A CABIN IN THE WOODS . To fun-loving Sherry White, a summer camp for intellectually gifted children seemed the perfect getaway from the smothering influence of her wacky but well-intentioned stepmother. But she soon realized that sharing a cabin with seven precocious little girls and a contraband hamster, under the watchful eye of Camp Gitche Gumee's gorgeous, disapproving dire
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White X Silver Anthology 4.6

White X Silver Anthology

Ch.0 : A Troublesome Thing

55.8K Jan 20,16 Quinrose

White X Silver Anthology comprises a collection of standalone stories of multiple pairings featuring various Wonderland characters from the Alice series. Oneshots:A troublesome thing- Blood x Alice
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Nomino 4.8



55.6K Jan 21,16 Unita Yumi

Mitsuya is a third year high school student who's studying for his exams. Noko, a girl two years younger than him, is his childhood friend. "Nomino" (Know Me Now) shows their relationship as they go about their everyday lives.
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P.A. Tokubetsuhen 5

P.a. Tokubetsuhen


55.6K Jan 20,16 Akaishi Michiyo

Additional stories of Shiho's private acting set during the period after she has become a successful actress. Includes two oneshots: Byplayer and Strawberry Moon
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Tenchi no Tamago 5

Tenchi No Tamago

Vol.1 Ch.0

55.3K Jul 10,16 Murayama Yuka

Ayuta, a ronin with hopes of attending Geidai, fell in love on a packed train. Depicting his tempestuous and heartbreaking love with Haruhi, a psychiatrist eight years his senior, is this manga adaptation of the Naoki Award winning Murayama Yuka's best seller!
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Onigiri Tsuushin - Dame Mama Nikki 5

Onigiri Tsuushin - Dame Mama Nikki

Vol.1 Ch.1

55.1K Mar 21,16 Ninomiya Tomoko

From Eien Scans: An cute autobiography based off Ninomiya Tomoko's family life, with her husband and son.
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The World They're Dating In 4.2

The World They're Dating In

Chapter 22

54.7K Oct 23,22 Yullo

.On the day she declared she'd stay single, three men who had never been in Seul's life appeared in front of her.A dreamy ideal type, a male friend who she thought would be her lifelong friend, and even a blind date with excellent realistic conditions, appear all at once.Will Seul be able to keep her convictions of staying single until the end?
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Tenjou no Shita 5

Tenjou No Shita

Ch.4 : Under The Ceiling 4

54.7K Jan 21,16 Minami Q-ta

An ever changing (and unusual) love triangle story, set in modern Japan. [From Lililicious]: Uchida is in love with Nakano, but feels like she can't tell him because she turned him down when he confessed his feelings to her years ago. One day, she sees him with another girl-- Kobayashi. The three begin spending time together, Uchida wondering all the while if Kobayashi is in love with Nakano a
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Kitai Fuku Ga Aru 5

Kitai Fuku Ga Aru

Chapter 1: I Want To Be Myself

54K Jan 09,20 TSUNEKI Netarou

Mami was always seen as the "cool" type of girl. The type of girl that cute things doesn't suit and would be better off wearing "cool style" clothing. But Mami has a secret. She wants to wear lolita fashion!
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The Princess of the Lonely Isle 5

The Princess Of The Lonely Isle

Vol.1 Chapter 2: Silence

54K May 01,19 Ichiko Ima

A collection of short stories:<br><br>1. Red Sleeves - Akai Sode (赤い袖)<br>2. Silence - Chinmoku (沈黙)<br>3. Midnight Dinner Table - Mayonaka no Shokutaku (真夜中の食卓)<br>4. There's No Funeral Portrait! - Iei ga nai! (遺影がない!)<br>5. Princess of the Lonely Isle - Kotou no Himegimi (孤島の姫君)<br>6. Elegant Animals - Utsukushiki Kemonotachi
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Nice Day for a Little Mermaid 5

Nice Day For A Little Mermaid

Chapter 1

53.9K Mar 22,19 Umi Minami

In the near future, mankind creates mermaids through the selective breeding of small fish. This is the story of three tiny mermaids who are in a Tokyo pet shop waiting for someone to buy them.
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1/4 x 1/2 5

1/4 X 1/2

Chapter 1.1

53.7K Jun 12,19 Udou Shinohara

The lead is a spirit medium, although unfortunately he's not the best. His medium house has lasted for generations, but he only has a quarter of their ability: the only spirits he can call are animals, and while his touch can feel the spirits, he can't even hear them. For that, he needs help from his feline sidekick, although he can only be called half a cat, as he has the past life memori
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Atashi no Onna ni Te o Dasu na 5

Atashi No Onna Ni Te O Dasu Na

Ch.4 : Hands Off My Girl

53.7K Jan 21,16 Minami Q-ta

A short story about a girl in love with her bestfriend who happens to be straight....or is she?
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Harapeko na Majo - Saty to Parvati 5

Harapeko Na Majo - Saty To Parvati

Chapter 1

52.5K Jan 20,16 Isoya Yuki

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Toumeiningen no Shissou 5

Toumeiningen No Shissou

Vol.1 Ch.1

52.2K Jan 21,16 Yoshino Sakumi

A middle school student just wants a normal life, but his cultish mother is determined to raise him as she sees fit. Throw in a mysterious boy and some soccer, and you have this enigmatic tale.
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Kakuu no Sono 3

Kakuu No Sono

Vol.1 Ch.oneshot : Dark Eyes

51.8K Jan 21,16 Sakai Kunie

After his mom's death, our protagonist strives for every bit of physical affection that his dad would show. Even as a toddler, his dad never held his hand or stroked his head.Also contains stories:- Flower of the Sky- Dark EyesAbout a young woman and the man who appears in her life during dangerous times.
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Yokoyama Mayumi 5

Yokoyama Mayumi


50.8K Jan 20,16 Takase Yuka

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The Phantom of the Opera 4

The Phantom Of The Opera

Vol.1 Chapter 1

50.6K Sep 23,19 JET

Based on Gaston Leroux's "The Phantom of the Opera."
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I Want To Be Happy 5

I Want To Be Happy

Ch.1 : I Want To Be Happy

49.7K Jan 20,16 Urino Kiko

One day, a girl wakes up and she's suddenly become a high school girl! What's she to do but live life to the fullest - wear loose socks, 90's fashion, make fashionable friends, and maybe even meet a rocker? We're happy to bring you a new series, this thoroughly josei series by the little-known (in the scanlation world) Urino Kiko. The art and fashion is meant to be from the 90s, but the story will
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