Trumping My Tragic Destiny 4.6

Trumping My Tragic Destiny

Chapter 29

846.1K Dec 04,23 hyosun

Read manhwa Trumping My Tragic Destiny / The Female Lead's Daughter After the Ending / I Am the Daughter of the Female Lead Who She Gave Birth to After the Bad Ending / The Heroine's Daughter After the Ending / / Our Protagonist was an avid gamer, obsessed with a fantasy game with multiple outcomes for its Female Lead. After meeting her untimely demise, she was reborn into the game as Remili
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Romantic Flow 4.9

Romantic Flow

Chapter 50

635.8K Aug 04,23 Seodan

Read manhwa Romantic Flow / First rule of the workplace: don't date your boss. It's a rule that should be easy for workaholic lawyer Hyeonseo Cha to follow, especially since her new boss, Jeonghyeok Seo, has a reputation of being a heartless playboy who only cares about money. But despite his infuriating smirk and arrogant tone, Hyeonseo finds herself slowly being drawn to him as he wears down th
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Midnight Poppy Land 4.8

Midnight Poppy Land

Chapter 129

579.6K Dec 09,23 Lilydusk

After making a grisly discovery in the countryside, a small town book editor's life gets entangled with a young Mafia lord and his intimidating bodyguard...even as every step she takes draws her deeper into the dangerous underworld of the city.
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Are We Still in Love? 4.2

Are We Still In Love?

Chapter 23

355.4K Dec 02,23 Hano, OSAM

Read manhwa Are We Still in Love? / ?Cecilia Lane, a daughter of the Duke of Lane, finds herself living in despair after her beloved husband, Ethan, the Emperor of the Wyatt Empire destroys her family. As she takes her own life to disconnect from her misery, she returns back to her wedding day leading her to decide to take revenge on her husband.
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Timing 4.6


Chapter 33: Read Online (End)

338.7K Aug 30,18 Kang full

Ja-gi Park, a high school teacher and diviner, wakes up from a vivid dream foreseeing a mass suicide set to happen in 10 days. It's up to her and a group of time manipulators to help prevent this tragic fate from happening before time runs out. However, as days pass by and mysteries unravel, Ja-gi realizes there's more to her premonition than meets the eye.
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The Lurking Spirit 4.9

The Lurking Spirit

Chapter 4

336.5K Dec 28,21 Shimazaki Mujirushi

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Look at me when you want to cry 4.4

Look At Me When You Want To Cry

Chapter 26

288.1K Jun 04,19 Moto

Summary: It was a usual day for Yu Hui-Ne, a color blind girl. A usual black & white day. But now, she can see colors for the first time.
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A Girl In The Clouds 4.8

A Girl In The Clouds

Chapter 12 [End]

198.6K Sep 08,18 Jeong Gi-lim, Oh Eun-ji

Fairytale encounter the same village, sixteen boys and girls. One, such as one made of a piece of cloth quilt stitch, perfect love story, while not perfect.
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Foam of the Waves 3.9

Foam Of The Waves

Chapter 3

39K Nov 18,23 Ratte

Read manhwa Foam of the Waves /
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This Magical Moment 4

This Magical Moment

Chapter 108

18.2K Nov 15,23 Yunhui Na

Everyday life can be tough even at the best of times, and when you're a witch, an aspiring nun, or a former child actor, it gets a lot tougher! All Bakha, Minhyeok, Sara, and Sanghyeop want to do is live like everyone else and follow their dreams, but they are constantly confronted with prejudice and discrimination from those they encounter. Will they be able to show the world that despite their d
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