Notpia 3.4


Vol.1 Ch.8 : Dark Honey, Youth

81.4K Jan 20,16 Osada Noto

Collection of the mangaka's BL works from 1994 to 1996. 1. Kept Youth: A boy, infatuated with his school's doctor, follows him home one day... and finds out that the doctor has been keeping a "pet" in his bed. Who is the boy being kept? But more importantly, why does he look so much like the protagonist? 6. Dedicated Body: Dr. Shibusawa decides that his young son Keiri should get an early st
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Aruhi Sorakara Totsuzen ni 5

Aruhi Sorakara Totsuzen Ni

Vol.1 Ch.1.2

79.4K Jan 20,16 Kurekoshi Sakuya

Yuuto is an ordinary run-of-the-mill high school student. But one day he gets struck by lightning, and things start to take a turn. A strange person, who goes by the name “Kazuchi”, shows up and starts following Yuuto around. Kazuchi turns out to be a ghost with mysterious spiritual powers, and proclaims (insists!) that Yuuto is the reincarnation of Princess Aki from a thousand years ago. Now, Kaz
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Shin Gomanism Sengen Special - Sensouron 3

Shin Gomanism Sengen Special - Sensouron

Vol.1 Chapter 12.5 : Gomanism Extra Chapter 1

79.2K Jan 21,16 Kobayashi Yoshinori

From Wiki: Sensoron is a controversial series of manga written by right-wing Japanese manga artist Yoshinori Kobayashi.
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Share A Bed 4.7

Share A Bed

Chapter 30

79.1K Nov 26,22 Chae-o , So Bi , Mu Ryeob , Jeong In

A dreary palace, where there was nothing but a fight over the throne, a story filled with desire took place between a king and a bodyguard."I've heard your loyalty is incredible, shall I test that?""I don't know if this is because of my desire or Your Majesty's orders, but I can't stop now"
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Hana no Shizuku 4.3

Hana No Shizuku

Vol.1 Ch.2 : Flower's Promise

79K Jan 20,16 Asami Miyabi

Summary by Manga Abyss : Part of a genius flower arrangement family, Suiren is secretly in love with Ayame. Suiren said, “I want to try to arrange you” to the Ayame…? The work titled “A flower’s water drop” or “Flower” series are a collection of one shots
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Numeros 5


Chapter 3

78.3K Feb 01,18 Ronjay Valdenor

From Pixel Translations: Nev (a.k.a. Trese-XIII, a former Numeros member) and his secret team "NUMEROS" come into conflict with LETRAS, a brutal and ruthless group whose sole purpose is to destroy Numeros by eliminating them one by one.
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Teach Me, Mr. Sadistic Butler 3

Teach Me, Mr. Sadistic Butler

Chapter 23

77K Dec 03,22 DAIMATSU Yukisou

"My lady, it is time for your lesson on night companionship," the new, mysterious, and super sadistic butler announced. Layla Yanase dreams about marrying Fujigaya, her fiance, who she has never met. "All of your flowery, happy-go-lucky thoughts... will be mowed out by me." Fujiwara, the butler, leads Layla through brutal bridal training, which includes lessons on "night companionship." With his v
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Doodle 4.9


Chapter 3

77K Jan 20,16 Kosuke

A white monster makes three promises with the children. "To become a monster" "To kill each other" and "To die together" This is their story.
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Lens no Mukou 4.8

Lens No Mukou

Vol.1 Chapter 1 : The Woman Who Got Bitten And Melting Ice

76.1K Jan 20,16 Hisaka Mika

From Lililicious: A couple subtly erotic one-shots. The first is about a woman's worries that she won't measure up to her girlfriend's past lovers. The second, about the same couple, is about how your hands get cold in the winter.
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Garon P

Vol.1 Ch.1

75.6K Jan 20,16 P

From Lazy Ass Scans: Horror comic P series Garon P Garon (a unique word) meaning, The 8th series of the horror comic series P Table of content 1. Pale 3rd trilogy 2. Profiling 2nd trilogy 3. Bruised 3rd trilogy 1st trilogy Starts at Jan. 30 2011 Updates every sunday
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Trip 4.8


Vol.1 Ch.4 : Red Light

75.4K Jan 20,16 Takaido Akemi

From Nikaesque: 1) Trip In Ritsuo's life there's nothing he's passionate about, except football/soccer. One night his father is brought home by a stranger, who seems to be taken by the long-haired Ritsuo at once. And he's teasing the innocent boy, who doesn't know how to react. 2) Actress One month has passed since chapter 1 and Ritsuo's love-life has taken a turn to the passionate side. B
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Deja-vu (MONCHI Kaori) 5

Deja-Vu (Monchi Kaori)

Vol.1 Ch.2 : Palm

74.7K Jan 20,16 Monchi Kaori

(From the publisher's description) The scene is of a heart forgetting and a body learning. When there’s a lot piled up, it’s time to resurrect the figure of the lascivious older brother...?! Other stories include baseball players playing a different game in the locker room, the love/hate disaster of soldiers left behind on a deserted island, and more. With three non-serialized stories plus the seq
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Goumontou wa Nemuranai - Doukeshi no Shou 4.6

Goumontou Wa Nemuranai - Doukeshi No Shou

Chapter 3

74.6K Jan 20,16 Mothy

Based on monthy's original song Goumontou wa Nemuranai, what do you do when you have lost everything? Lloyd Lowell has found his answer. In Leon City, people are drawn to torture of tower, Torcia Tower. There, it is rumored, lies treasures which can bring you fortune, fame and most importantly - eternal life... However, nothing goes as planned when Lloyd enters the tower...
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Imouto - Akane 5

Imouto - Akane

Vol.1 Ch.3 : A Brother's Duty

73.9K Jan 20,16 Yamahana Noriyuki

Amamiya Shinnpei has been saving up every penny he can for the past three years while working at a car repair shop ever since he finished junior high. Finally, he saved up 1,000,000 yen to take back his stepsister from family relatives. He reunites with his sister after three years and they start living together. However, their newly started lifestyle is ruined by troubles that continue to occur.
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141108 4.4


Chapter 1

73.7K May 11,17 Zen

She wakes up not remembering anything, all because of her love and a terrible accident.
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Invisible - Osynlig 5

Invisible - Osynlig

Vol.1 Ch.3 : Decode, Faced Myself.

73.2K Aug 01,16 Ali Toglukdemir

The story starts with unknown death cases in the parallel universe in Scandinavian countries focused in Urvland. Urvland as a Scandinavian country, has the highest ratio of self-killing. But who knows the mystery of these death cases? What is the reason behind? Creatures whom call themselves as Afreet begin to reveal themseşves. Main character Oleg Fjerdssan and his kitten found at street are abou
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Gekkou no Carnevale 4.6

Gekkou No Carnevale

Ch.1 : Twilight

71.2K Jan 21,16 Nitro+

The story takes place in a city resembling Italy, known as Belmonte, with the technology levels resembling levels in the late 19th century. In this city there are human-sized mechanical dolls known as "Automata" who serve the people of the city. The protagonist, Romeo, is a taxi driver who was originally involved in a organization known as the "Olma Rossa." He finds an automata in the shape of a
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Mizu to Gin 5

Mizu To Gin

Vol.1 Ch.1

71K Jan 21,16 Yoshida Motoi

A man sees a girl with a raincoat on one day while he was playing his guitar in the streets. Later on the man meets the girl on the streets and he takes her home. All the chapters contains the same characters but each chapter focuses on a different set of characters. Contains nudity.
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Enomoto 5


Vol.1 Chapter 3 : Highway Star

70.2K Jan 20,16 Enomoto Shunji

A series with monster women, lactating breasts, feces, and killer babies. Seriously.
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Taimashin 5


Vol.2 Ch.8

69.2K Jan 20,16 Kikuchi Hideyuki

From ADV: With demonic possession on the rise, you can count on Dr. Taima to needle it out! Dr. Taima possesses an arcane ability to adeptly wield the taimashin, needles used to banish malefic and parasitic spirits. Together with his assistant, the lovely Maki Togetsu, Dr. Taima investigates the outbreak of demonic possessions around town that have turned ordinary and unassuming citizens into rav
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Phantom - Requiem for the Phantom 5

Phantom - Requiem For The Phantom

Vol.1 Ch.1 : Everyday - Deception

69K Jan 20,16 Nitro+

A spate of mafia assasinations occurs in America, the work of the mysterious organization named Inferno. "Phantom" is their most strongest and capable assassin, however a lone tourist witnesses Phantom's latest act of murder. He unwittingly exposes the top assassin's true identity, a young girl named Ein. Witnesses are usually killed, but the man is captured and taken to be brain
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The Witch's Cruelty 5

The Witch's Cruelty

Vol.1 Ch.1

68.3K Jan 20,16 Ninomiya Hikaru

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Illusion 5


Ch.2 : For April

68.3K Jan 20,16 HAN Hye-Youn

This is a collection of short stories that explore the lives of several individuals who undergoes a tragic love tinged with horror and drama from beginning to end as they try to solve the mystery suddenly surrounding them and their loved ones.
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Tenshi no Tamago 5

Tenshi No Tamago

Vol.1 Ch.0

66.3K Jul 08,16 Murayama Yuka

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