Dungeon Odyssey 4.6

Dungeon Odyssey

Chapter 18

10K Sep 30,22 Glumph,Son Min-Woo

The descendants of mankind, born in the labyrinth and raised on the milk of monsters, possessed special strength and strong bodies. When they returned to earth, mankind referred to them as dungeon babies. Among them, Kim Jinwoo was born in the deepest labyrinth. “I never tried to become strong, I just wanted to live.” From the lowliest excavator to the king of the labyrinth, his life story is now
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Mobile Suit Gundam Walpurgis 5

Mobile Suit Gundam Walpurgis

Chapter 52

5K Sep 30,22 Kaitou Reiji

Universal Century 0089. Mashiro Oaks is a high school student on Side 2 Colony "Olympus." He gets the high score on a game titled "Walpurgis Night" and, by distributing the video on an underground network, he gets noticed. The tagline reads, "Young Man, defy your cursed fate!!"
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Eaternal Nocturnal 3

Eaternal Nocturnal

0 Sep 29,22

The man of her dreams does exist too bad she can't fall asleep. When Eve is visited one night by a mysterious apparition, she finds that her chronic insomnia is miraculously cured. Meanwhile Dae, the dream eater, finds himself unexpectedly and unwillingly drawn to Eve. This can either be a dream come true or their worst nightmare.
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I am possessed by the Sword God 5

I Am Possessed By The Sword God

0 Sep 29,22 IMPBTSG

I am possessed by the Sword God manhwa, I achieved my cozy life of a seventh-grade civil servant by through a lot of hardships and nights of blacking out, so I was looking forward to the weekends where I could relax and have fun, but that nightIs this Baek Rijin, the main character of the novel ?When I returned to my senses, I discovered I was in the novel I was reading. Did a seventh-grade civil
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Midwood 5


0 Sep 29,22 Kim Won

Midwood manhwa, As the monster slayer troops, also known as Sretu', no longer functioned as it used to, humans became monster feed. Jin Cheongdo', who has been living in a world full of monsters for his entire life, uses a legendary item Midwood', to turn back in time, for the sake of killing Ian' who was the centerpiece of this whole mess
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Conquer The Throne Highschool 5

Conquer The Throne Highschool

0 Sep 29,22

Conquer The Throne Highschool manhwa, Throne High School, is a lawless all-boys private high school with extraordinarily skilled people. Lee Sunwoo, a boy who was sold to Throne High School by his parents, went to the student department to rebuild the missing basketball club. "Hoo, I can't believe there's an arrogant stranger who'd enter the student department It's been a while.' The head of the
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I Grow Stronger By Dying! 3.5

I Grow Stronger By Dying!

Chapter 15

15K Sep 30,22

I Grow Stronger By Dying at Lin Tian died unexpectedly while playing a game and crossed over to a different world, and obtained a perverted system where the more you die, the stronger you become!mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommendations, reviews, manga recommendations, character fanfiction
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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! Fantastic Days! 5

Kono Subarashii Sekai Ni Shukufuku O! Fantastic Days!

0 Sep 29,22 Akatsuki Natsume

Manga adaptation of the mobile game Konosuba: Fantastic Days
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Demon in Mount Hua 5

Demon In Mount Hua

0 Sep 29,22 DIMM

Demon in Mount Hua manhwa, The Murim's public enemy, the Slaughterer Demon Monarch, Yeom Se-Ak! It's been a hundred years since he was trapped in Mount Hua after being captured by the Sword God, Han Ho.He waited all these years for his chance to seek revengeThe long period of time caused this incident to be forgotten by the world, and eventually, even the Yeom Se-Ak was forgotten.But."Sir, what is
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My Wife is Actually the Future Tyrant Empress 5

My Wife Is Actually The Future Tyrant Empress

0 Sep 29,22 漫绘新风

The Lady is the future tyrant, Lady Tyrant is the future empress of my wedding, Zhao Jinyu had no idea that after his rebirth, he would have the future tyrant empress who usurped the throne as his wife. He puts in his heart and soul to prevent his wife from going astray in her current life. But this beloved wife seems to be different from her previous life. How come she doesn't care about the affa
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The Strongest Snail Has A Mansion In The World Of Snails 2

The Strongest Snail Has A Mansion In The World Of Snails

Chapter 30

25K Sep 28,22 Masa茶

The Strongest Snail Has A Mansion In The World Of Snails manhua, Chen Hang has transmigrated! He traveled to the world of the game as "The Strongest Snail" with a set of villas which he had inherited recently. As a hardcore player of this game. Chen Hang has no objection to crossing into this world.
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Cursed Manager’s Regression 4.2

Cursed Manager’S Regression

Chapter 18

90.1K Sep 28,22 CMR , Studio Grigo

! , Cursed Manager's Regression manhwa, As a manager for the Bongsan Group, Kim MuJin was a normie that was part of a support team for transcendents, who fought using supernatural powers.In his role as a wage slave, he was tasked with cleaning up after the oh-so-great transcendents that went around breaking everything. The only sweet reprieve he had was his weekends.However, one day, he got caug
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Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Astray Re:Master Edition 4.6

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Astray Re:master Edition

Vol.1 Chapter 5.5: Re:master Parts 1: Castle Of Ambition

4K Sep 29,22 Tomohiro Chiba

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Astray (機動戦士ガンダムSEED ASTRAY, Kidō Senshi Gundam SEED ASTRAY) is a side story manga set in the Cosmic Era timeline that takes place concurrently with Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. It is the first of the SEED Astray series.Whereas the main story of Gundam SEED focuses on the struggles between the Earth Alliance, ZAFT, and Orb Union, the Astray series is focused on the three MB
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Spiritual Master 4.7

Spiritual Master

Chapter 2: Fighting The Tiger

0 Sep 29,22 Bujin Wenhua (不仅文化)

Strange events are rampant, grieved souls are everywhere, and people's lives are disturbed. In order to deal with the constantly appearing spirits, the royal family created a profession called "Spiritual Master." They travel around and use special methods to transcend the resentment of the spirits. When the bell rings and the night falls, they will accompany the fading green flames until the very
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Twilight Sisters 3

Twilight Sisters

Chapter 18: Redemption

3.1K Sep 29,22 Yuririn

Nanfeng and Ya were a team of paranormal investigators with different personalities. Nanfeng loved to investigate various haunted places while Ya prefered to observe the world quietly. They gained some local fame for solving a paranormal case. However, more incidents occurred and their true identities became even more obscured. It was as though someone was drawing them from the school to the city.
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Lord of the Runes 4.5

Lord Of The Runes

Chapter 36

150.2K Sep 27,22 KuaiKan

He is a senior high school student born in Leigu's hometown of Huangshi District. In the beginning, he didn't even have the qualifications to become a Talisman, but relied on the upgrade system to change his fate, he continued to grow, and even became the commander-in-chief of the Eastern Theater. He led mankind and fought back against the Runestone army. Drove them back to the wormhole of time an
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Secret Player 4.2

Secret Player

Chapter 13

35K Sep 28,22 SP

Secret Player manhwa, The world was caught up by an Artificial Intelligence system that changed reality into a map with monsters, items, and NPCs. In this game-like world, only the Master Player' was capable of turning the world back to normal.When Na Sanggi's family was murdered by an unknown Player, a mysterious voice told him that he must become a Player' in order to bring his family back. And
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I’m A Prisoner In The Demon World 3.7

I’M A Prisoner In The Demon World

Chapter 18

32.5K Sep 27,22

I'm A Prisoner In The Demon World manhua, The demons invaded and the humans were defeated. The male protagonist Ichiya and his childhood friend Taozi, became prisoners and were escorted to the devil's lair, where humans were used by demons as laborers, experimental tools, and even food. With his witty mind, Yi Ye dealt with the four major demon masters and got the protection of the demon queen Mo
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The Guidance on Black Lotus 4

The Guidance On Black Lotus

Chapter 48

12.8K Sep 27,22 Xiaomingtaiji

Yu Chu, a top student in the 21 century, accidentally picked up a third-rate story about an ambitious ML avenging himself. Having finished the story, a voice appeared and the next thing Yu Chu knew was that she was transmitted into the book! What's worse could be that she became the tragic villain in the book and will soon be crushed by the ML. To save her own life, she decided to behave but the
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Insects of the Night 4.3

Insects Of The Night

Chapter 7

11.1K Sep 26,22 2910

Insects of the Night manhua , Suddenly one day, 99% of the people on earth disappeared, and giant bugs took over the planet. How do the remaining 1% of humans survive?
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Death: Rescheduled 4.4

Death: Rescheduled

Chapter 38

14.9K Sep 26,22 Snailords

Born into a world where everyone gets one murder a year, Kreyul learns at a younger age than most just how brutal this custom is. After the loss of his best friend, Kreyul swears to end this horrific practice forever. However, there are many who support the one-kill rule for their own reasons, so his journey to change the hearts and minds of the five districts won't be an easy one.
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Apocalypse Mechanic 4.4

Apocalypse Mechanic

Chapter 17

64.3K Sep 25,22 沙丘

Apocalypse Mechanic manhua, The Apocalypse has broken out, and the zombie virus has spread wildly. Ye Bei was persecuted by the squad leader of the "White Lotus B*tch", his arm was bitten off by a zombie, and he's lived like a cockroach for fifty years in the apocalypse. With his own efforts to become a mechanic, Ye Bei developed a time machine, returned to the beginning of the end 50 years ago,
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The Old Soldier Never Dies; He Takes On a Beast Girl 4.5

The Old Soldier Never Dies; He Takes On A Beast Girl

Chapter 8

115.1K Sep 27,22 Benigashira

The Old Soldier Never Dies; He Takes On a Beast Girl manga,
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Jagat Rimba

Chapter 6: Risen (Part 2)

7.3K Sep 25,22 Sweta Kartika

Badhaka wishes to take revenge over the death of her sibling at the hands of the Bird Clan, who are also the masterminds behind the return of the Parangkas to Dwipantara. However, Badhaka must fight to be able to become a Dibody warrior to defeat her enemy. Terribly, she was thrown into the Jungle Realm, a foreign expanse that's been long since left behind by humans. WIth the help of those still r
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