The Dark Doctor Ikuru 4.8

The Dark Doctor Ikuru

Chapter 17.5

48.6K Nov 29,23 Hechii

A catastrophic event has thrust the world into an age where disease begets disease. Ostracized for his unconventional treatment methods, the dark Doctor Ikuru is stricken with an immortalizing disease. On a desperate mission to die, he must save a world desperate to live. This medical science-fiction adventure will go to the very edge of humanity and back in one man's search for an ending to his s
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Ayako 3


Vol.2 Chapter 4: Mask (Version 2)

2.5K Nov 23,23 Ikeda Etsuko

Ayako is a young girl of wealthy family, but in her past hides a terrible secret: her real mother had been raped in prison by a mysterious hideous creature, resulting in her birth. Ayako is perpetually chased by Dr. Ogata, who is trying to expose her demonic origins. The work remained incomplete, consisting of six independent chapters.
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Henkyou no Yakushi, Miyako de S Rank Boukensha to naru 4.8

Henkyou No Yakushi, Miyako De S Rank Boukensha To Naru

Chapter 2: A Parting Gift From His Master

252.3K Nov 21,23 Ibarakino

Leaf has been enjoying a peaceful life in his village at the farthest end of the country, but everything gets turned upside down when his fiancée betrays him, robbing him of his home, work, and everything he cherishes. Wandering around, lost on what to do next, he encounters a distinguished lady in peril who will change his life forever! Using the cheat-like power of medicine and drugs the world s
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The Apothecary Is Gonna Make This Ragged Elf Happy (Fan Colored) 4.1

The Apothecary Is Gonna Make This Ragged Elf Happy (Fan Colored)

Vol.1 Chapter 16

555.7K Nov 25,23 Giba-chan

A humble medicine peddler comes across an elf slave, saddled with disabilities stemming from months of abuse. Can he save her?Fan Colored
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Yasuko Aoike Collection 3

Yasuko Aoike Collection

Vol.5 Chapter 4: Vampire

4.7K Nov 04,23 Aoike Yasuko

Compilation containing many of Yasuko Aoike's famous early works including:- Volume 1 - **(** (アクアマリン), 1976 - Terence Reid, a young novelist, is invited to the outskirts of London by his old friend Gil Kane. At the castle of Thomas Barrymore, who is said to have been a vicious criminal in the past, Terence meets Aquamarine, a beautiful bo
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Doctor A 2.1

Doctor A

Vol.1 Chapter 13: I Am Moving As Well (Arc's Finale)

25.5K Oct 03,23 AntonioIII

A Strange Doctor who keeps getting lost… i mean, travels through a Mystical world attending to all kinds of creatures. Would you let this disconcerting Doctor examine you?
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TS Eiseihei-san no Senjou Nikki 4.6

Ts Eiseihei-San No Senjou Nikki

Chapter 4

202.5K Nov 17,23 Masaki Tama

An ex-pro gamer of the FPS genre (♂) reincarnated in a fantasy world filled with magic... Only to learn that what greeted him was not a scene from one's dreams, but a muddy battlefield full of bullets flying to and fro! Moreover, he's now an orphan girl named Touri Noel?!After her aptitude for healing magic was discovered, she decided to volunteer in the army as a second-class medic, all to ra
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Reyn: Angel of Freedom 5

Reyn: Angel Of Freedom

4.5K Sep 05,23 Erlance

Betrayal, hidden identities, family secrets. Left alone after her mother's murder, Reyn struggles to accept her wings, and searches for truth in a world that wants her dead. But the more she discovers, the more she begins to fear herself. Her brother has all the answers, but he disappears that same night. Can Reyn find him before the world discovers who she really is?
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Miracle Physical Therapist 4.7

Miracle Physical Therapist

Chapter 20

852K Dec 09,23 Jeon Yul

Lee Gijeok Physical Therapist. The center is failing, and my girlfriend is drifting away…! On a day when nothing goes right, after being hit by a falling star, a status window appears?! This is a story of a self-centered Man becoming the best physical therapist!
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Haibaiyoushi Mizuiro 3.7

Haibaiyoushi Mizuiro

Vol.1 Chapter 1: The Person Who Hears Voices

4.9K Aug 24,23 Okazaki Mari

An embryologist, using a microscope, uses sperm to fertilize an eggs with their own hands to bring human life into this world. Ayumu Mizusawa is a genderless, genius embryologist who likes fishing and helping couples bring life to this earth.
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Champignon no Majo 4.8

Champignon No Majo

Vol.3 Chapter 13: The Witch's Dinner

65.2K Sep 26,23 Higuchi Tachibana

Luna, a black witch who lives quietly in a poisonous mushroom house, deep in the Black Forest. She lives in the city making high-efficiency medicine, but it is rumored that one will die if touched by her, and thus she is avoided… The life of a witch who doesn't know the warmth of people is carefully and momentarily drawn.
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Nobara to Pretender 3.4

Nobara To Pretender

Vol.2 Chapter 7

57.1K Dec 09,23 Kamo Burger

To make enough money for medicine for his ill, bed-ridden mother, Noah travels far from his homeland to the Reinhardt household. On his first day working as a servant, the lord of the household, Rupard, makes a sudden announcement that he and Noah are “lovers” in order to avoid a political marriage. As the two spend time together, Noah becomes aware of the loneliness the distant Rupard hides in hi
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A Story About Being Reborn as a Baby (Pre-Serialization) 4.3

A Story About Being Reborn As A Baby (Pre-Serialization)

Chapter 6

110.3K Jul 23,23 Chacha Kiniro

A salaryman (age 23) dies and meets a goddess, who laments his early passing and offers him a chance at reincarnation. No more than a few seconds later is he brought into the world once more as a newborn baby (age 0).At first, he thinks it's going to be great to have a jump-start on life. But it turns out that being a baby is harder than he expected?Originally posted on Twitter.
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I Used High-Level Medicine to Counter Magic 4.9

I Used High-Level Medicine To Counter Magic

Chapter 22

1.7M Nov 08,23 Houkou Tsuda,Takishita Nobuhide

Realistic take on a modern doctor in another world treating fantasy creatures without magic or modern equipment
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Shin no Nakama janai to Yuusha no Party wo Oidasareta node, Henkyou de Slow Life suru Koto ni shimashita 3.3

Shin No Nakama Janai To Yuusha No Party Wo Oidasareta Node, Henkyou De Slow Life Suru Koto Ni Shimashita

Chapter 63

1.3M Nov 06,23

In a Fantasy world in which a young girl with the Divine Protection of the Hero battles against the Demon Lord. In that world, Red, the elder brother of that young girl Hero, possessing the Divine Protection of the Guide which only grants a high initial level, fought in the initial party of the Hero.However, with a Divine Protection that only grants a high level but no magic nor martial art nor su
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Innai Keisatsu Asclepius no Hebi 2.8

Innai Keisatsu Asclepius No Hebi

Vol.1 Chapter 5: Gift Of God

60.4K Jul 02,23 SAKAI Tsutomu, HAYASHI Ichi

Asugure General Hospital has an "in-hospital police box," which is still not very common in Japan. Kawamoto is hired as a clerical worker at the police box, but there he finds a mysterious in-hospital detective, Murai, who seems to have a reason for being there! Meanwhile, a cold and genius surgeon, Sakakibara, returns to Japan from overseas. The days of the "Shuraba" begin...!Genius surgeon vs. A
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5 - Vento Aureo 3.7

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5 - Vento Aureo

Vol.6 Chapter 49: The Grateful Dead Part 1

30.4K May 16,23 Araki Hirohiko

Naples, 2001. Giorno Giovanna is a small-time crook with one big dream—to become a "Gang-Star." No ordinary thief, Giorno has a connection to the remarkable Joestar bloodline, and possesses a Stand named Gold Experience. His dream starts to become reality when he meets Bruno Bucciarati, a mobster from the gang Passione and a fellow Stand user himself. Realizing that they share similar ideals, and
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The Black Museum: The Ghost and the Lady 5

The Black Museum: The Ghost And The Lady

Chapter 0: Free Preview Chapter

12.4K May 05,23 Fujita Kazuhiro

Deep in Scotland Yard in London sits an evidence room, where artifacts of the greatest mysteries in London history are kept. In this "Black Museum" sits two bullets, fused together after a head-on collision. This was the key piece of evidence in a case that brought together a supernatural Man in Gray and the famous nurse and activist Florence Nightingale—the only person who can see him. Surrounded
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Skid Mark 3.7

Skid Mark

Chapter 14

847.2K Sep 06,23 Neko, Purple Cotton

Doctor Lee Siyoon, is unable to fully accept Kang Taesung, whom he has been seeing for over a year decides to break up with him, due to the trauma that left a deep impression in his heart and thinking that he can’t hurt him anymore. And when they met again 3 years later, he finds out that Taesung doesn’t remember him at all.Taesung, who competes in motorcycle races for the backroom deals of th
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Boku no Tsuma wa Hattatsu Shougai 4.5

Boku No Tsuma Wa Hattatsu Shougai

Vol.1 Chapter 4: Employment

69.5K Aug 30,23 Kameyama Satoshi

(MTL)I, Satoru Kitayama (30), am a manga artist's assistant. My wife, Chika (32), is developmentally disabled. The two of us have many problems in our lives, but we manage to live our lives in harmony.
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I Awoke as an Imprisoned Villainess 4.8

I Awoke As An Imprisoned Villainess

Chapter 4

453.3K Jul 01,23 Satsuki Mei

Sophia Alcott, the daughter of Earl Alcott, lives a lonely life as a maligned and infamous shut in, with nothing to do but to work on her skills as a budding apothecary in the dusty storeroom she's forced to call home. That is until she suddenly wakes up one day and finds herself in the body of an even more infamous villainess (one who actually earned her reputation) locked up in a tower. But alth
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Hataraku Saibou WHITE 4.8

Hataraku Saibou White

Chapter 24 [End]

310.3K Apr 12,23 Shimizu Akane,Kanie Tetsuji

Spin-off "Cells at Work" (Hataraku Saibou) on the activity of leukocytes.
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