Red Wolverine 5

Red Wolverine


59.4K Jan 20,16 Bi03279

A trans-dimensional fantasy. A young boy's curiosity leads him to attempt an urban myth which sends him to a dimension called "The White World". There he meets a young man who sends him to a world called "Devildom", he ends up landing in water in a kingdom called "Kyungma" and nearly drowns until he is saved by a mysterious young girl who seems to control water...
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GANDA: Night Defender 3.6

Ganda: Night Defender

Chapter 35

58.8K Nov 29,22

The cheerful but clumsy college student Rika encounters constant misfortune in her normal life. When a missing report forces her to break the school's rule against setting foot on campus after 9 pm, things take a turn for the worse. She soon finds herself under attack by an evil spirit known as a Djinn! Fortunately, Ganda, The Night Defender, comes to her rescue. To show her gratitude, she decides
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Monster House 3.8

Monster House

Chapter 2

58.7K Jan 31,20 Jin Yi Er

Kate is a detective who investigates monsters. He lives in a weird city - A robot's smile creeping in the darkness of a laboratory, a mysterious shadow appearing on the balcony, a black hole that tears open the space around the corner of a street...<br>Seeing more and more these weird phenomenons appearing, people were on the verge of madness, yet only detective Kate is enjoying the adve
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Do You Wanna Touch My Tail? 4.4

Do You Wanna Touch My Tail?

Chapter 11

58.6K Dec 02,22 岛上Project

not found...
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Blue Lantern 5

Blue Lantern

Chapter 0 V2 : Prologue

58.4K Dec 27,17 Yum-Yum

A diver has died, but five years of his life have been accidentally destroyed from his blue lantern. Now he must live again. Will he be able to make all the right decisions?Note on the title and premise: A "lantern", as it relates to this story, is a vessel, floating on the water, that contains the memories of a person's life that they will see when they die.
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Astad Royal Travelling Troupe 5

Astad Royal Travelling Troupe

Chapter 3

58.1K Jan 09,18 Polpa

Created by god, the land of Astad is filled with stories and legends. We, the Astad Royal Travelling Troupe is a sure choice you will not regret. We will show you the tales you've only heard until now right infront of you! Come to watch the amazing acts and shows selected directly by the revered Elf scholar, Lafner. Original webtoon (Korean webcomic)
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10! 3


Chapter 4

58K May 08,19 Ghored

What would you do if you could restart your life?<br>Join Leo, Raf, Alex, Vera and Cel as they discover the meaning behind their adventure.
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National Death Penalty 5

National Death Penalty

Chapter 0 V2 : Prologue

57.8K Dec 20,17 Eom Se-Yun

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The Song of the Beast 4.3

The Song Of The Beast


57.6K Jan 20,16 Yoon

An oriental fantasy manhwa that spans between Earth and the Underworld, using re-interpreted Korean myths and legends!
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Power of Steela vs Jagged 3.4

Power Of Steela Vs Jagged

Vol.1 Chapter 1 : Steela Vs Kurai

57.5K May 06,17 Cosmicalphonse, Chaos Art

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Dhampyr 5


Chapter 2 : The Abuser Falls

57.3K Jan 20,16 Jordan Troche

The story takes place in modern day and follows two brothers Alkade and Isaac, the sons of the first Vampire ever. Their father was murdered by a secret Clan of Vampires called the Clan of Genesis. The leader is a Vampire named Sethos and he hid in the shadows of history and turned the greatest warriors and tyrants into powerful Vampire Lords. Achilles, Lancelot, Genghis Khan, Cleopatra, and even
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Trick Code 4.2

Trick Code

Chapter 3

57.2K Sep 30,20 Fantasy Turtle

The mystery club called Logic Tree investigates mysterious events.
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The Frightening Dresser 4.3

The Frightening Dresser

Episode 1

57.1K Mar 12,19 Supernova Awards

Uncle Asher’s father died with his finger pointing at the dresser, which is Asher's mother's dowry. From then on, Asher didn't allow anyone to touch this dresser. He took it as his missing mom. And the truth was finally uncovered when the old house pulled down…
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The Dog and Rabbit's Owner 5

The Dog And Rabbit's Owner


57.1K Jan 20,16 Lee Won-jin

From Dazzling Scans: A female manhwa artist lives with her two adorable pets, a dog named Diend and a rabbit named Shuba. However, Diend's scary demeanor and over-protectiveness towards her owner leads others to believe she's dangerous and vicious. Original webcomic
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Avine 3.6


Chapter 1

57K Jun 19,18 Sheen T. Stars

Two mysterious men enrolled into a high-school to find a person named Avine. Can they find her in her disguise? This is not a light novel but it contains a lot of texts and paragraphs in between drawings.
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Grandma Mameng 5

Grandma Mameng

Chapter 0

57K Apr 16,17 Kong

A battle between a helpless-looking (but badass) grandma and two millenials.
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The Dorm 4.3

The Dorm

Episode 2

57K Apr 11,19 Chowol

The Purger, a serial killer is lurking around the dorm. Can Dan find who it is, before he himself is killed?!
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Writer J 5

Writer J


56.8K Jan 20,16 Oh Sungdae

An existence gained from exchange of life. A world filled with pain and darkness. At the edge of despair, Writer J starts his solitary struggle.
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GHOST (Writer Hong) 4.3

Ghost (Writer Hong)

Episode 2

56.6K Apr 06,19 Writer Hong

One day, Jiwon runs into the man who is a suspect of a series of violent cases. He says he's looking for "GHOST", but why?
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 Shining Love 4.1

Shining Love

Chapter 14

56.6K Jun 26,22 Li qing

No one dislikes a delicate, pure and beautiful boy. As a popular Xiuxian novelist, You Menxian wants to write a pure love story. When she meets the perfect male character, she deliberately tries to get closer to him, but she never thought of getting involved in his life! A bizarre love story between a silly but amusing woman and an aloof and anxious pretty boy begins quietly~
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First Prize Winner 5

First Prize Winner

Chapter 2 : Episode 2

56.5K Jan 20,16 Meeti (미티)

What would you do if you win a lottery? Bringing you the life changing event you only dreamed of! New episodes on Wednesday! (GMT +8)
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Vampire Probation 5

Vampire Probation


56.2K Jan 20,16 Sehyung Jiwoo

A vampire webtoon.
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How to Raise A Human 3.8

How To Raise A Human

Chapter 1: Tastes Delicious

56K Oct 01,18 Mi O

What if humans no longer dominate the earth. What if humans are no longer on the top of the food chain. What would the world be like if cats became the masters of the world and humans became their pets.....
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