On Her 94th Reincarnation This Villainess Became the Heroine! 4.4

On Her 94Th Reincarnation This Villainess Became The Heroine!

Chapter 6.1

20K Dec 01,22 HIIRAGI Ichiha , TAKAUCHI Touka

An evil villainess heads toward her happy ending. Madeline is the ace of the Evil Noblewoman’s Guild, having starred in 93 different stories to date. For her next reincarnation, she had hoped to get an easy assignment that would help her score a promotion...but finds herself the heroine in a School Life Romance Novel! But with her pride on the line, Madeline is not one to run away from a challenge
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Life of a Magic Academy Mage 4.3

Life Of A Magic Academy Mage

Chapter 17

85.1K Dec 01,22 Writing Machine

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Gakuen Kishi no Level up! 4.4

Gakuen Kishi No Level Up!

Chapter 26.3

75.1K Dec 01,22 MIKAMI Yasuaki

Soma, who reincarnated with the memory of the previous life, was awakened to the rare ability "trial and error" that can confirm the skill level numerically, and thanks to that, he was able to raise various levels evenly. At the entrance ceremony at the knight training school that I admired, the student's skill level and skill level are judged and classified, and the top class "Soryu(Blue Dragon)"
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I’m Not That Kind of Talent 4.7

I’M Not That Kind Of Talent

Chapter 9

35K Dec 01,22 IMNTKOT

I’m not that kind of person. I, Dion Hart, am a sickly person who vomits blood whenever I’m stressed. However, at the same time, I’m Count Hart, who has somehow been misunderstood and thought of as a strong person, and thereby feared by everyone.
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It Starts With The Confession To The Beauty Master 4.3

It Starts With The Confession To The Beauty Master

Chapter 7

35K Dec 03,22 博易动漫

If he fails to confess his love to his beautiful master, he’ll turn into a dog? Zhang Yi obtained the Destiny System and awakened the Supreme Holy Body. As long as he’s able win the heart of the beauties in his harem, he’ll be able to get stronger! A cold master, a charming female Taoist senior, a cute junior sister, a sickly princess, and a pure saint… In the face of thousands of beauties, Zhang
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Cursed Armor 4.7

Cursed Armor

Chapter 6

30K Dec 03,22 Docurro

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Mad Dog 4

Mad Dog

Chapter 29

35K Dec 01,22 Haribo

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Make way, Meiou-sama Coming Through! 4.7

Make Way, Meiou-Sama Coming Through!

Chapter 7

95.1K Nov 28,22 Kikuchi Nan,Toma Yugimaru

Osamu, a young man who died at a young age due to an incurable illness. His second life was to drift as a "spirit (demon)" in an unknown world! Osamu, who is hated by humans and unreasonably deprived of his "life," hopes that he "does not want to die anymore." At that time, he gained the power of "life-sucking" that feeds on the vitality of others. In addition, he will resist the approaching "deat
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God Emperor’s Advent: I Have trillions of Attribute Points 4.1

God Emperor’S Advent: I Have Trillions Of Attribute Points

Chapter 6

65.1K Nov 30,22 绘境社

Yi Qingtian was reborn into the world with trillions of attribute points and endless magical treasures, but he was punished by God when he was born. In order to save the lives of his family, he transformed his mind into shape and beat Heavenly Dao, but was instead planted with the Nine Dao Destruction Seal. If you want to crack it, you must find nine heavenly books and nine scholars. So, he embark
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Punishing Gray Raven: Interlude 3.8

Punishing Gray Raven: Interlude

Chapter 8

13.6K Nov 26,22 库洛游戏

Constructs – Burning only to rekindle the spark of hope in the dark night of despair, the blade of mankind against the Punishing virus. They, too, were once the sons of man. This is their story, before they plunge into a never-ending long struggle.
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The Duke’s Redemption 4.4

The Duke’S Redemption

Chapter 19

135.2K Nov 29,22 N/A

I transmigrated into a novel and became an aide to the final boss of the story. The final boss dies in the novel, but only after the world falls to ruin. What if the final boss doesn't go down the wrong path? I have no choice but to try to redeem the soon-to-be final boss before it's too late!
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Demons' Crest 3.6

Demons' Crest

Chapter 24

28K Nov 26,22 Kawahara Reki , Tomoe

In the year 2031, in which elementary school student Yuma Ashihara participates in a beta test of the world's first full-dive VRMMO-RPG called "Actual Magic (AM)", only to lose consciousness while playing and wake up in a world where the game and reality have merged. A death
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The story of the rise of invincible merchants in another world 4.2

The Story Of The Rise Of Invincible Merchants In Another World

Chapter 7.3

99.4K Nov 26,22 TSOROIMIAW

A college student who wandered into a different world with his beloved cat. After discovering the “trading” skill, he decided to grow up in a different world!? He became a merchant and decided to stay in the different world with the knowledge and skill he has!
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Three Exorcism Siblings 4.5

Three Exorcism Siblings

Chapter 7: Grade 1

30K Nov 24,22 Shinta Harekawa

"I'll become the strongest sacrifice!" Mamoru Yamaemori, a priest detested by the people who consider him to be "cursed". However there is another side to him: he exorcises "Tengu", monsters that enter into mountains and eat people. He is not rewarded, as he is instead burdened with the fate of an untimely death. The only people he could count on for support were his younger brothers... This is
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Universal Raider 4.5

Universal Raider

Chapter 12

60.3K Dec 01,22 插电动漫

Su Mu traveled to a parallel world, where everyone in this world will be forced to enter the game space when they are eighteen years old and become a challenger! Start various types of survival games in space! Hide and Seek! Become the victor..
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The White Mage Who Was Banished from the Hero's Party is Picked Up by an S Rank Adventurer~ This White Mage is too out of the Ordinary! 4.6

The White Mage Who Was Banished From The Hero's Party Is Picked Up By An S Rank Adventurer~ This White Mage Is Too Out Of The Ordinary!

Chapter 13

190.2K Nov 22,22 Suigetsu Sora,Mukuno Wasabi

One day, Lloyd, a white mage, is banished from the hero’s party. Lloyd, who has lost his job, happens to accompany an S-rank party on a quest by chance. At that time, no one knew that the hero’s party would collapse and Lloyd would gain fame - yet. This is the story of an extraordinary support magic-user who thinks he is normal, becomes an adventurer, while he is unaware of how he eventually becom
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Payback 4.6


Chapter 42

114.1K Dec 01,22 Samk Fujoking

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The Reward For Keeping Quiet Was Sex With Girls Dressed As Men 4.1

The Reward For Keeping Quiet Was Sex With Girls Dressed As Men

Chapter 5: Uncensored

255.3K Nov 30,22 Ichimura Tetsunosuke,Raymon

Kay Brennan is a hero, no doubt about that. They're the strongest person in their school in terms of combat strength and magical power. Compared to Kay, Dino Turner - the eternal 2nd place - might as well be nothing, and as such Dino has declared Kay to be his archrival. However, Kay has a secret: she's actually a girl crossdressing as a boy. And Dino is the only one who knows her true nature.
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Kijin Gentoushou 4.6

Kijin Gentoushou

Chapter 11: Daughter Of A Demon (1)

80.1K Nov 19,22 Yuu Satomi,Nakanishi Motoo

In the Edo period, there was a shrine maiden called "Itsukihime" in the mountain village of Kadono. Jinta, a young man who acts as the shrine maiden's guardian despite being a stranger, encounters a mysterious demon who speaks of the far future in the forest where he went to defeat it. From Edo to the Heisei era, this huge Japanese fantasy series follows a demon man who travels through time while
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Inside the Cave of Obscenity 3.7

Inside The Cave Of Obscenity

Chapter 6: Return Of The Prisoners

545.6K Nov 19,22 Umetane,Afukuro

A world where the Demon King was defeated by a Hero that came from another world. People carelessly forgot about their fear of the Demon King and of monsters, living in peace. In a forgotten and run-down cave in the mountains, a new monster that should not have been born was given birth. The monster’s name was the “Black Ooze”. It was nothing exceptional other than its black color, an ordinary s
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Cosmic Censorship 4.7

Cosmic Censorship

Chapter 8.5: Intermission 01 - Makino Maki Eats Parfait

53.8K Dec 02,22 Sadamatsu Ryuuichi

The future cannot be changed! In 2019, former track and field club member Maki Makino meets a mysterious man with sunglasses on her way to school who saves her life. That encounter connects her to her past and future... Presented with overwhelming power, a 'boy meets girl' story opens here with unpredictable results!
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The Character From My Novel, Came To Find Me? 4.1

The Character From My Novel, Came To Find Me?

Chapter 15

60.1K Nov 30,22 风行漫画

Qin Ge, just an ordinary novelist, lives a leisurely life. Until he meets a fan and it turns out that his fan is a character from a novel he created!
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