Office Gods 2.5

Office Gods

Chapter 48

10K Dec 01,22 Demonicblackcat

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It Starts With The Confession To The Beauty Master 4.3

It Starts With The Confession To The Beauty Master

Chapter 7

35K Dec 03,22 博易动漫

If he fails to confess his love to his beautiful master, he’ll turn into a dog? Zhang Yi obtained the Destiny System and awakened the Supreme Holy Body. As long as he’s able win the heart of the beauties in his harem, he’ll be able to get stronger! A cold master, a charming female Taoist senior, a cute junior sister, a sickly princess, and a pure saint… In the face of thousands of beauties, Zhang
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All These Wild Men Want to Marry Me! 3.8

All These Wild Men Want To Marry Me!

Chapter 40

25K Dec 01,22 Jiu Chuan Dongman

Waking up in the world of “Love and Pandora”, a trashy otome mobile game set on the Pandora Continent, the main character found that she had transmigrated as the renowned villainess of the game, Medea, the queen who would be executed in the future. To change her fate, she decided not to cross paths with the male leads, or the original female lead of the game. Unbeknownst to her, however, all the m
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Punishing Gray Raven: Interlude 3.8

Punishing Gray Raven: Interlude

Chapter 8

13.6K Nov 26,22 库洛游戏

Constructs – Burning only to rekindle the spark of hope in the dark night of despair, the blade of mankind against the Punishing virus. They, too, were once the sons of man. This is their story, before they plunge into a never-ending long struggle.
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The Character From My Novel, Came To Find Me? 4.1

The Character From My Novel, Came To Find Me?

Chapter 15

60.1K Nov 30,22 风行漫画

Qin Ge, just an ordinary novelist, lives a leisurely life. Until he meets a fan and it turns out that his fan is a character from a novel he created!
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Ancient Godly Monarch 4.3

Ancient Godly Monarch

Chapter 6

200.2K Nov 24,22 净无痕

In the Province of the Nine Skies, far above the heavens, there exists Nine Galaxies of Astral Rivers made up of countless constellations interwoven together. For Martial Cultivators, they could form an innate link with one of the constellations, awaken their Astral Soul, and transform into a Stellar Martial Cultivator. Qin Wentian is the MC of this story. How could a guy, with a broken set of me
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Crazy, A Three-Year-Old Sect Master?! 4.2

Crazy, A Three-Year-Old Sect Master?!

Chapter 7

82.9K Dec 02,22 BOOM工作室

The Sword God Jian ZiQi, proved his way of the sword, cultivated the heavens and practiced his 9 heavenly series and ascended to a golden immortal, but in the secret realm he was ambushed by hundreds of golden immortals, and eventually died. Before he died, Jian ZiQi was able to reincarnate, and was reborn as the 3 year old everlasting sect master!
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Incoming Mr High Energy 3.5

Incoming Mr High Energy

Chapter 161

495.6K Nov 30,22 野比小培

A hundred years after the Cataclysm, a completely new profession was born. They controlled iron, copper, phosphorus, gold, silicon, carbon……At the start he immolated the female lead to the heavens, Gao Neng saw his own hidden gifts, and was frozen in shock: iron 100%, copper 100%, tin 100%, silver 100%, gold 100%, phosphorus 100%, sulphur 100%, silicon 100%......
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Otherworldly Magical Daoist Priest 4.1

Otherworldly Magical Daoist Priest

Chapter 37

264K Dec 01,22 写字板

Otherworldly Magical Daoist Priest manhua, The unique treasure Taiji soul stone enthralled immortals and gods, and a generation of Taoist Zhang Daoling was created to ambush and kill his sweetheart. Zhang Daoling set Yuanshen and all the immortals and gods on fire, yet he was reincarnated into a world of swords and magic thanks to the protection of the Taiji soul stone. Where will Zhang Daoling,
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The Perfect Guy 2

The Perfect Guy

Chapter 97

225.3K Nov 24,22 SF动漫

at "Hello, I'm Perfect Guy. Oh, I mean Perfect Guy is my name! Neither rich nor handsome, I'm far from being perfect!" The boy has an unusual name, but his adventure is as real as you and me! He's going to have a metamorphosis before he reaches the apex of his life! Now, he's ready to embark on a new journey in life as the gears of fate turn quietly.
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Yin-Yang Converting Merchant 3.3

Yin-Yang Converting Merchant

Chapter 4

42.9K Nov 02,22 画卜好工作室

Yin-Yang Converting Merchant , Adapted from the novel [Nether Market Merchant]. Mastering the yin/yang of life and death, manipulating the three realms, cocky and face-slapping, loli protecting, nether mining, royal beauty dating: he's the first online merchant of hell, whom the devils call daddy upon sight.
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Rebirth of the Emperor in the Reverse World 3.9

Rebirth Of The Emperor In The Reverse World

Chapter 6

111.2K Nov 02,22 晚枫文创

I was once the lord of the cultivators in the immortal realm. But I was reborn into a world where the women worked to earn a living, while the men sat around and looked pretty. Even worse, my body looked like a fat slob! I worked hard to get into shape, but I didn't do it for the benefit of you thirsty women!
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Demon Keeper 2

Demon Keeper

Chapter 10.1

28.8K Nov 19,22 绘境社

The hard-working programmer Qin Jian died unexpectedly after working for several days. His soul penetrated into Qin Jian, the county official of Sanyuan Town of the Tianyuan Dynasty. He has the ability to recognize demons with the Heavenly eyes but because he sleeps with demons all day he was contaminated with their breath which caused a misunderstanding by the demon hunter and the demon clan to b
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The Heavenly Path Is Not Stupid 4.4

The Heavenly Path Is Not Stupid

Chapter 15

285.4K Nov 25,22

The Heavenly Path Is Not Stupid manhua, Heaven and earth are benevolent towards everything Bullshit, I don't agree with this! The former heavenly Dao was the villain, and the same heavenly Dao is full of slaughter and death! Watch me and how I straighten the yin and yang, reshape the cycle of reincarnation, and create a perfect world of cultivation. One in which all the rebels will.cough cough
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Divine Urban God 4

Divine Urban God

Chapter 20

281.2K Dec 02,22 阅文漫画

"Five years ago, the Ye family was wiped out and the useless trash Ye Chen mysteriously disappeared. Five years later, that trash of the Ye family has returned! Back with cultivation powers that could bring down the gods and shake the earth! This time, Ye Chen will make the heavens tremble in awe! The earth will tremble in his fear! He will reign over everything and ascend to the top of the world!
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The World Of Online Games Is Unparalleled 3.5

The World Of Online Games Is Unparalleled

Chapter 11

132.1K Nov 12,22 不仅文化

The World Of Online Games Is Unparalleled manhua, The talented professional player Lu Chen was forced to delete his account and quit the game due to a car accident which caused his nervous reaction to be slow and also the ability to plummet. But through Offline, when he met his lover He Yi from the game, he encountered an ambush by a gangster and was thrown into a river of waste water which contra
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The demons begging me to let them go 2.2

The Demons Begging Me To Let Them Go

Chapter 22

137K Dec 01,22

The demons begging me to let them go manhua, The evildoer begs me to let it go , demons: Jiang Ya, a former e-sports player who dropped out of school, strays into the world of mysterious crimes. The evil world is rampant, and Jiang Ya actually found out that he is the master of the sinful world. He has to bear the fate of a world and is forced to cultivate immortals from zero. He uses all kinds of
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Paradox of Shadows: Unreachable You 3.4

Paradox Of Shadows: Unreachable You

Chapter 64

87K Dec 02,22 Cloud Studio

What? The younger brother adopted by the head of the Jiang family actually married his daughter? That night when she was nineteen years old, Jiang Qing Ying did not care about others and was determined to be with him."Jiang Min Xuan, shall we run away together?""No, Qing Ying. I will marry you."mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find a
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Cinderella’s Revenge 3.9

Cinderella’S Revenge

Chapter 53

144.5K Nov 25,22 Ake Comic

Being punished and humiliated by her family, Rain Zhang feels despair thinking about the rest of her life. One day, she saves Aiden Gu's son, and the little boy starts to get attached to her, even wanting her to become his mother?! How will a cute little boy and his domineering CEO daddy save our Cinderella" from her strict grandmother and evil sister?Return of My Belittled Wife ,Comeback: My Usel
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Billionaire’s Masked Bride 1.6

Billionaire’S Masked Bride

Chapter 67

131.3K Dec 02,22 Ake Comic

Ada Smith was born into a rich family, her life was a mess. She was kind and patient, as a substitute of her sister to marry a fool, she was forcibly implanted with a new heart when she was dying, and she fell into the clutches of William! This perverted satyr who deceives all the people of the world is not only extremely clever but also a demon head with a mask! She lived only to atone for her si
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