Tantei no Shikigami 4

Tantei No Shikigami

Chapter 1

17.5K Nov 14,23 Tanabe Yugata

Nanato is an Onmyoji detective with good skills but a terrible attitude.He spends his days solving mysterious events together with Yachiyo, a puppet goddess of ceremony.Then, a high school boy named Tsutsu comes to him asking him to look for his missing sister.It is a harbinger of a great mystery...?
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Supercat 5


1K Nov 13,23 Soul the Souleater

After a long slumber, Lexus was awakened by a demigod, Xato. Lexus has gained a "gift" but can't remember what happened to her. Whether she will find out the truth or something is shrouding her family's dark past. Will she be able to find out, or will she use her "gift" to search out the answers? *Update every sunday!* This series has 6 genres: Mystery, supernatural, urban fantasy, thriller, roman
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Assimilation 3


2.7K Nov 10,23 DayneDorr

In the city of Brudill, shapeshifting entities known as the Gunk invade causing destruction and misfortune to the citizens. To counter the Gunk, the Gunk Annihilation Service or GAS was formed. GAS now vows to protect Brudill by using the Gunk against itself with their Agent, Miles Mercer fusing with one codenamed, En to become GAS's ultimate weapon, "The Ripper".
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Akuru no Shima 4.4

Akuru No Shima

Chapter 2

26K Nov 23,23 Mizuki Ame

The setting is Aonokujima, a remote island in the Pacific Ocean far from Honshu. There, a high school student, Reigo Muraame, lives alone. His parents died in an accident, and his grandmother, who took him in, recently died. Even so, he does not want to leave the island. He has a girl he is in love with, Ichika Kannagi. One summer day, they decide to go to the summer festival together. They are bu
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Reborn as the Enemy Prince 4.8

Reborn As The Enemy Prince

Chapter 29

1.2M Dec 05,23 Ja Seo Hyeon , Julie , YDR

Imagine being kin to your sworn enemy. Killed in battle while defending his country, Bern wakes up in the body of the enemy prince, Kalian, and vows to avenge his people. But between taming an abusive half-brother and surviving his mother's deadly web of intrigue, sweet revenge seems to slip further beyond his grasp at every turn.
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My Dear Liar 4.3

My Dear Liar

Chapter 2

81K Nov 07,23 Rox

If everything I thought was a lie, what should I do?”That’s what Enkana Mattiola, the commander of the knights that everyone respects.Enkana begins to vibrate when hearing a surprise comment from her best friend Evony, and as her doubts grow, she begins to see things close around her and soon after… Evony was killed, And the man she loves has been charged.
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Tower of Solace 3

Tower Of Solace

4.3K Nov 07,23 daisam

Do you have a wish or desire you want to come true at all costs? The Tower of Solace will grant you that if you can make it to the top. Serena wakes up in the tower, coming from a life she hated. Now she'll climb the tower to create a life she will never regret.
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Inspector Daimajin 3.7

Inspector Daimajin

Vol.1 Chapter 1: Inspector Jin Daiba's Reason

5.3K Nov 23,23 Richard Woo

At the Metropolitan Police Department, Daimajin stands head and shoulders above all! rushing to the scene with lightning speed. a hot-blooded man who wields his mighty arms! He is the ace of the Investigation Division, Jin Daiba! However, this man harbors a dark, dark secret?! Enter the young officer, Saimon Hirayasu, who approaches! With a thoroughly unpleasant personality, never trusting others,
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Yoiko no Shouzou 4.3

Yoiko No Shouzou

Vol.1 Chapter 2

11.1K Dec 11,23 Kashima Kotaru

Hana is a college student with nothing to do and no dreams. One day, she meets Yoiko, a self-proclaimed "grudge spirit," and is told that she is cursed by Yoiko. In order to break the curse, Hana helps Yoiko to become a Buddha! In order to clear her unfulfilled spirit, Hana uses only a sooty, blackened painting as a clue to get closer to the true identity of this beautiful ghost. Hana is gradually
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Weird And Hard To Kill? Sorry, I’m The Real Immortal 4.1

Weird And Hard To Kill? Sorry, I’M The Real Immortal

Chapter 38

196.9K Dec 11,23 Tomato Comics

*Death rollback? Predict future?*Fang Xiu traveled to his other self in a strange world and gained the ability to “reverse after death.” What gave him an extremely powerful motivation to survive was his dearest strange wife. Fang Xiu swore: “The most gentle and beautiful wife in this strange world can only die in my hands.
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The Pirates Blood 2.6

The Pirates Blood

Vol.1 Chapter 2: Notice

4.6K Nov 23,23 NERDYLOK, Ajay Kumar

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Crash 4.8


Chapter 1

15.6K Nov 23,23 Gwangjin, Dooyeop

"Did I hit a man?"With a mayor father, and one foot in Hankuk University, high school student Cho Soo is living the high life. One mistake leads to a hit-and-run. "It's okay because no one saw it", she thinks. But her life is slowly cracking down when the messages of M, an eyewitness who seemed to know everything, flying towards her.
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Dream Catcher 5

Dream Catcher

2K Nov 06,23 Equafro Studios

Theo Pascoal is a young mage who studies at the prestigious UAM, where he is the worst among the worst apprentices. But he was not always like that, at age 6 he was a prodigy in the magical arts, and since then he has dedicated himself to the studies of Magic under the guidance of his godfather, Mr. Rabbit. When Theo finally joined the UAM, he discovered that there is much more to magic than what
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Spider Silk 4.7

Spider Silk

Chapter 12

7.5K Nov 03,23 Kre

A mysterious serial killer could be silently hiding in the darkness, observing their prey! Or, they could be completely indifferent, passing by innocent civilians... They could be displaying a smile filled with goodwill but within a moment, be holding a knife! Or another possibility is... You are the killer...
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Reset: Prisoner Transformation Program 3.5

Reset: Prisoner Transformation Program

Chapter 6

9.9K Nov 03,23 Yuki Takahashi

not found...
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Demon Academy 4

Demon Academy

Vol.3 Chapter 20: The Devil's Temptation

11.5K Dec 11,23 Kikuchi Hideyuki

He joins the Demon Academy
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Harpy (YAMAGISHI Ryouko) 4.5

Harpy (Yamagishi Ryouko)

Vol.1 Chapter 4: Strawberry Night Night

18.5K Nov 22,23 Yamagishi Ryouko

Harumi Sawa is an ordinary high school student finds himself at odds with Ayako Kawahori, a girl who has recently transferred into his school. Not only does he become drawn to her bizarre stench, he also begins to pay close attention to her seemingly odd behavior. After being reminded of harpies - the half-woman, half-bird beasts of Greek mythology - during a lesson in class, Sawa begins to think
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Life Exchange Club 4

Life Exchange Club

Chapter 0

32.6K Nov 03,23 插电动漫

Zhao Yan got into trouble with the beautiful counselor Chen Yurou due to pranks played by his three roommates in the same dormitory. Facing the challenge of being disciplined by Chen Yurou, the “Life Exchange Club System” suddenly activated. Zhao Yan entered the system hall and embarked on a path of exchanging lives with members of different levels in the club.By helping the exchanged individu
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Yokokuhan - The Copycat 3.7

Yokokuhan - The Copycat

Vol.1 Chapter 1: File 001

11.7K Nov 03,23 Tetsuya Tsutsui

The terrorist group "Shinbunshi" was punishing bad guys and distributing their actions on the Internet. Hanaoka Takeru, a high school student, is shocked by them and starts working as a copycat with his childhood friend, Endo Sota, and his classmate, Nishizawa Kyoko. The three begin collecting money from people in the name of "righteous loss" in exchange for punishing the bad guys and distributing
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Pen to Wappa to Jijitsu-kon 4.6

Pen To Wappa To Jijitsu-Kon

Vol.1 Chapter 2

62.5K Nov 16,23 Sawaragi Shinichi

A middle-aged detective, Eiji Kirisame (40), meets a strange high school girl at the scene of a certain crime. She doesn't speak a word, but she helps solve the case using her drawings. However, suddenly this middle-aged detective is getting a marriage proposal from this girl!
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A Cross Line 4.4

A Cross Line

Chapter 14

82.8K Nov 05,23 Zudo

Sungyeol loses his mind after stabbing his lover who tried to kill him. It was Jaseong that accidentally saved him. Jaseong allows Sungyeol to stay in his house until the heavy snow stops. That night, Jaseong placed his hands on Sungyeol’s chestnut-like body. Sungyeol seduces Jaseong by telling the man mysterious stories. Here lies the lives of two men whose kept secrets begin to overlap.
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Satsujin Piero no Shitsumon 2.9

Satsujin Piero No Shitsumon

Vol.3 Chapter 14

530.7K Nov 16,23 Genta Genda,Ootomo Ao

In the year 20XX.Despite the fact that the citizens are monitored by IC chips, making the identification and arrest of criminals easier, gruesome murder cases targeting children by an unidentified serial killer are occurring all over the country.Clad in a black cloak and a clown mask, a deranged serial killer known as the 'Murderous Clown' who poses 'questions' to his victims — the battle
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Fate/Grand Order -Epic of Remnant- Pseudo-Singularity III: The Stage of Carnage, Shimousa - Seven Duels of Swordmasters 5

Fate/grand Order -Epic Of Remnant- Pseudo-Singularity Iii: The Stage Of Carnage, Shimousa - Seven Duels Of Swordmasters

Chapter 37: The Fleeing Flames

18.1K Nov 03,23 Wataru Rei, TYPE-MOON

Fans of Fate/Grand Order—rejoice! A new side story appears...with all the twists and turns you might expect! Epic of Remnant is here!---Note: The chapters in this title follow magazine release numbering.
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Garan no Hime 4.8

Garan No Hime

Chapter 5: The Battle Of The City Of Branches

110.4K Nov 12,23 Koruse

A world where machine civilization has perished and immortal monsters called "Monotsuki" are rampant. Isana, a girl born in a remote village, meets a mechanical person who lost her memories and looks exactly like her sister, who should have disappeared in the ruins she wandered into. Convinced that "My sister is alive," Isana gives the mechanical person the name "Hime" (princess) and together they
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