Hikaru in the Light! 4.5

Hikaru In The Light!

34.8K Jun 14,22 MATSUDA Mai

“In order to get up on stage, you need to be special.”Hikaru Ogino spends her days singing oldies in her family’s bath house, but when her best friend Ran — a former idol — invites her to try out for an “idol survival camp” together, it’ll put her talents to the test. Can Hikaru outshine the competition and make her stage debut, or will she fall flat? Witness the birth of a new star in this ex
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Ami-chan's Diary 4.6

Ami-Chan's Diary

Chapter 9

34.7K Oct 21,22 Yatosaki Haru

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Lovesick-kun can’t approach 4.3

Lovesick-Kun Can’T Approach

Chapter 14

34.6K Oct 25,22 KAKITSUBATA Waka

"I want to do this and that with my girlfriend." Miura, a healthy high school boy, wants to deepen his relationship with his favorite girlfriend, Karen-chan. However, Karen-chan is very boxy. "It's a great way to get to know the people in your life. You can't stop yourself from loving her, and you can't stop yourself from! The high school boy agonizing between instinct and reason is adorable and
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Sanwen and Xiaobai 4.6

Sanwen And Xiaobai

Chapter 13

34.4K Aug 12,22 肖大猫NL

The daily life of the orange cat "Sanwen" and his son "Xiaobai". Oh, yes, and their strange friends.
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This is my home 4.1

This Is My Home

Chapter 3

34.4K Aug 29,20 Dinosaur

The story about Seo Eun-woo’s inheritance in the midst of her difficult life! And the mysterious people living in the house she’s supposed to inherit!
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Touhou - Mamange Eternal 4.5

Touhou - Mamange Eternal

Vol.1 Chapter 16: Mamange Eternal 16 (Meeting Mama)

34.4K Jan 08,21 Koyama Shigeru

The continuation of the beloved Touhou doujin series, in which we follow the slice of life adventures of the Eientei family and their neighbors, set in a nostalgic and contemporary 1980s setting. After a five year hiatus, the long awaited reboot offers greatly improved artwork, better written stories and even more interesting character development to look forward to. Engl
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Looking for an Idol 2.7

Looking For An Idol

Vol.3 Chapter 14: New Start

34.4K Dec 06,22 Mayumi Yoshida

Chikako Fujitani (18), 1st year at the Hanano Women’s College starts living alone at the same apartment as Kanro (An aspiring mangaka from the same school.) and Chiaki (A bus guide who pretends to be a college student to get a man.). While on the “Country-Bumpkin” tour he meets Iwata, reconnects with her middle school crush, Nagae, and meets the landlady’s son, Makoto. It’s the kind of story about
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The Second Lead Syndrome 4.5

The Second Lead Syndrome

Chapter 11

34.3K Dec 02,22

As a former childstar, the last thing Eun-Young wants is to return to showbusiness. Content with her studies and part-time job, she's happy to keep a low profile until the hottest trio in the K-drama world barge into her life. Dragged back into the whirlwind of stardom, she knows one thing: she won't have any of it. Will fame's spotlight expose her quiet life? Or will this second chanc
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HonoSuto! ~Gouenji no Hitorigoto~ 4

Honosuto! ~Gouenji No Hitorigoto~

Chapter 82: Kappa And Gouenji 3

34.1K Aug 22,22 Miho Asada

An official *Inazuma Eleven* spin-off manga focusing on the casual daily life of Gouenji Shuuya, known as the "Flame Ace Striker" and shows what the cool collected Gouenji is thinking about.
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Ghost Spot 4.5

Ghost Spot

Chapter 1

33.8K Sep 09,20 Momi

If there was a bad luck contest, our heroine would win hands down. In addition to living alone, abandoned by her family, she is harassed night and day by ghosts. Fortunately, the wheel is turning. One fine day, three brothers arrive at her home and claim to be shamans specializing in exorcism. From now on, they do everything to protect the supernatural!
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Hachi: A Dog's Tale 4.9

Hachi: A Dog's Tale

Chapter 5: Restless Waiting

33K Aug 07,22 Kurosawa Akiyo

Parker Wilson finds an abandoned Akita puppy at the train station, and develops an unbreakable bond with him. Based on the true story of Hachiko, this manga follows inspiration from the 2009 American movie, Hachi: A Dog's Tale.
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Let's La Gon 5

Let's La Gon

Vol.1 Chapter 1: Children's Charter Article No. 1

32.7K Nov 19,19 Fujio Akatsuka

Let's La Gon is a gag manga series revolving around a young boy named Gon, his father, and pet bear Beramatcha, as they lead a dysfunctional life of poverty, and the bizarre antics that go on in their lives. The manga is known for being somewhat darker and more surreal than other works from it's author, Akatsuka, making for an experience unlike many other gag comedy manga.
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One Day(Huo Mo) 4.4

One Day(Huo Mo)

Chapter 1 - If Or If Not

32.6K Sep 20,20 Huo Mo

This city is awfully big. Although we may not know each other, we may have brushed past each other on the road at some point. Perhaps we share a love of reading the same book and listening to the same song, or perhaps we’ll talk about love with an expiration date of one day. But on this day, we saw each other’s true selves, and that will forever be engraved on our lives.
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Awa's Life 4.5

Awa's Life

Chapter 34: Treadmill

32.5K Feb 19,21 Dylan

The round millet doggo is coming, and he will make you instantly fall in love! What kind of an adorable and lively everyday life will he have with his doggo friends?
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Hatsukoi 2.6


Vol.1 Chapter 8: Banked Fire

32.2K Sep 25,22 Harumi Chihiro

The fourth collection of the author's works from *Rakuen* magazine. At times painful, at times comical, these are tales of men and women spun from elegant and beautiful thread. Also includes sequels to earlier oneshots.
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Rainbow Bridge Watchman 4.3

Rainbow Bridge Watchman

Chapter 1

31.5K Oct 22,20 Iseo

Han Cheol, a famous veterinarian who knows only money and success, can hear the animals one day…
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USCA English Edition 3.7

Usca English Edition

Chapter 16: About The Artists [End]

30.5K May 20,20 Nishimura Tsuchika,Miyazaki

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Hotpot Family 3.9

Hotpot Family

Chapter 17

30K Dec 05,22 火锅家族

Unexpected endings, mind-blowing stories, so-cute-you-could-die hotpot ingredients... You'll laugh everyday until you get abs!
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Pop Life 4.2

Pop Life

Vol.1 Chapter 1

29.1K Nov 18,19 Q-ta Minami

The mangaka Sakura, Kaede, her son who goes to correspondence school, Akemi, who works for an event planning company, and her two grade schoolers Taichi and Ruru. The peaceful, free, and tender daily lives of the two fatherless households who live and support each other.
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Animal Rap 4.7

Animal Rap

Chapter 2: Hippo Vs Ostrich

29K Feb 20,21 Ishida Sui

An online comic by the genius that created the highly successful "This Gorilla Will Die In 1 Day" series, and some other series like Tokyo Ghoul, Ishida Sui.
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Forbidden City · Impurrial Cat Room 4.9

Forbidden City · Impurrial Cat Room

Chapter 2: Randomized Crossing

28.1K Feb 21,21 A'Nan &, Daitu

There are special creatures that live in the modern Forbidden City. By day, they're the idols of the Forbidden City, and a simple yawn can earn the squeals of the crowd! By night, they're the protectors of the Forbidden City who watch over the restoration of cultural relics! While they could've lived day to day on their cute appearances alone, they've chosen to bear the burden of preserving cultur
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Planet of Wheat 4.5

Planet Of Wheat

Vol.1 Chapter 2

28.1K Jun 04,20 Torino Shino

In a mountainside bakery, Konta, a young shopkeeper, comes across Mamita, a stranded alien looking for food. As Konta winds up taking him in as his little brother, so begins the story of the baker and the little alien.
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Spotlight 3.7


Vol.2 Chapter 7: Empathy

27.8K Nov 05,22 Miura Kaze

Kyohei Saito, a first-year college student who's gloomy and negative—in other words, "depressing"—falls in love with Ayame Ogawa, a beauty and contestant of their school's beauty pageant. Will the depressing nobody's feelings reach the goddess who basks in the spotlight? The curtain rises on an ensemble cast drama of college students shaken by the glimmer and helplessness of youth!
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