This Edge of the Shore 3.7

This Edge Of The Shore

Chapter 7

34.5K Feb 22,21 翻翻动漫 - fan fan animations

There have been many outstanding cases and events in all parts of the world, which are often dubbed as mysterious, strange, and supernatural concepts, which are daunting. A female officer named Mu Xi & her sidekick dive deep into dark secrets in the night. Will she be able to solve this case or will she end up in the dark?
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Mind Reading 4

Mind Reading

Chapter 4

33.9K Mar 08,21 金鸿

Song Miomiao, an optimistic and energetic girl with mind-reading skills, and the domineering and narcissistic school Adonis, Zhao Wuyou. The two work together to solve other people’s troubles. Playing around along the way, parting ways, and coming back together… a light school comedy love story, hilariously presented.
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Cruel Fairytales 5

Cruel Fairytales

Vol.1 Chapter 4: Teina Who Can See The Past

32.8K Mar 23,20 Yuki Kaori

A collection of oneshots: Cruel Fairytales When Martin and his sister were young, they tried to run away from home. They ran into the forest only to find an unexpected gruesome scene: women were hanged on the trees. Both siblings were traumatised and the younger sister ran away. Now, an older Martin desperately tries to find his sister. Blanche Blanche's l
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Singing at Night 3.4

Singing At Night

Chapter 15

32.7K Jul 14,22 Qing Ying

Xin Ran is a popular female star who debuted in the center position in an annual competition. She is really strong, vain and loves competition. In reality, however, she is kindhearted, a little lonely, and does not know how to love others! A mysterious vampire's appearance changed her worldview. Subsequently, she was made into a blood servant. She was unable to resist the manipulation and humbly b
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Alice no Rakuen 4.6

Alice No Rakuen

Vol.2 Chapter 8: Episode 8

32.3K Aug 13,22 HIRUNO Tsukiko

No one really knows who you are. '' The place where Alice, who had forgotten everything except the name, woke up was a closed school. The key to knowing the past that we have found among girls who are not searching for the reason why they are here and the rules that should not be associated with the outside world, and special abilities that are unique to themselves. Should I choose ignorance or th
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Forbidden Identity 4

Forbidden Identity

Chapter 11: Who Are You?

32K Sep 17,20 九尾动漫

A small performer named Anning, and a famous female star named Malin. They have identical looks but different identities. The appearance of a mysterious person forces Anning to use Malin’s identity; whilst slowly being dragged into a dark conspiracy.
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Maboroshi Panty 2.6

Maboroshi Panty

Chapter 6: The Introduction Of Ugly Jack

31.1K Feb 03,21 Nagai Go,Koenji Hiroshi

A dormitory climbing school that consists of junior high and high schools in the mountains of N prefecture. There was another No. 1 in this school with the No. 1 advancement rate from the University of Tokyo. That is the highest crime rate in the school. Kotobuki, who is in charge of the school police, starts a detective activity in the name of Maboroshi Panty to help her father.
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Crime Digging-Brother 4.3

Crime Digging-Brother

Chapter 39

30.5K Aug 03,22 东四大飞哥

Jiang Peng, a prison guard, was suspended from payment when a yellow porn magazine was confiscated from prison. The prisoner hanged himself. The yellow magazine contained a notebook full of unrecognized criminal records. Based on these criminal records, Jiang Peng made a visit and uncovered one by one
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I Died That Day 4.7

I Died That Day

Chapter 1: Somi

30.1K Aug 07,21 Lee Eon

What happened to that girl who changed so much?
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Love Me to Death 4.6

Love Me To Death

Chapter 15

30K Sep 27,22

A lonely necromancer resurrects a beautiful woman in exchange for a reward from a wealthy client, but nothing can prepare him for the deep connection that develops between him and his "monster".mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommendations, reviews, manga recommendations, character fanfiction,
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Division 8’s Record of Secrets 4.5

Division 8’S Record Of Secrets

Chapter 3

29.2K Aug 24,20 飞轨动漫

A strange box is seen again, as a group of innocent middle school students were dragged into this chaotic vortex. A weird daily record was kept, and the unknown black hole might be just beside you.
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Feathers of Light 4.6

Feathers Of Light

Chapter 1

28.8K Oct 23,20 Tuanz_zzzzz

Once, when he was about to disappear, she appeared as the light that illuminated his existence; Now, when she is about to give up her dreams and extinguish the light in her heart, he comes to her side. Their story originated in the book world of Alice in Wonderland and continues in the real world where you and I live. Will the wishes they’ve always held in their hearts come true in both the
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Tantei to Neko-chan 3.2

Tantei To Neko-Chan

Vol.1 Chapter 7: Epilogue

27.1K Sep 17,22 Josee

An ex-police officer private detective × a mysterious young man.The one that had been creeping in Kawasaki's heart unnoticed, who runs a detective agency,is sometimes a pushy assistant,sometimes an investigation target (!?), Okachimachi...Mysterious love, presented by Josee
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The White Maidens' Werewolf 3.7

The White Maidens' Werewolf

Chapter 3

25.6K Aug 25,22 Oshiroi You

Hakurai Private Academy, a boarding school where young ladies receive a higher education in bridehood.Should the maidens lose their “purity” during the three year course, they are immediately expelled, losing any chance at their dreams of becoming brides. For the girls living at this school, it is a future they consider worse than death.One day, something happens in the dormitory of the st
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Vol.1 Chapter 1: Mana And The Wand

25.4K Sep 04,22 Bysne

“Wand” is the symbol of wizard in modern age of magic. “Mana” a magicless girl with “Nowand” status from birth wishes to go To Art College but ends up in a famous institute of defense magic?! She even accidentally releases “Cursewand”. What’s happening?! There’s a frickin’ curse??!!! An action slash fantasy about an unlucky girl in the modern age magical world has begun
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Black Jack M 4.2

Black Jack M

Chapter 3

25.2K Jul 30,22 Tezuka Osamu, Midori Yukako, Hosoma Shin-ichi, Kazama Hiroko, Akino Matsuri, Omai Kiriko, Suzuki Yuka, Ochazuke Nori, Yoshikawa Utata, Kakinouchi Narumi

Part 2 of the Black Jack celebration. Featuring one-shots by Shojo and Josei mangaka.
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Greenfingers no Hakoniwa 4.2

Greenfingers No Hakoniwa

Chapter 12

24.6K Jul 26,22 Hosaka Kinami

A story about an invisible botanist and a part-time university student, who unravels the thoughts spun by mysterious plants and people.The story of an invisible botanist and a part-time university student, and the strange plants that surround them, begins!Asahi is a university student who is introduced to a new part-time job when a record store closes.The idea is to help a "slightly un
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What do you need 3.1

What Do You Need

Chapter 1.2

23.7K Mar 02,21 KANG Kyeong Ok

A jobless woman who feels no sense of aim, a student who fears attending school due to bullying, and a worker who just can’t seem to confess her love to her coworker are all people who are tired of daily life and want to run away from responsibilities. This is a story about what these people need the most.
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Akechi Keibu no Jikenbo 3.6

Akechi Keibu No Jikenbo

Vol.1 Chapter 2: Boy's “Revenge“, Part 2

23.2K Jul 30,22 Shin Kibayashi

Follows the Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo franchise character Akechi Kengo and his partner, rookie detective Kobayashi Ryuutarou, as they solve various baffling murder mysteries.
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The Polaris 2.6

The Polaris

Chapter 33: Other Methods

22.7K Jun 22,22 Wangcaideju

On a pitch-black night, corporate wage slave Qi Yan sees his first love — the one that had passed 10 years before. After quite a bit of pestering and persuasion, he finds himself forced into the miserable lifestyle of working during the day and investigating at the night. The topic of the investigation? Finding out who the culprit is. Can the top who had passed years before successfully manage to
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Do Not Perceive 2.8

Do Not Perceive

Chapter 27

22.7K Sep 21,22 Changpei literature , matthia , 自觉进行时 , 长佩文学 , 风烟

This is a story of a mystery investigator, Levi, and a flamboyant medium, Laird. Two people have disappeared in this ordinary town. They were seen entering a 'door' that sudden appeared only to disappear along with that 'door'. To find the missing, investigator Levi and self-proclaimed psychic, exorcist, explorer, and mystery researcher Laird decide to enter this 'door' together and investigate th
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I'm a Hero in the Cultivation Realm! 2.5

I'm A Hero In The Cultivation Realm!

Chapter 14: Why Don’T I Go Instead?

22K Sep 21,22 Chen Guojian

Hao is a courageous hero who has saved a hundred different realms. Nevertheless, he has to cross dimensions once again to rescue one last realm that belongs to the cultivators. Exhausted, he decides to make his weak disciple, Chen Junan, the next hero. Junan is timid and extremely lazy. Will Hao succeed in training him? Meanwhile, the real reason why Hao was summoned to the Cultivation Realm was t
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