Manga de Wakaru Shinryou Naika 3.1

Manga De Wakaru Shinryou Naika

Vol.1 Chapter 3: What Are The 3 Red Flags Of Depression?

30.9K Sep 07,22 Yuuki Yuu

The psychologist Ryou and his cheerful nurse Asuna explain many aspects of mental illness to the reader. They cover topics such as the validity, prevalence, and origins of mental disorders, in addition to addressing specific disorders. The information is imparted in a cheerful and comic manner, with various jokes, puns, and pop culture references.
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Tokyo Tribe 2 3.2

Tokyo Tribe 2

Vol.2 Chapter 15: Don't Look Back

30.9K Sep 26,22 Inoue Santa

Rival gangs from various Tokyo barrios battle over turf, leaving many a foot soldier bloodied in the violent clashes. But when the heat between two of the clans waxes personal, a bitter rivalry explodes into all-out warfare. Manga-ka Santa Inoue's hard-hitting, fantastical tale of Tokyo street thugs battling it out in the concrete sprawl of Japan's capital raises the bar for manga stor
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Mobile Suit Gundam Rust Horizon 4.6

Mobile Suit Gundam Rust Horizon

Chapter 2: In The City Of Desire

30K Jul 30,22 Kenichi Terada

Universal Century 0079. Earth. An E.F.S.F soldier awaits the arrival of a new Captain only to learn the ship has been brought down by Zeon forces. The soldiers begin the search on the Rust Horizon, unknown of what awaits them.
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Ani Datta Mono 4.5

Ani Datta Mono

Vol.2 Chapter 17.5

29.7K Sep 17,22 Matsuda Minoru

My brother died. I come to visit my brother's grave with my brother's lover——...... This is a story of my brother's lover and me and the "thing that was my big brother".
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Mahjong Diva Obaka Miiko 2.7

Mahjong Diva Obaka Miiko

Chapter 8: The Crossroads Of A Pair Hand

29.7K Dec 13,20 Katayama Masayuki

Miiko is a girl with a problem. She's passed all the tests and become a Mahjong Pro, but she stinks at Mahjong! She was starting to even hate the game, but then she runs into a man who used to be a Top-Tier Mahjong Pro named Namidame in a parlor and asks him to teach her how to play right! The two strike a connection and Namidame vows to help Miiko work her way up to the top leagues. He gives
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Yuugatou 3.5


Chapter 0: Oneshot

28.6K Jul 14,22 Thomas Alva

"They were attracted to that light, and then ———."Winner of the Distinguished Work Award at Sirius's 51th Newcomer Awards!!
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Hanma Meido! 3.9

Hanma Meido!

28.3K Dec 04,21 Asano Inio

The sun's rays enter the city of light, as various stories unfold:   Bright, dark and harsh; a story filled with people from whom you'd want to avert your eyes. Yet, it's close to reality; so maybe it's true to humanity.   Like an old bond between a boy and a girl, a friendship is born between girls who rarely speak to each other.   A man who dirtie
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Pop Life 4.2

Pop Life

Vol.1 Chapter 1

28.1K Nov 18,19 Q-ta Minami

The mangaka Sakura, Kaede, her son who goes to correspondence school, Akemi, who works for an event planning company, and her two grade schoolers Taichi and Ruru. The peaceful, free, and tender daily lives of the two fatherless households who live and support each other.
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Unsung Hero 4.6

Unsung Hero

Chapter 3

28K Jun 10,22 Uratani Mizuki

(From MAL) The stage is set when Ichirou Gomen, a newbie producer of the record company Gaia loses yet another production opportunity to inexperience. Wanting to pass on his childhood dreams of stardom to a fledgling singer, he toils learning the process day by day through failure.However, his life is sent into a loop when he follows a beautiful performing voice, the voice of Jam Hiiragi,
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Houkago Saitensei! 3.8

Houkago Saitensei!

Chapter 9.2: Extras: All Kinds Of Girls

27.4K Sep 26,22 sometime

Ten years ago, a magic circle suddenly appeared above Earth, connecting it to the parallel world Alterna. This led to the invention of the Alternaphone, which allows people to freely reincarnate between worlds, allowing earthlings to become adventurers and otherworlders to become normal citizens. The series follows two amnesiac girls, earthling Kurami Utaho and otherworlder Melua Solaris, as they
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Hikaru in the Light! 4.5

Hikaru In The Light!

27.4K Jun 14,22 MATSUDA Mai

“In order to get up on stage, you need to be special.”Hikaru Ogino spends her days singing oldies in her family’s bath house, but when her best friend Ran — a former idol — invites her to try out for an “idol survival camp” together, it’ll put her talents to the test. Can Hikaru outshine the competition and make her stage debut, or will she fall flat? Witness the birth of a new star in this ex
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Sakura Illustrated 3

Sakura Illustrated

Chapter 1

27.2K Dec 12,19 Genpei Akasegawa

Satirical series taking the format of a newspaper. It was among the first manga to be officially translated, with a portion published in a magazine by Concerned Theater Japan in 1971 along with the unrelated series, "Akame" and "Nejishiki".
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Tasogare-Boshi no Sui to Neri 4.1

Tasogare-Boshi No Sui To Neri

Vol.2 Chapter 15

26.9K Jun 06,22 Pan Tokunaga

A heart-warming story of a happy-go-lucky girl and a talking sloth living on a declining Earth.
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Hell's Boat 136 4.6

Hell's Boat 136

Chapter 8

26.2K Sep 27,22 Maeda Jirou

In a world where wealth disparity has been increased by the Alpha virus pandemic, Isamu Kouyama learns Vovinam, a Vietnamese martial art, from his coworker, Le Ahn Cong.Isamu signs up for a volunteer cruise hoping to profit, little does he know what this ship has in store.
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Vol.1 Chapter 1: Mana And The Wand

25.4K Sep 04,22 Bysne

“Wand” is the symbol of wizard in modern age of magic. “Mana” a magicless girl with “Nowand” status from birth wishes to go To Art College but ends up in a famous institute of defense magic?! She even accidentally releases “Cursewand”. What’s happening?! There’s a frickin’ curse??!!! An action slash fantasy about an unlucky girl in the modern age magical world has begun
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Shape of the Future 3.5

Shape Of The Future

Chapter 32

25K Sep 24,22 DAMA (III)

The Future / / Don't open Pandora's box. Estranged daughter Som discovers a mysterious box in her mother's closet after she falls ill and is hospitalized. Upon accidentally opening the box, Som meets a strange woman who introduces herself as a grim reaper. Just who is this mysterious woman and what is her connection to Som's mother?
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Tomoji 4.3


Chapter 5: The Voyage

24.8K Oct 05,20 Taniguchi Jiro

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Greenfingers no Hakoniwa 4.2

Greenfingers No Hakoniwa

Chapter 12

24.6K Jul 26,22 Hosaka Kinami

A story about an invisible botanist and a part-time university student, who unravels the thoughts spun by mysterious plants and people.The story of an invisible botanist and a part-time university student, and the strange plants that surround them, begins!Asahi is a university student who is introduced to a new part-time job when a record store closes.The idea is to help a "slightly un
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No cats were harmed in this comic. 4

No Cats Were Harmed In This Comic.

Vol.1 Chapter 11.5: Epilogue

24.5K Sep 24,22 Jun Hanyunyu

Meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeow! Meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeow. Meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeow!! Meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeow... Meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeow—?!
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Natsuyasumi no Tomo 4.1

Natsuyasumi No Tomo

Vol.1 Chapter 6: Finale Homework

24K Apr 19,22 Sayaka Ameno

Even if this love of mine isn't allowed, I just love that person too deeply… in the midst of summer break, this unspeakable love comes to a close.
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Life is Full of Good-byes 5

Life Is Full Of Good-Byes

Chapter 7: Life Of A Flower [End]

23.2K Jul 27,20 Uchida Minoru

Short stories all centering around farewells in life. Story 1, "Sister's Departure" A boy has mixed feelings about his older sister moving out to live with her recently wed husband in Tokyo. Story 2, "Pareidolia at Dawn" Hakushio is a succubus who resides in a forest. Hakushio is perplexed by Niwa, who has no heart and wants to know what love is. Story 3, "Spring, a St
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Shimashima Lion 4.4

Shimashima Lion

Chapter 5

23K Aug 29,20 Hanako

Shimazaki Mako used to be a zebra, but she hated her life of being chased by lions, so now she's turned into a human. But in the apartment next door is a former lion...!? It's wildlife survival of the fittest for these former animals turned high school girls on Kami-sama's whim.
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