Reincarnated as the Son of a Vicious Lord! ~When I Was Having Fun Learning Magic, I Had to Get Rid of My Stigma~! 4.4

Reincarnated As The Son Of A Vicious Lord! ~When I Was Having Fun Learning Magic, I Had To Get Rid Of My Stigma~!

Chapter 6

75.1K Nov 28,22 Yonezu,Shimesaba (シメサバ)

I am Owen Pepper, the heir of a Noble family. To begin with, there are two kinds of people in this world. The aristocracy, winners from birth, and the rest of the losers, the cattle. I am a winner, of course. Bwahahaha. Livestock, you can work hard for me today. It is the only thing you lot are good for! I have been reincarnated as a tr*sh aristocrat. My father was a villainous lord. And his son,
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I Want to Do Bad Things with You 4.1

I Want To Do Bad Things With You

Chapter 3: Because It's Fuji-Kun?

50.1K Nov 27,22 Yutaka (由田果)

Mamori Wataya is a tall but dark, plain, and shady high school girl. One day she meets Kanashi Fuji, who has a small, thin body and an evil-looking smile. A supporting character that no one can find and a villain that no one likes. This encounter turns their gray days blue.
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Three Exorcism Siblings 4.5

Three Exorcism Siblings

Chapter 7: Grade 1

30K Nov 24,22 Shinta Harekawa

"I'll become the strongest sacrifice!" Mamoru Yamaemori, a priest detested by the people who consider him to be "cursed". However there is another side to him: he exorcises "Tengu", monsters that enter into mountains and eat people. He is not rewarded, as he is instead burdened with the fate of an untimely death. The only people he could count on for support were his younger brothers... This is
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Destroy Everything 4.7

Destroy Everything

Chapter 9: Goddess Of Destruction Studies

28.9K Nov 24,22 Sai Yamagishi,Heji Teito

After a fierce battle, the Goddess of Destruction and the hero hit each other and were destroyed…… Time passes, and the Goddess of Destruction resurrected as a high school girl in the present day. For some reason, her twin brother is a hero who resurrected before her?! A new sensation of mysterious destruction family comedy begins proudly……!!
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Romancing Apoptosis Doll: Sartain in Love 4.6

Romancing Apoptosis Doll: Sartain In Love

Chapter 8: A Human Like A Doll

28.9K Dec 01,22 Kagisora Tomiyaki

A love toy doll that is equipped with autonomous AI and behaves like a human being. They were forbidden to "love". If you fall in love, the doll will be stupid. Still, they like someone. Is love a human privilege, or is it Science fantasy of dolls in love.
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Universal Raider 4.5

Universal Raider

Chapter 12

60.3K Dec 01,22 插电动漫

Su Mu traveled to a parallel world, where everyone in this world will be forced to enter the game space when they are eighteen years old and become a challenger! Start various types of survival games in space! Hide and Seek! Become the victor..
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The White Mage Who Was Banished from the Hero's Party is Picked Up by an S Rank Adventurer~ This White Mage is too out of the Ordinary! 4.6

The White Mage Who Was Banished From The Hero's Party Is Picked Up By An S Rank Adventurer~ This White Mage Is Too Out Of The Ordinary!

Chapter 13

190.2K Nov 22,22 Suigetsu Sora,Mukuno Wasabi

One day, Lloyd, a white mage, is banished from the hero’s party. Lloyd, who has lost his job, happens to accompany an S-rank party on a quest by chance. At that time, no one knew that the hero’s party would collapse and Lloyd would gain fame - yet. This is the story of an extraordinary support magic-user who thinks he is normal, becomes an adventurer, while he is unaware of how he eventually becom
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Cheolsu Saves the World 4.9

Cheolsu Saves The World

Chapter 36

280.3K Nov 20,22 Soosun,Fake Scientist

A massive asteroid is about to hit earth! Humanity has failed to stop a giant asteroid from plummeting into Earth, and life as we know it has ended. An ordinary Korean office worker named Cheolsu is somehow given the chance to go back in time and prevent this catastrophe from ever happening. Does he have a chance?
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Plant Monster Girl Diary 4.8

Plant Monster Girl Diary

Chapter 6

180.2K Nov 19,22 Minase,Guu,Riritto

Who knew that even a stationary plant could be surprisingly capable?! Our protagonist is a saint—or was, until she was betrayed by one of her fellow saint apprentices as well as her fiancé, a hero. In her final moments, she recalls her previous life, when she was just a normal Japanese high school girl, but that doesn't help the fact that she's being eaten alive by a massive plant monster. And
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Wanting to Cry, I Pretend to Be a Cat 4.3

Wanting To Cry, I Pretend To Be A Cat

Chapter 2

15.1K Nov 19,22 Kuromaru Kyousuke

Miyo "Muge" Sasaki, a peculiar second-year junior high student who has fallen in love with her classmate Kento Hinode. She resolutely pursues Hinode every day, but he takes no notice of her. Nevertheless, while carrying a secret she can tell no one, Muge continues to pursue Hinode. Muge discovers a magic mask that allows her to transform into a cat named Tarō. The magic lets Muge get close to Hino
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Still, I Want to Make You Happy 4.3

Still, I Want To Make You Happy

Chapter 4: It’S Forbidden By The Law

54.1K Nov 19,22 Shunsuke Noro,Tokiwa

Kouya is reunited with Manaki, a girl he used to play with when they were little, for the first time in nine years. Even though they've lived far apart, Kouya's feelings for her have been growing through their social media exchanges, and he decided to take the opportunity of their reunion to reveal his feelings to her! But she has a secret...?
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Our Resident Exorcist 4.1

Our Resident Exorcist

Chapter 12

70.1K Dec 02,22 BaStards

“Trinity Tower” is a high-rise multi-purpose condominium. Emitting strong evil energy, this place has been the shrine for the devils, providing them with evil power and pleasure. At the same time, there couldn’t be a better trap for an exorcist to capture these devils. Sowol, the legendary exorcist, is dispatched to this condo. Or, we could say he is “locked up” in Trinity Tower as a punishment fo
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Zero Touch 2.5

Zero Touch

Chapter 8

53.6K Nov 20,22 汐墨

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Golden Print 4.7

Golden Print

Chapter 6

154.4K Dec 02,22 Mu,Gu Seul (구슬)

I wanted to design! A dream I have had since I was 12 years old and have nurtured since then. For thirty years I worked hard, not missing a single day, but the reality is that I'm a construction site manager constructing buildings for other people. If I hadn't made that choice back then... Would I have become an architectural designer? Thirty years after all that, a miracle happened to me. I wen
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The Hella Weak Disciplinary Committee Chairman, Kaeri-chan 4.4

The Hella Weak Disciplinary Committee Chairman, Kaeri-Chan

Chapter 14

157.6K Dec 01,22 Suaru Hajime

The former all-girls Yurigawara High School is going co-ed this year. The new student, Mizuhaya Saotome, meets Kaeri Uchihishi, the head of the school discipline committee, who talks loud and acts tough, but that just makes her seem blustery and kind of a jerk! A comedy about school morality begins!
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Bizarre restaurant 4.8

Bizarre Restaurant

Chapter 15

495.5K Nov 30,22 Shin Hyun Beom,Mezzed K,재라

The era of Stinky tofu, Durian, Surströmming is over. Have you heard about the cooking so bad that you could die on the spot! But your skill would be increasing!? Tera, whose cooking boasts the best(?) taste in all dimensions, through the bravest Yoo Seungwoo's help, has come to peaceful(?) earth. Endure it! If you eat it and don’t die, your level will go up! And then on behalf of me, protect th
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Otherworldly Magical Daoist Priest 4.1

Otherworldly Magical Daoist Priest

Chapter 37

264K Dec 01,22 写字板

Otherworldly Magical Daoist Priest manhua, The unique treasure Taiji soul stone enthralled immortals and gods, and a generation of Taoist Zhang Daoling was created to ambush and kill his sweetheart. Zhang Daoling set Yuanshen and all the immortals and gods on fire, yet he was reincarnated into a world of swords and magic thanks to the protection of the Taiji soul stone. Where will Zhang Daoling,
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Drug Devourer 4.4

Drug Devourer

Chapter 13

415.5K Dec 02,22 Ara , Hanjib

One day, a gate suddenly opened in the heavens, bringing with it the invasion of monsters and the intervention of monks in the human world.Miracle Drug "Coffee" AdministrationMedicinal Contents: Caffeine and Sugar Provides energy Stimulates the central nervous system Maximizes senses and reflexesThe whole world appeared to slow down, and Hanyul's medications began to show their true
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Demon Keeper 2

Demon Keeper

Chapter 10.1

28.8K Nov 19,22 绘境社

The hard-working programmer Qin Jian died unexpectedly after working for several days. His soul penetrated into Qin Jian, the county official of Sanyuan Town of the Tianyuan Dynasty. He has the ability to recognize demons with the Heavenly eyes but because he sleeps with demons all day he was contaminated with their breath which caused a misunderstanding by the demon hunter and the demon clan to b
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Heavenly Inquisition Sword (Nine Heavens Swordmaster) 4.4

Heavenly Inquisition Sword (Nine Heavens Swordmaster)

Chapter 25

1M Dec 01,22 Cardok,Jo Jin Young,Saint Nine

“He is the master of the Nine Heavens.” Yeon Jeokha was the child of a second wife. Viciously bullied by his father’s first wife and his siblings, he was later imprisoned in a warehouse after his father died of illness… It has been ten years since his escape after he had learned martial arts that were out of the world. “I regard the Yeon Family with great bitterness.” The unstoppable adventure
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Aragae! Dark Elf-chan 4.6

Aragae! Dark Elf-Chan

Chapter 26

156.8K Nov 28,22 Nabe yuu , Nabe yuu

ENA dark elf who was rampaging on the continent was defeated by the stoic swordsman Crow. She was prepared to die, but for some reason, Crow suddenly decided to bring her home and look after her... ?!
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Chieri's Love Is 8 Meters 4.3

Chieri's Love Is 8 Meters

Chapter 9

175K Nov 27,22 Mitogawa Wataru

A childhood friend and transfer student that's 8 meters tall...?! The start of a literally larger-than-life romcom!
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