The Window of Orpheus 3.7

The Window Of Orpheus

Vol.4 Chapter 20: Isaac's Future (Part1)

33.3K Jan 25,21 Ikeda Riyoko

The story begins in Europe, during the first years of the XX century. On a background of intrigues, machinations and a Europe that is going strait toward World War I, three kids meet at a strict conservatory in Germany. Julius met Isaac at the famous Orpheus' Window and later in another event met Klaus there. The legend told that two lovers met at Orpheus' Window would end in unhappiness.
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Senobishite Jounetsu 4.5

Senobishite Jounetsu

Vol.1 Chapter 10: His And Hers Shaved Ice

31.6K Oct 16,22 Sengoku Hiroko

Pureness and harshness, heartrending yet lovely.“Sensei, I like you.”Sutou-sensei is confessed to by a student of hers. In the space between her position as a teacher and her own feelings, her emotions waver…The 4-koma “Senobishite Jounetsu” that raised controversy with mixed receptions during its serialization is included here, in this completely transparent yet unscenic collection of wor
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Red Velvet 2.9

Red Velvet

Vol.3 Chapter 14

27.1K Oct 04,22 Tada Yumi

Set in Los Angeles, two troubled young men support each other and seek hope in the future. Earl collects the recipes for the cake shop his late mother left behind, while Randy got involved with a group of thieves and can't escape.
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Mobile Suit Gundam F90 FF 5

Mobile Suit Gundam F90 Ff

Vol.2 Chapter 7: Liv's Rebellion

26.6K Jul 06,22 Yoshiyuki Tomino, Ino Nobuyoshi, Hajime Yatate

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DEEMO -Prelude- 4.6

Deemo -Prelude-

Vol.2 Chapter 7: Sakura

25.2K Jul 05,22 Niwa Haruki

“Never left without saying goodbye.”A girl who lost her way and found herself in that mysterious place met “Deemo,” a man dressed completely in black. There, every time they played the piano a tree would grow taller, leading them to the “place” where the girl would have to return. And then, the “dream” that both the girl and Deemo wished for at the end is―
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The 7th of July 4.6

The 7Th Of July

Chapter 8

22.6K Aug 30,20 Miyuan1

The story of a love god
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Thus, the Hakurei 4.7

Thus, The Hakurei


22.4K Feb 16,21 ぴらふ

Being Gensokyo's Hakurei Shrine Maiden is far from just fun and games all the time. Sometimes you must get down to business, even when it gets bloody and messy, and even if it's the dead last thing you want to do. This is a brief look into the tragic role of Reimu Hakurei as both youkai exterminator and protector of humans. Pixiv:
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Chishiryou Dolis 3.4

Chishiryou Dolis

Chapter 1

20.2K Jan 04,22 KUSUMOTO Maki

Two people that live their lives however they want to, but need each other to survive. Mitsu has always been looked upon by men as the Dolis--the ideal girl, the eternal partner in any man's dream, the perfect lover... When Kishi falls head-over-heels in love with Mitsu, he soon discovers another side to this seemingly flawless woman. As the drama and romance between Mitsu and
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Chapter 8: The Battle At Ozora High

16.2K Nov 16,22 Ueno Nito

Hikari Hayakawa switched bodies with a wanted criminal, and is being chased down by the police.
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Where the Sea Breeze Blows 4.2

Where The Sea Breeze Blows

Chapter 1

14.2K Aug 21,20 王大客

During an accident, he was once able to feel the warmth of mankind. Many years later, he met his savior again during a migratory period but was unable to save her so he brought her child back home. The person who picked the child up was the her father who named him Xiao Hai. For more than ten years, Xiao Hai’s kindness and warmth healed his grandfather and affected the people around him&hell
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The Farthest Friend 4.7

The Farthest Friend

Chapter 6.5: Tomorrow And The Day After Tomorrow

10K Nov 27,22 Yukimiya Arisa

Asahi, a shy girl who is being bullied at school, goes to the ghost girl Kiyo and a female teacher who wait in the abandoned school building every day after school. The straight distortion of the girls sheds a small light at night. There is nothing scary. If you are near and far.
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