Bergamot & Sunny Day 4.1

Bergamot & Sunny Day

Chapter 6.5

39.7K Nov 08,23 Lyee Kitahala

In a cafe in New York City called Sunny Day, serves Riku, who’s bad with relationships. After yet another bad breakup, Riku is comforted by the cafe’s dashing owner, Joshua, and consequently finds himself in bed with him that same night!
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Act Out! 5

Act Out!

Chapter 12

30.8K Nov 03,23 Joe Fuyufusa

Ibara Nayuki is a figure skater competing across the globe. While he has great technical skills, his performances fall apart at competitions and he continues to lose. Spectators are left confused to why he doesn't show any frustration or disappointment. With scathing eyes, a man named Valerie watches Ibara skate and tells him that he is a terrible skater. "Not knowing why you are on stage is the s
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Atarashii Ashi de Kakenukero. 4.5

Atarashii Ashi De Kakenukero.

Chapter 36

71.7K Nov 03,23 MIDORI Wataru

After the loss of his leg, Kikuzato's dream of becoming a soccer ace comes to an end. But with use of a prosthetic leeg, he finds a new goal to become a track star and win gold at the Tokyo Paralympics! [Yen Press]
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Gambling Outcast Kaiji - Kaiji Part 3 4.1

Gambling Outcast Kaiji - Kaiji Part 3

Chapter 131 [End]

49.6K Sep 06,23 Fukumoto Nobuyuki

Six months after the fight to the death with The Bog, Kaiji escapes from the underground and pays off his debts. Sakazaki gets fed up with Kaiji and tries to get rid of him by giving him 3 million yen as compensation. At that time, Kaiji is reunited with Miyoshi and Maeda, who were his friends in the underground, and they come up with a plan to swindle a large sum of money from Muraoka, the presid
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Ikumen After + a 4.9

Ikumen After + A

Vol.1 Chapter 9

14.4K Aug 07,23 Kodaka Kazuma

It has been 3 weeks since a fire swept through Izumi’s apartment and he went to live with Asakura. Although both have recognized their feelings for each other, Izumi is still holding back on having sex with Asakura, because Asakura was originally heterosexual. Meanwhile, Asakura is curious to know what a relationship between men is like, and what his first time will be like, and if Izumi will
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Mabarai-san Hunts Me Down 4.4

Mabarai-San Hunts Me Down

Chapter 16: Mabarai-San And Shimada-Kun. [End]

313.5K Jul 12,23 ma_trii

My hobbies are shopping and searching for sweets. The rest- kill the vampires. One day the girl who transferred to my school froze the class with her shocking self-introduction. She dyes my gray high school life bright red. A unique youth romantic comedy by "Self-proclaimed vampire hunting gal" x "High school boy living in the shade"!!
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Hibi, Kimi 3.8

Hibi, Kimi

Vol.1 Chapter 8.5

77.4K Oct 25,23 Koike Sadaji

Hasuno, a screenwriter with zero housekeeping skills, decides to ask Higurashi, a junior student at his university whom he has always cared about, to do housework for him as a part-time job. As Higurashi takes care of Hasuno, a senior who he admires, he gradually begins to notice a change in his feelings. ......A pure and slightly carbonated love story between a popular scriptwriter with beauty in
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Boyfriend 17 4

Boyfriend 17

Chapter 7.6: Valentine's Day Special

74.9K May 15,23 Yoshida Yuuko

The man who piqued his interest is his junior. Two men with different ages and different views on love get drawn to each other. A clumsy, roundabout, and earnest love. A young trendy model and a closeted fashion magazine editor. Mihara Yōu got recently transferred from the literature to the fashion department. He attends the trendy model Usui Sakumi’s photoshoot. “I’ve seen you
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Sex Drop 3.7

Sex Drop


285.1K Aug 30,23 Shikke

Kiumi is a college student who's famous for being open about his orientation and an active top. Shizume, who's in the closet and the same class as Kiumi, doesn't like how open Kiumi is about his adventures. One night, Shizume saves Kiumi, who almost gets tricked into becoming a male companion, by taking him to his room to hide. Except, Kiumi gets the wrong idea and thinks Shizume is looking for a
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Tonari no Lunch 4

Tonari No Lunch

Chapter 1

12.1K Mar 01,23 Akahachi

Delicious food and a hint of love...??A heartwarming gourmet foodmysteryBL!?A remote worker learns that the guy he had a crush on at work is getting married! Heartbroken, but hungry, he ponders what to eat and smells the delicious cooking from the neighbor next door. While trying to place the familiar scent, he vows to recreate the dish himself. He then passes by a good looking guy at his apartmen
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Nito and Tazuka's Daily Life 3.9

Nito And Tazuka's Daily Life

Vol.1 Chapter 1

53.5K Feb 23,23 Satoutoshio

For Nito, Tazuka is his childhood friend and best friend. But suddenly, he confesses that he loves him! The long-awaited comic book version of the best childhood friendship BL couple, the pure and innocent initiator and the cute and unaware boy!+
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I Tried Asking a Hot-Tempered Gal Out on a Date 4.6

I Tried Asking A Hot-Tempered Gal Out On A Date

Chapter 13: I Suggested A Maid Costume To An Angry Gal

1.2M Sep 26,23 Shiraishi Kouhei

I Tried Asking a Hot-Tempered Gal Out on a Date manga,
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Botsuraku Reijou no Ikoku Kekkonroku 4.4

Botsuraku Reijou No Ikoku Kekkonroku

Chapter 14

332K Feb 28,23 EMOTO Mashimesa , HINO Anzu

Botsuraku Reijou no Ikoku Kekkonroku manga, "From now on, you will be my wife." Reifa, a daughter of a fallen family, is bought for 100 gold coins in a faraway foreign country to pay off her family's debt. In a land where she can't speak nor understand the language, she was almost treated as an object. But, she is rescued by the beautiful and (rumored) sickly, head of a noble family, Sin Yu. A st
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Karamawari Weekend 3.8

Karamawari Weekend

Chapter 1.5

41.3K Feb 15,23 Izui Zui

A love you'll root for spontaneously ? 38-page one-shot!!"Kawanami-san, please fall in love with me." Under the influence of alcohol, Mifune blurts out the feelings he has kept secret from his sempai, Kawanami. And when Kawanami's attitude doesn't seem to have changed after the confession, what is Mifune to do? Heart-pounding, sparkly sempai x unsociable kouhai with a one-sided love. A fresh debut
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I'm Not Your Hero or Anything 3.8

I'm Not Your Hero Or Anything

Chapter 5

167.4K Jan 19,23 UI Kashi

Reuniting with your first love in a "ladyboys s** chat"?An obsessed doggie-like top x a tyrant "princess" with a twisted temperament!"There's no way I can be wrong! Sei-chan was my first love."Sei-chan was my hero when I was little, but he suddenly disappeared from my life.In the spring when I became a university student, I meet him again after 10 years.But he has changed, and one day we somehow e
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Chapter 72

1.5M Dec 05,22 Leepado

The life of a K-pop star is a hard one, especially if you’re Choi Yuwon. Not only does he have to keep up with the grueling lifestyle of an idol, but he also needs to keep a vigilant eye on the troublemaker of INSECRET, Park Dojin. Dojin acts how he pleases, and Yuwon is the only person in the group who can keep him out of trouble. This arrangement seems to work just fine for the both of them, unt
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Kurasu Meido 3.9

Kurasu Meido

Chapter 5: To Deliver This Feeling! [End]

2.2M Oct 17,22 Date Tsunehiro,Togawa

When you call for domestic help, it's your classmate who comes...?! A daily short series of romantic comedy with a maid classmate!
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Meow Meow 4.7

Meow Meow

Chapter 0: Oneshot

145.7K Oct 17,22 Akiyoshi Nana

Misa and Kaho go on a date to a cat cafe.
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Like You’ve Never Been Hurt 4.6

Like You’Ve Never Been Hurt

Chapter 50

840.3K Sep 25,22 KIM Yong Yong

Does love really last forever? College student Izzy Noh thinks her loving relationship with her boyfriend Minsu will last forever… until he cheats on her. To make things worse, they are not only in the same school, but in the same Game Developer Club. Izzy must now navigate handling the breakup, dealing with her feelings, and possibly opening up to another shot at love. Will Izzy and her friends
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Tsukihime-A piece of blue glass moon-Anthology Comic STAR 4.1

Tsukihime-A Piece Of Blue Glass Moon-Anthology Comic Star

Chapter 11 [End]

639.6K Jul 10,22 Type-moon,Piyo,Ono Tako,Hoshi Naosuke,46Bdf9Ef-Fba5-4796-8782-55D7A37Cfe39,Niijiru,Azami Masurao,Ajaraya Benbe,C123C0E2-9A8D-4137-9825-Af3504211827,Royst,Metarogu,Uyuki

An anthology of Tsukihime-A piece of blue glass moon-created through a collaboration of artists who love Tsukihime.
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Himitsu ni shiro yo!! 4.2

Himitsu Ni Shiro Yo!!

Chapter 4

120.4K Jul 29,22 Satomaru Mami

High school student Koshika, likes cute things since he was a child. He also has a secret hobby of crossdressing as a girl but was accidentally caught by his classmate Oozeki. To prevent rumors from spreading, he kept him under surveillance by following him everywhere he goes.+
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Parallel Lines 3.9

Parallel Lines

Chapter 5

97K Jun 30,22 Yukue Moegi

Ichiya, a young gay man, falls in love with the adorable Minato, as soonas he enters fashion school. Alas, next to Minato there's Jirou, an annoying guy with a goatee!The competition between Ichiya and Jirou to get Minato's favor starts! Or that's what they thought... But as they keep spending time together and bickering, Ichiya starts to think he's the only one allowed to criticize Jirou. Are the
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Teach Me What Happiness Is 4.9

Teach Me What Happiness Is

Chapter 2

359.9K May 29,20 Timoto

A short, completed, 4-koma, twitter story about a girl who doesn't know what happiness is and a boy who tries to teach her what it is.
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