Pom The Panda 5

Pom The Panda

Vol.1 Ch.0 : One Shot

41.8K Jan 20,16 Junichi Saiki

It's a sad and beautiful tale about Pom the panda, a little fellow who dressed as a panda and hands out balloons to children. Pom loves a human girl, Fuu. Poor Pom dies before confessing his love to Fuu. Pom becomes a ghost who waits for a long, long time on the bench where he got a date with Fuu, trying to find the right words to tell his beloved that he will never come back without making her
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Muggle’s Law 3.4

Muggle’S Law

Chapter 6

41.7K Oct 21,20 Ana - 안나

A dimension-shifting romantic fantasy between Do Ra-Hee, a 20-year-old Muggle who wants to become a sorceress, and Ishin, an “idol” who dreams every day of escaping reality.
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Their Heavenly Fires 4.3

Their Heavenly Fires

Chapter 0

41.6K Nov 03,20 Fernstone

It has been 800 years since Former Dragon Emperor Hua Cheng gave up his godhood for a human lover. Xie Lian, Crown Prince of the Heavenly Phoenix family, is descending to the mortal realm for his first trial. Here he meets a young man who seems eerily familiar and begins to unravel secrets that were never meant to be brought to light. Even against the advice of the heavenly realm he feels himself
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Because you are... 5

Because You Are...

Chapter 0 : [Oneshot]

41.6K Jan 20,16 Monizilla story? just kidding
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The God and the Player 4.4

The God And The Player

Vol.1 Ch.1

41.6K Jan 20,16 Lauramma

All is right with the world for Momiji, a young baseball player. That is, until Koji, a young God, ascends from the skies and claims that he has found his bride. Momiji and her team cannot believe their eyes. Koji proceeds to call out to his mother (Benten, one of the Seven Lucky Gods) who soon learns of Koji's decision and refuses to take him seriously, saying that he should follow his mother's
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Jupiteria 4.8


Vol.1 Chapter 5: Everyone Has A Place

41.5K Oct 12,22 Kajiyama Hirotsugu

The year is 2150, and humanity has entered the Space Age of Exploration. The largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter, in particular is a treasure trove of natural resources. Seeking those resources, humanity has built up numerous biospheres in its vicinity.Those who are born in zero gravity in the Jupiter Zone are known as "Jupiterians". Rico Alberoni is one such person. He lives on Callis
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Kappa Love Story 4

Kappa Love Story

Chapter 1 : Oneshot

41.5K Jan 20,16 Momotarou Kotarou

A kappa pines for a girl across a fence. From Garo 1982-07.
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Manshinsoui no Futari 4.8

Manshinsoui No Futari


41.5K Jan 20,16 Shiina Dai

A short high school romance about a boy who is suffering mentally and an extremely clumsy girl.
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Long Time No See 3.4

Long Time No See

Chapter 2

41.4K Jan 30,21 Yukyu

By Boomer Squad: While out shopping, Mo Xiaoxia runs into her high school sweetheart, Lin Han, on the street. A series of chaotic yet heart-pounding memories slowly begins to surface in Mo Xiaoxia's mind -- the story of the two girls.
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Ryuu no Eigakan 4.4

Ryuu No Eigakan

41.4K Jun 09,22 Ito

In a little mysterious world where dragon people that sometimes transform into dragons live together with humans, a boy's childhood dragon girl friend is supposed to move to the dragon's city when she turns 17... This is a heartwarming love story between a dragon and a human!
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Welcome to the Saturday Night Club 5

Welcome To The Saturday Night Club


41.3K Jan 20,16 Kokiai Rin

Madam Misa dies mysteriously at the Saturday Night Club. Soon after her death, her young handsome and broke host Hideo opens a similar looking "Host" Club of his own. Where did the money come from? Did Hideo have something to do with Madam Misa's death?
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Ze 2.5


Vol.11 Chapter 60.7: Ze Extra Papers

41.3K Jun 06,22 Shimizu Yuki

After the death of his grandmother and only remaining relative, Shinakawa Raizou moves in with the mysterious Mitou family as their housekeeper. He soon learns the Mitou family's secret: the Mitou can use great power with only their words. But because this power harms the body of the user, the Mitou pair up with human-like paper dolls to transfer their wounds to them through bodily fluid contact.
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We Don't Like Love Songs 5

We Don't Like Love Songs


41.3K Jan 20,16 Kitakiri

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Where the Wind Returns To 5

Where The Wind Returns To

Vol.1 Ch.0

41.3K Jan 21,16 Nanase Aoi

A girl with a love who happens to be from a long time ago.
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Fukigen na Doudou 3.1

Fukigen Na Doudou

Chapter 6.5

41.2K Aug 03,22 Kouno Toki

Asagi, a salaryman, works for a production company for his favorite character, Docky. Asagi has hidden his love for Docky because of past trauma. However, on the day he got sick and left early, his colleague Iwamoto, visited Asagi's house, and saw his room filled with Docky. Iwamoto, who hasn't had much interaction with Asagi until now doesn't seem to care at all. Thanks to Iwamoto's kindness, Asa
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Feed the Tiger 4.4

Feed The Tiger

Chapter 23: A Strange Feeling

41.2K Nov 28,22 有狐文化

Zhou Yi’an used to be a naive and carefree young master of a dignified noble family. However, his family was toppled overnight. In order to survive and take revenge, he had no choice but to rely on Lin Mu, the notorious number one martial art master in the world. So he had to put up with Lin Mu’s flippant words and teasing, and even had to take it upon himself to butter up to him and…feed this tig
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The Beautiful Curse 4

The Beautiful Curse

Vol.1 Ch.1

41.1K Jan 20,16 Jin Gyung

From MegKF: Travelers come to a village in search of fairies.
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Fetters of Fate 3.4

Fetters Of Fate

Chapter 5

41.1K Nov 13,20 Updating

The bad boy who always took advantage of me is now my highschool teacher!! Is he my destiny? Why do I feel familiar with him?
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Urbane 5


Vol.1 Ch.1

41.1K Jan 20,16 Fuji Tamaki

A city girl moves out to the country.
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Lemonade Girl 3.9

Lemonade Girl

Chapter 0: Oneshot

41K Dec 27,19 Yuki Nishihara

A one-shot about a boy and an unusual girl making a living in a dodgy neighborhood.
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The Season You Passed 3.9

The Season You Passed

Chapter 4

41K Jun 25,22 SanHo

What sort of lives were we living ten to fifteen years ago?
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False 5


Chapter 1

41K Jan 20,16 Garai

Your not so standard boy-meets-girl story. A young engineer builds a new wing for a wounded angel.
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Love Battle Manual 4.4

Love Battle Manual

Chapter 1

40.9K May 18,20 Xiao Xing Tao

"The wonderful memories of childhood will usually make you regret taking it for granted!" Ke Pinyi, who excels at academics and serves as class president, is nicknamed an iceberg because of her serious personality which causes people to find it difficult to get close to her. But in reality, she is a girl who likes to read shoujo manga and fantasize. One day, she
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The Corpse Will Tell 3.7

The Corpse Will Tell

Chapter 2

40.9K Oct 17,22 Banoe , Syaki

Read The Corpse Will TellRead manhwa The Corpse Will Tell / Sicheneun Malhanda / / The Body Says"10 years, live as if you were a dead mouse for at least 10 years. I won't meddle with however you live your life after that." Jeanne, the girl who was praised as a war hero. During the civil war, in order to prevent the emperor from running away, she chopped off his right arm which made her the emper
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