Flying Ben 5

Flying Ben

Vol.3 Chapter 6.1: Afterword

46.7K Jun 10,22 Tezuka Osamu

A special tonic found among Rome's ancient catacombs is consumed by three stray puppies, giving them incredible powers of super strength, amazing intelligence and lightning speed. These three dogs - Ben, Uru and Puchi - swear to defend a boy who has a map of a hidden treasure in the Silk Road, all while fighting against evil organizations and even competing with one another to help their maste
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Black Jack M 4.3

Black Jack M

Vol.1 Chapter 5: The Man Known As "emperor" ~An M Legend~

46.7K Nov 08,22 Tezuka Osamu, Midori Yukako, Hosoma Shin-ichi, Kazama Hiroko, Akino Matsuri, Omai Kiriko, Suzuki Yuka, Ochazuke Nori, Yoshikawa Utata, Kakinouchi Narumi

Part 2 of the Black Jack celebration. Featuring one-shots by Shojo and Josei mangaka.
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Black Cat Tunnel 5

Black Cat Tunnel

Chapter 001

46.7K Jan 08,18 Buchi Keiko

When high school student Tsuruta goes in search of a missing cat, he could never have guessed what lies in store for him on the other side of the tunnel...
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Shounen Endless 4.6

Shounen Endless

Chapter 0

46.7K Jan 20,16 Sakurai Ato

A boy with a special skill called invulnerability, or in other words, immortality. Hated by shinigami is visited by one! Now he and his research team have to find a way to stay "alive"
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Red Girl 4.4

Red Girl

Ch.0 : [Oneshot]

46.6K Jan 21,16 Toone Suga

Hinako is the perfect high school girl. She’s beautiful. She’s graceful. She’s exquisite like a doll. She can be compared to a delicate flower. Oh, and she also beats up delinquents and perverts in her spare time. Does our delicate rose just like beating up people or is there a much deeper reason?
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Tokyo X Day 5

Tokyo X Day


46.4K Jan 20,16 Kawaguchi Kaiji

It is predicted that there is a 70 percent possibility of an earthquake directly hitting Tokyo within the next 30 years. Are you prepared? The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has compiled a manual called “Disaster Preparedness Tokyo” (Tokyo Bousai) to help households get fully prepared for an earthquake directly hitting Tokyo and other various disasters. The manual includes a short manga, Tokyo "
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Shinba Shounen to Nemuru Kyojin 3.4

Shinba Shounen To Nemuru Kyojin

Chapter 000 : One Shot

46.3K Dec 20,17 Maebashi haru

Shinba, who's always isolated himself and never made friends, finds stones that contain the souls of dead famous people. With his special power, he uses the stones to be people he thinks he could never be like.
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PQ Angels 4.7

Pq Angels


46.2K Jan 21,16 Takeuchi Naoko

Peanut (P-ko) and Kyuuri (Q-ko) are aliens who have just arrived on planet Earth from planet "Fuiren." Their mission? Find their missing queen! However, this is not easy considering how they have some evil menace pursuing them and the fact that they turn into cockroaches and can't turn back without kissing a human male! They also have a lot to learn about the new planet they're on, so it's a bit d
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Natomatos 5


Chapter 0 : One-Shot

46.1K May 08,17 Haseba Ryou

Toma eats a cursed Tomato. One Shot from JUMP GIGA 2017 Vol.1 Winner of the 111th Jump Treasure Award.
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ACT 2!! 5

Act 2!!

Chapter 4: Who Am I

46K Aug 05,19 Ralph (Jin Extraordinary)

5 years after the World war, leaf purple-knife and coken purple-knife reunite to save princess Astra from an unknown illness known as "Astra curse" with the world infamously known for its "wishes". It seems like the path is easy but the end is unknown for those two characters.
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Unreal 5



46K Jan 20,16 Takagi Tsuyoshi

In a distant future where humanity has been pushed to the brink of extinction, the last resort is the digitisation of the human soul. But even then, danger lurks...
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X-Tai Shinsho 5

X-Tai Shinsho


45.9K Jan 20,16 Ezawa

From The Zero Alliance: Sugita Genpaku made a contract with the demon in exchange for the ability to cure any disease. But if he doesn’t find someone to treat within the time limit, his soul will be taken!
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Love You (FUJISAWA Tohru) 5

Love You (Fujisawa Tohru)


45.8K Jan 20,16 Fujisawa Tohru

Teenager Hideki Yuu finally musters up the courage to confess to his crush, Miki, only to have her reject him. Three days later, she becomes an idol...
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Tsukinowaguma Koroshiya 5

Tsukinowaguma Koroshiya


45.8K Jan 20,16 Hisa Masato

Hisa Masato's debut work: A black bear works for the mafia.
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Shimatsuya K 4.6

Shimatsuya K

Ch.0 : Oneshot

45.8K Jul 11,16 Hasegawa Tomohiro

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Under 18 Elite 4.5

Under 18 Elite

Chapter 5: Part Five

45.7K Feb 13,21 Zint

Jime is a new student at school. He came with a burning desire to show his abilities... Suddenly he came across a strange man named Fox! Then when in class, Jime started to be bullied by his classmates... Like the god of death, Fox came to make the situation even more chaotic! Who is this Fox really? What is the story of Jime's past telling him he really wants to be strong? This c
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Koishii Revival 3.5

Koishii Revival

Chapter 5.5

45.7K Oct 15,21 Kuroi Tsumuji

First-year university student Higurashi is suddenly reunited with Yoyama, a senior from his high school track and field club. However, Yoyama has lost all of his memories from high school due to a traffic accident. One day, as bits and pieces of Yoyama's memory start to return, he asks Higurashi "You confessed to me...?"
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Kioh x Kioh 2.8

Kioh X Kioh


45.6K Jan 21,16 Muranaka Souta

Special Oneshot from Comic Gene. What will Kioh do when he meets his alter ego from another dimension?! And what's this... it's a girl?!
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Detective Dance 5

Detective Dance

Chapter 0

45.5K Jan 20,16 Umezawa Haruto

Aitou & Reiko are excellent detectives in handling the criminals but also often giving their superior a lot of troubles as they like to do things their way. One day, unintentionally they were involved in a bank robbery. What are they going to do in this situation? Let's find out in this one shot story. From Baka-Updates: Detectives Aitou and Reiko are reprimanded because of their unorthodox in
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Tokyo Jungle 5

Tokyo Jungle

Ch.0 : [Oneshot]

45.1K Jan 21,16 Sony Computer Entertainment

From Dan of Population GO:"Based off of the video game of the same name. Humans have all been killed and now animals live in the cities that once housed humans. This oneshot follows the conflicts between animals in Tokyo."
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"garo" Keisai Sakuhin

Vol.1 Ch.34 : 5 Yen Coin

45.1K Jan 20,16 Mizuki Shigeru

Anthology of Mizuki's Garo stories.
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Yin-Yang Converting Merchant 3.3

Yin-Yang Converting Merchant

Chapter 4

45K Nov 02,22 画卜好工作室

Yin-Yang Converting Merchant , Adapted from the novel [Nether Market Merchant]. Mastering the yin/yang of life and death, manipulating the three realms, cocky and face-slapping, loli protecting, nether mining, royal beauty dating: he's the first online merchant of hell, whom the devils call daddy upon sight.
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Sword Dancer 5

Sword Dancer


44.9K Jan 20,16 Ninagawa Tomo

From Hyper Parfait: Golden-haired and blue-eyed Heilong is the clan's most powerful and fearsome assasin; however, he left the group with his blind best friend, Pailong. Nowadays, the two of them are doing street dance performances, but the clan continues to hunt for them... to bring Heilong back!
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Disaster, Old Man and Monster 4.2

Disaster, Old Man And Monster

Chapter 0

44.9K Jan 21,16 Dreamers Entertainment,[add]
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