Demon Express Delivery 3.8

Demon Express Delivery

Chapter 1.2: Demon Prince Enma

47,574 Dec 02,19 Go Nagai

Four grown demons (Enma, Yukihime, Kapaeru, and Grandpa Chapeauji) are part of a Yokai-Patrol searching for demons that have escaped from Hell into the human world. They form the group known as the Enma Detective Agency as a cover for their activities.
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My Precious Wife and First Love 4.5

My Precious Wife And First Love

Chapter 6

202,780 Dec 01,19 Aurora (Ji Guang),Ali Literature

Betrayed by her boyfriend, she hurt then quickly rushed to get married. She thought she was married to a normal person but in fact he was a tycoon and a celebrity … she was his first love, and the mother of his children later…
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Tasogare no Ethos 4.1

Tasogare No Ethos

Chapter 8

1,202,205 Feb 26,21 Tsuyatsuya

Prequel to "Rakujitsu no Pathos" where we see Yuuki working as a school teacher and get to understand how things came to be...
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Long Live My Dear Prince Consort 4.1

Long Live My Dear Prince Consort

Chapter 58

240,301 Oct 04,20 JMCOMIC

After her family was destroyed, Aria Su was left with no choice but to sell herself to pay the debts. But, the man that ended up buying her, was her enemy, the man that forced her father to his death -- Haden Yan. From that point on, Aria lost her freedom and was forced to stay by Haden's side. The man held her captive, but... he also hugged her with his heavily wounded body and said, "I&
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First Teacher 2.7

First Teacher

Chapter 15

2,725,523 Feb 27,21 Haruki

She's a teacher in training and the only female at this newly established boy's school. As expected she get's a lot of attention but how will the rather green and inexperienced teacher react when they boys begin to want 'more' from her...?
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Chapter 4: Dream Of Beginnings (Prequel)

162,218 Mar 15,20 Yoko Taro,Aoki Tact,Himiko,Jino

Manga supplementary of Yoko Taro's mobile game SINoALICE.
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Shiori's Diary 3.7

Shiori's Diary

Vol.1 Chapter 8: A Waste

1,201,336 Sep 18,20 Tsuyatsuya

Shiori is turning 35, married for 3 years and trying to adapt to the unvarying and boring routine as a wife. She thought that this tranquility will be their future as a married couple but one she stumbles on a diary on her husband's study. As Shiori reads through the pages, she realizes it is her husband's diary where he put down in writing all his private moments with his lover! Is it tim
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Until I Have All of You 4.6

Until I Have All Of You

Vol.1 Chapter 6: Extra

548,080 Dec 24,19 Mariko Yamaoka

Out of the blue, the new president, Taiga, suddenly ordered Amami Kei to become his secretary. Though confused, Kei reluctantly agree but upon meeting Taiga, Kei was shocked to see the person who was responsible for his trauma way back from high school! Kei immediately rejected Taiga’s proposal but Taiga couldn’t take the rejection well. And so starts the love pursuit relentlessly!
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Paradise of Innocence (Digital Colored Comic) 4.3

Paradise Of Innocence (Digital Colored Comic)

Chapter 3: Paradise Of Warmth

599,054 Jan 12,20 Uran

A 25-year-old guy has been thinking about his wasted school years when suddenly he is back in his teens in elementary!!<br>
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Moon and No Make-Up 4.5

Moon And No Make-Up

Chapter 28

370,183 Sep 26,20 Yuu Akegata

A sweet and juicy love honey that a bumpy yuri couple unfolds in a corner of the city.
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Dragon Ball Full Color Freeza Arc 4.8

Dragon Ball Full Color Freeza Arc

Vol.5 Chapter 075: The End Of Namek?

504,008 Nov 23,19 Akira Toriyama

After his epic battle with Vegeta, Son Goku and his friends must obtain the wish-granting Dragon Balls in order to resurrect their fallen allies! Their search will take them all the way to the planet Namek, where the evil Freeza and his minions are slaughtering the Namekians in order to fulfill Freeza’s wish for immortality. What will it take to defeat this great evil?
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Dragon Ball Full Color Saiyan Arc 4.6

Dragon Ball Full Color Saiyan Arc

Vol.2 Chapter 034: Mano A Maniac!!

258,979 Nov 22,19 Akira Toriyama

Son Goku is the greatest hero on Earth. Five years after defeating the demon king Piccolo, he’s grown up and has a family. But what is the real reason for Goku’s incredible strength? A visitor from outer space arrives bearing terrible news—Goku is an alien, and the visitor, Raditz, is Goku’s brother! When Raditz turns out to be a ruthless killer, Goku must fight his incredi
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Fushida-sensei Is Always Wet 4.7

Fushida-Sensei Is Always Wet

Chapter 2: My Room, Indecency And Me

760,120 Nov 21,19 Core-Suke

Utsunomiya has been a single virgin until all the way to his 30th birthday. Then one night on his way home from work, something happened that caused a shift in time which made him go back to the past during his days in high school. There, he meets his teacher Shitara-sensei again and somehow they end up living together!?
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East Travel 4.2

East Travel

Chapter 48

234,494 Nov 26,19 Cheng Du ErCiYuan

This world embraces various miraculous beings. The nine countries sharing this world stand on the land, seabed and even in the sky, with each one featuring its own characteristics. Humans, yokais and celestial beings coexist here. However, for some reasons, the balance among the three was thrown off, and yokais, with their power multiplied, are attempting to take over this world. The appearance of
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Immortal Nanny Dad 4.5

Immortal Nanny Dad

Chapter 182

11,005,283 Jun 08,21 Daxingdao Anime

Ye Zun, a martial artist was reborn in a modern world in a man who accidentally died, the first thing he has done is to babysit the daughter of that man....
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Chichi no Jikan 4.1

Chichi No Jikan

Vol.1 Chapter 10: Kyuuichi's Creep?!

1,201,059 Dec 28,19 Kuronosuke Shirota

Chichi no Jikan follows Shinogi Kyuuichi, a male biology student who lives in an apartment near a helpful female neighbor/friend, Takarai Ayaka. One day, he is visited by aliens, who demand that he raise their baby for a year... or else the world is history. The baby is apparently human, and is raised the way humans are: through breast-feeding. Kyuuichi's sex is not a problem for the aliens: t
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Last Omegaverse 4.5

Last Omegaverse

Chapter 4

654,727 Dec 26,19 Shinta Harekawa

It's been 100 years since the extinction of alphas and omegas. These genders now only exist in textbooks. Ayase, who was born with an "Omega mutation" in this world where only betas exist, has to labor as an AV male actor in order to secretly obtain expensive suppressants. "I would never be able to have a normal love life" is what Ayase thought, but one day, a fateful encou
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Secrecy of the Shivering Night 4.6

Secrecy Of The Shivering Night

Chapter 5 [End]

254,783 Nov 19,19 Muku Ogura

1) Secrecy of the shivering night<br>After getting into high school, Furuya became roommate with the cute Himi. Himi keeps to himself and sleeps real early. A petite boy with a loud voice, Himi is terrified of darkness because of a tremor he suffered when he was a kid. On the other hand, Furuya is afraid of bright lights and gets real nervous when he’s feeling uneasy. How would they he
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Ninja #1 Flying Kato 4.5

Ninja #1 Flying Kato

Ninja #1 Flying Kato

56,936 Nov 19,19 Kazuo Koike,Saburou Momojiri

This is an on-the-road, rise-to-glory tale about Hojo Soun, a pioneering daimyo of the Warring States Period who became a lord overnight, and Flying Kato, the legendary ninja who supported him from the shadows. It was originally created by Koike Kazuo, one of the gods of modern manga, and is brought to life through the bewitching battle-art-style of Momojiri Saburou! Just before the chaos of the W
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Just For You 4.3

Just For You

Chapter 1

101,556 Nov 18,19 Shiramatsu

Akina was picked up from the streets by Haruomi who has a share house. Akina has feelings for Haruomi, but when a new resident comes to live with them, Akina is faced with a rival.
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Mobile Suit Gundam AGE - Final Evolution 5

Mobile Suit Gundam Age - Final Evolution

Chapter 5: The End Of A Long Journey [End]

46,389 Jan 09,20 Bau

After deploying several sleeper agents around the globe, the Vagans launch a surprise attack that finally brings the war to the Earth. To counter the invasion, Flit activates the recently completed Gundam AGE-3 and entrusts it to Kio. Just like his father and grandfather before him, Kio enlists into the Diva as part of its mobile suit squad to confront the Vagans.
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Duetto 4.4


Vol.1 Chapter 10: Step By Step (End)

92,242 Nov 15,19 Aoi Kujou

Every time Shinobu and Ei-ichi see each other on campus at the university they start fighting. But, it turns out they actually live together in an apartment, and when they’re there they act completely different. That is the relationship they keep a secret from the rest of the world… (Source: DMP)
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I Love You (Youko Fujitani) 4.6

I Love You (Youko Fujitani)

Chapter 5: [End]

159,116 Nov 14,19 Youko Fujitani

Kazushi, an elite, met Harutomo, a cleaner whose dream is to become a chef. After falling in love with Harutomo, Kazushi's world started to fill with colors, and he finally understood the happiness of "giving".
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Gamurakan 3.9


Vol.2 Chapter 32: Soave

166,831 Dec 18,20 Youji Fukuyama

Hired for an eviction of an apartment resident, lawyer Midorikawa visited a mysterious apartment. Since the visit, he has been haunted by these visions of "Angels," small naked girls who have faces that of a doll. These Angels freely teleport between TV, phone, and computer monitors and enter the human body. They feed off of the human spirit, what they call "nectar." Are these
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