I Raised the Villains Preciously 4.5

I Raised The Villains Preciously

Chapter 14

50.1K Dec 01,22 Solgit , 솔깃

I will become the nursery teacher of the children who would become the future Black Sorcerer, the Heads of Dark Guild, and Psychopath Emperor. I didn’t want to get entangled and wanted to sneak out of the nursery, but instead, I decided to raise the poor little villains with full sincerity. “Teacher, are you leaving us behind?” —— “If you look at this handsome face a little more, you won’t be a
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Fly Me To The Moon 4.1

Fly Me To The Moon

Chapter 6

17.3K Nov 26,22 Lee Soo-yong [Add] , MA Go-young

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The Duke's Daughter Who Was a Villain in Her Previous Lives Was Entrusted With Training a Hikikomori Prince 4.5

The Duke's Daughter Who Was A Villain In Her Previous Lives Was Entrusted With Training A Hikikomori Prince

Chapter 9

87.4K Nov 19,22 Kudan Sogou,Tai Noel

The beautiful lady, Louise, has memories from her past lives. And there are 7 peoples' worth of lives (moreover the villain's role). Louise, who has always met the bad end of getting stabbed to death, has decided that she will live this life peacefully. However, Louise has been assigned as Prince Emile's instructor! And so, she struggles with teaching the extremely shy prince who shuts himself up
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Sleepless Nights Of A Maid 2.6

Sleepless Nights Of A Maid

Chapter 7

33.3K Nov 18,22 Hong Sera , Studio JEMI

I fell for a moment in the noble family, Youngae, and was like a maid in an acquaintance's house. Eva Macys, who was living her hard life, She accidentally meets her former fiancee, her Prince Edward. It was only after her departure that he, who was strong and cold-hearted but kind to her, Eva comes to her realization that he is her own first love, but She gives up her current feelings, saying th
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Destructive Desires 4.2

Destructive Desires

Chapter 55

290.3K Dec 01,22 Edith

As a lonely orphan and a corporate heir, the lives of Seo Yeonwoo and Lee Seokheon couldn’t be any more different. Due to this, Yeonwoo has been unable to refuse Seokheon’s advances to be his sex partner. But as Seokheon’s grandfather was the one to take Yeonwoo in when she was orphaned, the guilt of sleeping with her savior’s grandson weighs heavily on her mind. She finally draws the line when Se
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Revenge Against the Immoral 4.3

Revenge Against The Immoral

Chapter 63

109.7K Dec 03,22 Sakura (サクラ)

This suspense manga tells the story of a betrayed wife's revenge, cracking down on her unfaithful husband and his homewrecking mistress! Shiho Tachibana (31) got married five years ago. She and her husband swore eternal love to each other, but recently they have stopped having sex even though she wishes to have children. Every day, people around her torment her by asking when she's going to have a
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The Double Life of a Daydreaming Actress 2.6

The Double Life Of A Daydreaming Actress

Chapter 65

38.7K Dec 03,22 NAKAJIMA Mao

She's spent her life daydreaming, and now she's a loser who's given up on love. Nao is a thirty-year-old woman who daydreams to escape from her harsh reality, but a mistake she makes at work forces her into a situation where she has to prostitute herself! She's toyed with by the handsome CEO of a porn production company, encouraged by an effeminate porn star, and bullied by a gyaru. While interac
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Teach Me, Mr. Sadistic Butler 3

Teach Me, Mr. Sadistic Butler

Chapter 23

72K Dec 03,22 DAIMATSU Yukisou

"My lady, it is time for your lesson on night companionship," the new, mysterious, and super sadistic butler announced. Layla Yanase dreams about marrying Fujigaya, her fiance, who she has never met. "All of your flowery, happy-go-lucky thoughts... will be mowed out by me." Fujiwara, the butler, leads Layla through brutal bridal training, which includes lessons on "night companionship." With his v
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Another Love 4.7

Another Love

Chapter 40

95.1K Nov 20,22 Hiko

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Charming You 3.7

Charming You

Chapter 32

59.4K Nov 26,22 Park Soo jung

Jimin’s new goal in life is to get her hands on her crush’s underwear, but not for the reason you might think! She has been advised by her fortune teller that she’ll have a chance with him if she manages to stick a charm on his underwear. But how’s she supposed to do that when even just looking at him makes her tongue-tied? Luckily, Jimin has a plan, but will things go the way she wants, or will s
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Sick Yandere Prince Depends on Me to Continue His Life 2.8

Sick Yandere Prince Depends On Me To Continue His Life

Chapter 45

160.2K Nov 28,22 阅文漫画

In an event of transmigration, Su Ye became the evil female supporting character of a novel, who was infamous for her extreme tyranny and her countless hired male companions. To stay alive, she would have to keep a great distance from the cruel yandere lord. However, the yandere lord’s hand interlocked with hers as he coughed, “Do you like me, my savior?” Su Ye was starting to feel nervous under h
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Boss Makes the Boy Group’s Center of Me 1.9

Boss Makes The Boy Group’S Center Of Me

Chapter 14

14.7K Nov 10,22 郑九川 , 阅文漫画

The influential A-list female artist Ye Xian becomes a vicious character with the same name in the novel "Proud Best Actor Only Favors Me." In this novel, she disguises herself as a boy in the hero's boy group to pester the hero, bullies the heroine, sabotages the relationship between the hero and heroine, and finally dies a tragic death. To avoid the sad demise, Ye Xian decides to stay away from
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The Isolated King and the Imprisoned Princess 4.6

The Isolated King And The Imprisoned Princess

Chapter 24

86.8K Nov 29,22 SHICHIFUKU Sayuri

Born to be a princess, Fine was raised in a tower with a blindfold on because of her golden eyes, which are said to be unlucky. Though she believed her parents loved her, it all turned out to be a lie when her father decides to offer her to the god to end the kingdom's long-standing drought. But right before Fine is pushed into the spring, the king of the powerful kingdom Stichtite, Sieghart rescu
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The Rascals 4.5

The Rascals

Chapter 44

17.2K Nov 08,22 Son Gill

"Why did it have to be me?" A story of true romance between a bully and an outcast.Three Boys /
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Wrapping up the Imperial Harem 4.3

Wrapping Up The Imperial Harem

Chapter 11.4

62.2K Nov 12,22 KOBAYAKAWA Mahiro

Wrapping up the Imperial Harem manga, ,Koukyuu no Musubibito Her favorite novel was set in the imperial harem. Now she gets to solve its mysteries! When Xiao Ling took a job at a bookstore, she had no idea she'd be working with her favorite author. Arriving at the palace she'd only read about in stories, Xiao Ling finds not the seasoned authoress she expected, butthe Crown Prince, Ryuhou?!
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I Am A Daughter Loved By The Devil 4.7

I Am A Daughter Loved By The Devil

Chapter 24

795.9K Nov 23,22 Eun Ryeowon

I Am A Daughter Loved By The Devil manhwa, The Devil's Beloved Daughter , I Am A Daughter Loved By The Devil "Give me the chwild swpport! (Give me child support!)" Mia was abused by her uncle and aunt. One day, she sees in her dreams a future in which she falls into her uncle's scheme, kills her own brother, and causes world destruction. I can't die like this! The future is in my hands! Mia d
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My Wizard, My Destiny 4.3

My Wizard, My Destiny

Chapter 42

320.3K Dec 01,22

I'm Your Wizard / Yo soy tu mago / Your Wizard / Prophet Liye falls into a world where magic exists and wakes up as a woman that a shaman doctor resurrected when she was a little girl. Tanaril, a wizard cursed by a witch to never have children with any woman, meets Liye at a hotel bar by chance. After drinking cocktails from a bartender at the bar, they spend the night together. Tanaril misunder
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Unabiding to the Husband’s Virtue 4.3

Unabiding To The Husband’S Virtue

Chapter 45

90.7K Nov 28,22 猫猫头

Si Long lived in a matriarchal society in her last life. As the Empress, she took the supreme power, enjoyed countless beauties and infinite wealth. But she travelled to another world and suprisedly found it a patriachal society! What's more, she even has to bear children on her own! This is intolerable! But my imperial teacher is really tasty?!Unabiding to the Husband's Virtue manhuaB Shu F DUnr
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Sazanami Aoshi ni Shojo o Sasagu ~ Sā, Jikkuri Medemashou ka 3.8

Sazanami Aoshi Ni Shojo O Sasagu ~ Sā, Jikkuri Medemashou Ka

Chapter 51

510.6K Nov 21,22 Aki Murakami

"If it's a request from my previous wife, then I will give you the moon and the stars." He flashes his gorgeous tattoos at me as he makes passionate love to me. This is bad! Something's coming...!!
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Isekai Ooku Ohi ni Naritakuba Yotogi de Denka ni Aisaretsuzuke yo 2.8

Isekai Ooku Ohi Ni Naritakuba Yotogi De Denka Ni Aisaretsuzuke Yo

Chapter 69

465.5K Nov 21,22 Sauro

Only a woman who gives birth to the prince's child can become queen. Can I take the throne when the Ladies'Chambers are so full of dangerous women?+
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Somehow, My Tyrant Husband Has Became Cautious 4

Somehow, My Tyrant Husband Has Became Cautious

Chapter 26

700.7K Nov 17,22 Charam

Eurenia, the eldest daughter of Count Vincent. It is well known that she lost her sight and voice when she saved her godfather Euclid from a fire.But the truth behind it is that she self-medicated to harm her body.Use this as an excuse to marry the godfather's son, duke Euclid. But in the end she was used like a puppet in the earl's hands, then discarded and died as a side effect of the drug.She t
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What the Duke Picked Up in the Forest 4.5

What The Duke Picked Up In The Forest

Chapter 14

407.9K Nov 24,22 MON쉘

"I'll do this one last time, so please let me go back to my good memories"He died for her 29 timesShe wanted to protect him with this hand. Want to be a shield for her people' for once.It was Elysia's 30th regression and also her last.Everything began to change as if fate had been predestined. A child born without certificate' in the family is blessed by God and has to live an extremely harsh life
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Our Secret Alliance 4.5

Our Secret Alliance

Chapter 32

143.6K Nov 26,22 Kenyam

From childhood friends to lovers! Se-i Yun and Jaeha Kim are model high school students who form an alliance to escape the prying eyes of their strict parents. They used to be childhood friends until something caused them to drift apart. Will this fake alliance be able to bring them back together?Counterfeit PartnershipFake Alliance
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Love On Hold 1.8

Love On Hold

Chapter 60

69.5K Nov 22,22

Taking a break from love. When Danhee's boyfriend Jeonghu tells her he wants to spend some time apart, she decides to use this chance to enjoy her freedom. But after running into her former crush, Taeyong, she begins to wonder what she really wants out of life. The story revolves around two young individuals who used to be schoolmates, each going through rough patches in their lives in terms of lo
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