Tate no Yuusha no Oshi Nagaki 4.4

Tate No Yuusha No Oshi Nagaki

Chapter 18

1,730,261 Mar 23,21 Aneko Yusagi,Tendou Akano

Naofumi was sent to another world, accused of rape, and betrayed by his fellow companions. Left penniless and alone, he was forced to purchase a slave in order to have a fighting chance in this world. Anyway, here’s a bunch of stories about them eating delicious food.
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I Became the Chef of the Dragon King 4.8

I Became The Chef Of The Dragon King

Chapter 27

1,715,440 Jun 09,21 Moon baek kyung - Ook

Chong Shim threw herself into the sea of Indangsu! What will happen when she wakes up in a lazy dragon’s dungeon? Meet many cute monsters while living a delicious, symbiotic life!
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Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu 4.8

Totsuzen Desu Ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu

Vol.8 Bonus Manga: Tv Drama Report

1,687,733 Feb 12,19 Miyazono Izumi

Asuka is a twenty four years old successful career woman who dreams of marriage so she can become a full time housewife and someone who can create a warm home where in her husband would always be fond of returning. Nanami Ryuu is the complete opposite; although he is someone sincere in his job and a gentleman to women, for him, marriage is nothing but a hindrance. To Asuka, Nanami is a person who
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Magical Trans! 4.1

Magical Trans!

Vol.4 Chapter 44: My First...

1,682,974 Mar 09,21 Kashii Yutaka

Minami-kun spots a poster recruiting new members for the Magical Girl Club. Thinking "Cosplay cuties woohoo!" he decides to join... What the hell!? It's not cosplay—we actually become magical girls?? A slice of life love-comedy revolving around magical girls and slippery slopes.
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Why Did You Come To My Home 4.7

Why Did You Come To My Home

Chapter 67.3

1,580,232 Oct 05,18 Lee Yun-Hee

Official Summary:The unfamiliar guy who appeared in front of Seo Jaehee, the office worker with a busy life. Remove prejudices against him!Original Webtoon:
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Haken no Kouki Altina 4.5

Haken No Kouki Altina

Vol.4 Chapter 23 [End]

1,572,854 Mar 07,19 Murasaki Yukiya

Regis Ulrich is an incapable soldier; bad at both sword and archery, who passes the time by only reading books. While transferring to a remote region post, he meets a girl who turns out be the red hair and crimson eyed princess Altina, the wielder of the great sword "Grantneil Catoll." Despite being only fourteen years old, she was appointed to become the commander of the army in this re
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Sidonia no Kishi 4.7

Sidonia No Kishi

Vol.8 Chapter 78.5 : Extra

1,531,175 Jun 01,16 Nihei Tsutomu

Outer space, the far future. A lone seed ship, the Sidonia, plies the void, ten centuries since the obliteration of the solar system. The massive, nearly indestructible, yet barely sentient alien life forms that destroyed humanity’s home world continue to pose an existential threat. Nagate Tanikaze has only known life in the vessel’s bowels deep below the sparkling strata where humans
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Tachibanakan Triangle 4.5

Tachibanakan Triangle

Chapter 34: A Difficult Decision For Takamura Iori

1,526,554 Jul 03,20 Merryhachi

When Natsuno Hanabi went back to her hometown to study in high school, she thought that she will have a new wonderful life. But Tachibanakan, the dormitory she was going to live in, was not what she expected.
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Rike ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumeishitemita 4.8

Rike Ga Koi Ni Ochita No De Shoumeishitemita

Chapter 20: Proof 20: Stem Students Fell In Love, So They Investigated Into Love Hormones.

1,510,163 Jul 26,20 Yamamoto Alfred

With the laboratory, where individual researches come together, as a stage, an experimental sciences love comedy with laughs and kyun kyun, drawn by Yamamoto Alfred.
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Uwakoi 3.8


Vol.1 Ch.36

1,463,345 Sep 05,16 Itosugi Masahiro

Uwakoi a depraved story of a teenaged boy named Yukiteru, who initially becomes captured in a nerve-racking "love triangle" with two other women of his age - named Yuno and Rena. Because the latter was very attached to Yukiteru Yukiteru resided following a particular event with Yuno since youth. Nevertheless, Yuno isn't completely mentally regular and Yukiteru discovers
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Saisoku Musou no B-kyuu Mahou Tsukai: Ippatsu Utareru Mae ni Senpatsu Uchikaesu! 4.6

Saisoku Musou No B-Kyuu Mahou Tsukai: Ippatsu Utareru Mae Ni Senpatsu Uchikaesu!

Chapter 9

1,460,304 Feb 27,21 Ck,Urayama Ayumi

Sky Vincent was born in a world where people are judged on magic rather than the quality of their character. So it was inevitable that when his first magic testing came in and he had the weakest magic power available, he was immediately disgraced by his family. Walking in the forest, he met a wandering mage who informed him of the secret of his power - while his magic is minusc
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Kumika no Mikaku 4.9

Kumika No Mikaku

Vol.6 Chapter 38: The Thing I Love The Most

1,409,744 Apr 18,19 Ononoka Akihiro

Aliens have become common on earth. Kumika is one such alien who can get nutrition just by breathing and therefore does not need to eat, but from unexpected circumstance she takes a bite of earth food and has her first experience of delicious earth food. The uptight Kumika discovers new tastes through eating and awakens to new kinds of emotions.
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Itsuwaribito Utsuho 4.9

Itsuwaribito Utsuho

Vol.23 Special Bonus Manga 2

1,396,016 Mar 10,19 Iinuma Yuuki

Can a liar lead a life of good? Utsuho’s truthfulness as a child resulted in an enormous catastrophe, and he decided to lie from that day forward. Raised in a village of orphans by a monk, Utsuho is an unrepentant troublemaker. The monk eventually inspires him to help people, but there’s no way Utsuho’s going to lead an honest life! Instead, he’s going to use his talents fo
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Big Order 4.1

Big Order

Chapter 54 : Epilogue All The Best, Everyone

1,349,528 Jul 14,18 Esuno Sakae

A new manga by the creator of Mirai Nikki and Hanako to Guuwa no Tera. The main character Hoshimiya Eiji is an introverted high school boy that secretly wishes for the destruction of the world.
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Hana Kimi 4.8

Hana Kimi

Vol.23 Chapter 150.4

1,315,933 Apr 04,18 Nakajo Hisaya

Japanese-American Mizuki has gotten herself into a high school in Japan... but not just any school! To be close to her idol, high jumper Izumi Sano, she's going to an all-guys' high school... and disguising herself as a boy! But as fate would have it, they're more than classmates... they're roommates! Now, Mizuki must keep her secret in the classroom, the locker room, and her own b
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Yurucamp 4.7


Chapter 46.5

1,253,929 May 28,20 Afro

Rin, a girl camping by herself at the base of Mt. Fuji. Nadeshiko, a girl who came to see Mt. Fuji on her bicycle. The scenery the two witness over a supper of cup ramen... marks the start of a new friendship and many adventures to come, camping in the great outdoors!
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Akuma to Love Song 4.6

Akuma To Love Song

Chapter 91.5

1,164,482 Jun 21,20 Tomori Miyoshi

Touzuka High School is a public school with a very low grade point average. One day, a girl, who had been expelled from the state's top school, St. Katria Girls' School, transfers in...Her name is Kawaii Maria. The official reason of her expulsion was due to "violence against the teacher." Because of straightforward comments, Maria starts to become isolated from her class...What
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Fukumenkei Noise 4.8

Fukumenkei Noise

Vol.17 Melody 2

1,123,376 Nov 11,19 Fukuyama Ryouko

Nino is a girl who harbors feelings towards her friend, Momo. Just when she can no longer suppress her feelings, she encounters a boy who composes music...," and "What is the promise Nino made to a boy she met who composes music?"
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Chotto Ippai! 4.8

Chotto Ippai!

Vol.7 Chapter 44: Newcomer

1,119,588 Oct 22,20 Kayou

16 year old Miyahara Momiji starts working part-time at an izakaya called Koharuya.
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Itazura na Kiss 4.7

Itazura Na Kiss

Vol.18 Chapter 69

1,105,792 Sep 11,19 Tada Kaoru

From ShoujoMagic: High school senior Aihara Kotoko has had a crush on Irie Naoki since freshman year. But she's been discouraged from confessing to him by a few things: he's a member of "Class A," the top ranking class in school, whereas she's in "Class F"; he gets the top score on every exam; and he's so smart, popular, and handsome that he's been class pre
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I Hate Love 4.6

I Hate Love

Chapter 46: Bad Feeling

1,026,306 Oct 07,18 Lee Kyuh Wool

The various, daily life of the female student who hates love, Han Yeonsil. A romcom you can relate to!
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The Plain and Unnoticeable Me Is No More 4.8

The Plain And Unnoticeable Me Is No More

Chapter 12

1,024,980 Mar 08,21 Sumiyoshi Yukiko,OOMORI Mikan

Elaine Lana Norris, who was born at the top of the aristocratic ladder, was suddenly abandoned by her fiancé for another and had her engagement to him broken off. Made out to be a villainess by her ex-fiancé's lover and her entourage, she is subsequently driven out of her home by the strict grandfather who raised her. However, with this exiled life, Lana's true skills a
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Binetsu Kuukan 4.5

Binetsu Kuukan

Chapter 22

1,004,249 Apr 15,21 Aoki Ume

Akasegawa Naoya's mother remarried recently and he suddenly finds himself trying to get along with his new big sister Amane, a student of the prestigious Kasugano Girls' School. But his new big sister isn't like what you might first expect.
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Trinity Seven - 7-nin no Mahoutsukai Comic Anthology 5

Trinity Seven - 7-Nin No Mahoutsukai Comic Anthology

Vol.1 Ch.12 : Lolinity Seven

996,388 Mar 05,17 Saitou Kenji

Kasuga Arata lived a normal life in a small town, together with childhood friend and his cousin, Hijiri Kasuga. However, everything changed on the day of the Black Sun. The Breakdown Phenomenon which ruined the town where he took Hijiri away and resides was caused by the Black Sun. As Hijiri begins evaporating, she hangs a grimoire to his neck, requesting it to protect Kasuga. On losing all of his
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