First Prize Winner 5

First Prize Winner

Chapter 2 : Episode 2

56.5K Jan 20,16 Meeti (미티)

What would you do if you win a lottery? Bringing you the life changing event you only dreamed of! New episodes on Wednesday! (GMT +8)
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Vampire Probation 5

Vampire Probation


56.2K Jan 20,16 Sehyung Jiwoo

A vampire webtoon.
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How to Raise A Human 3.8

How To Raise A Human

Chapter 1: Tastes Delicious

56K Oct 01,18 Mi O

What if humans no longer dominate the earth. What if humans are no longer on the top of the food chain. What would the world be like if cats became the masters of the world and humans became their pets.....
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Double Self 5

Double Self

Ch.1 : Myself And Me

55.9K Sep 17,16 Nasx

Ina is a timid girl who found herself in a parallel universe similar to her own. There she met someone with a completely different personality than herself, and guess what, it's herself—Ina. How will she live this new life in a new world.
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My life in two panels 4.9

My Life In Two Panels

Vol.1 Ch.1 : The Beginning*

55.8K Feb 09,16 Erdev

The life of the journey.
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From Afar, A Springtime 5

From Afar, A Springtime

Chapter 1 : 0

55.8K Jan 20,16 Jinyung

Life is a comedy when seen from afar, and a tragedy when seen up close.
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Ledd 5


Vol.1 Chapter 1 : A Place You Can't Escape

55.5K May 12,17 J. M. Trevisan

Ledd is in the most feared prison in the world, but he has no idea of his own crimes. He doesn't know who he is, nor he remembers his past. A mysterious tattoo on his right hand glows with strange powers. With the wizard Ripp, the beautiful and courageous Drikka and the ogre Horlogh, the young warrior will seek the truth about himself and his origins. But on Ledd's path is the violent king
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Heart of the Bridge 3.8

Heart Of The Bridge

Vol.1 Chapter 0: Prologue

55.1K May 02,19 AnDreax Chan

Frightening meteorites hit the ground, and opening bridges to other worlds. Some people gain amazing physical and magical abilities, that they used to fight monsters coming out of bridges. The main character (Emma Soga) dies killed by a monster, but for unexplained reasons, she comes back to life. She gains the mysterious abilities that she uses to fight invaders from other worlds, and to try to r
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Dear Tyrant 4.5

Dear Tyrant

Chapter 16

55.1K Dec 02,22 건두부

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Hapu Hapu 4.7

Hapu Hapu

Chapter 2

55.1K Jan 20,16 Kultaejing

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The Last Question 4.9

The Last Question


55K Jan 20,16 Isaac Asimov,[add]

"The last question was asked for the first time, half in jest, on May 21, 2061, at a time when humanity first stepped into the light. The question came about as a result of a five dollar bet over highballs, and it happened this way..." —Opening line, The Last Question The Last Question is a science fiction short story written by Isaac Asimov in 1956. The story deals with the development of com
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Honkai Gakuen – The Moment of Shining Light 4.6

Honkai Gakuen – The Moment Of Shining Light

Chapter 3

54.6K Jan 01,20 mi Ho Yo

Musyoku Kika was born in an ancient family in the East. They were rumored to have been a well-known demon family in Shinano, but it was gradually forgotten because of the decline of the name. Until later, under the excavation of the destiny , it was revived belonging to Shicksal, and changing the surname to “Colorless“.
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The Treasures of Jiang Jun 5

The Treasures Of Jiang Jun

Chapter 2

54.4K Feb 09,20 Man Jian Wen Hua

On the outside, Jiang Jun seems to be an adorable girl, but she’s actually quite peculiar! Within the span of one day, she was trailed by a strange teenager and threatened by a mysterious individual clad in black. As a result, she became involved in the battle for a hidden treasure. Surrounded by enemies, Jiang Jun formed an alliance with Shen Cang Lan. What other mysteries will this dynamic
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Distance Between You and Me 4.6

Distance Between You And Me


54.2K Jan 20,16 Kwak Na-young

From Bamboo Garden: I love you- I wonder if you like me back? And if you don't, well, I will slowly work to forget you..
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Spring Moon 4.5

Spring Moon

Chapter 1

54K Jul 25,20 Hyun go eun

A long, long time ago, a brother and sister were being chased by a tiger and climbed a rope to the heavens. To become true gods and to be able to stay in the heavens, the brother and sister had to go through many reincarnations. One day, the sister heard a pitiful plea coming from earth. “Please… I want to die…” Curious, the sister goes down to earth to see that the human
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Romance Between Regents 4.5

Romance Between Regents

Chapter 31

54K Oct 26,22 Bai Ri Meng Studio

Please DO NOT share our uploads on social media or reupload to other aggregator sites. My team only uploads to Bato and/or our Discord server. If we find our uploads reuploaded and/or shared on any other sites we will drop this story. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.+
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Foolish Beast, Reach Decision 5

Foolish Beast, Reach Decision

Chapter 001

53K Jan 02,18 Kwak Na-young

From Bamboo Garden: My dear foolish beast, it's time for you to speak up your mind. What would you rather lose, if you had to lose one of the two I listed? My dear foolish beast, it's best to stay the way you are.
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A Sound From Your Heart 5

A Sound From Your Heart

Chapter 1 : Truth

52.7K Jan 20,16 Josuk

One of the most popular webtoon of all time! The most comical comic you will ever see! Following a life of an ordinary author
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Sugar Lamp 4.9

Sugar Lamp

Ch.0 : [Oneshot]

52.7K Mar 12,17 NANASATO Betty

When people die, their essence becomes a sugar cube that can be lit in a lamp, allowing their loved ones a moment of reliving the days when they were alive. But sometimes, the cube cannot be recovered...
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I Can Only Betray Earth! 4.6

I Can Only Betray Earth!

Chapter 8: Earthy-Turning Continuation

52.6K Dec 16,19 Chouzhixiaojin

An alien from Saturn tries to make a normal human girl fall in love with him so that she will help him betray Earth.
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Ninja Cat Meow! 5

Ninja Cat Meow!


52.4K Jan 20,16 Kuromi Moni

Those who have a cat, know how naughty they can be. But what kind of cat uses this kind of ninjutsu to irritate its owner and avoid to be sold with his siblings?! Well, none other than the black cat Kuro!
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Weird Tales of Elderfield 5

Weird Tales Of Elderfield

Vol.1 Ch.1.1 : Hands

51.4K Nov 23,16

Welcome to the strange and remote town of Elderfield. The deep fog, abandoned buildings, and remote location are unsettling enough, but as this story unfolds, it will become clear that there is far more to fear than meets the eye here...
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Nature-0 5


Chapter 0 V2 : [Oneshot]

51.3K Dec 20,17 Baek Hee-Jung

Resource depletion, environmental contamination, desertification, and foolish wars. Mankind willingly walked along the path of annihilation. And at the end of that path, those who survived relied on the power of science and conducted endless experiments to obtain the valuable source of life. As scientists are exploring the desert's fallout areas, a child-like being is found naked on the ground and
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I Raised the Villains Preciously 4.4

I Raised The Villains Preciously

Chapter 14

50.1K Dec 01,22 Solgit , 솔깃

I will become the nursery teacher of the children who would become the future Black Sorcerer, the Heads of Dark Guild, and Psychopath Emperor. I didn’t want to get entangled and wanted to sneak out of the nursery, but instead, I decided to raise the poor little villains with full sincerity. “Teacher, are you leaving us behind?” —— “If you look at this handsome face a little more, you won’t be a
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