Come In My Dreams 3.4

Come In My Dreams

Chapter 39

413.2K Jul 25,23 Chinoko

I need your energy. Nothing more, nothing less. Bambi – soon-to-be graduate, top of his class, incubus. Currently there are only two things standing in the way of achieving Bambi’s latest milestone: a college boy named Yoonhu and his delicious energy. On the tails of Yoonhu’s latest breakup, Bambi begins to visit him every night in the form of special dreams. But the attraction is unexpectedly ir
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2nd Virgin no Jouzu Sutekata 3.3

2Nd Virgin No Jouzu Sutekata

Chapter 2

409.6K May 19,23 Zunda Mochiko , ずんだもちこ

Chiaki ended up being called a dead fish after his first time having sex with his boyfriend didn't go so well. Afterward, he ended up drunkenly calling a gay AV company to apply as a gay actor, and the perfect guy he meets there is...?! Drawn by Zunda Mochiko-sensei, an exceptionally thorough private lesson!
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Sheep's Mask 3.8

Sheep's Mask

Chapter 12

407.9K Nov 21,22 Paskim

Enlisted to a hellish military life of sexual harrassment due to senior Yoo-hyuk. After seeing Yoo-hyuk's happy appearance on the Internet after being discharged from the military, a plan to kidnap him and take revenge is set!
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The man who can’t say no 3

The Man Who Can’T Say No

Chapter 1

407.1K Feb 24,23 LEE Pan

"You're going to do everything Sunbae ask you to do, aren't you? Today, I'm taking Sunbae's place." Woohyeon is really, really happy these days. Because he can cook and watch movies with Jeyoung... Isn't this just like a newlywed life? It bothers him that Jeyoung left home after having a fight with his older brother Jeyoon (a sunbae at work) but at the same time he feels happy because he can
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Ryouseika Majiwaru Unmei no Tsugai 4.4

Ryouseika Majiwaru Unmei No Tsugai

Chapter 24

406.2K Jul 15,23 Kirato Ruka

Aritoki's scent keeps getting stronger... And, his sweaty body, red face, and deep eyes draw Yuyu in deeper... Yuyu Kusakabe is a college student who wants to go into disexuality studies. After getting approval from her professor, she tries to become the assistant to fellow college student, Aritoki Ujyou, who's always cooped up in his lab, but he keeps turning her away. After repeated tries, Yuyu
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Yakuza wo Shibatte Ii desu ka 4.8

Yakuza Wo Shibatte Ii Desu Ka

Vol.1 Chapter 1

404.8K Jul 06,19 Suji

The rope artist Rui, in a sudden turn of events, started living with Natori, a yakuza of special circumstances. At first, Rui hesitated about living with a straight guy, but Natori was totally his type. Rui's reasoning and sexual desire are shaken when Natori was to act in the adult video he's working on! Can Rui control himself in the face of his heart'
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Niku Kyu! 4.7

Niku Kyu!

Ch.2.5 : Bath!! [End]

403.3K Apr 26,16 Miura Tadahiro

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Dear My Boy 3.8

Dear My Boy

Chapter 6

402K Mar 06,23 Saki , 紗嬉

Young Master Motoi lost his mother at a young age, just after Sumiya, a butler to the Nikaido Family, had been assigned to care for the Young Master. As a result, Young Master Motoi becomes attached to Sumiya and eventually asks him to wear a maid's dress. Sumiya kindly complies with the Young Master's wishes up until Motoi is sent to boarding school. The first few days were hard for Sumiya, and t
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Otona no Jikan 4.9

Otona No Jikan

Vol.5 Ch.16 : Living Together

396.5K Jan 21,16 Yamada Komomo

From Lovers Dream: Alone and dumped outside of a love hotel, Mitsuka finds herself caught by the last person she wants to see--her school counselor and teacher, Kaga-sensei! Instead of turning her in, Kaga-sensei wants an interview. It turns out he's an erotic novelist, and he's looking for just the right dose of high school girl reality for his latest work. Kaga makes it clear their relationship
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Itte Owarina Wakeganai 4

Itte Owarina Wakeganai

Chapter 12

395.7K Feb 10,23 Komeoka Shigu

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What A Girl Wants 3.4

What A Girl Wants

Chapter 11

395.7K Dec 07,23 Team Chijeupote

After six years of life as an author, Yoon Seri hits a new hurdle: writer's block. Determined to overcome it, she sets her sights on a new genre, R-rated literature, only to find that her lack of experience is holding her back. Her search for a sexual sensei leads her to Lee Siyoon, a man willing to show her the ropes in more ways than one. But after her first taste of sexual liberty, she finds sh
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Yumemiru Koto 4.1

Yumemiru Koto

Vol.1 Ch.7

393.7K Jan 21,16 Hoshino Lily

From Aerandria Scans: Princess Olga has been putting off her marriage for a long time by setting her suitors to impossible tasks and requiring rare gifts. What she loves most of all are magic objects and one day she discovers a bracelet which allows her to slip into a different world. That world seems to be very different from hers, but it turns out she had more in common with the bronze-skinne
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Ore No Virgine ha Uttenai 4.2

Ore No Virgine Ha Uttenai

Chapter 6

389.6K Feb 11,23 Tsunashi Kuo

Except for sex, Ritsu will do anything for money. One night, his customer insists on having intercourse. As Ritsu runs away from him, he encounters Koh. The stranger's smoking hot but has a somewhat forbidding look. Koh decides to rent Ritsu and takes him to a hotel room where he commands him to take off his clothes one by one. Sensing Koh's heated eyes on him, Ritsu gets horny... which clearly sh
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Bye Bye (Doo Down) 3.2

Bye Bye (Doo Down)

Chapter 15

388.9K Aug 04,23 Sorim , Wild Cat , Doo Down

Seoyu is an extremely recessive omega who can't believe his luck when he meets an extremely dominant alpha named Sunghoon Choi. This alpha has it all, even if he might be a gang leader! Seoyu intends to enjoy their fling for as long as he can because that's all it is, right? Sunghoon can't possibly be interested in being Seoyu's boyfriend. However, he does boyfriend-like things, like having meals
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Taberarechaukei Danshi 4.7

Taberarechaukei Danshi

Vol.1 Chapter 6

387.7K Nov 01,19 Souta Narazaki

In the corner of an office building there is a certain stall-village — the “Lunch Garden” — where Haruto runs a curry stall. <br>Yashima, his rival, runs a soup curry stall; a good-looking man with excellent skills, whose stall is always flocked with female customers. Self-conscious Haruto picks fights with him non-stop whenever they meet. Suddenly, due to certain cir
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Abnormal Rommate 3.8

Abnormal Rommate

Chapter 28

384.8K Dec 07,23 Lee Sohan , Yeon Yura

Lee Robin and Nam Hangyul were childhood friends. They haven't seen each other since elementary school; but when they both get accepted to the same university, their mothers suggest they become roommates, offering a seemingly perfect solution. However, Hangyul, who discovered his true sexual orientation due to Robin's influence in their childhood, worries about potential awkwardness. To his surpri
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Tsuyoki Na Dotei Ha Etchi Ni Yowai 4

Tsuyoki Na Dotei Ha Etchi Ni Yowai

Chapter 7

384.4K Dec 24,22 Bando

not found...
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Honey? Beast! 4

Honey? Beast!

Notice. : Officials

383.9K Oct 27,23 铅笔盒3号

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Oni to Majiwaru Oumagatoki Dame Nandomo Surikomanaide 2.9

Oni To Majiwaru Oumagatoki Dame Nandomo Surikomanaide

Chapter 27

383.8K Nov 01,23 Mizuiro Aki

You can feel it, right? It's spreading through your body every time I thrust into you. Why does he look exactly like he did several years ago? For a photo shoot, Arisa has come deep into the forest. To this place where she was saved by a certain man a long time ago... Right before the shoot, she gets into a fight with her fellow models and ends up mortally wounded. As her consciousness d
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The Eternal Spark of Our Love 2.6

The Eternal Spark Of Our Love

Chapter 6

383.2K Oct 10,23 Mon Inoe , Inoemon

Mao Sugaya and Eishi Kaida have married through Japan's LGBT partnership system, and moved to the US together for Mao's film shoot and Eishi's rehabilitation. Their new life is wonderful, and while Eishi's fingertips aren't quite ready to play guitar again, he's asked to perform at a club when hanging with some friends. When a video of the show starts trending on social media under Eishi's name, h
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Love Trap「Official」 3.5

Love Trap「Official」

Chapter 37

382.3K Nov 28,23 Rayuan

not found...
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Princess Is Not a Boy 3.7

Princess Is Not A Boy

Chapter 10: Distressed Demon King

381.4K Oct 23,19 San Xian Yi Mian

There was a piece of big news in the world of demon- Demon Princess fleeing the marriage? ! An ordinary teenager had the ability to let the monsters change their gender at will, and this ability could actually save the demon world! The story of fun, passion, affect, and romance now began!
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Sasaki, ore wa amakunai kara na. 4.1

Sasaki, Ore Wa Amakunai Kara Na.

Chapter 19

381.4K Jul 26,23 Yoji

Yui Sasaki is a closet fangirl who lives for the 2D world and its hotties. She daydreams about love and wants nothing more than to experience a beautiful romance, but she's never had a boyfriend before. One day, her strict boss Kazuki Takase finds out that she's been listening to a kinky CD and says something absolutely unforgivable! He tells Yui that love is meaningless which greatly angers her.
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Sex Shitakedo, Sukijanai 3

Sex Shitakedo, Sukijanai

Chapter 6.5

379.6K Feb 15,23 Yan

a beautiful older man, Kamisaka. As they spend time together, he is charmed by him, and on their final night, a sweet invitation incites him to embrace him fiercely. Kamisaka treats him as a one night stand, and Genta is about to give up when they reunite at university after returning to their home country. After boldly confessing to him, Kamisaka says, “It’s alright if we’re sex friends,” and kis
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