Fantamir 5


Vol.01 Chapter 003

89.4K Jan 02,18 Seo Eun Jin

From Tokyopop: When a mysterious incident causes Mir to lose her magical abilities, she decides to retire and become a student in a normal school--or so she thought! To her surprise, she's enrolled in a school with a special connection to her family. Will Mir's boring new life keep her from her magical past... and from her divine future?
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Shirotae no Kimi, Hanagasumi 1.6

Shirotae No Kimi, Hanagasumi

Chapter 1: Earning The Monkey's Loyalty At Two Boundary Mountain

89.3K Jun 01,19 Mitsumiya Sanaha

Miki and her follower, Saaya, have a forbidden owner and servant love. They both have a lily tattooed on their chest and promised to live as owner and servant. Their love is a taboo, however…?!
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Nariyuki Dungeon 4.4

Nariyuki Dungeon

Vol.2 Chapter 10: The Cave Of Wonders - Mysterious Gate

89.3K Sep 23,23 Koyama Motoo

A fantasy work depicting the battles between the legendary swordsmen Moka and her party traveling across the continent of Lorasia, and the enemies that appear wherever they go. The story follows on from Motoo Koyama's prior work "Ozanari Dungeon". It was published from the February 1997 issue to the September 1998 issue of "Comic Nora" magazine.
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Nine Tales 5

Nine Tales

Vol.1 Ch.4

89.3K Jan 20,16 Chara

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The Guardian’s Dragon 4.7

The Guardian’S Dragon

Chapter 1

89.2K Mar 08,21 월,일 연재

This is the world where the women will transform to a Yong (Dragon) and the man will be the Yong Ju (Diviner), they have to make a contract to each other. Yong Yeon, a girl who is just waiting for the day when she will transform to a dragon in a peaceful nation called Yuju Nation. One day while her beloved country being fall apart she encounter her awakening. On the verge of her death,
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Kami-sama ni Rocket Punch!! 4.7

Kami-Sama Ni Rocket Punch!!

Vol.1 Ch.1

89.2K Jan 21,16 Hata Kenjiro

Tasuke's weird old grandpa has passed away at the age of 80, although it was said he would live till 130. Tasuke and his friend Kazuya decided to sneak into his house and they discovered that he had made a deal with a goddess! In exchange for 50 years of his life, he was to be granted a single wish... but the wish came too late. The goddess agreed to just grant his wish to Tasuke instead. Now Tasu
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Happy Loof Releases 2014 5

Happy Loof Releases 2014

Ch.0 V8 : We're Gonna Skate To One Song, And One Song Only

89.2K Jan 20,16 Scanlation Community

This comic attempts to gather all April Fools day Releases made on Batoto in 2014.Enjoy the trolling and the lowest quality/ sit back, relax and roll over.====Warning======DO NOT EDIT ANY WORDS/GENRES/TITLE/DESCRIPTION!DO NOT UPLOAD!
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Kuchibiru Mellow 5

Kuchibiru Mellow

Ch.5 : Ningyo No Iru Keshiki

89.1K Jul 12,16 Koko Suwaru

A collection of one-shots: ch1) Kuchibiru Mellow (formerly known as Bisque Doll Replica) ch2) Hachimitsu Neko ch3-4) Mishitsu Funny Romance ch5) Ningyo no Iru Keshiki A guy falls in love with an aquarium diver at first sight, and he does his best to court him.
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Nekurogu 4.5


Chapter 3

89.1K Jul 03,19 Kumakura Takatoshi

The stories happened in China around post-Qing period although the hair styles of the men did not fit well. Son, the protagonist, was a free writer who deeply loved a woman he called 'elder sister' Shue but she was dead. Fu, an apparently young, skilful but cunning Taoist priest, re-animated Shue and used her as a zombie body guard... In order to acquire the method of full resurrection of Shue,
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Gas Mask Girl 5

Gas Mask Girl

Vol.1 Chapter 6 : Surrounded From All Sides By Waste. There Is Only Hope. Do It!

89K Jan 20,16 Sekizai Mikage

The "Bagmen Incidents", a series of murders. The perpetrator is the rumored girl clad in a sailor uniform whose face is concealed by a Gas Mask dubbed "Mask-san". One day, by a coincidence, that same Mask-san was seen by the young boy Watta. Furthermore, that face belongs to, of all people, his classmate...!? With the unprecedented heroine, Gas Mask Girl unfolds with suspense in battle and on camp
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Mobile Suit Gundam AGE - Final Evolution 5

Mobile Suit Gundam Age - Final Evolution

Chapter 5: The End Of A Long Journey [End]

89K Jan 09,20 Bau

After deploying several sleeper agents around the globe, the Vagans launch a surprise attack that finally brings the war to the Earth. To counter the invasion, Flit activates the recently completed Gundam AGE-3 and entrusts it to Kio. Just like his father and grandfather before him, Kio enlists into the Diva as part of its mobile suit squad to confront the Vagans.
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The Actress: Sweet Sponsor’s Seduction 4.1

The Actress: Sweet Sponsor’S Seduction

Chapter 47

89K Sep 16,20 최경아/Mr Blue

Ha-young’s Daddy Long Legs, Gong Ji-hoon. Korea’s top celebrity Gong Ian. Ha-young, who came to Seoul in pursuit of her dream, agrees to live with the two brothers under the same roof until she makes it as an actress…
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Honey Comb 5

Honey Comb

Vol.1 Ch.7.5 : Spider's Web

89K Jan 20,16 Minekura Kazuya

Two government workers perform a very unusual job, for the same pay as every other paper-pusher! Kaoru Jinnai and Yamazaki Yuusuke pick up corpses to be cremated before organ harvesters can reach them in post-apocalyptic Japan. What seems to be a simple task takes on complication after complication, from the looting, gunslinging harvesters to clingy family who don't want to let the bodies go just
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Dual Justice 4.3

Dual Justice

Vol.1 Chapter 4 : Search Out The Beast

88.9K Jan 20,16 Takeyama Yuusuke

In a world that has forgotten God, demons have begun to appear. Two "angels", in the form of two powerful transforming heroes, have emerged: but they can't cooperate to save their lives, in both ordinary life and when they're fighting evil! "Mad Dog" Segawa, a.k.a the superhero Avalon, is a thug who wants to become a fine and upstanding person in his everyday life. Meanwhile Mitsuki, the hardwo
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Taiyou no Hitomi 4.9

Taiyou No Hitomi

Vol.1 Ch.7 : 「Final Chapter: For You, A Lifetimes Love」

88.9K Jan 20,16 Uchida Kouhei

Through a strange encounter with a dog, Asahina gets closer to his classmate Tsukishima. But then an incident with a death involved set these two apart. Will they ever be able to reunite?
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The Red Hook 5

The Red Hook

Chapter 27

88.8K Dec 18,17 Dean Haspiel

"The Red Hook is a super-thief who is bequeathed the omni-fist of altruism and transformed into a hero against his will a year after a sentient Brooklyn's heart is broken and physically secedes from America."
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Will 4.6


Vol.1 Chapter 3: Mysterious Transfer Student Appears

88.8K Jun 03,19 Kim Jun Hyeong

Hyun Min is the sole survivor of an accident which took the lives of his parents. Is there a special reason why he was the only one who survived? Is it a curse or a blessing? One day he discovers a book in his parents belongings. His life will never be the same again... What will the future hold for him? Is there something in his family's past? One clan is after him and another is out to pro
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Speed Grapher 5

Speed Grapher

Vol.1 Ch.4

88.7K Jan 21,16 Gonzo

On the battlefield there is no such things as worthless lives. For example, even if you can see worthlessness, there is a meaning to them. Saiga, an ex-war photographer, is not a journalist photographer, investigating different current event that is no different than those of war. Two stories revolving around each other, ending at an embezzlement dealer. Strange dreams haunt a girl, and an ex-batt
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Kimi ga Niku ni Nattemo 4.2

Kimi Ga Niku Ni Nattemo

Chapter 7.5: Extras

88.6K Sep 24,20 Tokomichi

One day, Hinako comes across a piece of raw meat. That same day, her friend Maki has a strange dream. Is that real life? Or is it a dream? A story about friendship, youth and horror.
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Area of Z 4.7

Area Of Z

Chapter 4

88.6K Jan 20,16 Kato

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Tsunbaka 4.8


Vol.1 Ch.0 : [Complete]

88.5K Jan 21,16 Yokota Takuma

A heart-warming tale of friendship, love and strength, Tsunbaka attempts to create a new archetype in the "tsun" genre of girls. Combining the fierceness of a "tsundere" and the air-headed/forgetfulness of a stupid "baka" girl, comes the titular type and character Tsunbaka. This manga focuses on her daily life and her best friend Boon, who helps and protects Tsunbaka, as well as the greatest suppo
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Makai Ishi Mephisto 5

Makai Ishi Mephisto

Ch.3 : Bonga Ichiniyo

88.5K Jan 20,16 Kikuchi Hideyuki

Doctor Mephisto is a man who is as skillful and handsome as he is mysterious and terrifying. He can cure any illness, heal fatal injuries, transform lead to gold, summon vicious monsters to do his bidding and perhaps even...revive the dead!?
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Magical Lollipop 4.7

Magical Lollipop

Ch.3 : Internet Generation

88.4K Jan 21,16 Kuroha

Ichigo, a normal middle school girl, is approached one day by a strange talking animal. The animal claims to be from the 26th century and needs her help to get back there. It wants Ichigo to become a magic girl, using a futuristic toy, and build up enough magic power to send it on its way!
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Great Man Game 4.8

Great Man Game

Vol.1 Chapter 2

88.3K Nov 15,17 Katou Hironobu

"Greatful Magic" a widely popular card game in the world. In Japan is "Greatful Magic" youngest champion is Narashi Hiro. One day when he was challenged by the runner up, he met with Nikke who promised will tell him the location of his missing father....
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