One Step Forward to the Flower Path 4.6

One Step Forward To The Flower Path

Chapter 48

4,294,577 Jun 29,22 Updating

Read manhwa One Step Forward to the Flower Path / 꽃길까지 앞으로 한 걸음 I lived my whole life being used by other people and died at the age of 16. I thought it would be over like that, but when I opened my eyes again, I was back in the past. I thought I'd die while living the rest of my life in pain one more time. But suddenly, a father who I had never seen before appea
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Angelic Lady 4.8

Angelic Lady

Chapter 92

8,687,297 Jun 28,22 Susu

Angela was my friend. I wanted to give anything to her, who I thought more precious than my own family. And I eventually turned Angela, a lowly aristocrat from the countryside, into the flower of the capital society. But it was betrayal that came back. She sold me and my family to become an imperial princess. “…did you have to go this far?” “Because I wanted you to be unha
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Princess Blooms into a Crazy Flower 4.6

Princess Blooms Into A Crazy Flower

Vol.1 Chapter 8

105,118 Jun 28,22 Han Bo-Yeon, Hwang Man-ju

“I, Melody Corbella, wish to marry him!” The rest of the table reacted in a cold enough manner for the Princess to feel ashamed, having raised her right arm vigorously with sparkles in her eyes.And then, Prince Deimos broke the silence to open his mouth, “We must not send a nutcase like her, Your Majesty!!”It was finally the moment where all of her crazy deeds in the past came to fruition;
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I Have No Health 4.9

I Have No Health

Chapter 48

7,147,940 Jun 28,22 Lee haron,Vanilla

I've gone into the body of ‘Ninaina', the weakest character, who was fated to die once winter came! With such with weak stamina that it's hard to even take walks, eat, or just stand, let alone exercise, I have such a tragic life that I even have to endure assassination attempts from my grandfather… “I will definitely recover my health!” &ldquo
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A Beloved Existence 4.8

A Beloved Existence

Chapter 102

2,212,214 Jun 28,22 Hyang U Creative

Soyou, who received heart transplant surgery, discovered that the donated heart belongs to the father of a guy in her class! As they grow closer together, will they be able to help each other weather any storm?
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Daughter of the Emperor 4.6

Daughter Of The Emperor

Chapter 243

39,387,852 Jun 28,22 Yunsul

Ariadna Lereg Ilestri Pre Agrigent. And so my life begins with this ridiculously long name, born to royalty and the center of attention — all because of one dangerous man; the veritably insane tyrant king, ruthless conqueror of ten empires, nightmare of all continents… and my father?! Will I be able to survive this maniac?
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The Black Haired Princess 4.8

The Black Haired Princess

Chapter 69

14,321,988 Jun 28,22 Ellianyang,Pangyi

Crown Prince Karyuel and the neighbor country's Princess Yurisien are married to each other but all they dream about is getting divorced as fast as they can! To make matters worse, the surrounded people also plot schemes to keep them apart. However, because they've experienced all kinds of adventures, they slowly became attracted to each other, unlike how they first met. Will the immature
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Tonari no Otona-kun 4.7

Tonari No Otona-Kun

Chapter 19.5

793,677 Jun 28,22 Rukana

[from cotton candy scans] Ririka is a high school girl who lives alone with her father. Despite not having a boyfriend, she always has a blast at school and at home everyday while leading a fulfilling life. Yet one day, she finds an extremely attractive older guy at the apartment’s garbage collection site. It turns out that he’s the salary man that just moved in nex
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Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai 4.6

Kurosaki-Kun No Iinari Ni Nante Naranai

Chapter 77

3,509,838 Jun 28,22 Makino (マキノ)

From Chibi Manga: Yuu is a plain girl who had a determination to change when entering high school. Falling in love with the hot guy nicknamed as "White Prince", but somehow she's keeping an eye on the super sadist guy nicknamed as "Black Devil" too?!
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The evil witch’s survival plan 4.7

The Evil Witch’S Survival Plan

Chapter 115

10,952,468 Jun 28,22 Updating

Hello! This is a remake for The Evil Sorceress Plans to Survive!.The daughter of a well-known family, Xiao Yao, died of a serious illness, upon awakening she discovered that she had become Abella, the evil sister of the heroine of “The Imperial Knight fell in love with me.” As a princess, she didn't possess magic, and under her father's repeated indulgence, her personality grew
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Embrace My Shadow 4.4

Embrace My Shadow

Chapter 350

4,664,590 Jun 28,22 Updating

Embrace My Shadow The encounter between an innocent girl and a cold president, a dangerous but addictive love game. The conspiracy and love about noble and powerful families, fast pace and rich plot, a highly recommended bossy president comic. A transaction binds her and the noblest yet most awful man together, in the daytime, she’s one of the ordinary girls; But at night, she can’t es
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Catching Up With Luke Bischel 4

Catching Up With Luke Bischel

Chapter 11

21,892 Jun 28,22 Akkobbang, Esti

Bastian Effenberg, the best duke in the world who had nothing to fear.She declares that she will marry the kingdom's top monster hunter, Luke Bischel, who is the exact opposite of her! The marriage of two people who are opposites, can it really go smoothly?
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A Mismatched Complicated Love 4.1

A Mismatched Complicated Love

Chapter 84

1,042,678 Jun 28,22 Rima

Saiga Kyousuke, the hottest boy in high school, has been rejecting confessions from every girl for one year straight. What he wants is someone who is interesting and different from others. One day, he meets a mysterious junior who is more than a little different…
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Girl's World 4.4

Girl's World

Chapter 316 - 315

3,688,776 Jun 28,22 Morangji

It seems perfect, but in fact the lonely swans and the good-looking ducks meet and struggle with each other and become real friends ...
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An Adorable Panda Falls From the Sky: The Endearing Princess Attacks! 4.7

An Adorable Panda Falls From The Sky: The Endearing Princess Attacks!

Chapter 149: Modern Arc: Act Like You’Re A Panda Who Wants A Husband

599,009 Jun 28,22 Marui Maru

Thanks to a botched job by the King of Hell, Su Ranran was mistakenly killed shortly after her university graduation. To make it up to her, she was promised a new life as a Ms Perfect... but became a fatty panda instead!? And to become human again, she needs to revive the heartbeat of a cold-faced prince regent!?
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Worldchanging 3.2


Chapter 49

82,693 Jun 28,22 Yuririn

In a peaceful and technologically advanced world, humans stand at the pinnacle of all beings as ruthless dictators. When a worldchanging event happens, the once forgotten original look of the world is suddenly restored. The six realms, once lost to history, has now appeared before the eyes of mankind once more with humans, deities, demons, devils, ghosts, and gods all co-existing in this absolute
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A Falling Cohabitation 4.5

A Falling Cohabitation

Chapter 95

1,297,884 Jun 28,22 Na (나)

А housewarming party with а Gumiho.
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Husband, the Emperor's Position Is Mine! 3.8

Husband, The Emperor's Position Is Mine!

Chapter 45: So What If I'm A Woman?

290,424 Jun 28,22 You Lu Culture

Chu Xi, the female emperor of a matriarchal nation, died from overwork and transmigrated into a patriarchal world. In a chance encounter, she met Xie Yi, a frail and sickly prince. Intending to kidnap the beauty, the two became acquainted. However, Chu Xi had always refused to surrender to fate and certainly didn't plan on just going with the flow. What was the point of becoming a princess con
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Elskar 4.5


Chapter 83

5,998,990 Jun 28,22 Woo Na Young

A quiet town, affectionate people. I always thought that was natural. Until that day, the town of Lange, a race that lives for love, with jewels in its heart, is trampled by the attack of the jewelers. In that chaos, Viola is lost and enslaved. The person who appears in front of her is another Lange. Sainte, knowing that she was an ally, was hoping to be rescued, but Sainte had bought Viola as a s
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Neolith Girl 4.4

Neolith Girl

Chapter 56

2,144,148 Jun 28,22 Jae Ah,Han Ga Ram

Once, there lived a fearless girl who could defeat even the strongest of beasts with her bare hands. She was the strongest person alive. Thousands of years later, the same girl from the stone age has lived to learn what romance is. Will her strength scare everyone away, or will it let her fall in love?
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Contract Concubine 4.7

Contract Concubine

Chapter 118

6,521,626 Jun 28,22 Rejong,Red Witch,Babgukk (Rice Stew)

One day, Yesuh, a famous assassin, receives a strange request from a suspicious man. She's never received such a ridiculous request before, but after hearing how much the odd man was willing to pay, she decides to bite the bullet and take on the request. However, upon starting the mission, Yesuh is shocked to find out that her suspicious employer is actually--?!
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Namete, Kajitte, Tokidoki Medete 3

Namete, Kajitte, Tokidoki Medete

0 Jun 28,22 Yumachi Shin

I'm Haru. first year in high school. Please listen to my troubles. I accidentally gave my love letter to the number one problem child at school, Seishirou-kun… Even though I told him to give it back, he won't. He says I'm already his girlfriend…He'll chase me down if he sees me at school, he takes my lunch, keeps his eye on me, and e-even kisses me…Ah and doing perverted stuff…!!
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Tenohira no Akira-kun 4.4

Tenohira No Akira-Kun

Chapter 14

98,800 Jun 28,22 Futatsuno Natsuta

Shiori is an office worker who has been feeling terrible ever since her breakup with her boyfriend. She's been trying to forget him but she found herself unable to move forward just yet and now she urgently needs some healing! That's when a palm-sized high school boy named Akira appeared before her. And he seems to be at a loss about his mysterious condition too. He's like a small animal and he d
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