Meow Meow 4.4

Meow Meow

Chapter 0: Oneshot

42.5K Oct 17,22 Akiyoshi Nana

Misa and Kaho go on a date to a cat cafe.
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Together with the Rain 4.5

Together With The Rain

Chapter 2: That’S What's Unfair About You! [End]

167.9K Aug 13,20 marcey

A short manga about a girl whose mood affects the weather.
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Tousled Melancholy 4.9

Tousled Melancholy

Chapter: Oneshot

96K Dec 25,19 Shore (Tatsunokosso)

Shion is anxious about having to find a new hairdresser to cut her hair, when suddenly a strange girl from an unknown hair salon calls out to her.
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The Girls' Arcadia 4.7

The Girls' Arcadia

Chapter 9.1: Twitter Extra

330.2K Jun 30,20 Yatosaki Haru

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L-size Little Sister 4.7

L-Size Little Sister

Vol.1 Chapter 9.5

87.7K Aug 29,19 Yokoshima Takemaru

Konakai Futaba loves her older sister more than anything else in the world. Kind, beautiful and intelligent, Ichina was everything that Futaba wished that she could be... she even encouraged Futaba when she was feeling down. As such, Futaba went to the same highschool as Ichina, hoping to be reunited after two whole years of being apart... ...but sadly, Ichina has complet
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Shoujo² 3.1


Chapter 6: Shabon [End]

72.5K Aug 21,19 Miman

A collection of stories:<br><br>1. The Flower Basket<br><br>2. The Berry Garden<br><br>3. Ipheion<br><br>4. Even<br><br>5. Step In<br><br>6. Shabon
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Akaiito Anthology Comic 4.3

Akaiito Anthology Comic

Chapter 9: Promise (By Muttri Moony) [End]

161.6K Jul 23,19 Mucchiri Muunii,Anthology,Mizuki Fuuju,Nozomi Watase,Agana Hasei,Naoyuki Inugami,Kazumi Kurihara,Mikako Mikaki,Haruto Mizuki,Setsuna Takegami,Chomo,Fumio,Gennosuke,hal,Maruto!,Hideki Sanada,Tenmu,Uo

Official Comic Anthology for Akaiito that came with the limited edition version of the PS2 game.
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Vanilla Jingai x Jingai Yuri Anthology 4.2

Vanilla Jingai X Jingai Yuri Anthology

Chapter 9

305.7K Nov 13,19 Yukiko, Mintarou, Nekotarou, AMANO Saki, ITOU Hachi, Neji, Sekihara, Subaru, TAKANO Saku, TAKEMIYA Jin, TAKESHIMA, Eku

Ch. 1 - Oni x Mountain Goddess Ch. 2 - Welcome to the Zoo Bar Ch. 3 - The Sacrificial Bride
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Love Live! Comic Anthology µ's Sweet Memories 4.5

Love Live! Comic Anthology Μ's Sweet Memories

Vol.1 Chapter 10: Honoka-Ism!

124.1K Jun 23,19 Various, Tsukudani Norio, Riku Ayakawa, Mizudama, Haruka Komowata, Chiruwo Kazahana, tmfly

The official movie comic anthology for Love Live! Sunshine! School Idol Project Over the Rainbow. 3 books with ~3 chapters each. Each chapter is done by a different artist.
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Koi, Irodorumade 4.4

Koi, Irodorumade

Chapter 27

349.9K Jul 24,19 wadakouta

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My Girlfriend Is A Gamer!! 4.5

My Girlfriend Is A Gamer!!


742.5K Aug 27,18 Xian Jun

The daily lives of a gamer and her girlfriend.
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Fading Colors! 4.2

Fading Colors!

Chapter 5: [End]

169.1K May 16,18 Nightmaker

Amongst Cat People, those who has three or more fur colors are considered to be of the lowest social class. One day, when the phone of a so-called “spotted one” named Alik - with precarious pictures, falls into pureblood Tavis’ hands, his curiosity is piqued. He plunges into Alik’s world which is a lot more exciting and colorful than anything he’s ever known before
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Like a Cinderella 4.6

Like A Cinderella

Chapter 002

62.5K Dec 25,17 Mizutani fuuka

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Fuwafuwa no Kimochi 4.6

Fuwafuwa No Kimochi

Chapter 6 : Christmas No Yoru [End]

97.5K May 17,18 Sasada asuka

A collection of stories:• Otonari no Senpai• Fuwafuwa no Kimochi• Hajimari no Kotoba• Hon no Tomodachi• Mainichi no Tomodachi• Christmas no Yoru
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Negima!? Neo 4.6

Negima!? Neo

Vol.07 Chapter 034 : Kiss Of Promise

803.7K Dec 23,17 Akamatsu ken

Features the same characters and locations as Mahou Sensei Negima!, however, this series has a different story than the original. The new storyline explains the addition of punctuation to the title.
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My Odile 3

My Odile

Chapter 0 : [Oneshot]

45K Dec 20,17 Isoya yuki

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Sweet Desire 3.4

Sweet Desire

Chapter 001 : Oneshot

54.9K Dec 19,17 Takemiya jin

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I Want Her Flower 4.4

I Want Her Flower

Chapter 4

87.7K Sep 01,17 Asube Yui

As the two with opposite personalities get closer, a love story starts.
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Notice of Game Service Termination 4.4

Notice Of Game Service Termination

Chapter 48

144.5K Nov 11,17 Ajiichi

A short Zombie Girl x Girl oneshot.
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Yaezakura Sympathy 4.5

Yaezakura Sympathy

Chapter 2

97.4K Aug 22,17 Takemiya Jin

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Perversion is Just a Part of Love 2.6

Perversion Is Just A Part Of Love

Chapter 29

73.3K Nov 11,17 Mani

Your face is what I most wish to watch over by your side.
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Crepe Panic! 4.8

Crepe Panic!

Chapter 23

111.2K Jun 30,17 Meiteitei. (komiya Hitoma)

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Ama + Devi 4.5

Ama + Devi

Chapter 1

126.3K Jun 28,17 Homuraya Pleiades (homura Subaru)

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Let's Die Together! 4.5

Let's Die Together!

Chapter 1

78K Jun 16,17 Ponpon-o (mountain Pukuichi)

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