Kanashii Hanashi ni Hana ga Saku 4.8

Kanashii Hanashi Ni Hana Ga Saku


50,678 Jun 07,16 Yakan Tuzura

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Otome no Honki 5

Otome No Honki

Ch.ibi-Manga : [Oneshot]

47,486 Jan 20,16 Asagi Hikaru

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Help! My boyfriend is a monster 4.5

Help! My Boyfriend Is A Monster

Chapter 4

43,790 Jun 10,20 Updating

A car accident made Fang Yin Yin into a cat. As well as being a full-time nurse for three kittens, she also has to deal with an overbearing president. “From today on, you’re my cat, remember this in your head.” “You damn stray cat, so ugly and yet you’re still trying to entice me.” “It’s so troublesome being so dazzling all the time. Being my cat, yo
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Delicious! 5


Chapter 1: The Birth Of The Talented-Cooking Idol!?

34,725 Jan 09,20 Kobayashi Miyuki,Ayumi Yui

Ringo Nonohara's dream is to become a star. Although she can't cook, she tries out for the lead in a cooking show called "Delicious Time," which will also be starring the star she idolizes, Mahito Ishizaka. When she discovers that the final stage of the competition will mean she has to prepare a dish, however, Ringo calls on her good friend, chef, and next-door-neighbor, Tsutsui
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Becoming the king's man 3.5

Becoming The King's Man

Vol.1 Chapter 13

21,420 Apr 27,22 Chong Qing Manhua

Hailed as the number one host with the most gracious voice. I fell down the stage after being chased by a fan boy who was after me to confess his love and now I transmigrated into a prostitute? Uhm... But I am a straight! And now I must do things with this man in front of me? Ah... my back. Wait, what?! This whole world's men are after my body? Emmm... well I mean since the start of this story is
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