Oboreru Omega 4.3

Oboreru Omega

Chapter 6

951,352 Aug 15,20 Cafeko Fujita

Kazuya and Yu are both in the swim club. One day, Kazuya smells and violently reacts to something that shouldn't exist at their school for elite alphas... this is a story about an alpha who is an under-performer and an omega who's an overachiever.
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Kiss the Bride 4.3

Kiss The Bride

Chapter 11

297,254 Mar 01,21 ZIG,Myeolchi

Shin Jae-Won attended the World Camp hosted by the Spanish King as a tennis player in his Junior Year.<br>Jae-Won meets Javier, an unusually conspicuous participant in the World Camp.<br>“When are we going to practice?”<br>There are always people (especially women) around him.<br>Then, Jae-Won, who happened to stumble upon Javier one night during practice, ended
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Level 1 no Saikyou kenja ~Noroi de sai kakyuu mahou shika tsukaenaikedo, kami no kanchigai de mugen no maryoku o te ni ire saikyou ni~ 4.7

Level 1 No Saikyou Kenja ~Noroi De Sai Kakyuu Mahou Shika Tsukaenaikedo, Kami No Kanchigai De Mugen No Maryoku O Te Ni Ire Saikyou Ni~

Chapter 16: My Maid Was Very Bold

4,555,923 Feb 15,21 Maya Kizuka,Kanna

One day, Kijou Haruto was forcefully transmigrated and cursed by a god from another world. A world of swords and magic. In this world, you get stronger by increasing your battle levels. But due to a curse, Haruto is unable to gain levels. However, due to a mistake by the Evil God, Haruto was able to obtain an inexhaustible supply of magic...
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Valentine Kiss 4.7

Valentine Kiss

Chapter 76

3,080,001 Jun 11,21 Lee Yousu,Kim Hyesung

God's disciple, Valentine, meddled with the human world out of sympathy. Angered, God punished Valentine to experience nine miserable human lives. Finally, reaching the ninth life, Valentine will soon find out that this ninth life will be just as hard. However, throughout this harsh destiny, the romance between them continues to blossom.
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Dirty Pair (Hisao Tamaki) 4.6

Dirty Pair (Hisao Tamaki)

Vol.2 The Case Of The Backwater Murders

107,412 Dec 19,19 Hisao Tamaki,Haruka Takachiho

Kei and Yuri, known as the Lovely Angels–or the notorious Dirty Pair, depending on who you ask–work as “trouble consultants” for the galactic Worlds Welfare and Works Association (WWWA). But in their pursuit of space-wide justice, they cause space-wide disaster! The chaotic (and strangely successful) exploits of these interstellar agents have charmed audiences since their d
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Gaps 4.4


Chapter 6.5: Extra

158,728 May 31,20 Tsubame Sato

“The other day I saw an interesting porn video, about a guy having sex with his boss.” Hasegawa Naoyuki, 37 years old. His work is perfect, but by contrast, in his private life, he’s become aware that he’s gotten out of shape. Katagiri Satoshi, 30 years old. Handsome, smart, good personality, likes both men and women, a prince admired by all at his company. Or he should hav
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Bite into Me 4.4

Bite Into Me

Chapter 8: Her Past

1,609,200 Mar 06,21 Teku Mahiru

A high school freshman visits a former teacher of his who has become a shut-in. This teacher, a beautiful and doting woman, got him through middle school by providing moral support, but gave up teaching and has led a life of reclusiveness ever since. By accident, he catches her drinking blood and having an aversion to light, lending to the possibility that she may have become a vampire.
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Aqua Regia 3.4

Aqua Regia

Chapter 1

25,291 Dec 17,19 Federico Luciano Rohr

Aqua Regia is about a mercenary in a dictatorial country, a fairly typical Cyberpunk setting, set in South America (Specifically Argentina, but only at the beginning), which has been on a dictatorship since 1976 (and counting). The year is 2056, Daniel, a mercenary, who in a twist of fate, interrupts a robbery in a local market, fighting with a thief, and ends with him joining a group of resistanc
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Play Mind Games 3.7

Play Mind Games

Chapter 105

175,637 Oct 04,20 Dajiaochong

If we meet again, I will remember you. Because the love between us is imprinted in the souls. Even after thousands of years of separation, I will still submit to you. I will sink in the sea of desire named "you" and no longer walk alone.
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Fate/Grand Order: Epic of Remnant - Subspecies Singularity IV: Taboo Advent Salem: Salem of Heresy 4.4

Fate/grand Order: Epic Of Remnant - Subspecies Singularity Iv: Taboo Advent Salem: Salem Of Heresy

Chapter 14: The First Knot

601,746 Jan 29,21 Type-Moon,Ohmori Aoi

As a result of the efforts of the people of Chaldea, the human incineration plan of those who called themselves the Magic King was bitterly stopped at the water's edge, and the destiny of the world seemed to be breathing again. However, suddenly, the singularity of the same level as the singularity so far is observed in modern times. A master who has opened up the future once again puts himsel
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Eros Survival 3.6

Eros Survival

Vol.2 Chapter 29

1,804,468 Dec 24,20 Kazuo Akasaka

"EROS Survival" is a show broadcast over the internet where pair of players - a male and a female - compete for the grand prize of $1m! To win though the pairs must demonstrate both knowledge and skills in order to 'strip' their opponents, progress through the rounds and grab that super prize!
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Koisuru Daigo-sensei 4.4

Koisuru Daigo-Sensei

Chapter 6.5 (End)

269,219 Dec 31,19 Kyou Kitazawa

Rintarou and Kiyo are childhood friends from kindergarten. Rintarou was initially troubled by Kiyo's sudden confession, but after Kiyo left to study abroad in England, Rintarou started to see him as a possible romantic partner. Now, four years have passed and Rintarou is a child-caretaker, while Kiyo has just returned as a new professional soccer player. Rintarou is uneasy about all the change
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My Boss's Kitten 4.4

My Boss's Kitten

Vol.2 Mewmew 8: Please Be Gentle For My First Time

960,812 Dec 09,19 Hisawa Yumi

Aya was deserted right before her marriage and was left without a place to live. One day, she finds herself wandering back into the house she was supposed to own after her wedding. To her surprise, the cold-blooded boss she hates from work had moved in as the new owner! A dangerous love ignites under one roof between the girl who lost love and her sadistic boss!
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Tap Water Pollution 2.5

Tap Water Pollution

Chapter 82

251,852 Dec 22,19 Xiaoru Culture

The effect of the water pollution have resulted New born babies to have both male and Female sex organ, the United Nation had conclude their decision that the child will have the right to choose their sex once they reach adulthood. Humane as the regulation is, a big disaster followed…
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Boys of the Dead 4.3

Boys Of The Dead

Chapter 3: Scene 3

117,871 May 11,20 Tomita Douji

Even if he forgets, I will remember
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A Chronicle of Vile Ambitions 4.4

A Chronicle Of Vile Ambitions

Chapter 1: Teacher And Disciple

62,506 Dec 07,19 Tutu

A dark chronicle of intrigue and betrayal set in the royal palace of a crumbling kingdom. A chronicle that will make you laugh the second before dropping you into a pit of despair. A chronicle without pretense, a strike straight to the heart.
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40 x 40 Chikuwa Kaigi 4.5

40 X 40 Chikuwa Kaigi

Chapter 7.1: Chikuwa Kaigi New Year's Eve Ss

272,814 Jan 01,21 Unou Sanou

Eiji and Koichi are such good friends their colleagues think they’re dating. Since being roommates in the same dormitory some 20 years ago, they’ve gone through the same university, the same company, and living the married life under the same building. One day, they both find out that their wives want a divorce. While drunk and consoling each other, Eiji shares his troubles “down
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Two Saints Wander off in the Different World 4.8

Two Saints Wander Off In The Different World

Vol.2 Chapter 10

1,388,259 Feb 05,21 Roa Fuduki,Kaya

Chiharu and Maki have worked at the same company together for three years. They were both unceremoniously dumped this spring. As they got drunk together one night, they were both summoned to another world. They were given the very simple job of cleansing miasma.<br>Well, they had no choice now. They will drink and eat, and if possible, search for a boyfriend who wouldn’t cheat on them.
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Caster & Mild 4.5

Caster & Mild

Chapter Extra

99,631 Dec 06,19 Deme Kingyobachi

One morning after a drunken blowout, Kei opens his eyes to an unfamiliar ceiling and to a valiantly over-helpful man who he also doesn't know, Asahi.<br><br>Asahi says he's a friend of Kei's friend Rio, and he tells Kei straightforwardly that he's been interested in him for a while. Even though he's not Kei's type at all, to Kei's amazement, Asahi seems rath
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Fall in Love Because of You 3.3

Fall In Love Because Of You

Chapter 76

941,347 Feb 11,20 JMCOMIC

Zhuang Yu found himself sleeping on an isolated island the moment he woke up. Moreover, four beauties suddenly appeared in front of him, causing Zhuang Yu, who was afraid of females, to be even more terrified! And those four beauties wanted to give birth to babies for Zhuang.
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Flaming Heaven: The Dragon returns 4.6

Flaming Heaven: The Dragon Returns

Chapter 26

687,076 Dec 09,19 Dazhou

A boy with long and black hair and a pair of fierce eyes like dragon appeared in the mecha battle. He was fearless, alert and calm but above all, he was as mysterious as a dark abyss. Facing the so-called “Dragon Slaughter” mecha, this mysterious boy had beaten down his rival completely and won without showing much emotion. What was his story and would the owner of Dragon Slaughter rev
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Don't Flirt Me, Lord Angel 3.9

Don't Flirt Me, Lord Angel

Chapter 51

653,664 Jun 05,21 Yoolook Culture

An unlucky girl tangled with curses is secretly in love with the prom king. When the "lord angel" she waited for ages finally came to her, he took her first kiss and is interested in floating in the air and tearing her sheets! Is it "gene mutation"?
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God Gives Me Some Special Eyes 3.6

God Gives Me Some Special Eyes

Chapter 109

5,146,713 Apr 02,20 Shenjoy Animation

Once a good for nothing accidentally opened up his god gifted talent: he is able to see through things like an x Ray. The special gift seems him an ordinary life: he’s life is on the fast track. Gems tossing, money blowing, champagnes popping, girls all around. Who cares? I have the eyes!
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Vicious Luck 3.6

Vicious Luck

Chapter 273

13,591,151 May 17,21 DAZUI,Sanfu Interactive Entertainment

Chen Yang was just an ordinary person. One day, he was given an opportunity: he was offered the ability to control his luck! Love, status, and fortune were suddenly all within his grasp. When a person can control his luck at will, how will his life change? Will he run into beauties as soon as he steps outside his door? Will the trade as much stock as he possibly can? Damn... it's too good to b
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