Stack Overflow 2.7

Stack Overflow

Chapter 43

205,217 May 10,22 Pilhyo

.If you become a game tester, not only money but you'll also be given a vacation?But participate in such virtual game had led him into an unexpected accident. Gowoon, who have just barely open his eyes, received a mysterious notification."Would you like to start a new game?"A game that has invaded reality!! Who's the other party that'll be with me till the end...!!?! +
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Motto Teikou shite kure yo 3

Motto Teikou Shite Kure Yo

Chapter 19

110,197 May 10,22 Otomi, Chisa

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Kyuuketsuki no Inshitsuai 4.2

Kyuuketsuki No Inshitsuai

Chapter 5

161,877 Apr 12,22 Sakura Omi , Natsuki

[Batoto Scans]For a hundred years, I waited for you...The moment Kio meets her new company director, Haruomi, she feels a strong aching from within her body.He sweetly seduces her while kissing her neck relentlessly. The days of a neverending piercing sensation, gasping and moaning in pleasure.While drowning in his love, she recalls the memories of her previous life, "Haruomi" crying while holding
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The One Under The Wing 2.6

The One Under The Wing

Chapter 8

73,028 Apr 04,22 Bbaek-oh

Incubus Jeong-hyeok, who was starving without being able to gain vitality due to insensitivity, tasted the new world at one night with a man he met at a club he went to without much expectation. It was playboy Seohee?! I was forced to become a sex partners, but I don't know how far this man is going! +
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Queen Bee 1.4

Queen Bee

Chapter 219

2,432,614 May 16,22 Updating

Will Junie be able to touch Darla the way Darla touches him?
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Pfeos 2.4


Chapter 34

161,301 Apr 19,22 Dips

.Webtoonization of , a web novel of the same name! "Adar" the escaped slave. Arriving at the port, Adar finds a ship to take him to the south. However, he only has a body and a few coins... Adar, who has no place to return, gets aboard on a boat on the condition of becoming a "women" where he meets the captain, Claude Weil.
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Hwanghyeon Text 4

Hwanghyeon Text

Chapter 36

460,349 May 12,22 Chepali

.The main character has the ability to read other people's thoughts and feelings as written text. But for the first time in his life, a man whose thoughts and feelings that he couldn't see appeared. This is the beginning of a mysterious relationship between 2 men who are intensely attracted to each other.
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Dark Fall 4

Dark Fall

Chapter 19.2 : Chapter 19.2

405,267 May 09,22 Darulung

Leon, who reigned as the ruler of Darkfall, loses power for an unknown reason. Those who support him begin to reveal their strong sexual desires and nature to give birth to a new king to replace him +
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I can hear it without a microphone 2.1

I Can Hear It Without A Microphone

Notice. : Please Solve The Duplicate Ch.

1,932,160 May 12,22 [알버트 ]albert [ 양은지 ] Yang Eun Ji

.The man next door has innocent + sexy + potato + bagel body.It's the perfect ideal type, but the first button was put in the wrong place due to the wrong delivery.One day, Apostle Won learned that Seolbeom was a sexy BJ!Can the passionate fan Sado-won and Sekbang BJ Seol-beom become an exhilarating relationship beyond the wall? +
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Hana and the Beast Man 4.2

Hana And The Beast Man

Chapter 16

981,029 Feb 09,22 Chihiro Yuzuki:ache

"How'd you get in here, human?"A large wall has always stood between humans and the beast people. Hana accidently finds a hole in the wall and sneaks in, only to get lost. She meets Sana, who pins her down using his large frame. Hana trembles as Sana interrogates her with sharp eyes, demanding to know her purpose inside the wall. She can't escape! But, even though she's been
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Dream Sign 3.2

Dream Sign

Chapter 40 : End

570,750 Apr 27,22 Woonseok

For some reason, ordinary college student Han Gyeom has gained the ability to have lucid dreams. In these dreams, Han Gyeom has relations with his unrequited love, Leejoon. When this happens, the content of the dreams is actually shared with Leejoon. This causes him a lot of confusion regarding his own identity, when he happens to meet Gyeom at the bar where the latter works. Leejoon finds out tha
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Eyes clouded by the tiger 3.4

Eyes Clouded By The Tiger

Chapter 53

1,445,305 May 13,22 Brothers Without A Tomorrow

.Ahn Geumhu, the eldest son of the Ahn household, needed the blood of livestock for his younger brother's medicine, and so set out to find a pariah familiar with butchery.In the process, he ended up meeting a nameless pariah with a unique appearance.He gave that man, who was already famous on the streets, the name 'Beom', and brought him into his house to utilize his ambiguous charisma
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In Your Eyes 2.9

In Your Eyes

Chapter 49

42,721 Mar 21,22 Down

.Junghyun has a unsociable personality. He shows a strong passion for art in the workshop where hes first introduced to a man named Park Ho. One day when he wasn't the only one, he could feel a burning gaze...
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My Calypso 2.8

My Calypso

Chapter 38

200,814 May 15,22 Fairytale

This is my first translated manhwa.I hope you'll like it
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Seashell boy 2.9

Seashell Boy

Chapter 50.5

1,505,852 Mar 20,22 Ing-ging

Dooshik is in a bind. After making off with the takings from the gay bar where he worked, he seeks refuge in a small, coastal town. As his funds dwindle, he desperately needs a way to make ends meet. Still, a boy's gotta eat! So he dives into a clam house to satisfy his cravings. But with no money to pay, he dashes off leaving Jooha, the server, to foot the bill. Later on, when Dooshik returns to
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Sexual Exploits 4.1

Sexual Exploits

Chapter 75 - The End

7,993,740 Dec 28,21

.Ever dreamed about your friend's wife? How about a charming masseur, or a MILF who's hired you as a tutor? In Sexual Exploits, an array of characters share their juiciest sexual experiences. Toeing the line between reality and fantasy, these stories will pull you in real, real close
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What's Going On? 4.1

What's Going On?

Chapter 138

3,844,091 Mar 22,22 Minguk23

.Friends since middle school, Yipeul and Dawoon rekindle their friendship after Yipeul returns from military deployment. To celebrate Yipeul's return, Dawoon plans a surpriseshe waits for him in his closet with some birthday cake one night. The surprise is on her, however, when Yipeul comes home, takes off his pants, and starts masturbating while calling her name. Will the two be able to go back t
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Nukita L - I live on an island straight from a fap game, what on earth should I do? 3.8

Nukita L - I Live On An Island Straight From A Fap Game, What On Earth Should I Do?

Chapter 3: A Fucking Good Reverse-Rape

767,331 Dec 28,21 Mame Oji Tan,Qruppo

Indigo island is a place like no other, to deter emigration and attract tourism they have become the 'sex' destination as residents are punished if they are not have having frequent sex! On this crazy island, Hitori Misaki is still at school and one of the rare virgins trying to keep her secret and find love in such a lewd environment! The manga is based on the adult game "Nukitashi - Is this isla
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Take Off Your Clothes For Me! 3.7

Take Off Your Clothes For Me!

Chapter 11: Fateful Showdown! Virgin Slut Vs Clueless Slut! Sluts Are Pretty Cool~♪

481,565 Mar 27,22 Kurou

The shy girl, Ninose Shizuk, is a high schooler who makes a living out of drawing adult oriented manga. Every day, in order to survive, she puts her heart working on it, until she encountered a certain problem...
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Suzuki-Kun is peeping. 4.4

Suzuki-Kun Is Peeping.

Chapter 9

3,429,858 Mar 05,22 Yukino

A high-school boy, while sleeping in school, saw a dream in which a girl proposes to him, and then a goddess pops out and grants him something special. The girl from her dream happens to be his classmate sharing the same family name – “Suzuki”. After that, he finds out that he got a special app on his mobile which lets him see other girl thoughts!? Satou-kun is Peeping(Prequel)
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Longtime Red Mall 3

Longtime Red Mall

Chapter 43

1,293,683 Jul 09,21 Kjk

Ready for a fresh start in life, Gunho opens up a sex toy shop in the countryside. He hopes to find a life of peace and quiet, away from his past as a notorious gangster, but his initial visions come crumbling down when the shop turns out to be a surprise hit. Gunho must now learn how to deal with curious customers and delve into the even more curious world of sex toys. With the help of Yeon
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Where the Wind Stays [MATURE] 4.4

Where The Wind Stays [Mature]

Chapter 74

2,849,424 May 12,22 Yusa

To break an ancient curse that plagues the royal bloodline, young Prince Tasara is destined to be sacrificed in death. Nara is enlisted as a palace servant to carry out the prince's execution when the time comes. But he develops a soft spot for the cursed prince, and after committing an atrocious and unforgivable act against Tasara, Nara is desperate to right his wrongs. Soon, their lascivio
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Blind Play 4.5

Blind Play

Chapter 21 : Creator Note

3,360,514 Jun 22,21 Yd / Like

If life's a game, then Ah-in's always been a loser. Growing up in an orphanage left him poor and emotionally scarred, but now he's determined to bypass the rat race and get rich quick. In his job as a gay masseur, Ah-in has a unique selling point: he pretends to be blind, offering his wealthy, powerful clients total confidentiality. One such client is Seo Ilmo, a mystery novelist with a spot
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Crash Into Me 3.7

Crash Into Me

Chapter 48 : Side Story [The End]

1,214,434 May 08,21 Re-run

Seung-chan is stressed. He has enough on his plate with the long hours at work, and now he can't even get any rest at home! Every night, the lustful moaning and violent banging from the apartment upstairs keeps him awake. Just as he's at his wits' end, he chances upon the gorgeous, enigmatic Hyesung outside his building. Surely all those filthy sounds couldn't be coming from
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