Half of Me 4.4

Half Of Me

Chapter 12

8.2K Nov 28,22 Samk , Juhan

A car accident leaves both Taekin, a high school outcast, and Heechan, a business owner, in the hospital. But Heechan has no time to sit around and enjoy his hospital bed. If he doesn’t get up and make sure his clients get their products, his business will be in jeopardy! There’s just one problem. After the accident, he now inhabits the body of this high school kid every day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
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Make way, Meiou-sama Coming Through! 4.7

Make Way, Meiou-Sama Coming Through!

Chapter 7

95.1K Nov 28,22 Kikuchi Nan,Toma Yugimaru

Osamu, a young man who died at a young age due to an incurable illness. His second life was to drift as a "spirit (demon)" in an unknown world! Osamu, who is hated by humans and unreasonably deprived of his "life," hopes that he "does not want to die anymore." At that time, he gained the power of "life-sucking" that feeds on the vitality of others. In addition, he will resist the approaching "deat
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Hello, My Wolf 3.5

Hello, My Wolf

Chapter 30

15.7K Dec 03,22 Yu Yan Wen Hua (欲言文化) , 莹飞漫业

Werewolf President x Vampire President, who does not know, X City's two largest company's president is a vampire and the other a werewolf, not only that, the two grew up together. In order to be able to catch up with his beloved vampire, the werewolf volunteer to become a vampire assistant and slave, only for the success of the pursuit of his wife, color and taboo urban love began...
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Three Exorcism Siblings 4.5

Three Exorcism Siblings

Chapter 7: Grade 1

30K Nov 24,22 Shinta Harekawa

"I'll become the strongest sacrifice!" Mamoru Yamaemori, a priest detested by the people who consider him to be "cursed". However there is another side to him: he exorcises "Tengu", monsters that enter into mountains and eat people. He is not rewarded, as he is instead burdened with the fate of an untimely death. The only people he could count on for support were his younger brothers... This is
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Destroy Everything 4.7

Destroy Everything

Chapter 9: Goddess Of Destruction Studies

28.9K Nov 24,22 Sai Yamagishi,Heji Teito

After a fierce battle, the Goddess of Destruction and the hero hit each other and were destroyed…… Time passes, and the Goddess of Destruction resurrected as a high school girl in the present day. For some reason, her twin brother is a hero who resurrected before her?! A new sensation of mysterious destruction family comedy begins proudly……!!
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Romancing Apoptosis Doll: Sartain in Love 4.6

Romancing Apoptosis Doll: Sartain In Love

Chapter 8: A Human Like A Doll

28.9K Dec 01,22 Kagisora Tomiyaki

A love toy doll that is equipped with autonomous AI and behaves like a human being. They were forbidden to "love". If you fall in love, the doll will be stupid. Still, they like someone. Is love a human privilege, or is it Science fantasy of dolls in love.
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Wanting to Cry, I Pretend to Be a Cat 4.3

Wanting To Cry, I Pretend To Be A Cat

Chapter 2

15.1K Nov 19,22 Kuromaru Kyousuke

Miyo "Muge" Sasaki, a peculiar second-year junior high student who has fallen in love with her classmate Kento Hinode. She resolutely pursues Hinode every day, but he takes no notice of her. Nevertheless, while carrying a secret she can tell no one, Muge continues to pursue Hinode. Muge discovers a magic mask that allows her to transform into a cat named Tarō. The magic lets Muge get close to Hino
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Cosmic Censorship 4.7

Cosmic Censorship

Chapter 8.5: Intermission 01 - Makino Maki Eats Parfait

53.8K Dec 02,22 Sadamatsu Ryuuichi

The future cannot be changed! In 2019, former track and field club member Maki Makino meets a mysterious man with sunglasses on her way to school who saves her life. That encounter connects her to her past and future... Presented with overwhelming power, a 'boy meets girl' story opens here with unpredictable results!
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The Character From My Novel, Came To Find Me? 4.1

The Character From My Novel, Came To Find Me?

Chapter 15

60.1K Nov 30,22 风行漫画

Qin Ge, just an ordinary novelist, lives a leisurely life. Until he meets a fan and it turns out that his fan is a character from a novel he created!
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Crazy, A Three-Year-Old Sect Master?! 4.2

Crazy, A Three-Year-Old Sect Master?!

Chapter 7

82.9K Dec 02,22 BOOM工作室

The Sword God Jian ZiQi, proved his way of the sword, cultivated the heavens and practiced his 9 heavenly series and ascended to a golden immortal, but in the secret realm he was ambushed by hundreds of golden immortals, and eventually died. Before he died, Jian ZiQi was able to reincarnate, and was reborn as the 3 year old everlasting sect master!
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Our Resident Exorcist 4.1

Our Resident Exorcist

Chapter 12

70.1K Dec 02,22 BaStards

“Trinity Tower” is a high-rise multi-purpose condominium. Emitting strong evil energy, this place has been the shrine for the devils, providing them with evil power and pleasure. At the same time, there couldn’t be a better trap for an exorcist to capture these devils. Sowol, the legendary exorcist, is dispatched to this condo. Or, we could say he is “locked up” in Trinity Tower as a punishment fo
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The Way the Mage Faces Death 4.4

The Way The Mage Faces Death

Chapter 39

205.2K Nov 26,22 Ju Eunseol, Park JEFF

For the past 300 years, Ente has fought against the dragon, Caliesto, as the reigning Magnus. When she finally slays her nemesis, she welcomes death with open arms, hoping to meet her beloved teacher in the afterlife. But instead of finally gaining the eternal rest she has long yearned for, she opens her eyes in the body of Melissa Tiony, the richest bachelorette in the empire. Ente realizes th
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A Very Normal Ending 4.3

A Very Normal Ending

Chapter 24

20K Nov 19,22 Yoo Chang-jae

The matchmaker meets her match! Sayoung Lee is a travel consultant who helps others find their soulmates while they're visiting new places. Though she has no interest in finding a love of her own, her whole world is turned upside-down when the mysterious and hunky Seowan shows up in this riotous rom-com!
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Chapter 53

62.8K Nov 18,22 KennyComics , Silentmaru

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Tomorrow 4.5


Chapter 57

28.1K Nov 26,22

Now a major adaptation on streaming. Junwung, an unemployed college graduate, slips into a coma when he accidentally falls off of a bridge. While he's in a comatose state, he gets an offer from the crisis response team of the underworld company Flashback to temporarily join their team. If he accepts this offer, he could wake up early from the coma and even get rid of the karma from his past life t
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Crush and Burn 3.9

Crush And Burn

Chapter 40

160.2K Nov 27,22 Chilyong

.Ken's life is ordinary. He's a former orphan, he works as a server in a pub, and he lives on the outskirts of Aman, a religious nation free from the influence of vampires. Then one day, Ken is bitten and cursed by a vampire, and is only saved from certain death by Agia Frederick, a powerful disciple of the Church. However, freeing Ken from his curse requires a physical intimacy with Agia, who see
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The Art of Taming A Tiger 4.8

The Art Of Taming A Tiger

Chapter 74

92.6K Nov 17,22 Kom

.Yoonjae lives in an old villa and on his way out one day, he accidentally falls on some boxes in the hallway owned by Beomjin who is moving into a unit downstairs. This is where the soul calling bell entwines itself on Yoonjae's wrist and from that day on, he started hearing weird sounds and seeing strange apparitions. A few days later, Beomjin realizes that the bell is on Yoonjae so he visits hi
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Akatsuki Jihen 3.8

Akatsuki Jihen

Chapter 9: Initiation

66.6K Nov 22,22 Chigusa Ichihara

The Sukaku (Zhu He) family is a distinguished line of shamans that protects mankind from divine beasts. Our protagonist, Mutsuki, (Wang Yue) bears a promising future while his sister Uzuki (Chu Yue) completely lacks the capability to use any spiritual techniques. "You are not a child of Sukaku if you are not a shaman." Bound by those antiquated customs, Uzuki is forbidden from leaving the house. A
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Dairoku Sense 4.2

Dairoku Sense

Chapter 4: Live Like A Dead Person

8.8K Oct 26,22 Chihiro Nagato

Rui Yotsubaki, a famous illusionist, is an outspoken and intractable person. Sumire Shirohara is a policewoman with superhuman strength that will leave you with opened mouth. Fortunately or not, the meeting of resembling fire and water duo results in solving difficult cases thanks to Rui's ability to "feel the five senses of the dead"!
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Kawazuya 4.5


Chapter 8: Waterslide

92.2K Nov 28,22 Kanitan

At some point in time, somewhere, there is a place called “Kawazuya”. Won't you come enjoy the beauty of the everyday life of the shop owner, a frog with a smiling face and large body, and Yuu, a high school girl and part-timer?
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Milky Way Customer Service Department 3.6

Milky Way Customer Service Department

Chapter 3: First Time Inside The Travelers' District

27.9K Oct 26,22 2396 Studio

Shen Zhongyi, an ordinary high school student, accidentally discovered that the girl he liked was an alien and also a staff member of the Galaxy Customer Service Department. The department responds to various incidents caused by tourists (aliens living on the earth), and "solve" the problem with the people who now are involved (delete memories, tamper with memories, and even destroy their bodies).
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Chemy (manhwa) 4.3

Chemy (Manhwa)

Chapter 36

192.3K Oct 27,22 Minsoo

Chemy manhwa, My life was insignificant 'til I took part in a suspicious clinical trial for a new drug. "This drug is able to contain all knowledge made possible by molecular biology." Han Jungwoo was able to overcome the 1 of 10,000 odds and the drug took effect. "Please join us in KG Chemical, Mr. Han Jungwoo." I didn't know taking that one drug could turn my whole li
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