Omae wa Hitsuji 4.8

Omae Wa Hitsuji

Vol.1 Ch.6 : Extra [End]

603.4K Nov 19,16 Takasaki Bosco

From Yaoi Desire Revolution: University student Sahara, with his horrible luck, loses his home when his entire apartment goes up in flames. Luckily, he is able to stay at a friend's place. But he is suddenly mistaken as a suspicious person by his friend's younger brother, Masaki. They manage to dispel the misunderstanding, but he is pressured into doing an unimaginable job...
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Perfect Kareshi 4.5

Perfect Kareshi


320.6K Jan 20,16 Fujikawa Ruri

[By Fujoshi Bitches] The guy who always slacks around finally becomes serious?! The love comedy about training a top model❤ Nikaidou Subaru is a perfect high school with excellent academic records and a handsome face. He’s also the son of a rich family... And the guy he’s head over heels for is Kitagawa Daisuke, the young president of a small modeling agency. However, the important Subaru is so
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The Killer 4.8

The Killer

Vol.1 Ch.7.5 : End

388.8K Oct 31,16 Kanai Kei

When Yuuya receives unwanted attention from a customer at the bar where he works, one of the bar’s regulars, Haibara comes to his rescue. Yuuya falls in love with Haibara, but how will he be able to confess his feelings when Haibara sees Yuuya’s attitude towards him as nothing more than an act? - The Zero Alliance
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Junjou Bitch, Hatsukoi Kei 4.6

Junjou Bitch, Hatsukoi Kei

Chapter 7 [End]

456.7K Dec 11,18 Owaru

By Yaoi Desire Revolution & Purple Citrus Scanlations: Haruya is a popular male prostitute studying in an Arts University. His good friend from Junior High school, who is also his unrequited love, Kazushi, also attends the same University. Regarding the current situation, he has to keep his indecent job a secret especially towards Kazushi! One day, he witnesses Kazushi's outrageous act, which c
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Kare no Tokubetsu na Kare 4.8

Kare No Tokubetsu Na Kare

Vol.2 Chapter 9 : End

496K Jun 13,17 Narusaka Rin

Despite being good looking, all Hiraoka Tatsuya ever wanted was to lead a peaceful and ordinary life. However his life turns upside down with the addition of a new student, Suruga Daichi, a famous actor. As the Student Council President, he is assigned to looked after him. What will happen to him now...?
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Amakute, Tsumetai 4.5

Amakute, Tsumetai

Vol.1 Chapter 6

178.2K Jan 20,16 Fuyuno Ikuya

From [Fujoshi Bitches] Beautiful college student, Yonomori, is secretly enamored by his underclassman, Hinohara. He’s a really cocky junior, but sometimes, Hinohara touches him as if he were a precious jewel and makes his days full of heart-wrenching hope. And on one of those days, he is shocked to learn that Hinohara has a person he likes. Even while being plagued with hesitation, Yonomori goes
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Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki 4.7

Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki

Bath House Twitter Extra

1.8M Jul 30,19 Scarlet Beriko

Tatsuyuki is the reluctant young master of a Yakuza group. He would rather spend his days playing around than learning the ropes of his family's dubious business. When his caretaker sends him off to a branch office in Fukuoka, the recently heartbroken Tatsuyuki finds himself in a weirder situation than he would have ever expected.
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Koinu wa Otona no Yume o Miru 4.9

Koinu Wa Otona No Yume O Miru

Chapter 6.5 : End

219.7K Dec 13,17 Umiyuki Lily

A collection of oneshots: • Mousou One Room • Koinu Datte Otona ni Naru Shii and Nagi has been friends from chilhood. They share strong bonds towards each other. Along the time Shii is growing feeling towards Nagi, as he becomes cuter and cuter. However he can not just let Nagi know his feeling because they are different by four years and Nagi is just an innocent child in his eyes! Would Sh
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First Kiss 4.6

First Kiss

Ch.0 : Oneshot

67.8K Jan 20,16 Nishida Higashi

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Rules - 2nd Season 4.8

Rules - 2Nd Season

Chapter 11

156.4K May 23,17 Miyamoto Kano

The story picks up from where the previous dj Overload left off. Hikaru and Yuki have been in a relationship for 5 years. Now at 24, Yuki has progressed to become a high school teacher. He thought Hikaru and he were doing well in their relationship but...? Part of Rules / Hydra Series
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3-manen no Kareshi 4.9

3-Manen No Kareshi

Chapter 6

258.7K Jul 19,16 Mio Junta

From Yaoi Is Life: Takagi is like the prince of his office every girl admires. But in his private life, he just broke up with his lover, and his body is sexually deprived... At the time, he learned about "rental boyfriend" by chance. He tried, booked someone, and the one who came was a really cool young man named Daichi. His body is perfect, and Takagi wasted no time seducing him to bed, but th
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Kichiku, Encount 4.5

Kichiku, Encount

Chapter 6 : End

713.4K Jan 20,16 Owaru

There is a 25-year old, hard-working salaryman named Satou Hajime. After pulling an all-nighter and taking the early train home, he overhears someone watching a porn video on the train, giving him a stiffy. Thinking that it was some perverted virgin listening to it, he’s surprised to find a hottie. To apologize for the trouble he’s caused, the hottie "takes care" of him. Will Mr. Virgin lose his v
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Yuuutsu na Asa 4.5

Yuuutsu Na Asa

Chapter : Extra: Escape Dance Distance

745.8K Mar 31,19 Hidaka Shoko

After the death of his father, Akihito Kuze became the family head of a viscountcy at the age of 10. A major-domo, Tomoyuki Katsuragi, who has both brains and beauty, takes care of the young master. Katsuragi is talented and very popular in society, but he is cold to Akihito. Does Katsuragi hate Akihito!? Akihito begins to be attracted to Katsuragi and wants to know the reason why Katsuragi is col
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Given 4.7


Special.39.9 : Movie Dvd Bonus

7.1M Nov 19,22 Kizu Natsuki

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Kami-sama Onegai! (MIO Junta) 5

Kami-Sama Onegai! (Mio Junta)

Ch.4 : Sweet Tears - 1

139.9K Jan 20,16 Mio Junta

From Yaoi Is Life: Three months after third year high school student Aobane started dating his classmate, Takahiro, he is constantly worrying if Takahiro might get tired of him. Because compared to Takahiro, who is cheerful and popular, Aobane is shy and a poor talker. On his first shrine visit of New Year, he prays to the god of a little shrine that he could be with Takahiro forever. The next
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Glow! 4.5


Vol.2 Chapter 11.5

839.2K Aug 20,22 Yamada Papiko

Ever since he was a kid, Morisaki Aki has been loved by the spirit of misfortune. And it's continued, even after he started high school! He is then coerced by his upperclassmen, Akabane and Tokunaga, into joining the gardening club. But as it turns out, that was just a cover for... the Loan Shark Club! He gets involved with upperclassmen that not even the teachers would want to cross. And thus
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Ou-sama no Koi Asobi 4.7

Ou-Sama No Koi Asobi

Chapter 7

602.5K Jan 02,20 Fujitani Youko

From Fujoshi Bitches and Hoshikuzuu Scans: Instead of punishment, what awaits? A mature love story brought to you by Fujitani Youko. Who will emerge as the winner in this showdown? Corporate spy, Makino has slipped into the company, Prad as a temporary worker. But he is then discovered by prospective CEO, Kamina. Ever since then, he is being forced to live at Kamina's place?
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Hisho to Shachou no Himitsugoto 5

Hisho To Shachou No Himitsugoto


191.1K Jan 20,16 Narusaka Rin

From Fujoshi Bitches:: Takemiya is working as a secretary for the Young President, Iwase. Iwase is an amazing guy who has a huge gap. Compared to his gorgeous looks and capabilities, he’s an airhead and his honest side is totally cute! The younger dog, Takemiya, is madly in love with that President and always gets led around by him, but…?! The dog suddenly returns the favor clumsily s
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Ai no Binzoko 4.4

Ai No Binzoko

Chapter 5

117K Jan 20,16 Kakine

From Hoshikuzuu Scans: Detective Hishima’s lover is former colleague and detective, Enokizu. He is still sore over an unresolved incident that occurred 3 years ago that caused Enokizu to quit his job as a detective. The story of heart-throbbing, imperfect love.
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Yasashii Epilogue 4.9

Yasashii Epilogue


64.6K Jan 20,16 Mochimeko

Kouda’s job in Tokyo didn’t go well and now he lives as a cafeteria worker back in the country side. One day, he meets Nojima, who moves into the neighborhood, and becomes close with him, but finds out he’s the leader of the notorious Nojima group! But contrary to his reputation, Nojima asks Kouda to eat with him every day, and he can’t seem to sleep by himself because of the rumors that ghosts mi
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Fukufuku Heights 4.9

Fukufuku Heights

Chapter 2

70.6K Jan 20,16 Hongou Chika

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Docchi ni Suru? 4.7

Docchi Ni Suru?

Chapter 5.5

357.2K Feb 18,16 Aiba Kyoko

From Fujoshi Bitches: You’re asking what we’re deciding? Of course who’s gonna put it in first. The super normal university student, Hiroo Eiji has a problem. That is, he can’t become popular because he always has two extremely handsome but forceful childhood friends, Haruki and Ikumi, besides him. However, when he received the first love letter in his life, he got confessions from both o
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Thank You My God 4.6

Thank You My God


144.4K Jan 20,16 Kawai Hideki

From Fujoshi Bitches : Throwing away his hometown and family, Nico left home with empty hands. He then meets a young man in a foreign land, Eli. But he's suddenly faced with the affection from his younger brother Will that came looking for him, and the letters that keep coming from his mother... The various forms of love revolving around Nico are all here.
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