Perman 4.8


Vol.1 Chapter 15: A Kind Hearted Girl

5,001 Jan 16,22 Fujiko F. Fujio

From Birdman, a superman from space, he received a mysterious mask and cape. Wearing these, even a slightly clumsy elementary student can transform into Perman, a hero of justice! Rescue the weak, thwart the evil. Together with his three friends, Perman does his best every day to protect peace on Earth!Published in Indonesia by M&C Comics.
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The Remarriage Contract 4.2

The Remarriage Contract

2,905 Jan 16,22 설우희

Gun-ha and So-yeon were strongly attracted to each other, but because they lived completely different lives their marriage ended short and eventually they chose to divorce.Five years later, Gun-ha proposes to Seo-yeon again to be a ‘contract couple'.“Please marry me again. This time, we stay as an ordinary couple.”---- (
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Do Your Worst 3.9

Do Your Worst

Chapter 3

9,013 Jan 16,22 나야

The age of her marriage partner is 48 years old.Song Yeon-joo is forced to get married because of money.Her opinion was completely ignored by the family who asked her to repay their kindness for having her raised."I don't want a young and pretty mother like you.”Kang Lee-won, 2 years younger than her, is her soon-to-be stepson.He is the only one who discusses the flow of marria
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Monotone Blue 4.4

Monotone Blue

3,057 Jan 16,22 Nagabe

"We first touched each other so lightly and tenderly. You and me, we just look a little different, that's all."     Note: "Monotone Blue" is the serialized version of a one-shot named "Escalate", published in the "Kemono/Jingai BL Special" anthology.
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Poison Antidote 2.9

Poison Antidote

Chapter 4

6,887 Jan 16,22 狮心&木白 x 下一山 x 良之著

A dangerous journey gave Gu Ming the chance to meet the warm light that once existed in his heart -- Li Shuo. But now known as Wei San, he has already lost all memories about Gu Ming and is now an assassin. Does mutual destruction or mutual redemption await the two... A world ravaged by a mysterious organization, and a chaotic city filled with violence and madness. For the sake of revenge, and for
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Kyou no Cerberus 4.1

Kyou No Cerberus

10,321 Jan 16,22 Sakurai Ato

Ever since a childhood incident, Chiaki has never been able to truly feel joy or have fun. One day, his traveling father sends him a mysterious cardboard box. Once opened, a girl who calls herself Kerberos pops out of the box! This girl, who has three personalities in one, vows to protect Chiaki from all harm. Will Chiaki be able to live with this three-in-one girl?
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An Aristocratic Engagement: The President's Wife Is a Little Wild 3.9

An Aristocratic Engagement: The President's Wife Is A Little Wild

Chapter 33: 033

15,012 Jan 17,22 Bai Yang

What do you do when your fiancé just can't seem to keep it in his pants? Well, she decided to keep her options open, thinking that she could cancel the engagement… Only to find out that it wasn't going to be as easy as she thought it would be! And so, she turned to the neighbor for help: "young master Shao, let's strike a deal." Young master Shao huffed, "no, I can't be bothered." "Young master Sh
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My Sect's Senior Disciple Has a Hole in His Brain 3.9

My Sect's Senior Disciple Has A Hole In His Brain

Chapter 49

55,057 Jan 16,22 Ling Yumo

The hilarious adventures of the eldest disciple of a sect who has a problem with his brain. Dong Fang Xian Yun was reincarnated as the most senior disciple of the Carefree sect. But the only thing that goes through his mind is to make sure he doesn't end up dying by the hands of the "main character". Read as he makes no sense to his fellow disciples while avoiding flags left and right.   
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Rockman-san 3


2,978 Jan 16,22 Kawata Yushi

A melancholy story in which Rockman, now grown up, confronts the absurdities of adult society and lives on.
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Eternal Club 2.7

Eternal Club

Chapter 16

40,046 Jan 18,22 Yu

Chen Li works at Mo city, he works there every day with no hope to be seen for the future… until one night. Chen Li obtains a special ability, an ability to buy “Time” and “Lifespan” from people, sell “Time” and “Lifespan” and also let things speed up “Time leap” and slow down “exhaustion time”. So he begins to build a top-class “Lifespan club”!
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Shi to Kanojo to Boku Yukari 3.7

Shi To Kanojo To Boku Yukari

51 Jan 16,22 Kawaguchi Madoka

Sequel to Shi to Kanojo to Boku. (  I can see ghosts. I can feel their fear and loneliness. I want to help her who is trying to save ghosts because she has power to see them. I, Yuusaku Matsumi can hear the voices of ghosts. Ghosts who get hurt even after death, who keep embracing their loves who they can't forget. They are like me, who loves h
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A Story That Might Start With A Childhood Friend I Had No Romantic Interest In 4.2

A Story That Might Start With A Childhood Friend I Had No Romantic Interest In

5,081 Jan 16,22 Kana Hono

The story of a boy's inescapable struggle after becoming conscious of a childhood friend he never thought he would develop feelings for.
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Ghost Girl 4.4

Ghost Girl

5,223 Jan 16,22 Ikeda Akihisa

A new series from the creator of *Rosario+Vampire* with artwork that's beyond this dimension! Chloé dreams of being an actress, but her path to success may be closed as she's now twenty-eight with very little to show for it. However, she does happen to have a special occult body type!
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Welcome to Mesugaki Cafe 4.2

Welcome To Mesugaki Cafe

4,366 Jan 16,22 MIGCHIP

What can be so cute yet so spiteful at the same time!? That's what our cafe full of cheeky little girls is for♪
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Nana to Kaoru: Last Year 3.8

Nana To Kaoru: Last Year

25,318 Jan 16,22 Amazume Ryuta

New ('s spinoff, serialized on the newly released (28/11/18) digital magazine "Harem" (ハレム), aiming at adults.    The story takes place in the third year of high school, after the ending of the manga, with ( occuring during summer vacation.  ---**Links:**  - (
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Yomi no Tsugai 4.8

Yomi No Tsugai

5,079 Jan 16,22 Arakawa Hiromu

The manga centers on Yuru, a boy who lives in a remote mountain village, spending his time hunting birds and being one with nature. But one day, Yuru's younger twin sister Asa is called to serve in the jail at the heart of the village, her duty also confining her there. Yuru slowly unravels the unnatural mystery hidden beneath his quiet village.
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童貞吸血鬼只喝牛奶 3.2


23,373 Jan 15,22 綿飴ぽん

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Spirit Hunter 3.4

Spirit Hunter

10,015 Jan 15,22 Yoon Hyeon-Sung, 승림

Spirits roam the land in the mountainous country of Donghye. Some live peacefully alongside human beings, whereas others prey on the innocent. Solitary swordsman Sehui Han travels the land hunting down spirits and ghosts that plague the lives of ordinary folk. He is aided by a powerful spirit called Black Tiger, who grants Sehui strength in return for being allowed to feed on the spirits they meet
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Mae Kara Shitteru Kimi no Koto 2.7

Mae Kara Shitteru Kimi No Koto

44 Jan 15,22 Sekimori

One night Ida discovers an injured kitten and brings it to the local vet. However, the veterinarian suddenly confesses to Ida: "I love you. I dream about you every night, we have met in a previous life."
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The Moon on a Rainy Night 3.7

The Moon On A Rainy Night

Chapter 8

9,307 Jan 16,22 Kuzushiro

One day, just before entering high school, Kindaichi Saki collides with a strange girl of the same year on the way to a piano lesson and grazes her hand, but the musical score she dropped is silently picked up and returned to her by the strange girl. Saki reunites with the impressive girl as a classmate and finds out that her name is Oikawa Kanon and that she is deaf. At school, Saki, who is lonel
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Ramia-Yana 4.3


5,068 Jan 15,22 TheGoldenSmurf

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Somehow, I Raised a Prince 4.4

Somehow, I Raised A Prince

Chapter 17

125,150 Jan 17,22 Burdock Tea (우엉차)

When the egg was rolled in her arms, the dragon was born.A full-fledged baby-sitter.One well-bred dragon prince of one of the ten emperors.Adele is a girl who grew up in an orphanage and came to her uncle's house.While being in charge of her aunt's farm for nine years and taking care of all the insane things on a cow ranch, she accidentally finds a large egg in a tree hole. A child
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Oshibana! 4.5


Chapter 1

12,063 Jan 15,22 Shima Tokio

A romantic comedy centered around "The School Prince" bringing the tense conflict of young boys and girls to the breaking point!
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Fool Night 4.7

Fool Night

Chapter 7: Getting In The Way

10,971 Jan 15,22 Yasuda Kasumi

In a faraway future, Earth is shrouded in thick, heavy clouds. The sun no longer shines upon it. A world in which most plants have withered away and oxygen levels have been depleted. However, humanity has managed to survive by developing the technology needed to turn people into plants, producing a small amount of oxygen. To live as a human being in an uncertain world, or to aban
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