Damsel in Debt 3.3

Damsel In Debt

Chapter 4

761,691 Oct 06,19 Towaka

Sayaka will do anything to help out the relatives who took her in after she became an orphan. When the restaurant owned by those relatives is about to be taken away because of debt troubles, Sayaka herself becomes the new collateral for the restaurant in order to get an extension on their loan repayment deadline…on the condition that she serve as the new “plaything” for Subaru,
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Journey to the West (Variety Art Works) 3.5

Journey To The West (Variety Art Works)

The End Of The Journey

127,455 Aug 18,19 Variety Art Works

Son Goku, who used his powers to wreak havoc in the heavenly kingdom. And he was imprisoned underneath the Five Elements mountain by the Buddha. After 500 years, Son Goku was released by Genjo, a monk in the Tang Dynasty, and became an apprentice of Genjo. A comic of an exciting fantasy novel in China that has been loved and loved over the ages!!
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Ogre Hunting 2.8

Ogre Hunting

Chapter 4

183,213 Oct 18,18 MAEDA Toshio

A short fast-paced horror manga about a woman who is attacked by an ogre and rescued by an ogre hunter, who informs her that she's been cursed and the ogre has been summoned to kill her. Will the ogre hunter be successful at removing the curse, banishing the ogre, and saving the woman? Note: although this is primarily a horror manga, there is a moderate amount of nudi
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Comics Underground Japan 3.5

Comics Underground Japan

Chapter 14: Cat Noodle Soup [Nekojiru And Hajime Yamano] End

269,876 Oct 18,18 Nekojiru, Ebisu Yoshikazu, Nemoto Takashi, Maruo Suehiro, Hino Hideshi, Kazuichi Hanawa, Pan Migiwa, Carol Shimoda, Yasuji Tanioka, Masakazu Toma, Muddy Wehara, Hanako Yamada, Hajime Yamano

Comics Underground Japan presents the wild, subversive world of Japan’s most accomplished underground comics artists. Some of the dozen artists included in this anthology will be familiar to followers of manga; others make their American debut in these pages. The richly imaginative stories in this volume show a great range of graphic style, from painstakingly detailed craftsmanship to exuber
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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 4.5

Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Chapter 42: Vol.5 #042: Atrocious Memories [End]

481,571 Oct 16,18 Kinutani Yuu

Stand Alone Complex takes place in the year 2030, in the fictional Japanese city of New Port. The story follows the members of Public Security Section 9, a special-operations task-force made up of former military officers and police detectives. The manga presents individual cases that Section 9 investigates, along with an ongoing, more serious investigation into the serial killer and hacker kno
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Hotel Tantei Doll 5

Hotel Tantei Doll

Chapter 17 : A Child Found End

124,720 Oct 11,18 Saito takao

A series of stories featuring the exploits of Doll, a highly skilled and extremely reliable detective for the hotel mega-chain, The Sunrise.
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Pandamic 3.7


Chapter 10 [End]

474,264 Aug 04,18 Nozomi Temote

Minita Kokage, a man who was bullied in his past due to his unfortunate name, encounters something unbelievable while working his part-time job that causes his daily life to suddenly change.
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Testarotho 3.3


Chapter 25.5: Omake: The Bizarro Life Of Sanbe Kei

625,033 Jul 20,18 Sanbe Kei

In a dark future, rival warriors of warring sects persecute nonbelievers and die for their faith. But a disillusioned young novice and a deadly gun-toting priest may be about to change all that… Young Capria has completed her studies at the Arsenal School and has begun her internship with the Elysia Unification Council under Father Garrincha. But no lessons could prepare this s
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Reikai Bidan 4

Reikai Bidan

Chapter 4: Like A Beautiful Hellish Demon [End]

189,430 Jul 20,18 Kayono

Summary: This is Kayono's first volumized collection of short stories, and all of them center on tales of strange worlds. 1) Ostentatious Mysterious Handsome Man (Rei Kai Bi Dan) Momoe hates to go home, so she spends her nights wandering the streets. But what happens when she meets a man named Chain Saw who's on a specia
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Dokunie Cooking 4.6

Dokunie Cooking

Chapter 32: How Did This Happen (Monster-San)?

2,782,845 Apr 05,19 Minazuki suu

A monster appears close to a village. To prevent it from attacking, the villagers offer it the town's only virgin, Popa, as a sacrifice. The monster doesn't like the taste...
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It's Summer! There's Fireworks! And for Boys, a Yuakata! 4.3

It's Summer! There's Fireworks! And For Boys, A Yuakata!

Chapter 001

114,018 Dec 28,17 Seihoukei

Girlfriend decided to dress up her very effeminate boyfriend in a Yukata, and she takes it personal and accuses her of loving females only, and escapes to the fire work festival, its a trap one shot, gender bender fun
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Kimi ni wa Katenai! 4.2

Kimi Ni Wa Katenai!

Vol.03 Chapter 006.5 : Extra

163,501 Dec 27,17 Takaguchi satosumi

Shuuiku Academy is an elite all-boys school, home to a dormitory full of aspiring young students. But when the dorm’s lights go out, the exited cheers of handsome young men fill the hallways! Watch as love and ambition bloom in this wildly popular boy’s dormitory tale
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Koibito wa Bodyguard 4.4

Koibito Wa Bodyguard

Vol.01 Chapter 006

205,050 Dec 26,17 Mizuhara chihiro

Collection of oneshots 1) Bullet 2) Egocentric 3) The Shoemaker and the Glass Shoes 4) Truth in the Dark 5) Un Forgettable 6) Breaking Away 7) Omake: How Vigorous is Your Love
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Kotsukuri no Houhou Ooshieshimasu 3.4

Kotsukuri No Houhou Ooshieshimasu

Chapter 001

113,570 Dec 26,17 Hagio nobuto

Hanuma Kyou gets visit by the god Karma-chan. Karma-chan's mission is to solve the declining birthrate in Japan. How can Kyou help her with that?
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Lady Snowblood 4.3

Lady Snowblood

Vol.04 Chapter 015 : Final Episode - Bamboo's Tears

308,039 Dec 26,17 Koike kazuo

What is Lady Snowblood about? Vengeance. Pure and simple, this is a revenge story. Yuki was named as a child of hell by her mother. Yuki's father was killed by a group of men who conspired to use him to start an uprising; they then brutalized her mother. Her mother subsequently killed one of her attackers and ended up in jail, where Yuki is born. Yuki's mother was serving a life sentence; there w
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Little Butterfly 4.9

Little Butterfly

Vol.03 Chapter 4 : Gush Limited

279,484 May 16,18 Takanaga hinako

Kojima seeks to befriend the class outcast, and soon learns of Nakahara's troubled family life - of his uncaring, abusive father and mentally unstable mother. As Kojima yearns to somehow comfort Nakahara, he gradually becomes aware that his feelings for the other boy arise from more than mere sympathy. When Nakahara declares his own romantic feelings for Kojima, their relationship becomes one
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New Grappler Baki 4.7

New Grappler Baki

Vol.31 Chapter 276 : Across The World

11,094,161 Dec 23,17 Itagaki keisuke

There is three series of Baki, this one is Baki, the 2nd one. 1-Baki the Grappler(1991-1999) 42 volumes 2-Baki(1999-2005) 31 volumes 3-Hanma Baki(2005-12-05) ? volumes Baki Hanma is a generally happy student with a rather odd hobby; he likes fighting. Specifically, he likes fighting in a secret martial arts tournament that gathers the greatest fighters of the world and pits them against each
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Kaiyuu no Mori 3.5

Kaiyuu No Mori

Vol.1 Chapter 7 : Fatal Migration

144,553 Nov 15,17 Haibara Yaku

Low instincts, guilt, sin and fascination for the forbidden meet inside this forest full of harsh and fascinating tales. Because, after all, all human beings have secrets. Some hide feelings condemned by society and other hide the darkest and most shocking secrets...
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Togari 4.9


Chapter 68

1,047,580 Jun 01,17 Natsume Yoshinori

In Hell, Tobe has been tortured for 300 years now, and his spirited desire to be free doesn't show any signs of fading. Tobe is given a final chance to make up for all the sins he committed while alive on Earth: he must use the legendary sword, Togari, to defeat and destroy 108 Sins in 108 days. So Tobe is sent to modern-day Japan, and even though things aren't exactly like the Japan he re
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Children Can't Choose Their Parents 3.1

Children Can't Choose Their Parents

Chapter 1 : Oneshot

109,360 May 24,17 Mihara Mitsukazu

[From ShoujoMagic]: A haunting story about a man and his chicken. You will never look at an egg the same way again after reading this story! This story involves bestiality--tastefully rendered.
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Buji Oni Zeme Seiyoku Zukan 4.6

Buji Oni Zeme Seiyoku Zukan

Chapter 2

286,730 May 14,17 Mochizuki Usagi, Takewaka Tomoharu, Takishiro Mikitaka, Yamagata Shin

1) by Takewaka Tomoharu Vulgar delinquent student Komota Kaisei opens his heart in the school infirmary. To get a reward from Seira-sensei, Komota becomes a good student. But his demands get more and more sexsual. What will sensei do? 2) The Erotic Whistle of a Flower by Yamagata Shin Little Red Riding Hood gets attacked by a wolf. But who will actually devour who?
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Innocent Devil 4.6

Innocent Devil

Chapter 18 [End]

468,210 Jul 09,18 Nakamura Moto

Jack the Ripper; Ed Gein; Andrei Chikatilo; John Wayne Gacy; Jeffrey Dahmer - separate from these serial killers who shocked the world, there exist offenders known as "Innocent Devils", who murder without malice. A criminal psychologist and her beautiful assistant probe the depths their minds.
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Maria (Kero) 3.4

Maria (Kero)

Chapter 0

189,199 May 07,17 Kero

When Maria lost her job and isn't able to pay her rent on time, she doesn't have any other way to earn money. She then agrees to make a deal with the CEO's son for money.
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Hentai Elf to Majime Orc 4.2

Hentai Elf To Majime Orc

Chapter 11: The First Invitation [End]

5,158,290 Jan 07,19 Yudokuya (tomokichi)

It's about a super crazy-sexy elf with a very very serious Orc....
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