Home Room 3.4

Home Room

Chapter 3: Librarian

0 Jul 01,22 Chiyo

High school student Sachiko is bullied daily and is the recipient of constant unpleasant pranks in class. The culprit is unknown, however, in truth, to Sachiko those days were not particularly painful. That is because her beloved Aida-sensei is there to save her. Bright, handsome, and with a strong sense of justice, he is popular with everyone. Of course to Sachiko he is her special hero. However,
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Change Up!!

0 Jul 01,22 Kisaki Chiaki

Due to family circumstances, a boy Gouhara Youhei has to transfer from a powerhouse school to a remote island with a memberless baseball club.There he meets Kaneko Rui, a boy who has been hurt by baseball.Even though he's hurting, if he can take the hand extended to him, he'll still have the strength to chase his dreams once more...!!On this remote island, the boys will clash with each
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Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Aqua 5

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Aqua

0 Jul 01,22 Hanamori Pink

With her 17th birthday coming up tomorrow, Nanami Rukia moves to a town by the sea. For some reason, she is attracted to her classmate Kurosuna, who is super handsome but has a terrible personality... However, he only seems to be interested in the "legendary mermaid."And then, on her birthday, Rukia's mother, Lucia, tells her that she is the daughter of a mermaid who protects the seven seas?!
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Island Part 2. 3.4

Island Part 2.

0 Jul 01,22 Youn In-Wan

"On the beautiful Jeju Island, MiHo Won, a beautiful teacher, and Van, a cold and mysterious guy, become entangled in strange events, fighting unknown monsters. A legend of exorcism comics is back as webtoon!"
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Coffin of Horrors 5

Coffin Of Horrors

0 Jul 01,22 Big Bear Company

Everything happened because of a coffin that emerged from the river… I thought it was an unexpected fortune for me, but alas, it was an untimely disaster. After prying this coffin open, I instantly felt that something unpleasant had followed me back to my home. As my daughter started acting increasingly weirder, she—as a three-year-old—started hitting puberty!
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Get Out of My House! 5

Get Out Of My House!

0 Jul 01,22 Team Aemae

“She's now your “responsibility”!” Cha Hong, a freelancer; heard as soon as she stepped foot onto the set the biggest drama. This job was everything that she wanted but she was only left to become an assistant. She ends up having to take care of Noh Seung-Ah; the nation’s actress with a really stubborn attitude. Hong will have to look out for the actress 24 hrs daily up until the drama is aired. H
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Tantei to Neko-chan 3

Tantei To Neko-Chan

0 Jul 01,22 Josee

An ex-police officer private detective × a mysterious young man.The one that had been creeping in Kawasaki's heart unnoticed, who runs a detective agency,is sometimes a pushy assistant,sometimes an investigation target (!?), Okachimachi...Mysterious love, presented by Josee
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Mob Psycho 100 – Mobu Sai Hyakumonogatari (Doujinshi) 5

Mob Psycho 100 – Mobu Sai Hyakumonogatari (Doujinshi)

0 Jul 01,22 Serubin

A series of short horror stories featuring various characters from Mob Psycho 100.
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I’d Like to Marry a Stronger Man Than I Am 4.5

I’D Like To Marry A Stronger Man Than I Am

Chapter 1.1

15,018 Jul 01,22 Takahashi Bisui

Akira Kogure, an introverted loner high-school student befriends the student council president Shizukubana Takasaki, who excels in both academics and athletics, blessed with beautiful looks from birth. Though their relationship may seem to be normal, both are keeping a secret that they can't reveal to anyone?!
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Basketball Club 3.7

Basketball Club

0 Jul 01,22 Power Time

The campus filled with vitality, hot-blooded youths, and the basketball club where they sweat, and the exciting Boys' love!Full of youthful vigour, this is a comic with BL and sports theme. BL~ BL! Here is the concentration campus for fujoshi, jiggle r-ring!+
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Saint Of Black Kite~ The Banished Healer Masters Dark Magic With Abundant Magical Power

5,004 Jul 01,22

Russel is a [saint] who was an expert in recovery magic. he was in a group with his childhood friends until the rest of the members learned revival magic. branded unnecessary and expelled from his group of friends, he meets a mysterious beauty named Sybilla. His infinite magical potential, combined with her guidance now allow him to reach heights once deemed impossible!
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Twin or Lose 3.7

Twin Or Lose

Chapter 20

0 Jul 01,22 Jordan Jackson , Meghan Callahan , Tapas Media , Kisai Entertainment

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Bokura no Ketsumei 4.5

Bokura No Ketsumei

Chapter 18

5,007 Jul 01,22 Kakazu Kazu

Kazu Kakazu's elegantly drawn tale of vampire siblings and the oath that binds them now begins!
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Family Mate 2.8

Family Mate

Chapter 17

0 Jul 01,22 Jungwoo

.One night, Kwon Yisoo somehow mistakenly become the sex partner of a superior he hated, Han Gangjin. Kwon Yisoo tries to break all ties with Han Gangjin but during a meeting for his mother's remarriage, he meets him as stepbrothers. He tries to get himself together but because he'll be living with Han Gangjin, Kwon Yisoo can't help but get pulled in by him.
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I'm the Guild Receptionist, but Since I Don't Want to Work Overtime, I Think I'll Just Solo the Boss 4.5

I'm The Guild Receptionist, But Since I Don't Want To Work Overtime, I Think I'll Just Solo The Boss

Chapter 5

60,070 Jun 30,22 YUUKI Suzu,Kousaka Mato

“It’s safe because it’s a desk job, super stable because it’s public work!” But what awaits Alina, who has become a guild receptionist, is a far from what she had in mind. And it’s all because of the adventurers inability to conquer dungeons! Having reached her limit, Alina sets out to defeat the boss herself, hammer in hand…
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Himitsu ni shiro yo!! 2.9

Himitsu Ni Shiro Yo!!

0 Jun 30,22 Satomaru Mami

High school student Koshika, likes cute things since he was a child. He also has a secret hobby of crossdressing as a girl but was accidentally caught by his classmate Oozeki. To prevent rumors from spreading, he kept him under surveillance by following him everywhere he goes.+
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I Confessed to the Boss 4

I Confessed To The Boss

0 Jun 30,22

Openly Workplace Romance / Openly Dating / Outspokenly In-House Love / / Everyone loves Mr. Perfect, team leader Ji Dohoon-- except for one person, that is. For the past two years, Dajung has only had eyes for her coworker, Hyunwoo. On the night of the company dinner, Dajung runs after him as he leaves and asks him to be her boyfriend. However, once the tall figure she confesses to steps out o
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Level-Up Doctor (manhwa) 4.6

Level-Up Doctor (Manhwa)

5,005 Jun 30,22

Level-Up Doctor manhwa, Growing up as an orphan, Jeong He-Jin didn't open his heart to anyone.After giving his all to become a cardiothoracic surgeon, he got into an unfortunate accident,after which he woke up not as Jeon He-Jin' but as Choi GiSeok'.And on top of that, he has to using his skills?The accident changed his fate drasticallyCan he become the Greatest Cardiothoracic Surgeon' as Choi
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Shiawase ni Michita Yoru no Niwa 2.3

Shiawase Ni Michita Yoru No Niwa

0 Jun 30,22 Rocky

Noah is a beautiful Alpha heir of a great company, son of a Beta and an Alpha. His parents cut off all contact with Omegas in order to marry him to an Alpha female and keep the blood pure. What happens when Noah meets Hajime, a male Alpha at a party and starts a relationship?+
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Idol-kun wa Abakaretai 2.3

Idol-Kun Wa Abakaretai

0 Jun 30,22 Shimahokke

"Can you take some pics? I want you to shoot me... getting absolutely torn apart by you!" Yukinari's been chasing after scoops as a paparazzo for about a year. His next target is the super-popular Subaru Nagare, a pop star with a totally clean record. Discovering the two are old high-school classmates, Yukinari successfully gets invited into Subaru's home without giving up his true intentions... "
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Life Ain’t so Bad 2.6

Life Ain’T So Bad

Chapter 5

5,010 Jun 30,22 Si Mitsuru

As his classmates go to mixers and enjoy their college-campus life, the closeted Sousuke spends his days wishing that he could find romance, too. Then, one day, seeking to meet people, he goes to a bath house he visits on occasion when who should he meet but the actor from an adult video he's "enjoyed" too many times to count!+
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