My Sweet Demon Boss 4.4

My Sweet Demon Boss

Chapter 1

0 Jun 23,21 Akashima rai,Oomatsu yukikusa

All of a sudden, my parents decided to play matchmaker and set me up with another man. I don't have a boyfriend and I thought it wouldn't hurt to meet the guy, but it turned out to be my manager, a.k.a. The Demon Boss! Moe is frightened when her parents force her and the Demon Boss to live together on the premise of marriage. But, to her surprise, the manager seems like a totally different person
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Newton’s Flower Buds 5

Newton’S Flower Buds

Chapter 1

0 Jun 23,21 Tamayura Shiyu

The story of Oogino, a boy who can see the colours of people and sounds, and the girl who tackles him to the ground one day. ニュートンの蕾 / 뉴턴의 꽃망울 / Newton no Tsubomi
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The Flower Boy 5

The Flower Boy

Chapter 1

0 Jun 21,21 Yang ha

College student, Han Soyi, has been unable to move on from the lingering affection she has for her ex-boyfriend. She tries to sort out her complicated feelings by concentrating on her studies, and receives a flower pot from a local elder to use for a class at school. But little does she know, the pot she receives happens to be a cursed pot, where a man's soul lies trapped... 꽃 피우는 남자
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The Beauty Ran Away with The Hedgehog 4.3

The Beauty Ran Away With The Hedgehog

Chapter 0

0 Jun 21,21 Ding Bing

Rich girl Hua Manman is forced by her father to study hard in a normal university without exposing her identity. There, she meets a commoner schoolmate— the handsome, cold, and slightly scheming Xiao Ye. The two of them come from different worlds with different values, and during their clashes, they find another…adorable side other than that of the cold hedgehog/foolish rich daughter. _(Synopsis :
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Unknown Code 4.5

Unknown Code

Chapter 0

10,007 Jun 21,21 Carnby,Hoopa

Alien invasions come in all shapes and sizes. This time, the Earth is under attack by "Unknown Codes" that infiltrate digital devices to eviscerate the human race. The only known way to counter these codes is to play their own game. An awkward mesh of men with different motives are recruited to fight. How is everything going to end?
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We Are Not Friends 4.3

We Are Not Friends

Chapter 51

46,741 Jun 22,21 Zhi Wu Ah

Originally these two men who meets up always end up fighting, fated never to be friends, what kind of relationship would this start? A cold and proud elite young master faced with a radical rebellious teenager
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I Only Want to Beat You 4.7

I Only Want To Beat You

Chapter 23

180,086 Jun 21,21 Amadoji,Sasak

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Of course, I will charge you the consolation fees! 4.8

Of Course, I Will Charge You The Consolation Fees!

Chapter 1.2

48,513 Jun 16,21 Mutou tamura,Soy

“I'll annul our engagement!” My fiancé suddenly declared?! Apparently he's in love with the recently transferred count's daughter and is planning on making me the villain in order to annul the engagement. Although I have no lingering attachments about the engagement, I do have to claim a hefty consolation fee don't I? Mochiron, Isharyouseikyuu Itashimasu! / Of course, I will charge you the c
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The Touch of Your Magic 4.3

The Touch Of Your Magic

Chapter 16

12,985 Jun 18,21 Hur hyunju

Getting struck by lightning, breaking a bone, failing examsㅡthese are the “accidents” that happen when one becomes friends with Jia. Bringing bad luck to people has been a condition of Jia's for as long as she can remember… until she meets Gun and Hyunㅡ two mysterious brothers who happen to be wizards! With the help of magic, she's determined to ward off her curse no matter what. But does Jia real
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Light Light Light 4.2

Light Light Light

Chapter 8

22,424 Jun 18,21 Soo jin,Su jin,수진

If I met you again, would I be able to make a different choice? A reunion with my first love.
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Kiss Sixth Senses 4.7

Kiss Sixth Senses

Chapter 2

30,088 Jun 11,21 갓녀,조코봉

The moment Hong Yesul kisses, she can see the future! When accidentally kissing her boss, Cha Min-ho's neck, she sees herself with Cha Min-ho in the future lying in bed! She tries hard to deny the terrible future so that it doesn't become a reality, but Cha Min-ho keeps coming to her! Is there a real romance between them that is worse than their enemies?! A breathtaking, hot super-sensory romance
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There’s no way that my clan has a female player 3.8

There’S No Way That My Clan Has A Female Player

Chapter 3

63,263 Jun 11,21 晔越文化

Li Ning, a nerd, is a veteran player of the [Star Trails] MMORPG., but due to all of his clan members being male characters, his clan is called the [ Gay clan]. Even though he's embarrassed about the title given to them, Li Ning found out that he is actually the only male player in his clan and the rest are all female players. They all have special qualities and are all beautiful girls, and he has
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Love Letters in Early Summer 4

Love Letters In Early Summer

Chapter 9

18,200 Jun 11,21 Ah jing

In early summer, an innocent girl was born as brightly as a summer day. The sun in her heart had long been forgotten. And a cold heart has been waiting for years to melt only for her. Can fate forge between them now? Can two hearts that are no longer familiar to each other be together again? The early summer scenery from today begins, to sweeten you and me. 初夏的 恋爱手札 / Letters o
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Die, Please! 4.1

Die, Please!

Chapter 26

60,472 Jun 22,21 Euntae

I just want to tell him how I feel! Mina has been planning on telling Yeomyung she likes him. But every time she goes to confess, something foils her plans. It turns out Yeomyung and Youngwoong, her best friend, were actually plotting to kill her. But why?! Please, Die / 부탁이니 죽어주라
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Out of Batteries 4.6

Out Of Batteries

Chapter 17

11,982 Jun 07,21 Sidik rizal/hieva sp

I came back to life! But now my life is like a battery !?! Will I continue to be able to live !?
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My Younger Brother’s Friends 4.4

My Younger Brother’S Friends

Chapter 3

30,423 Jun 18,21 Nimni

After her parents died in an accident, Gaeun, a senior student in college, lived with her younger brother, a high school student. She lived brightly and confidently while hiding her pain. After breaking up with her boyfriend, who was her ideal type, she thought she wouldn't date anymore. However, she ended up getting tied up with Dowan, who knew her since they were young, Sangwoo, who was her youn
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Seven Years Later 4.4

Seven Years Later

Chapter 15

110,612 Jun 22,21 Hievasp,Tirapuw

Kala Maharani is an ordinary girl who's always restrained by her father. One day, she chose to run away from home to celebrate the new year 2014 in Bali. But who would have thought that she drowned in the sea and was saved by her friend who told her seven years have passed. What will happen? What about her family and friends? Can she go back to her original timeline?
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My Charms Are Wasted On Kuroiwa Medaka 4.8

My Charms Are Wasted On Kuroiwa Medaka

Chapter 6: Love With That Bastard

296,847 Jun 23,21 Kuze Ran

Kuroiwa Medaka was born in a temple and is currently a monk in training. Because of his temple's rules, he can't interact with girls - and what's more, he doesn't even know how to regularly socialize with them. Mona, the "queen bee" of the school, however insistently tries to make him fall in love with her, but he always ignores her in order to maintain the rules of his temple.
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Who’s Mr. President? 4.7

Who’S Mr. President?

Chapter 9

50,501 Jun 15,21 King productions,S.M.S

Welcome to Krisopras Highschool, the most elite and prestigious school in the country! Yet, it's kind of weird… why does this elite school hide the identities of its student council members?
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My Girl is a Dragon Princess 4.3

My Girl Is A Dragon Princess

Chapter 91

1,031,180 Jun 23,21 MK-Li Zhiheng

The princess, who awaits a rescuer, turns out to be a vile dragon. Can the wizard defeat her? All kinds of gorgeous girls–including Princess Dragon, a slender beauty disguised as a man, a baby-face senior apprentice and an “armed” younger apprentice–have joined Nightshell the wizard on his lovely journey through the western territory!
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Fighting for Love 4.4

Fighting For Love

Chapter 35

116,532 Jun 23,21 Cancan,Kuaikan comics,SummerZoo

Sam Xiang is both the latest heartthrob and top dog at her new school, so why is she so heartbroken? For starters, all the teachers and students think she's a boy! That, along with her strong sense of justice and martial art skills, has made her the enemy of every delinquent in school! Worst of all, her crush, Ryan, has officially bro-zoned her! In spite of it all, Sam is determined to use this di
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Get Schooled 4.5

Get Schooled

Chapter 8: Episode 8

360,555 Jun 20,21 Chae Yong Taek

Hwajin Na's teaching techniques are pretty violent for someone who works in the Ministry of Education. That being said, when punishments don't seem to work on even the worst of school bullies, there is no better man for the job. Sometimes you can't get a good education until those bullies are taught a lesson.
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Drizzle and silent 4.6

Drizzle And Silent

Chapter 1.1

8,449 Jun 02,21 Yi yao

The appearance of Mingyu made Xi Qing experience the feelings of heartbeat, love, sadness and reluctance. It is such a seemingly ordinary boy who will always occupy her heart. His departure did not really leave, he will continue to accompany her in another way
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 Bright Lovers 2.8

Bright Lovers

Chapter 30

19,431 May 23,21 Weishi

“Warning: Yaoi content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.”
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