Kyoumei suru Echo 4.8

Kyoumei Suru Echo

Vol.1 Chapter 6.5: Extras

155.9K Mar 11,19 Kigi Tatsumi

Kyoumei suru Echo a collection of short stories: • Runner's High (released and translated by Lililicious, Tsubomi vol 1) • Unbalance (released and translated by Lililicious, Tsubomi vol 3) • Asymmetry (released and translated by Lililicious, Tsubomi vol 5) • Lonesome Echo Part A (released and translated by Lililicious, Tsubomi vol 6) • Lonesome Echo Part B (released and translated b
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A Cold and After That 4.9

A Cold And After That

Vol.2 Chapter 5: She's An Android

166K Feb 15,19 Minase Ruruu

Naho is having trouble keeping her feelings in check when taking care of her sick friend Mana.
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Hen 3.5


Vol.8 Chapter 94: The Realization Of A Great Ambition

1M Feb 04,19 Oku Hiroya

Chizuru Yoshida is not your typical high schooler and she's all too aware of it! She has a talent with getting what she wants from her male lovers and often comes across as cold and manipulative... In truth, despite her experiences with guys, she has never been in love. That's until the fateful arrival of newly-trasferred student, Azumi Yamada, at her school. It was love at first sight for Chiz
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Even 3.5


Chapter 3

85.3K Jan 18,19 Miman

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JC no Life 4.1

Jc No Life

Chapter 28

732.2K Dec 29,18 Engiyoshi

A present day, girl's secret story, effective in life.
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A White White Dress 4.6

A White White Dress

Chapter: A White White Dress

72.7K Oct 27,18 SENGOKU Hiroko

A girl comes out to her mother.
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RG Veda 4.9

Rg Veda

Vol.10 Chapter 10.1

308.5K Sep 27,18 Ohkawa Ageha,Clamp

300 years ago, a powerful warlord rebelled against the Heavenly Emperor. After killing the Emperor, the warlord crowned himself as the new Emperor, starting a cruel reign. But there is a prophecy: Six Stars will one day assemble and overthrow his tyrannical rule ... Now, the ruler of the Yasha Clan has found Ashura, the last of the Ashura Clan, and together they set out to find the Six Stars and
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Past Heaven 4.8

Past Heaven

Chapter 1: Oneshot

102.9K Sep 04,18 HANATSU Yaya

Continuation from .traeH. After became a friend, finally Yuu visits Ayumu's home for the first time and learns that she lives alone. What follows is a story of holding on to the past and learning to move forward.
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My Girlfriend Is A Gamer!! 4.5

My Girlfriend Is A Gamer!!


741.8K Aug 27,18 Xian Jun

The daily lives of a gamer and her girlfriend.
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Please God 5

Please God

Chapter 11: Sayuri-San's Worries (End)

92.6K Aug 15,18 Minami Q-ta

A composition of oneshots by Minami Q-ta. Shinjuku Deluxe; Goodbye, March; Please God; Time After Time; Apron and Sunglasses; Long Tall Sally; Spirit; Hot for You; Sayuri-san's Worries; Friends; A Girl’s Dream.
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Otomodachi kara Hajimemashou. 4.5

Otomodachi Kara Hajimemashou.

Chapter 13.5 [End]

381.3K Aug 07,18 Otsu Hiyori

From Turtleduck Scanlations: Akira is a young girl who, while not a recluse, is incredibly awkward when it comes to socializing. She desperately wants to make a friend, but it seems like it will take ages before that will ever happen.
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The Ocean Meets the Sky 4.9

The Ocean Meets The Sky

Chapter 0 V2 : [Oneshot]

82.8K Jun 23,18 Koume Keito

A girl after falling through a hole in the floor of her school discovers a robot. How will this girl and the robot interact?
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Aoi Shiro - Kaeishou 4.9

Aoi Shiro - Kaeishou

Vol.3 Chapter 13 V2

262.3K Jun 22,18 Fumotogawa Tomoyuki

The Seijou Girls Academy's Kendo Club is traveling to Shoushinji for summer training camp. Near there is an island, Urashima, where a demon extermination took place long ago. It happens that this summer something related to that demon extermination is also going to take place as the captain of the team, Osanai Syouko finds a young girl washed up on the beach... This is the official comic base
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Under the Rose (KONNO Kita) 4.7

Under The Rose (Konno Kita)

Chapter 3

73K Jun 21,18 Konno Kita

[From Lililicious]: Under the Rose is a love story between two sisters who meet years after their birth.
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Ameiro Kouchakan Kandan 4.9

Ameiro Kouchakan Kandan

Chapter 19: Otomeiro Stay Tune 4

261.9K Jun 19,18 Fujieda Miyabi

Set at a shop called The Amber Teahouse, this is a very heartwarming story that focuses on Seriho, the proprietor of the teahouse, and Sarasa, the high school student who works there part-time. It'll set your heart aflutter!
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A Love Smeared In Ashes 4.8

A Love Smeared In Ashes

Chapter 2: Pancake Tuesday

74.4K Jun 18,18 Yotsuhara Furiko

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Saitei Megami 4.6

Saitei Megami

Chapter 7 : Reversible

183.7K Jun 14,18 IMURA Ei

1. Saitei Megami2. ReversalA high school girl tries out being a prostitute. She ends up being surprised as her first client turns out to be a girl.3. Water Depth4. Tropical RirionFrom Hot Cakes:A tale of two girls torn between following the laws of their tribe or their hearts...5. Okaerinasai no Tsukuri kata 6. Platinum Sunday 7. Reversible
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A Drop of Ocean 4.6

A Drop Of Ocean

Chapter 10: Living-Room Flower

97.2K Jun 12,18 Takahashi Mako

From Lililicious: "A Drop of Ocean," by Takahashi Mako, is a short summer story about two friends.
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Pops (INOUE Shinkai) 5

Pops (Inoue Shinkai)

Chapter 3: Some Glittering Day

69K Jun 06,18 Inoue Shinkai

[From Lililicious]: In Pops, a girl exploits her broken leg to get some extra care from her friend.
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Fuwafuwa no Kimochi 4.6

Fuwafuwa No Kimochi

Chapter 6 : Christmas No Yoru [End]

97.5K May 17,18 Sasada asuka

A collection of stories:• Otonari no Senpai• Fuwafuwa no Kimochi• Hajimari no Kotoba• Hon no Tomodachi• Mainichi no Tomodachi• Christmas no Yoru
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Fading Colors! 4.2

Fading Colors!

Chapter 5: [End]

169.1K May 16,18 Nightmaker

Amongst Cat People, those who has three or more fur colors are considered to be of the lowest social class. One day, when the phone of a so-called “spotted one” named Alik - with precarious pictures, falls into pureblood Tavis’ hands, his curiosity is piqued. He plunges into Alik’s world which is a lot more exciting and colorful than anything he’s ever known before
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I Await Your Reply 4.2

I Await Your Reply

Vol.1 Chapter 6 : Love*preparation

85.3K Mar 27,18 Takemiya Jin

From Lililicious: A girl confides in a friend she met online.
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Stray Little Devil 4.7

Stray Little Devil

Vol.05 Chapter 1.2

140.7K Mar 18,18 Mori Kotaro

From DrMaster: Meet Pam Akumachi, an energetic 13-year-old junior high student who has just turned into ...a little devil! One day, when Pam and her friends try to summon the "benign devil," the magic circle goes out of control and Pam is transported to a strange pararell world where angels and devils reside in an uneasy coexistence.
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Pieta 4.6


Vol.2 Chapter 5B

198.7K Mar 17,18 Haruno Nanae

[From Lililicious]: A story about two classmates who become friends, Sahoko and Rio. Rio is depressed and self-abusive and isn't loved by her "family" (which consists of her father, stepmother, and stepbrother), but Sahoko seems to be the bright spot in her life. Sahoko also seems to have a mysterious past and doesn't seem to have a good relationship with her parents; she lives with her aunt. I
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