You're An Omega 4.2

You're An Omega

Chapter 5

18K Nov 18,22 Asanae Arata

From Rose Phoenix Scans: "Even though I'm an omega... I want to embrace you, sensei." Kashiwagi Koichi, an alpha, meets Aizawa Rihito at the school he is assigned to for his Teaching Pratice. Despite being a delinquent and commandeering the attention of the omega students around him, the teachers turn a blind eye to Aizawa's misconducts. After their meeting, Kashiwagi realizes that Aizawa was on
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Mofutte ii no wa Omae dake 3.6

Mofutte Ii No Wa Omae Dake

Chapter 4

22.5K Dec 07,22 NODA Nonda

Determined to defeat all canines, Shiro is a cute little white cat with a selfish attitude who’s unwillingly picked up off the streets by Kuro’s owner. Kuro is the large black dog who vows to protect Shiro, but one day after the two are all grown up, Shiro suddenly goes into heat!
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Nonke Riman No Oredesuga Maiban Himo Ni Aegasaretemasu 4.4

Nonke Riman No Oredesuga Maiban Himo Ni Aegasaretemasu

Chapter 6

24.9K Nov 15,22 Isshiki Fuji

Office worker Naoto was saved from getting run over by a mysterious handsome guy, Taiju. However, because he had kept him company at the hospital, Taiju loses his home! Feeling guilty, Naoto invites him to his home, and repeatedly apologizes to him while drunk. Then Taiju drills his hot tongue in, saying that this was his job! Enjoying the sex with a guy he just met is definitely strange... but wh
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Come here, I’ll carry you to play 4

Come Here, I’Ll Carry You To Play

Chapter 21

29.9K Nov 12,22 Bart

“Please…hold me.” “But, sir…” Il-yeon has left home to do a task at his father’s request. He has come back to a place he hasn’t been in in ten years. My, how things have changed. And he can’t wait to see some familiar old faces again. But suddenly, one night Il-yeon is overwhelmed by a debilitating sickness. No, it can’t be…not here…not now… It’s that sickness that consumes his entire body with
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My Hyung's Lover 4

My Hyung's Lover

Chapter 5

35.3K Dec 03,22 Lee Hana

“Tell me, Seo Won hyung, what can I do to make you feel better?” Recently, Jin Ha’s hyung, who had been out of contact for a while, has passed away. Jin Ha ran into his hyung’s roommate, Seo Won, at his funeral. Rather than the sadness of losing his hyung whom Jin Ha wasn’t on good terms with, his eyes was fixated on observing Seo Won who is on the verge of collapsing. While looking into Seo Won’s
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Junai Nante Shiranewa 3.7

Junai Nante Shiranewa

Chapter 6

55.8K Nov 19,22 OCHAZUKE Wasabi

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Tsuyoki Na Dotei Ha Etchi Ni Yowai 3.8

Tsuyoki Na Dotei Ha Etchi Ni Yowai

Chapter 4

53.9K Nov 24,22 Bando

not found...
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Between Encounters 4.3

Between Encounters

Chapter 11

150.2K Dec 04,22 소매 (somae)

not found...
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Nozokenai Ore Demo Yurushite 4.1

Nozokenai Ore Demo Yurushite

Chapter 2

20.6K Nov 24,22 Nyushi Ito , Itou Nyuushi

not found...
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The Cat Whisperer 4.3

The Cat Whisperer

Chapter 55

205.2K Nov 23,22 Mu San Guan , Changpei literature , Ruler Comic Studio

Wen Haoxue was arranged on a blind date by his family to a Cat demon Earl. Wen Haoxue valued good looks, and he immediately fell in love. Not only that, but the big cat also found it hard to resist
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Oyasumi Matane Mashirokun 4.2

Oyasumi Matane Mashirokun

Chapter 2

48.4K Nov 23,22 Roca Kato

not found...
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Samurai Omega to Akutoku Shachou 4.1

Samurai Omega To Akutoku Shachou

Chapter 5.5

97.9K Nov 27,22 Hashimoto Mitsu

"This cute sweet-tooth samurai is forever mine"Kenzaki Ryuunosuke, also known as Samurai-sensei, is an who often gets mistaken for an because of his manly look and strong power.He took over his grandfather's dojo and became a kendo teacher, though recently, weird people have been visiting him for the shopping center development of the area.He protected the dojo, having the table turned on them a
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Checkmate (TAN) 4.5

Checkmate (Tan)

Chapter 91

150.2K Nov 17,22 TAN

When he was just a student, Soohyun, ranked second, felt envious of the perfect Eunsung. Although he tried catching Eunsung, his soul aflame with passion, it wasn't enough, and he lost all his motivation upon graduation.As time passed, Soohyun forgot everything. However, when he saw Eunsung collapse for the first time, he felt extreme pleasure. With his obsession for Eunsung rekindling, he has a d
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Hatsujou Virus 4.3

Hatsujou Virus

Vol.1 Chapter 2

17.6K Nov 03,22 Tennouji Mio

Tatsumi, a lab technician, is severely haphephobic. After accidentally contracting an experimental virus, however, he finds himself craving touch... Particularly the touch of the man responsible for the incident, whom he's quarantined inside the laboratory with. From a relationship that started merely for the sake of sexual gratification during a moment of insanity and uncertainty, can love truly
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Blackcat and Magician 4.3

Blackcat And Magician

Chapter 3

30.3K Nov 29,22 Gui

not found...
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I'm here to take my revenge 4.2

I'm Here To Take My Revenge

Chapter 10

34.8K Dec 05,22 Eojin

Kang Yoo-yu was used and abandoned by Seo Ho-soo, who was his secret love affair for 5 years.After he got drunk, he woke up and found himself back 5 years before dating Seo Ho-soo.He doesn't know what happened, but Yoo-yu takes this opportunity to vow his revenge on Seo Ho-soo.But unexpectedly, Seo Ho-soo got caught up in Kang Yoo-yu first?Kang Yoo-yu is shaken helplessly by the fluttering of the
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The Fox Stirs Wildly 4.4

The Fox Stirs Wildly

Chapter 1

13.2K Nov 02,22 豆腐

not found...
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Crush and Burn 3.7

Crush And Burn

Chapter 41

200.2K Dec 04,22 Chilyong

.Ken's life is ordinary. He's a former orphan, he works as a server in a pub, and he lives on the outskirts of Aman, a religious nation free from the influence of vampires. Then one day, Ken is bitten and cursed by a vampire, and is only saved from certain death by Agia Frederick, a powerful disciple of the Church. However, freeing Ken from his curse requires a physical intimacy with Agia, who see
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Aware na Beta wa Koi wo Shiranai 4.4

Aware Na Beta Wa Koi Wo Shiranai

Vol.1 Chapter 1

46.6K Nov 03,22 Yashiki Shima

"I will not be chosen " Ryoharu Seno (?), serves as butler to Ryosuke Isezaki (?), the heir of an affluent family who is free-spirited and promiscuous. Not satisfied with bringing omegas into his bedroom, he also makes passes at Seno. Seno knows his employer is not serious and so he keeps his feelings hidden. "A lascivious alpha that does not fall in love"The long awaited spin-off ?? master-servan
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Dangerous Vices of a Gentleman Loan Shark 4.7

Dangerous Vices Of A Gentleman Loan Shark

Chapter 7

133.1K Dec 06,22 Hachiko Sato

"Damn, you're a whiny pup, aren't you...? I haven't cum yet." June, the number one rentboy at his brothel, is requested by a client and goes to the hotel as usual. There, he meets a sexy yet suspicious man named Onda. Onda introduces himself as a "money lender"-- a loan shark – and suddenly he pressures June to repay the debt his ex-boyfriend left behind!? And after all that, he asks June, "Now, t
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