Demonic Awakening 4.2

Demonic Awakening

Chapter 8

164.4K Jul 19,20 左岸卡漫

Mai Xiuying, an office worker, heads to her first interview. Instead, she walks into the arms of a wolf, aka Kai Yang, her boss, who is also a demon, this couldn’t possibly go wrong, right?
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Planet Nya Nya Nya~ 4.5

Planet Nya Nya Nya~

Chapter 39

164.2K Jul 04,23 Dalsup son

A human documentary about cat butlers that appeared out of nowhere. From the creator of “The Daily Lives of Us Siblings”.
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Hyung, do you think i'm fat? 3.3

Hyung, Do You Think I'm Fat?

Chapter 9

163.9K Dec 11,23 Oheun , Cho Sangduck

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Project Valkyrie 5

Project Valkyrie

Chapter 8: Season 1:end

163.9K Jan 05,19 Reon Merryweather

The last thing Cecilia Torrance sees is snow falling on her blood-soaked hand, in the middle of the road. Before she knows it, she is standing above her corpse, looking down on it. Nobody can see her, with the exception of a suit-clad man and woman, claiming they're there to take her to the afterlife.
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Lore Olympus 4.3

Lore Olympus

Chapter 255

163.8K Jul 09,23 Rachel Smythe

Witness what the gods doafter dark. The friendships and the lies, the gossip and the wild parties, and of course, forbidden love. Because it turns out, the gods aren't so different from us after all, especially when it comes to their problems. Stylish and immersive, this is one of mythology's greatest stories -- The Taking of Persephone -- as it's never been told before.
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The Three Times 3

The Three Times


163.6K Jan 20,16 Jung Goo Mi

From Webtoon Live: Hina, a Japanese foreign student. Junho, sufferer of Elite OCD. Won, a girl with her own way of seeing the world. A campus life story of these three people. Deals with the issues of Japanese, Korean and global society. The author, Yellow Goo Mi, was born in Japan, but since her parents are Korean, the Japanese government will not give her a Japanese citizenship (which is conside
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Listen to You 3.8

Listen To You

Chapter 6

163.6K Nov 21,23 Silly抱

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Eonjerado 5


Chapter 12

162.8K Dec 13,16 Silyeong

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The Devil Is Spicy 3.6

The Devil Is Spicy

Chapter 8.1

162.4K Jun 22,23 Yang Dong-i

not found...
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The Wolf's Gratitude 4.7

The Wolf's Gratitude

Chapter 5: Agreement [End]

162K Feb 14,19 Lan Lin, Jixiang Cha

This is a story about a famous underworld gangster who become an unconventional housekeeper of a lawyer.
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The mirage that reaped at night 4.4

The Mirage That Reaped At Night

Chapter 7

161.9K Jul 11,21 Kim soon dol

Born as a spirit medium, Tae-nam has lived and escaped ghosts. She lived a limited life under the protection of her grandmother, a shaman, but she finally found her freedom when she went to a university. In addition, the guardian spirit of a person, whom she met at the entrance ceremony, is a god with general-level ability to exorcise the surrounding ghosts, and will Tae-nam enjoy free college lif
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Full Circle 4

Full Circle

Chapter 23

161.8K Dec 01,23 Studio Creaon

not found...
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Guai Qi Bi Ji 4.6

Guai Qi Bi Ji

Chapter 8: Death Circle Part 2

161.6K Jul 13,19 Chuang Hua Wen Hua

This is the concentration camp of strange imaginations, and also wonderful manhua stories! Until the last second, the ending is always beyond your imagination.
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Space China Dress (WON Hyun-Jae) 4.9

Space China Dress (Won Hyun-Jae)


161.6K Jan 20,16 Choi Bong-su

Shaolin Space, a place that's said to be where all martial arts in the universe originated from. And within this planet... a most sacred place among martial artists, Mt. Kunlun. And on top of that Mt. Kunlun, there's Kunlun Headquarters. And if you go down... a long way, inside a small run-down dumpling restaurant, our heroine lives. Color webtoon derived (almost exact replica) from Space
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Art/Stroke 4.5


Chapter 1

161.5K Apr 22,21 M.m

Rio managed to get a scholarship at an elite art school! But is drawing as easy as it looks? Follow Rio on his adventure to draw well in an elite school full of surprises.
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Original Sin 4.5

Original Sin

Chapter 19

160K Sep 19,19 Ciyuan Times

Bloody Mary, ghost building, wolf shadow, death soul, and the marriage crossing death and life... A steady stream of bizarre cases follow. Behind these absurd rumors, there often hides an incredible truth. In order to pursue the truth, our MC and his partners take risks to investigate and find out the roots hidden in their heart.
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Reversion 3.8


Chapter 11

159.7K Jun 14,23 Kabra Kare

Destiny throws two men together. How will they change each other's lives? This is a story about Greek artist and German professor. All characters and their names are assumed. Sketch-manga. Read from right to left. WARNING: IT'S A BOYS LOVE STORY.
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Stud Man's Dry Orgasm 3.7

Stud Man's Dry Orgasm

Chapter 18

159.4K Nov 07,23 Yuya Mikado

not found...
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Boss! It's Not a Massage Parlour 4.1

Boss! It's Not A Massage Parlour

Chapter 3

158.7K Apr 30,23 분뭉/여누

not found...
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Bunnies Can't Be Gods 4.9

Bunnies Can't Be Gods

Chapter 42

158.6K Mar 22,23 Yun Zhong Piao,Ye Liang,Lin Bala,IIE Star

As a rabbit spirit, Xiao Mian has modest dreams: visit heaven, meet it’s super sexy king, and…become a god?! When the king of spirits, Liu Yan, makes a royal request for a wife, she sees an opening. But why would a king want a lowly spirit like her?
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Chuchu The Eye Candy 3

Chuchu The Eye Candy

Chapter 42

158.5K Feb 18,20 Mi gu yuedu

Chuchu The Eye Candy Comics Online. Name’s chuchu, currently jobless, no degree, no rich parents, having a BBF named Barbie who’s a transvestite queen…shit happens but we always look at the bright side of life, chuchu’s luck begins when she’s nearly hit by a big truck. A huge pack of bras drops out! Chuchu and barbie begin their new bras-selling career but when they&
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Cases of Judge Zhang 3.2

Cases Of Judge Zhang

Chapter 81 : [Official - End / Indefini.

158.3K May 23,22 大风刮过 , 千二百/鲜漫文化

Ministry of Rites met poor student Zhang Ping by chance. Seeing a talented person being so broke, he sent him in the office, and let him begin investigations. Look at an ordinary person rising in his career and being worshiped.
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Gods Vs Dragons 4.1

Gods Vs Dragons

Chapter 3

156.7K Sep 06,20 大神互娱

Quoting ancient books, determining Feng Shui, breaking the stone plate, and the death of the God of War skull, the five dragon groups took over the five strong points but were taken away by the Heavenly Palace. The mythological halo faded, and the immortal code of the alien survivors confused people. Going to the Middle East to grab the resolver, the fierce battle champion Hou Mu seized the scepte
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Gone 5


Chapter 8 [End]

156.7K Sep 24,18 La La Sisters

Spore virus has been affecting millions of people. This is a short 8-episode story of two different people whose close companions are infected by the spore virus.
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