The Golden Dimension 3.9

The Golden Dimension

Vol.2 Chapter 11: Pretend Massacre

35,016 Jan 14,21 Jiho Chai

Nissie Hefferson, the World Union's strongest weapon. Kageyawa Shigeharu, the man who's cursed by a mysterious entity. Thysiatus, a being from The Golden Dimension, also known as Hell. Three are on a search to find the Golden Diamonds that opens the portal to the Golden Dimension. While in the dimension, a war is going on...
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Together With Shinsun

Chapter 5

33,698 Aug 27,20 이유빈 (Lee Yubin)

The story of Wolha Shinsu struggling to pay off his debts, and the bad-ass human girl Yoojung who has fallen into his world.
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The Last Dynasty 4.4

The Last Dynasty

Chapter 7

32,808 Mar 19,21 Mo Fei

The story is about a university student named Gao Ying, who happened to be staying at a hotel in an old town with many mysteries and suddenly got caught up in a conflict, a disaster from hundred of years ago. Here, for the first time ever, the truth of the world will be revealed to his eyes. A mysterious story filled with spiritual elements and humor.
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The Dark Night Journal 4.2

The Dark Night Journal

Chapter 2

32,493 Jan 28,21 尼尼鸭,酉癸

This sets in a Victorian world era where sentinels and guides belongs. People began to enjoy the glory of “the sun never sets” created by their ancestors. Endless enjoyment is the exquisite glory before the building collapsed, but evil is spreading in this city. “Red dancing shoes collector”, “beautiful young hunter”, “angel of death and baby hunter”
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Dangerous Female Teacher 4.2

Dangerous Female Teacher

Chapter 6: Body Restriction

31,721 Jul 20,20 Paja

Shijou Yukari, a substitute chemistry teacher in the school. With her numerous inventions include pharmaceuticals, apparatus, etc. she satisfy many students' wish, however, when people abuse these inventions, things always end horribly...
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2 People (Wonder) 4.4

2 People (Wonder)

Chapter 7

29,732 Sep 21,20 Wonder

My life has been sold to two different people. Now I have to live as a different person in the day and night.
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Staring At You 4.2

Staring At You

Chapter 6

29,601 Sep 26,20 Feng Feng

A bossy CEO got reincarnated as a busker and runs into our innocent male lead. Coincidentally, the company where the male lead works at belongs to the CEO’s family. What will happen to them now?
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The City of Monsters and Treasure 4.7

The City Of Monsters And Treasure

Chapter 0

28,228 Oct 23,20 Lee eul

“Ever since that earthquake incident, I’ve been able to see monsters.” In the rapidly changing city, “artifacts”, which were on the verge of extinction, have begun to draw closer to humans.
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Harmonia 4.6


Chapter 10

27,525 Jan 03,22 Updating

Divers discover an immortal jellyfish in the Caribbean Sea and the key to immortality is seemingly at hand for humanity with the development of Harmonia, a pill that keeps its consumers looking young as long as it is taken daily. However, a fatal flaw is discovered when a singer experiences its side effect while on TV, rapidly aging until death. Trapped on Nakwon Island with his family, islanders
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Mind Reading 4

Mind Reading

Chapter 4

27,070 Mar 08,21 金鸿

Song Miomiao, an optimistic and energetic girl with mind-reading skills, and the domineering and narcissistic school Adonis, Zhao Wuyou. The two work together to solve other people’s troubles. Playing around along the way, parting ways, and coming back together… a light school comedy love story, hilariously presented.
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Nishikida Keibu wa Dorobou ga Osuki 4.7

Nishikida Keibu Wa Dorobou Ga Osuki

Chapter 3

26,698 Jan 17,21 Mayuko Kanba

A wholesome heist- "love comedy" starring a gentleman thief and a police inspector!
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This Edge of the Shore 3.7

This Edge Of The Shore

Chapter 7

26,235 Feb 22,21 翻翻动漫 - fan fan animations

There have been many outstanding cases and events in all parts of the world, which are often dubbed as mysterious, strange, and supernatural concepts, which are daunting. A female officer named Mu Xi & her sidekick dive deep into dark secrets in the night. Will she be able to solve this case or will she end up in the dark?
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To Read The Criminal Tells 4.8

To Read The Criminal Tells

Chapter 6

26,156 Nov 30,20 Hayasaka Gabu

Inspector Oogura Amane has just been reassigned to Investigation Division 6, which is considered a graveyard for police detectives transferred there. Disappointed to discover that her only partner is a slacker by the name of Ebisu Kei, she soon finds out that he has the ability to read the slightest change in facial expressions, or "Tells" as he calls it...
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Unlimited Postman 4.4

Unlimited Postman

Chapter 0

25,952 Aug 17,20 阅文漫画/黑骑社

А package that came from hell , a mysterious and weird mailbox , opens the door to a new world. Please sign and retrieve this package , an exciting and fun journey, a postman will always reach his destination , only the stamp of the package last forever.
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Princess Nazotoki is a Detective 4

Princess Nazotoki Is A Detective

Chapter 1: Princess Nazotoki Of The Library

25,905 Jun 06,20 Anan Mayuki

Shion Nichigami loves reading and is extremely shy, but when she removed her glasses Shion becomes a detective called Nazotokihime.
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Cruel Fairytales 5

Cruel Fairytales

Vol.1 Chapter 4: Teina Who Can See The Past

25,860 Mar 23,20 Yuki Kaori

A collection of oneshots: Cruel Fairytales When Martin and his sister were young, they tried to run away from home. They ran into the forest only to find an unexpected gruesome scene: women were hanged on the trees. Both siblings were traumatised and the younger sister ran away. Now, an older Martin desperately tries to find his sister. Blanche Blanche's l
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Their Heavenly Fires 4.3

Their Heavenly Fires

Chapter 0

24,262 Nov 03,20 Fernstone

It has been 800 years since Former Dragon Emperor Hua Cheng gave up his godhood for a human lover. Xie Lian, Crown Prince of the Heavenly Phoenix family, is descending to the mortal realm for his first trial. Here he meets a young man who seems eerily familiar and begins to unravel secrets that were never meant to be brought to light. Even against the advice of the heavenly realm he feels himself
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Maboroshi Panty 2.6

Maboroshi Panty

Chapter 6: The Introduction Of Ugly Jack

22,553 Feb 03,21 Nagai Go,Koenji Hiroshi

A dormitory climbing school that consists of junior high and high schools in the mountains of N prefecture. There was another No. 1 in this school with the No. 1 advancement rate from the University of Tokyo. That is the highest crime rate in the school. Kotobuki, who is in charge of the school police, starts a detective activity in the name of Maboroshi Panty to help her father.
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Forbidden Identity 4

Forbidden Identity

Chapter 11: Who Are You?

22,451 Sep 17,20 九尾动漫

A small performer named Anning, and a famous female star named Malin. They have identical looks but different identities. The appearance of a mysterious person forces Anning to use Malin’s identity; whilst slowly being dragged into a dark conspiracy.
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Feathers of Light 4.6

Feathers Of Light

Chapter 1

19,870 Oct 23,20 Tuanz_zzzzz

Once, when he was about to disappear, she appeared as the light that illuminated his existence; Now, when she is about to give up her dreams and extinguish the light in her heart, he comes to her side. Their story originated in the book world of Alice in Wonderland and continues in the real world where you and I live. Will the wishes they’ve always held in their hearts come true in both the
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Paradise Of Ha Woo-Hee 3.9

Paradise Of Ha Woo-Hee

Chapter 1

19,781 Dec 10,21 Updating

Sim So-cheon, the queen of the Danwangbu, who had lived under the weight of her status and the gaze of those around her, changed to a completely different person after an accident?! Not only the skillful technique of governing the subordinates, but also the behavior of obsessing over appearance and the ambience of handsome man!!! Everyone in Danwangbu is surprised by her sudden change to the exten
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Princess of Doom 3.6

Princess Of Doom

Chapter 35

19,756 Dec 31,21 N/a/rrator

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I Died That Day 4.7

I Died That Day

Chapter 1: Somi

19,534 Aug 07,21 Lee Eon

What happened to that girl who changed so much?
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Fox Play 3.8

Fox Play

Chapter 5

19,346 Nov 12,21 Hwang hyejin

Park Onew has been living an ordinary life until she meets a "pretty girl" named Shin Chaeri who immediately becomes her bestfriend. When the two go to a prestigious high school in Seoul, they meet the "Foxes of Sangmok High School" and get caught up in a dangerous game with the foxes. This is a story of love and friendship about teenage girls who have 'desires'.
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