A Chronicle of Vile Ambitions 4.1

A Chronicle Of Vile Ambitions

Chapter 1: Teacher And Disciple

105.5K Dec 07,19 Tutu

A dark chronicle of intrigue and betrayal set in the royal palace of a crumbling kingdom. A chronicle that will make you laugh the second before dropping you into a pit of despair. A chronicle without pretense, a strike straight to the heart.
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Junho’s Summer Break 4

Junho’S Summer Break

Chapter 1

105.1K Nov 03,22 Ppatta

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Kawaii Anata ni Amai Wana 4.6

Kawaii Anata Ni Amai Wana

Ch.2.3 : Extra

104.7K Jun 05,16 Honjou Rie

In the Keisei High School infirmary, the school’s doctor is regularly visited by Atsuki, the frail and handsome ‘School Prince’. They grow closer over tea and biscuits, but could Atsuki’s feelings be real or are they merely being used to escape his loneliness from the death of his parents? And could love bloom successfully between a teacher and their student?
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Tajuujinkaku Tantei Psycho 5

Tajuujinkaku Tantei Psycho

Vol.13 Ch.85 : Murder's High

104.6K Dec 10,16 Otsuka Eiji

The main character is a detective, Kazuhiko Amamiya, suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder (a.k.a. Dissociative Identity Disorder). Starting out as a violent detective series with a twist (the twist being the variant personalities that take over Detective Amamiya at various intervals), the series evolves into an exceptionally complex and involved sci-fi conspiracy story.
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Secret of the Secretarial Section 3.7

Secret Of The Secretarial Section


104.4K Jan 03,17 Kikuichi

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Plica 5


Chapter 9

103K Feb 12,18 Amamiya Sae

Plica-chan is the bittersweet, realistic story of Plica, a young lesbian looking for love in modern Japan. Emphasis on the bitter, rather than the sweet - not because Plica doesn't find love, don't get me wrong! Bitter 'cause she's just a bitter kind of gal. The manga, which is written in 4-panel strip style, originally ran in Anise magazine, and now runs in the LOUD News, the newsletter for th
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Re Set 4.5

Re Set

Vol.1 Ch.3

102.9K Jan 20,16 Shima Asahi

After half a year, he’s finally forgotten about the man who’d spurned him so harshly… After half a year, he’s finally found himself a new boyfriend. Yet, at that very moment, right in front of Izumi Morida’s eyes, his ex-lover, Tomoya Shinguji appeared again. However, as the result of an accident, Tomoya has lost every single memory about Izumi. And the gentle Tomoya has also changed completely,
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Hishintan - Vita Arcana 4.6

Hishintan - Vita Arcana

Vol.1 Ch.4 : ~Metamorphosis~

101.6K Jan 20,16 Itoh Mami

It's 217 AD, several decades after the end of the "Pax Romana," and the Roman Empire is still the most powerful empire in the world. However, between corruption in the government, increasing attacks from savage hordes, and continuing resource-draining foreign campaigns, the power of Rome is on the decline. With the recent assassination of the emperor Caracalla, many things are about to change...
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Shinigami Tantei to Yuuutsu Onsen 5

Shinigami Tantei To Yuuutsu Onsen

Vol.1 Ch.4 : The Noble Detective Motonari'a Splendid Adventure

101.6K Jan 20,16 Saitou Misaki

Shishigami Takashi has, for a long time, met with murder cases wherever he goes, that's how he got the nickname; the "Shinigami" detective. 、 Shishigami, his wife Michiru, and his kouhai Seki, take a trip to an onsen. However, as soon as they arrive, a corpse is discovered...?! Aside from the titular story, two more mysteries are collected into 1 volume!!
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Usotsuki Naito 4.6

Usotsuki Naito

Vol.1 Ch.1

101.3K Jan 21,16 Mizutani Kyoko

Upcoming of Lovers Dream: Touko Momozono is a bright and eager shitamachi girl. She lives with an unwed mother and grandmother, all-female household. Her father had already gone when she was born, but she lived in comfort. Only there was a gaping hole opened in her heart. Recently she has often been an easy target for molsters and thugs, and Kazunari, who is usually boring and one of her colleagu
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Henai 4.7


Ch.1 : Hen Ai

101.2K Jan 20,16 Harada

A collection of oneshots. -Hen Ai: A oneshot that describes the "strange love" the two main characters share. Rather humorous, as it often brings up that one is rather adamant about wanting to roleplay and the other "grudgingly" goes along with it. -Tomari Ki: A man is stabbed and left for dead in an alley, but he is saved by a young man who has a halo and wings who calls for an ambulance. L
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Kimi wo Dare nimo Watasanai 4.4

Kimi Wo Dare Nimo Watasanai

Vol.1 Ch.3 : Sweet Hell

100.1K Jan 21,16 Sasaki Yuna

Collection of short stories: • Kimi wo Dare nimo Watasanai • Setsuna no Koi • Amai Jigoku - Setsuna Jikan (sweet hell) • Piece
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Share A Bed 4.6

Share A Bed

Chapter 31

99.4K Dec 03,22 Chae-o , So Bi , Mu Ryeob , Jeong In

A dreary palace, where there was nothing but a fight over the throne, a story filled with desire took place between a king and a bodyguard."I've heard your loyalty is incredible, shall I test that?""I don't know if this is because of my desire or Your Majesty's orders, but I can't stop now"
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Scatter 4.9


Vol.1 Ch.6

98.9K Jan 20,16 Arai Hideki

A young, unemployed, seemingly unmotivated young man is moving through his life. As a teenager, he and some of his friends formed a "Boyz 4 Men" club, which was based on a hatred of sex and women. As arguably the most opinionated member, his view of sexuality as an adult is far from normal. After a highly sexual encounter in a park at night, he has decided to attempt to draw perverted fetish manga
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Love Capsule 4.2

Love Capsule

Vol.1 Ch.1 : Story 1

98.8K Jan 20,16 Hazuki Kanae

From An Endless Story & Covenant of Darkness: "We communicate with our lips touching one another. But once they touch, we're unable to stop."
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Kimi wo Suki na Ryuu 5

Kimi Wo Suki Na Ryuu

Vol.1 Ch.3.2 : True Heart

98.7K Jan 20,16 Kamishiro Kyouko

Hinano, an ordinary girl, is in love with Katsu who dreams of becoming a scriptwriter despite the difficulties of the trade. They enjoy a perfect love until love rivals come to threaten their relationship! Sei, a beautiful boy and compulsive flirt, attempts to seduce Hinano and Juri, an intelligent woman, tries her hand at getting close to Katsu! What will become of the couples love? (By FATE
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Kijin Gahou 4.8

Kijin Gahou

Vol.1 Ch.4 : Holy Night

97.2K Jan 20,16 Kago Shintaro

• Atsumemomo (The Collection) About a girl who collects everything her crush touches. • Harakiri A world where cutting your stomach is the newest fashionable trend among schoolgirls. *Fetus Collection A suicidal girl enters a little group of sick woman that made abortion a grotesque art. With usual Kago sick humor and nonsense. *Holy Night "This is a short Christmas-themed manga. S
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Nightingale no Shigaisen 5

Nightingale No Shigaisen

Chapter 8 : The Red Button

96.7K Jun 07,17 Suzuki Hiroshi

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Akuma Kishi 5

Akuma Kishi

Chapter 003.5 : Akuma Kishi Ch1~3 (V2)

96.4K Jan 11,18 Nagai Go

The beginning of a saga. The story of a "time of yonder" about the birth of Devilman.
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Teach Me, Mr. Sadistic Butler 3.2

Teach Me, Mr. Sadistic Butler

Chapter 30

96.3K Dec 07,22 DAIMATSU Yukisou

"My lady, it is time for your lesson on night companionship," the new, mysterious, and super sadistic butler announced. Layla Yanase dreams about marrying Fujigaya, her fiance, who she has never met. "All of your flowery, happy-go-lucky thoughts... will be mowed out by me." Fujiwara, the butler, leads Layla through brutal bridal training, which includes lessons on "night companionship." With his v
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Noushou Sakuretsu Girl 5

Noushou Sakuretsu Girl


95.5K Jan 20,16 Rerulili

Based off of Rerulili's song of the same name, along with the sequel "Noushou Sakuretsu Girl (Spinal Fluid Explosion Girl)", Welcome to the Human Zoo of Hell — where failures of society come to be ridiculed.
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Cutie Honey: Tennyo Densetsu 5

Cutie Honey: Tennyo Densetsu

Vol.2 Chapter 5

95.3K Jan 20,16 Nagai Go

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Sandstorm 5


Vol.1 Ch.4

95.2K Jan 20,16 Wen Ri Liang

An 8 year old child, along with his brother, managed to escape from the disasters of an army's merciless killings! His own past, how much could people possibly know? His own heart, who could possibly understand? These questions was the "revenge-mindset" that has lingered the brothers through extensive training to become insanely powerful in the martial-arts. Now, this same 8 year old child has gro
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Crazy, A Three-Year-Old Sect Master?! 4.2

Crazy, A Three-Year-Old Sect Master?!

Chapter 7

94.4K Dec 02,22 BOOM工作室

The Sword God Jian ZiQi, proved his way of the sword, cultivated the heavens and practiced his 9 heavenly series and ascended to a golden immortal, but in the secret realm he was ambushed by hundreds of golden immortals, and eventually died. Before he died, Jian ZiQi was able to reincarnate, and was reborn as the 3 year old everlasting sect master!
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