Iiko no Furi wa mou Yameru 4.4

Iiko No Furi Wa Mou Yameru

5 [End] : 5 [End]

691,621 Apr 10,21 Azutaka

Souta's peeved that he came second in a college pageant, but it has more to do with just who he lost to: everybody's prince, the handsome, diligent, nice-guy Natsuki. In his frustration, Souta's teasing goes just a little too far, and Natsuki snaps. Any regrets are soon forgotten in the face of pleasure, though. Souta ends up underneath Natsuki - inside Natsuki - and neither of them can do a
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Foie Gras & Beef Bowl 4.4

Foie Gras & Beef Bowl

Chapter 8 [End]

308,787 Nov 05,19 Masakazu Ooi

A meal date of a super princess and a poor man!<br><br>Hokura Group's young lady, Bimi-san, and the salaried worker and farmer of a small company have a completely different sense of money, but they are a loving couples without worrying about that.<br>They are always happy to eat foie gras, beef bowls, high-quality yakiniku, izakaya yakitori, but as the relationship deepens,
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Shokkan Harassment 4.5

Shokkan Harassment

Chapter 1

200,743 Nov 02,19 Shimahokke

Yajima, a project lead in the design department, is swamped with work by Mita, his newly arrived boss from hell. Every day, he doesn’t even have enough time to eat a meal! When he becomes unable to endure his empty stomach and starts having snacks at his desk, Mita orders that snacking during work hours is prohibited! Yajima takes offence at this unreasonable
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Do I Smell? 4.1

Do I Smell?

Chapter 2

272,878 Nov 02,19 Ripe Banana

The story of Ji Hojae, who was cursed with an unidentifiable smell, and his friend who's followed him like a sunflower for 10 years, Han Geonwoo. Because of a strange professor, Hojae begins to feel self-conscious and suspicious of Geonwoo, as though he has never known him before. Soon, he ends up having a very lewd dream, however...
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Fetish BL Anthology 4.2

Fetish Bl Anthology

Vol.6 Chapter 5: Unfixable (End)

352,718 Nov 02,19 Various Artists

Your "thing" is making me unable to hold back! It's an all out fetish story collection! 1. Ms. Margaret's Secret Workshop Story: Oreun Yong Satang Art: Yoolseo Description: ... 2. Love and Fever Story/Art: Yeo-Ing Description: Junwoo was asked by his lover, Hayun, to fill in for him for his part-time job. But, Junwoo felt th
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Water Memories 4.5

Water Memories

Chapter 5: Paradise Game (End)

190,709 Oct 18,19 Yaya Sakuragi

1) The Memory of Water Shiina is an ex-swimmer who is now a chain-smoking high school teacher. He's tried to leave his swimming past behind him, but upright student Kadokura won't let that happen. 2) Forecast of Life's Springtime Minori is the son of professional gardeners and he's sick to death of flowers! Gardening club student Shoutarou kills everything
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Damsel in Debt 3.3

Damsel In Debt

Chapter 4

761,691 Oct 06,19 Towaka

Sayaka will do anything to help out the relatives who took her in after she became an orphan. When the restaurant owned by those relatives is about to be taken away because of debt troubles, Sayaka herself becomes the new collateral for the restaurant in order to get an extension on their loan repayment deadline…on the condition that she serve as the new “plaything” for Subaru,
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Ojisan to Ore no Koiwazurai 4.3

Ojisan To Ore No Koiwazurai

Vol.1 Chapter 1

371,473 Aug 02,19 Hino Youhe

Since Kaname was a young boy, he's shared a secret with his uncle Takashi: That both of them are gay. He takes it upon himself to cheer his uncle up whenever his heart gets broken. Though after not seeing him for ten years, Kaname seems to have fallen right back into this role. Except, only one thing has changed...his feelings. He comoforts his uncle so many times, but after his feelings build
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All For 9900 Won 4

All For 9900 Won

Chapter 10

551,026 Apr 05,21 Yayamee

After finally finding a job, Myeongwoo ends up being ordered to present his company's new products as a door-to-door salesman. While doing his rounds, he meets what appears to be the snobby employee of a huge and very important company, who turns down Myeongwoo's "excellent chinese-made digital camera, fresh off the line!" After drinking his sorrow
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Kindan 2.9


Vol.2 Chapter 9.5

449,563 Jun 17,19 OSAKABE Mashin

The young orphan Moeko is hopelessly in love with her cousin and guardian, Mariya. What about Mariya? How does he feel about Moeko? Passion, obsession, and forbidden love: A highly dangerous combination. In the Kindan seies: V.1 - Himitsu no Hanazono (Secret Garden) V.2 - Ano Natsunohi no Rakuen (Summer Paradise) V.3 - Sono Ude no Naka no Tengoku
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Daisuki Dakara Ijimetai! 4.7

Daisuki Dakara Ijimetai!

Vol.1 Chapter 4

565,525 Jun 30,19 Aomoto Sari

One morning, university student Hinamori wakes up butt-naked hugging his best friend, Tachibana. What's worse: the fully composed Tachibana says, "You were so cute last night," along with other suggestive stuff, putting Hinamori into full panic mode! From that day on, no matter how desperately Hinamori holds off from crossing that last line, the natura
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Aijin Incubus 4.3

Aijin Incubus

Vol.1 Chapter 4

448,334 May 30,19 Shinba Rize

Fujimaru is your average adolescent boy - horny and girl-crazed. Like many boys his age, he enjoys spending ‘alone time’ in the bathroom with erotic magazines, doing… you know. Unlike many boys his age, Fujimaru has a demon incubus, Rei, lurking about his house. Rei wants nothing more than to feed off of Fujimaru’s perverted mind! Now Fujima
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Sexy Guardian 4.2

Sexy Guardian

Vol.2 Chapter 8.5: Sexy Guardian Returns

254,334 May 22,19 SHINJO Mayu

Juuna's uncle gets her to enroll in the school where he's principal. The only problem is that it's an all boys school! With all those rabid guys around, Juuna needs someone to protect her. In comes Shibuki to be her bodyguard...but Juuna wants him to do more to her body than just guard it! The side story of volume 2 is called 'Sexy Guardian Returns'.
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Anata ni Tsunagaretai 4.1

Anata Ni Tsunagaretai

Vol.1 Chapter 4: Painful Love

271,002 May 22,19 Shinjo Mayu

Story 1) I Want to Be Bound by You Ayuna comes to visit her brother at the hotel where he works, but a case of mistaken identity leads her into the royal suite and the arms of Takano, a handsome young businessman. He's Daidou Corporation's ruthless behind-the-scenes manipulator who handles all of its dirty work. Nothing gives him more pleasure than corrupting that which is pure, and.
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Wet Dream 4.6

Wet Dream

Chapter 2 [End]

233,360 Apr 17,19 Yalgae

A hot demon appeared in my dream! What's a guy to do?
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Nadeshiko Changes 4.5

Nadeshiko Changes

Chapter 5: Sweet Home [End]

2,821,860 Apr 08,19 EBA

The protagonist, Kotaro lives together with his 3 sexy step-sisters. *PLEASE refrain from changing the tags and category to Hentai.
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Happy End na Kataomoi 3.8

Happy End Na Kataomoi

Vol.1 Chapter 3: Koisuru Sekai No Katsumi De

162,641 Mar 13,19 Ueda Miwa, Sakurai Machiko, Mikimoto Rin, Hinachi Nao, Masumino Aya, Mochitsuki Kaoko

A collection of short love stories: 1. Love Charge by UEDA Miwa 2. Love Talk by SAKURAI Machiko 3. Koisuru Sekai no Katsumi de by MIKIMOTO Rin 4. Academic Rubber by HINACHI Nao 5. My Dangerous Serious Boyfriend by MASUMINO Aya 6. Confession Box by MOCHITSUKI Kaoko
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Shinobi no Onna 3.5

Shinobi No Onna

Vol.1 Chapter 1

74,860 Mar 03,19 Kayono

Another collection of short stories by Kayono involving strange worlds. 1) Secretly a Woman (Shinobi no Onna) - By day she's an ambiguous high school girl, but by night...she transforms into a super-hot male host (gigolo)! Yes, Yuka is "Secretly a Woman," but then a woman named Renka comes to the host club and steals both her body and her heart...!? 2)
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Iberiko Buta to Koi no Dorei 4.5

Iberiko Buta To Koi No Dorei

Vol.2 Chapter 9.5: Bonus Chapter

428,376 Jan 31,21 Shoowa

This is a sequel to Genji and Yoshimune's story in Love and Camelia which tells about Genji's one-sided feelings towards Yoshimune (they are both part of Irie's crew).
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Welcome to the Intimate Night 4.6

Welcome To The Intimate Night

Chapter 3

508,600 Sep 22,20 Gob

Leo is left for dead after a robber stabs him with a knife and runs away. But, up until the very moment he passes out, he keeps a firm grasp on his desire to live. He wakes up in someone else’s bed, and he finds out that he was saved by Owen Bentley, a popular celebrity. He also finds out that Owen is a vampire— and that he had to turn Leo into a vampire in order to save him! But
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Choukyou Kakusei BL 4.6

Choukyou Kakusei Bl

Vol.1 Chapter 2: Rinjin Choukyou Ecstasy - Mochiko Zunda

491,297 Feb 15,19 Anthology, Matsumoto Noda, Zundamochiko, Azumaya Kaya, Naruse Kazusa, Seina Anji, Tanakamori Yokota, Kashima Kotaru, Tokishiba, Maiji, Psyche Delico

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Glamorous Lip 4

Glamorous Lip

Vol.1 Chapter 6: Ma Chérie

335,299 Nov 05,20 YANAO Rock

1) Love is Here Hina, a 20-year-old assistant to a photographer, has always admired Kouzuki, a beautiful model. He wants nothing more than to be his stylist, but Kouzuki has other ideas. 2) Music Hour Taka, bass player for an up-and-coming band, has always liked the boy who works the concession stand at the live house, Shibuya Juice. But then Hina, Taka's friend, comes
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Koibana - Kono Yuuwaku ni wa Katenai! Best 6 3.3

Koibana - Kono Yuuwaku Ni Wa Katenai! Best 6

Vol.1 Chapter 6: Renai Sensou (By Sugi Emiko)

272,427 Jan 22,19 Doumoto Nao, Kayono, Miyasaka Kaho, Shimaki Ako, Sugi Emiko, Watanabe Shiho

1. Real Kiss by Miyasaka Kaho The player, Fujikawa Mitsuki, likes to tease Haruna. One day their cell phones get switched. What will happen next? (Also published in volume "Real Kiss" as the first story.) 2. Body Talk by Doumoto Nao Yuuri falls in love at first sight with Shingo, a basketball player from another school. From that moment on, she pursues him
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Fuck Buddy 4.1

Fuck Buddy

Vol.1 Chapter 2

577,828 Jan 15,19 Hinako

A slutty friend ends up developing a love of anal!? Ryo, who possesses a higher-than-average libido, used to sleep with women he didn't know. His only other sex-obsessed friend, Akanishi, has threesomes on a nightly basis. Two men with strong libido awaken to the meaning of love.
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