Imprison the Flower 4.3

Imprison The Flower

Chapter 22

48.5K Jul 18,22 井绳

On the wedding night, the demon left the bride to enter his room, forcing him to say words of love to him. It seems that the more HuaZhao suffers, the more satisfied Gia Co An is, originally Hoa Chieu wanted to join him in the end to bury this sick twisted feeling but did not expect him to be reincarnated, back to their high school days, this time, it's my turn to use you! Kill you! In this entang
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Do Not Perceive 4.2

Do Not Perceive

Chapter 27

48.4K Sep 21,22 Changpei literature , matthia , 自觉进行时 , 长佩文学 , 风烟

This is a story of a mystery investigator, Levi, and a flamboyant medium, Laird. Two people have disappeared in this ordinary town. They were seen entering a 'door' that sudden appeared only to disappear along with that 'door'. To find the missing, investigator Levi and self-proclaimed psychic, exorcist, explorer, and mystery researcher Laird decide to enter this 'door' together and investigate th
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Capture of Relationship 4.1

Capture Of Relationship

Chapter 5.1

47.8K Aug 24,20 Meng Li

Xiacheng was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and the splitting headache began to spread to his brain. There seemed to be a voice asking him: “Have you forgotten already? Think about it, XiaCheng…This is a very important thing…”; He had to go to the hospital for treatment and wanted to rely on drugs to escape the voice in his mind, but then he bumped into Shen Lin, a high-ran
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Our Colors 5

Our Colors

Vol.1 Chapter 1: Lucky Day

47.7K Sep 18,19 Gengorou Tagame

The daily life of high school boy who can’t say “I love you” to his beloved classmate because he’s also a boy. But his days are changed to meet a mysterious elderly man who might be also gay…
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Kyonyuu Suki nanoni BL Kai ni Tensei Shimashita 4.7

Kyonyuu Suki Nanoni Bl Kai Ni Tensei Shimashita

Chapter 4

46.6K Oct 22,22 Nao Tsukiji

A comedy story that focuses on an otaku named Otogawa who dies in an unfortunate accident and reincarnates into a world of boys' love as a handsome man. Though he loves big-breasted women, he is now instead in a world where he will be crushed by muscular manboobs.
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Three Lies, One Kiss 4.1

Three Lies, One Kiss

Chapter 1

46.2K Jan 31,21 八桐木

Talented player x industry elite. After five years of parting, Li Moyang's naive and shy younger brother disappeared, and he became an advertising genius known as "the first fox in the business world". In the face of his ex-boyfriend's signing contract, Li Moyang decided to launch a "comprehensive revenge" on him. It was better to let him grovel at his feet and cry for
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Mitasu No Wa Kuufuku Dake Desuka? 4.2

Mitasu No Wa Kuufuku Dake Desuka?

Chapter 3

46K Dec 03,22 Tadano Yasu

not found...
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Kusa no Kanmuri Hoshi no Kanmuri 5

Kusa No Kanmuri Hoshi No Kanmuri

Vol.1 Chapter 1 : ~The Ghost Of The Sakura Tree~

46K Jan 20,16 Techno Samata

It is still winter, but it is still to early for "spring" and "sakuras" but I hope that they blossom quickly. In a house that has "sakuras" there is a young boy that embraces one of his arms while treasuring it.
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Yeonliji 5



45.8K Jan 20,16 Kyu_chang

The world which was ruled by those called the descendents of god and had unique abilities: Heuk's (Black) clan and Sahwa's clans. One day, Heuk's clan was destroyed by one of the average human clans, the Parang (Blue) clan. The Sahwa clan sends their heir, Gayeon, as bride to the Parang clan's heir as a sign of obedience. But the one who's actually sent is the the heir's twin brother, Jayeon
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Harenochi Shikibu 4.4

Harenochi Shikibu

Chapter 1

45.3K Aug 01,20 Hinota

Haruno witnesses a mysterious guy crying under the sakura trees. He thought it strange, but who would have thought the guy turns out to be his classmate, Hitose?! Hitose declares that he's going to establish the "Four Seasons Club", with details of club activities being very unclear. But swept up in Hitose's vigor, Haruno joins the club by announcing, "I will be with you&quo
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Mr. Ostrich 3.7

Mr. Ostrich

Chapter 5

44.4K Jan 02,21 2020

The male lead suddenly wakes up and finds himself turned into an ostrich, and what’s more, he even got his precious egg squished by a customer?! Have you ever seen a kidnapping and escape happen due to an ostrich egg?! It’ll have you laughing until you’ve lost your mind! (Source: Hour of Lunacy)
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The Light of Summer 4.2

The Light Of Summer

Chapter 3

41.9K Aug 02,20 Clove

Sungha is loved by men and women of all ages for his mature and kind character. But he has scars that can’t be shown to just anyone... Woojoo is the only friend he can open up to. The day after the final exam, Sungha gathers the courage to overcome his wounds and try to change. This is the story of Sungha and Woojoo healing each other.
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Their Heavenly Fires 4.3

Their Heavenly Fires

Chapter 0

41.8K Nov 03,20 Fernstone

It has been 800 years since Former Dragon Emperor Hua Cheng gave up his godhood for a human lover. Xie Lian, Crown Prince of the Heavenly Phoenix family, is descending to the mortal realm for his first trial. Here he meets a young man who seems eerily familiar and begins to unravel secrets that were never meant to be brought to light. Even against the advice of the heavenly realm he feels himself
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Don’t play games with me 4.3

Don’T Play Games With Me

Chapter 1 - 01《Preview》

39.5K Mar 01,21 Dou fu

In games , he always beats me ,and In reality ,he likes to …… torture me , thousands of times ….. Let's take a look at the guru's finesse ….
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Staring At You 4.2

Staring At You

Chapter 6

38.7K Sep 26,20 Feng Feng

A bossy CEO got reincarnated as a busker and runs into our innocent male lead. Coincidentally, the company where the male lead works at belongs to the CEO’s family. What will happen to them now?
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You’ve Misunderstood Me 4.5

You’Ve Misunderstood Me

Chapter 1

37.5K Aug 21,20 Kidari

Lin Yilu, a BL novelist loved by the Internet, was forced by his parents to send a resume to a liquor store. Without a high degree, he mistakenly uploaded the unpublished novel manuscript as a self-introduction, which aroused the interest of the president of his company, Bai Huling, and thus passed the final interview, and started a love story with Bai Huling. Can Lin Yilu withstand the pressure o
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Kizu 4.3


Chapter 38

36.3K Jan 10,22 Shinohara Udou

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His Lake 4.2

His Lake

Chapter 1

35.7K Apr 27,21 Densen

A BL spin on a classic story Swan Lake.
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Count Tachibana 4.5

Count Tachibana

Chapter 11

35.2K Nov 11,22 Kakki

During the period of Japanese colonial rule, a young Korean boy, Yonghyun, is invited every summer to a royal residence in the mountains behind his village. The residence of one Count Tachibana. The peculiar Tachibana Sho is a complete mystery, as it seems he’s never left his mansion, not even once. But over the summers, Tachibana Sho and Yonghyun have made a strange but solid bond with each other
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Mad Dog 4.1

Mad Dog

Chapter 29

35K Dec 01,22 Haribo

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Fleeting Time Burning Light 4.2

Fleeting Time Burning Light

Chapter 1

34.2K Feb 23,21 Updating

He is the scary and arrogant underworld mogul. In one day he became that Yin Yang master's ‘slave'. Everyday, he work as hard as a bull and lets people order him around, and he also gets molested till he can't fight back! Also….he should be getting mad but why can't he get mad at that chilly figure? A gorgeous but strange demon's story. The entanglement of the previous life and the present…waiting
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Bros. 4.6


Chapter 3

31.4K Oct 03,22 Tobi Washio

A cute little brother suddenly became a beast."Little brother, don't you have something to tell me?""You're one to talk!"Yusuke and Tokio are brothers living together in their parents' house during their absence. One night they have an unexpected encounter in the city, and their secret is revealed: Yusuke is gay, and Tokio is bi. Even though it was a choking discovery, Yusuke keeps trying to play
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Rare Omega Shunki 4.2

Rare Omega Shunki

Chapter 1

31.2K Oct 22,22 Akahoshi Jake

?I love you beyond fate.?Matori, a tiger from the Amur clan, aiming to be the "strongest omega", one day suddenly reunites with the Japanese wolf, Koko, whom he used to pine after when they were younger. Matori is charmed by his unchanging kindness and grown-up appearance, and they laid their bodies together. In the midst of this, Matori, who had a dream that he would mate with the person he loves
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