Kiss wa Tsugai ni Hizamazuku 3.5

Kiss Wa Tsugai Ni Hizamazuku


29.9K Dec 01,23 Enuoka Yochi

.In a world where fated pairs are deemed to be a mere legend, Iori (?) still dreams of finding his destined omega. But when he finally crosses paths with him, it turns out the one he's been longing for is the school's famous "alpha devourer", Leo (?), who wants absolutely nothing to do with him. Nevertheless, Iori has no intention of giving up. Is this feeling love, fate, or instinct...?
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Our Addictive Carnal Games 3.5

Our Addictive Carnal Games


19.5K Dec 01,23 Nerima Zim

.Haruki is a school nurse by day, natural-born manhunter by night. Lately, though, he hasn't been able to catch any prey. As his frustration reaches a boiling point, he is approached by a mysterious young man named Shion. "Give it up. I'm only gonna stop you." Haruki laughs this off, believing it to be some kind of immature revenge plot. Shion seizes this opportunity to push Haruki down and bind h
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Over Heat(Chamji) 4.3

Over Heat(Chamji)


23.2K Dec 02,23 Chamji

In order to get revenge on his ex-boyfriend, Hanuel starts seeing his ex-boyfriend's younger brother, Hyunseong. As a co-pilot, Hyunseong meets frequently with Haneul, who runs a flower shop nearby the airport. Then one day, Hanuel receives a call from his ex-boyfriend.+
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The Worst Mermaid Auction 2.2

The Worst Mermaid Auction

4K Nov 15,23 Deme__game

A man recalls his first love at a mermaid auction.
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Mo dao zu shi - incense burner [香炉] dj 3

Mo Dao Zu Shi - Incense Burner [香炉] Dj

Chapter 4

14.6K Nov 14,23 毛糰小劍劍 Mao Tuan Xiao Jian Jian

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Stand At Attention! 2.7

Stand At Attention!

Chapter 3.5

29.7K Nov 14,23 Eichi Jijou , Takamiya

not found...
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His Enemy Downstair 3.1

His Enemy Downstair

Chapter Side3(End)

52.7K Nov 14,23 Eunjin

.Spin off of The Voice Next Door' - After meeting in college, Yoonsung's sultry voice is what brought us together. Sure, being a long-time couple can get dull, but cheating on me?! It's over and I'm out, moved to a new apartment. So why is my mortal enemy living downstairs?!
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Bed for Three 4.1

Bed For Three

Chapter 23

205.2K Nov 08,23 Dunarae

not found...
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Bergamot & Sunny Day 4.1

Bergamot & Sunny Day

Chapter 6.5

39.7K Nov 08,23 Lyee Kitahala

In a cafe in New York City called Sunny Day, serves Riku, who’s bad with relationships. After yet another bad breakup, Riku is comforted by the cafe’s dashing owner, Joshua, and consequently finds himself in bed with him that same night!
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Shinobeyo! Stalker 3.5

Shinobeyo! Stalker

Vol.1 Chapter 6

22.4K Nov 05,23 Fujiwara Asahi

As a runaway ninja, Benimaru has little to no prospects in life. As he was lying in the woods, contemplating his death, a stranger approaches him and gives him back his will to live. Benimaru finds out that the man was none other than the province’s feudal lord’s son, Lord Shinosuke Kiyohisa Yamato. Putting his skills to use, Benimaru sneaks around and secretly looks after Lord Shinosuke, who may
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Akuma No Kare 2.2

Akuma No Kare

Chapter 1

71.7K Nov 03,23 Naop

Tsutomu gets fed-up at his job and uses a grimoire he found online to summon a demon! Anything he desires is his - money, power, revenge, even true love - but as soon as he lays eyes on Kracht, the only thing he wants is the horned, pointy-tailed beefcake in front of him!+
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Muri Marriage 3.2

Muri Marriage

Chapter 6

87.4K Nov 04,23 Itsuki Makoto

."The unfortunate chain began when a man and a woman from conflicting villages fell in love with each other. Now, without falling in loveMomoki Shirakawa became the bride of Chikage Kurotaki in the neighboring village overnight.Overwhelmed by the pressure from both families, he accepts his destiny and wears white innocence, but his newly-married life inevitably starts while being stuck with the te
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The Moon and the Wolf 3.7

The Moon And The Wolf

Bounus. : Tokubetsu Na Nichijou

40.7K Oct 26,23 Matsumoto Noda

.Aoi Haruno moved into his own apartment, and his next door neighbor turns out to be a Wolfling named Woo. Even though they speak different tongues, they find a way to overcome the language barrier and start up a relationship. Everything seems to be going well for them, but both Aoi and Woo have worries they haven't shared with each other...
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Crossline 4.6


Chapter 10

102.8K Nov 29,23 Jamyeong

not found...
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Stud Man's Dry Orgasm 3.7

Stud Man's Dry Orgasm

Chapter 18

154.9K Nov 07,23 Yuya Mikado

not found...
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The Last Merman 3.3

The Last Merman

Chapter 1

63.4K Oct 19,23 Sunny Victor

not found...
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Quite The Ordinary Halloween 3.9

Quite The Ordinary Halloween

Chapter 5

15.6K Oct 20,23 Dorae

Halloween. It might be a special day for some, but at the same time, it might be a meaningless day for others. Jinyoung, who lost his boyfriend, Eunchan, 3 years ago, spends his Halloween in the least special way possible. No wait, he was trying to spend it that way.So why did the dead Eunchan suddenly appear next to him after all this time? +
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Deichuu no Hasu 3.3

Deichuu No Hasu

Bounus.5.6 : [Official Translation]

44.2K Oct 20,23 Tamekou

Content Warning: Contains depictions of incest Following the death of his parents, Motoharu raises his younger brother Akio. All on his own, Motoharu starts selling his body to make ends meet. Akio, an honors student with a bright future, often catches Motoharu sleeping with his "clients" and cleans up after him. But, despite the "perfect little brother" image, Akio harbors a dangerous brotherly l
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Wind Beneath My Wings 3.5

Wind Beneath My Wings

Chapter 18

128K Dec 07,23 Hongda

Read Wind Beneath My Wings [Official] on mangabuddy
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After Staring at the Starry Sky 4.4

After Staring At The Starry Sky


102.2K Oct 10,23 Kida Bisco

Miyazawa Subaru is a designer, who thanks to the recommendation from his planetarium creator friend, managed to get a job to work on a pamphlet for one of the planetarium's event. What's more, the event involves Amase Togo, a photographer he really admires who specializes in taking pictures of starry skies.On the day of the event's private screening, there Subaru met...This is a pure BL between a
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Androgynous 3.1


Chapter 5

181.4K Oct 05,23 ASHIHARA Akira

"Two anachronistic tales of forbidden, heretical love, set deep in the jungle..."A long time ago, the first androgynous priest Ester transformed his body to give love to the lonely forest g**. Now, the present day androgynous priest Aura is confused by his longing for the outside world & attraction to the foreign botanist, Jack, who discovers the secret shrine.+
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