Storm Flower - Song of the Clouds 5

Storm Flower - Song Of The Clouds

Chapter 0 V2

92K Sep 27,18 AZUMA Toh

In a war-torn country where men and monsters fight one another, a young boy has survived a brutal attack. As he’s grown older, he spots a beautiful young woman who might be a gypsy – he’s not sure. What she really seems to be is one of the monsters – a woman who can control spiders and through them control others, and their two paths are about to become intertwined amongst the larger story…
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Shisha no Teikoku 5

Shisha No Teikoku

Chapter 4

92K Jun 17,16 Itou Keikaku

The Empire of Corpses is a story that takes place in 19th century Europe, and revolves around John Watson, who is scouted by the government to become a secret agent. However, Watson lives in a world where "Frankensteins"—human corpses that are re-purposed with a false soul in order to use them as labourers—are used to improve industrial development.
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Yuganda Kishi 4.7

Yuganda Kishi

Vol.1 Chapter 3: Human-Eating Island

91.8K Jan 07,22 WATARI Chie

Story 1: Satsuki have a boy who want to fulfill all of her wish, even from afterlife.Story 2: About a haunted house.Story 3: Why a boy who was supposed to die still moving around and the teachers seems to hold a secret?
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Dokushi 4.9


Chapter 3

91.4K Jun 09,18 Daisuke Higuchi

Six years ago, Kasumi Shirou was the sole survivor of a plane crash. Though he lost normal vision in his right eye as a result, he gained the power to see into the past. Now a high school student, Shirou is bent on using his abilities to track down the man who murdered his mother.
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Stop The World 2.8

Stop The World

Chapter 1: The Parallel And Intersecting

91K Jul 31,18 Dong Man Tang, Li Li Cheng

The genius hacker FeiKong is in reality a 17 year old girl named QingKong, she lives alone and is searching for her parents. She meets a young man on a train which goes to her aunt’s house every week, but they have never exchanged words. Until this time, they agreed to meet outside the train, it was this time’s arrangement who pulled open the real journey’s prologue… A
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Yakushiji Ryouko no Kaiki Jikenbo 5

Yakushiji Ryouko No Kaiki Jikenbo

Vol.1 Ch.4

90.8K Jan 20,16 Tanaka Yoshiki (田中芳樹)

The story revolves around Ryouko Yakushiji, a brilliant 27-year-old elite investigator with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. Together with her subordinate Junichirou Izumida, the two often investigate bizzare and supernatural cases. In addition with the paranormal, Ryouko also has a longstanding rivalry with Yukiko Muromachi, another talented police investigator.
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Lost Phoenix: Spoil the Repudiated Empress 4.3

Lost Phoenix: Spoil The Repudiated Empress

Chapter 36

90.1K Sep 19,23 二次元动漫

She was once queen. But when her face becomes partially disfigured in an accident, an imperial decree demotes Dongfang Ningxing to concubine. Not only that, but her younger sister takes her place as the new queen, while Dongfang Ningxing gets married off to the cold and brutal Prince Xueqin. And this second marriage is not a happy one, ending only in her death. Lucky for Dongfang Ningxing, her spi
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Naki Shoujo no Tame no Pavane 5

Naki Shoujo No Tame No Pavane

Vol.2 Ch.5 : Reencounter ~ Reencounter~ [1]

89.9K Jan 21,16 Koge Donbo

From Syuura: During a field trip to the imperial capital, Tokyo, Kaga Nanao overhears the beautiful melody of a violin and immediately becomes captivated by it. In order to meet the mystery violinist, Nanao learns the violin and defies her father's wishes by attending the Marianne Music Academy for girls in Tokyo. Upon arriving at the school, Nanao comes across her mystery violinist who turns out
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Vol.1 Chapter 3 : Nakazawa Tsutomu (1)

89.8K Jan 20,16 Kashima Jun

The metropolitan police have a special squad of negotiators for talking down violent criminals in hostage situations and so forth. The two top negotiators have great knowledge of human psychology and experience in dealing with criminals, but they are missing something important. They are searching for someone who is capable of agape love-- unconditional and selfless love for all people. Such a
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I Swear I Really Like It 4.8

I Swear I Really Like It

Chapter 1

89.8K Feb 09,21 Gae Cha-Ban

An unknown woman killed someone in front of my eyes.But she's going to be in with me starting today?!A journal about the survival of Chuo Ku's somewhat scary and strange lover.Jinjja Jeongmal Maengseko Johahae ,I Swear to G** I Love You!, mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommendations, revie
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The Witch at the End of the World 3.9

The Witch At The End Of The World

Chapter 5.5: Epilogue: Love In This World

89.7K Sep 06,20 Nishijima Daisuke

1000 years ago, a war between humans and space witches ravaged the stars, destroying countless planets and taking even more lives. Eventually, the humans captured the most powerful witch and imprisoned her as a war criminal under the treaty. The castle where the Magic Lord is sealed away is watched over by a village where everyone has developed weak magical powers- everyone but Mugi that is. Deter
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Traces of the Past 5

Traces Of The Past

Vol.1 Ch.4 V2 : Ashtar City

89.6K Jan 20,16 John Ferrer

A strange artifact found inside a silver mine in Central America, annihilates an entire region. The two scientists who stumble into it, are unaware of what could it be or it's potential. In an age where technology seems to have stalled, an anonymous company only known as "Hiraima" releases brilliant futuristic gadgets for free use along with their development plans, without claiming any rights.
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Hinmin, Seihitsu, Daifugou 5

Hinmin, Seihitsu, Daifugou

Chapter 2

89.5K Nov 30,17 Takahashi Keitarou

Shiragaki Seiya, a high school student and the daughter of a mangaka, is anxious to become financially independent so as to relieve the burden on her single mother. One day while on the way to school, she has an encounter with "The Spirit of the Chest, Aurelia de Medici," and thereafter finds herself thrown headfirst into a no-holds-barred otherworldly battle revolving around money.
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Missing: Kamikakushi no Monogatari 5

Missing: Kamikakushi No Monogatari

Vol.1 Chapter 6 : Chapter 5A

89K Jun 06,17 Koda Gakuto, Mutsuki Lay

From Tokyopop: Kyoichi Utsume, a.k.a. "His Majesty, Lord of Darkness," is a dark and compelling mystery –- so much so that his fellow Literature Club members would rather discuss him than books! When "His Majesty" vanishes in front of their very eyes, his friends are left with several unanswered questions: what is the source of Kyoichi's long-standing obsession with t
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Super Danganronpa 2 - Nanami Chiaki no Sayonara Zetsubou Daibouken 5

Super Danganronpa 2 - Nanami Chiaki No Sayonara Zetsubou Daibouken

Vol.1 Chapter 3

88.8K Dec 03,16 Spike Chunsoft

Follows the game events from Nanami’s POV.
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Speed Grapher 5

Speed Grapher

Vol.1 Ch.4

88.7K Jan 21,16 Gonzo

On the battlefield there is no such things as worthless lives. For example, even if you can see worthlessness, there is a meaning to them. Saiga, an ex-war photographer, is not a journalist photographer, investigating different current event that is no different than those of war. Two stories revolving around each other, ending at an embezzlement dealer. Strange dreams haunt a girl, and an ex-batt
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Hiki 4.7


Vol.1 Chapter 5

88.5K Jan 22,16 Nangoku Banana

When a gang is lead to a mysterious wardrobe in the middle of a forest by a map found in a desk, their venture of curiosity might turn into something else... From Baka-Updates: While searching behind his desk drawer, Rin finds a hand drawn map of his neighborhood with a big X marking a specific spot. He doesn't recognize it, because he must have drawn it a long time ago, but he's curious to se
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Makai Ishi Mephisto 5

Makai Ishi Mephisto

Ch.3 : Bonga Ichiniyo

88.5K Jan 20,16 Kikuchi Hideyuki

Doctor Mephisto is a man who is as skillful and handsome as he is mysterious and terrifying. He can cure any illness, heal fatal injuries, transform lead to gold, summon vicious monsters to do his bidding and perhaps even...revive the dead!?
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Kimi to Shitai to Boku no Kaitou 5

Kimi To Shitai To Boku No Kaitou

Ch.7 : Farewell Reversi

88.3K May 18,16 Yogenme

After souls die, corpses still keep their hearts. Both protagonists Katasaki Yuu and Watagiri Shaberu can see those corpses whose human hearts have died. Two lonely and special people encounter each other. They are determined to rescue the people who left their soul's corpses behind and alleviate their soul's pain. This is a moving work that soothes the spiritual wounds!
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A-presto 4.8


Chapter 3 : Passato 3

88.2K Aug 08,17 Shiina Takasato

From "Generation of Miracles": A mystery from the past ! During their school days, Rin and Karaku solved many mysterious cases together. Today, when they meet up as adults, they indulge themselves with memories of the past. However, what Rin still doesn't now is: that he is already dead, and walks as a ghost around the world ...
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Luger Code 1951 5

Luger Code 1951

Ch.3 : [End]

88.1K Mar 18,16 Haruto Haneki

The story centers around the young linguistic genius and university professor Testa. He is introduced by his senior, Sergeant Rossa, to the Allied Cryptanalysis Department. There, he is tasked to break the enemy werewolves' code, which the werewolves are using to encrypt their radio transmissions. Testa is astounded, as the only sound the encrypted code produces is the howling of a wolf. His resea
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In the Night Comes a Girl 5

In The Night Comes A Girl

Vol.1 Chapter 7

87.9K Aug 18,19 Takehito Moriizumi

Satoru is an insomniac, stuck in his own night as the rest of the world keeps turning. One night he meets the peculiar girl Mikoto, who claims her eyes see just fine at night but don't work during the day. She asks him to help her find a picture book she'd once read, a simple request that turns into an unimaginable journey for the two of them.
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Ingress: Tokyo Anomaly 4.2

Ingress: Tokyo Anomaly

Chapter 1

87.7K Oct 17,18 Takuma Kimura

April 2014, Japan. It all starts with the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization that’s looking into the yet-unknown Exotic Star particle. A great war begins between two factions: the Enlightened, and the Resistance!
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