HonoSuto! ~Gouenji no Hitorigoto~ 4

Honosuto! ~Gouenji No Hitorigoto~

Chapter 82: Kappa And Gouenji 3

33.8K Aug 22,22 Miho Asada

An official *Inazuma Eleven* spin-off manga focusing on the casual daily life of Gouenji Shuuya, known as the "Flame Ace Striker" and shows what the cool collected Gouenji is thinking about.
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Dive 4


Chapter 4

18.8K Jun 18,22 yeonpil

Due to an incident years ago, Youngwan became a swimmer who has a phobia of water. After giving up swimming to live a normal college life, he met Sunwoo, an honor student majoring in piano who made an absurd request...
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Inazuma Eleven: Baku Gaidenshuu 5

Inazuma Eleven: Baku Gaidenshuu

Vol.1 Chapter 5: The Fated Battle Looms!

15.2K Jul 06,22 Koshita Tetsuhiro

The first volume features different stories about the original cast's training sessions and special techniques. It fills in gaps that were never explained before and offers a new point of view about some in-game scenes. The second volume recreates the world seen in the videogame "Inazuma Eleven Strikers" for Wii, from the point of view of Inazuma Japan. It features many characters from
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Goddamn 3.3


Vol.1 Chapter 3: Stage 3 | Survival Chaser ③

12.8K Jul 11,22 Shintani Kaoru

Gen Todoroki, a talented but accident-prone rally driver, gets offered a contract deal from a big-shot car company—and the deal comes with a chance to prove himself in the world of rally racing. However, the road there is bumpy and rife with tough competitors...
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Grander Musashi 5

Grander Musashi

Vol.1 Chapter 3: Glowing Eyes! Monster In The Water!!

9.1K Oct 19,22 Takashi Teshirogi

Musashi and his father move from Tokyo to the countryside, much to Musashi’s disappointment. One night, however, he comes across the fisherman Jim, and after seeing his skill is inspired to learn fishing himself. He shows a marvelous talent and takes trips with his new friends, Mio and Suguru, to many places around the world in search of incredible fish. Through fishing, Musashi comes to enjoy liv
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Tondari Hanetari 3.8

Tondari Hanetari

Chapter 13.5

5.4K Nov 27,22 Shinomiya Shino

Togawa Manabu was invited to join the badminton club by his senior, Takasu Eiji, who was one year ahead of him. Takasu declared that he would be playing doubles with Togawa, who was a beginner at badminton. However, it was Komatsu, an experienced badminton player, who had objected to this. Thus, sparking a fight over Takasu! Upon the stage of the frolic and sometimes dispirited badminton club, th
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