Mad Dog 4

Mad Dog

Chapter 29

35K Dec 01,22 Haribo

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More than Brothers 3.4

More Than Brothers

Chapter 41

25K Dec 02,22 S-monkey

As a child, a boy who looked like a cute angel lived with him next door. But then he left and came back many years later. But when he returned, he changed a lot. In order to somehow control this rebel Lan Tang, you need to try very hard.
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Half of Me 4.4

Half Of Me

Chapter 12

8.2K Nov 28,22 Samk , Juhan

A car accident leaves both Taekin, a high school outcast, and Heechan, a business owner, in the hospital. But Heechan has no time to sit around and enjoy his hospital bed. If he doesn’t get up and make sure his clients get their products, his business will be in jeopardy! There’s just one problem. After the accident, he now inhabits the body of this high school kid every day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
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Tondari Hanetari 3.8

Tondari Hanetari

Chapter 13.5

5.4K Nov 27,22 Shinomiya Shino

Togawa Manabu was invited to join the badminton club by his senior, Takasu Eiji, who was one year ahead of him. Takasu declared that he would be playing doubles with Togawa, who was a beginner at badminton. However, it was Komatsu, an experienced badminton player, who had objected to this. Thus, sparking a fight over Takasu! Upon the stage of the frolic and sometimes dispirited badminton club, th
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Hello, My Wolf 3.5

Hello, My Wolf

Chapter 30

15.7K Dec 03,22 Yu Yan Wen Hua (欲言文化) , 莹飞漫业

Werewolf President x Vampire President, who does not know, X City's two largest company's president is a vampire and the other a werewolf, not only that, the two grew up together. In order to be able to catch up with his beloved vampire, the werewolf volunteer to become a vampire assistant and slave, only for the success of the pursuit of his wife, color and taboo urban love began...
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Get Married 4.7

Get Married

Chapter 4

18.4K Nov 27,22 凌伊 , 余生守时 快看漫画团队

Contract marriages are so sweet!
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The Cat Whisperer 4.3

The Cat Whisperer

Chapter 55

185.2K Nov 23,22 Mu San Guan , Changpei literature , Ruler Comic Studio

Wen Haoxue was arranged on a blind date by his family to a Cat demon Earl. Wen Haoxue valued good looks, and he immediately fell in love. Not only that, but the big cat also found it hard to resist
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Hunting Game 4.5

Hunting Game

Chapter 57

100.1K Nov 30,22 爬爬工作室 , 不是树

When Ye Qing was 18 years old, he had a crush on his tutor. After attending the teacher's wedding, he buried his feelings in his heart. 18 years later, when the repressed emotions were exposed, Ye Qing was forced to start a tangled emotional game with the son of his crush. He was 18 years old. Facing the domineering and powerful younger man, he had no choice.
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Summer season 4.4

Summer Season

Chapter 11

27.9K Dec 01,22 밍구르 , 절구 , 이로밀

Cha Do-hyeon and Yeo Eun-ho, who were born in the same neighborhood and have never been apart, stayed together throughout elementary, middle, and high school, and were able to confidently say that they were as close as family, because they had been friends for 19 years."From day one, Do-hyeon and Eun-ho, who have been acting strangely, does not understand and are confused. A conflict that will ine
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To Level and Chew Up a Newbie 4

To Level And Chew Up A Newbie

Chapter 11

65.5K Nov 24,22 Soobing

To Level and Chew Up a Newbie manhwa, Asta Chronicles, where the seeds of MMORPG appeared like a comet in the dry game market. On the day when the notice of the mythology' difficulty raid update, which is the most recent update in a long time, was announced, the heart of Ji-Jeong (Seong Cha-hyun), the master of the famous guild Haste', who ranked first in all server guild rankings and recorded
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Is there a love at first sight in e-sport 4.2

Is There A Love At First Sight In E-Sport

Chapter 25

21.9K Nov 30,22 Lu Xifa , Changpei literature , DM Agency

The Asian champion is free to take the girl to score points in the game. Finally, he brings a girl to Kaimai but finds that the other party is a boy.Mr. Champion left behind the online dating that ended before it started. When he went to train with the club, he accidentally had a little friction with another team. When the opponent's deputy captain showed up, Mr. Champion was instantly tempted to
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The Ex-tra Hot Neighbor 4.4

The Ex-Tra Hot Neighbor

Chapter 45

65.5K Nov 29,22 Jin Geun-a

Finding the perfect guy isn’t easy, but looks like Eunseo just hit the jackpot. Seung-hyuk’s a handsome, hot hunk with a pretty face that anyone would fall in love with. How could you resist someone like that, especially if they feel so much like Mr. Right? Well, as with any good thing, there is a small catch. Apparently, Seung-hyuk is a friend’s ex-boyfriend. Not just any friend, but Eunseo’s new
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Mitasu No Wa Kuufuku Dake Desuka? 4.2

Mitasu No Wa Kuufuku Dake Desuka?

Chapter 3

46K Dec 03,22 Tadano Yasu

not found...
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The Art of Taming A Tiger 4.8

The Art Of Taming A Tiger

Chapter 74

92.6K Nov 17,22 Kom

.Yoonjae lives in an old villa and on his way out one day, he accidentally falls on some boxes in the hallway owned by Beomjin who is moving into a unit downstairs. This is where the soul calling bell entwines itself on Yoonjae's wrist and from that day on, he started hearing weird sounds and seeing strange apparitions. A few days later, Beomjin realizes that the bell is on Yoonjae so he visits hi
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Do You Wanna Touch My Tail? 4.4

Do You Wanna Touch My Tail?

Chapter 11

58.6K Dec 02,22 岛上Project

not found...
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Sokuseki Ad-Lib Lover 4.6

Sokuseki Ad-Lib Lover

Chapter 3

19K Nov 12,22 Kuroda kurota

"I'm going to become the best comedian out there!"After making this promise with his grandma, Asahi sets out to attend a comedy vocational school. And on his first day, he gets unexpectedly partnered with another guy for his acts. And that guy is Minase, a very good-looking, but sarcastic guy. They were very reluctantly paired together for their bit, but ended up hitting it off. They hit it off SO
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Rare Omega Shunki 4.2

Rare Omega Shunki

Chapter 1

31.2K Oct 22,22 Akahoshi Jake

?I love you beyond fate.?Matori, a tiger from the Amur clan, aiming to be the "strongest omega", one day suddenly reunites with the Japanese wolf, Koko, whom he used to pine after when they were younger. Matori is charmed by his unchanging kindness and grown-up appearance, and they laid their bodies together. In the midst of this, Matori, who had a dream that he would mate with the person he loves
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Song of Reverberation 4.7

Song Of Reverberation

Chapter 88

185.2K Oct 22,22 Xi Ni

.The young master of a magic family who is a beautiful blonde top and a normal human who has brown hair, and loves to watch drama. Under the entaglement with Qi Chen, the young master of a magic family, the brave human, Lei Xi, fights the curse's fantasy love story. The ship [Top: devoted/clingy/possessive/pursuer/ pretty , bottom: feisty/has a bad temper/escapes] +
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End of line of sight, 30 degrees 4.3

End Of Line Of Sight, 30 Degrees

Chapter 19

24.3K Nov 20,22 Sagold

To Do-Jin, Yeon-Woo was just an unusual kid. However, from one day, Do-jin's eyes were chasing Yeon-woo. Why can't Dojin take his eyes off him? And what is that feeling that Dojin feels?
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Kyonyuu Suki nanoni BL Kai ni Tensei Shimashita 4.7

Kyonyuu Suki Nanoni Bl Kai Ni Tensei Shimashita

Chapter 4

46.6K Oct 22,22 Nao Tsukiji

A comedy story that focuses on an otaku named Otogawa who dies in an unfortunate accident and reincarnates into a world of boys' love as a handsome man. Though he loves big-breasted women, he is now instead in a world where he will be crushed by muscular manboobs.
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