Qiang Jin Jiu 5

Qiang Jin Jiu

0 Feb 27,24 Tang Jiuqing

During the Xiande period of the Dazhou dynasty, the Prince of Jianxing, Shen Wei, suffered defeat at the Chashi river in the northeast, leading to the Six Prefectures of Zhongbo almost falling to external foes. Shen Zechuan, meanwhile, was arrested and taken to the capital, to be the target of everyone's hatred as the surviving villain. When the young son of the Prince of Libei, Xiao Chiye, heard
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No Surrender

0 Feb 27,24 Denno

Year 2155, the world has been revolutionized by the war against A.I. The Gogering, a new martial art that use futuristic technologies to fuse machine and man, has emerged as the most acclaimed sport worldwide. Determined to become the undisputed champion, Jani, who follows the path of revenge, must face not only the strongest warriors but also his inner demons, questioning everything he believes i
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No.1 Idol Heavenly Group of the Imperial City 5

No.1 Idol Heavenly Group Of The Imperial City

0 Feb 27,24 杰外动漫

The former female official Pei Jiuge, the governor of Dongchang Mo Qi, the Third Princess, Prince Xiao and an Imperial Physician. These five people were just extras in the colourful cast of members in the imperial city. They don't like the conspiracy and the intrigue of court politics even though the undercurrents are surging...
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Shouwaru Tensai Osananajimi to no Shoubu ni Makete Hatsutaiken o Zenbu Ubawareru Hanashi 3.9

Shouwaru Tensai Osananajimi To No Shoubu Ni Makete Hatsutaiken O Zenbu Ubawareru Hanashi

0 Feb 27,24 Inukai Anzu

A twisted girls' love story featuring: An honor student hiding behind a devilish mask x An ordinary girl who hates losing.Wakaba Yoshizawa has a childhood friend named Komaki Umezono.This girl wore the mask of an honor student with good morals who's blessed with both beauty and brains, but in reality she's an evil genius who looked down on people. For the sake of regaining the dignity she
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Sprite 5


0 Feb 27,24 Oobadouzu

Suzuho, tormented by relentless bullying, crosses paths with Raiko—a girl whose personality is a stark contrast to her own—following an unexpected motorcycle accident. Inspired by Raiko's vibrant spirit, Suzuho begins to embrace a more positive outlook on life, until she is confronted once again by her tormentors.---(
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Mesugaki ga Watashi wo Wakarase ni Kuru no de Shouri no Mesugaki no Chikara wo Karite Kocchi mo Wakarase ni Ikimasu. 3.8

Mesugaki Ga Watashi Wo Wakarase Ni Kuru No De Shouri No Mesugaki No Chikara Wo Karite Kocchi Mo Wakarase Ni Ikimasu.

0 Feb 27,24 Shouma Keito

The protagonist Iroha is no good at either studies or sports, which is why her classmate Hifumi (a bratty girl) is always making fun of her.Appearing by Iroha's side is the goddess of victory Cheeky (also a bratty girl), and she lets Iroha use various special items to claim victory, but then...!?The curtain rises on bratty girl vs bratty girl setting things straight with each other!!(S
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Otogibanashi wa Awa to Kie 2

Otogibanashi Wa Awa To Kie

0 Feb 27,24 Janome

Oka, the manager of a ramen restaurant in Sapporo, has been in a friends-with-benefits relationship with his high school classmate, Akemi, ever since graduation. As much as they seem to have mutual feelings for one another, Oka is still hung up on the memory of his unrealized first love back in high school, while Akemi, shunned as the son of a yakuza family, has resolved to live his life in solitu
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Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight Axis 5

Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight Axis

0 Feb 27,24 Ark Performance

Universal Century 0096. Several months have passed since the incident surrounding Laplace's box also known as the Universal Century Charter. The Earth Federation Forces dispatches a group of investigators to the severed Axis which is drifting outside the Earth Sphere. Two civilians participate as members of the research group: Arlette Almage and Danton Hyleg. Both have pasts with government servic
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Battle Armor Academy 5

Battle Armor Academy

0 Feb 27,24 不可描述的一条

In the mysterious and unpredictable Battle Domain Continent, there is an ancient legend that the world will shatter during the calamity, and only the chosen Son of Heaven can save the people.The male protagonist, Han Shen, accidentally crosses over to the Battle Domain Continent, becoming the fated Son of Heaven and embarking on a journey in a different world.
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Sister Generator ~Hiroaki Samura Short Stories~ 5

Sister Generator ~Hiroaki Samura Short Stories~

0 Feb 27,24 Samura Hiroaki

Contains six short stories: 1. Kuzein-ke Saidai no Show (The Biggest Show of the Kuzein Family) 2-4. Seifuku wa Nugenai #1~3 (Can't Take Off My Uniform) 5. Brigit no Bansan (Brigit's Supper) 6-8. Seifuku wa Nugenai #4~6 9. Shizuru Cinema (Shizuru Film) 10. Kasou Senryaku Kagami-uchi (Lower Class Tactic: Mirror Strike) 11-12. Seifuku wa Nugenai #7~8 13.
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Hanbun Ageru 5

Hanbun Ageru

0 Feb 27,24 Arima Arashi

Kurokawa is an ordinary high school student living in Hiroshima. He's uncomfortable with his always smiling classmate, Shiraki. One day on his way home, Kurokawa suddenly bumps into Shiraki wearing a blood-stained shirt. Kurokawa quickly took his hand and ran away from the scene, only to find out that Shiraki has been selling his body for a living. He injured a client and escaped.After hearing
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Torokeru Tamago to Bed no Naka de 1.6

Torokeru Tamago To Bed No Naka De

0 Feb 27,24 Mibu Yoshikazu

Yuu and Keigo are a happy couple of 10 years. They spend their days together like any other: wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, and go to work. Even in sickness and in health, you bet they’ll be smiling happily (and getting in their sexy time)! How do these two normal guys face the countless problems ahead and continue to spend their lives together? At the end awaits their future as
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Therapy Game Restart 3

Therapy Game Restart

0 Feb 27,24 Hinohara Meguru

The continuation of Minato and Shizuma's story, this time as an established couple.
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Okane Ariki no Kankei desu ga 1.7

Okane Ariki No Kankei Desu Ga

0 Feb 27,24 Sakurai Nanako

Half a year ago, Yanai Makoto, a normal office employee, became his friend’s guarantor for a large loan, but in the end the friend fled and left him with enormous debt of 30 million yen. Yanai became a call boy in order to pay off the debt, until one day he stumbled across a yakuza who claimed "love at first sight" and was willing to pay 5 times his price if Yanai became his personal whore…
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Fanservice Paradox 3.7

Fanservice Paradox

0 Feb 27,24 稚楚

The two members with the worst relationship in the group are now trending all because of a fan-taken video that suddenly dominated the social media! Young and cute husky X Cool and cold Gege who has great self-restraint?! The shippers are going feral over this pairing! They had clearly never gotten along since their debut, yet they were now forced to embark on an endless path of selling their fake
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Shitsuji-sama wa Demodori Reijou wo Amayakasanai 5

Shitsuji-Sama Wa Demodori Reijou Wo Amayakasanai

0 Feb 27,24 Yuki Nichola

After Akiko is cheated on by the boyfriend she's living with, she has no choice but to return to her parents' home. At home for the first time in several years none of her family is there, only Tanaka, a handsome but brazen butler! Akiko is hesitant to rely on someone she's met for the first time, but she ends up being taken in by Tanaka, who is surprisingly kind(?). Their life together full of up
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Boku no Ma na Musume 5

Boku No Ma Na Musume

0 Feb 27,24 Sankaku Head

Sami-chan, who lives alone with her dad, has inherited her mom's silver hair and perfectly round eyes, making her an incredibly adorable daughter. However, this daughter has a secret. When she feels lonely, horns sprout from her head. She's a "half-demon" born from a devil...! Would having a daughter like this bring happiness!? Or... A heartwarming comedy filled with the bond between father and da
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Kinki Chihou no Aru Basho ni Tsuite 5

Kinki Chihou No Aru Basho Ni Tsuite

0 Feb 27,24 Sesuji

My friend Ozawa, who has gone missing. He was an editor of an occult magazine, and before his disappearance, he had covered ghost stories related to an area called "●●●●●". Quotes from past magazine articles, strange stories from readers, and Internet bulletin board posts - as we follow his footsteps and decipher the materials he had collected, certain connections emerge between the ghost stories
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Sorry, My Skills Are Automatically Maxed Out! 4.7

Sorry, My Skills Are Automatically Maxed Out!

0 Feb 27,24 Meng Yue Culture (萌月文化), 北冥天子

Jiang Li, after being reborn on the Blue Star, has passed eighteen years. With his excellent learning ability, he is praised by everyone as a genius. However, this genius, during the Awakening Ceremony at the age of eighteen, only awakened as an ordinary mage, mocked by his enemies. However, only Jiang Li knows at this moment that he has awakened a divine-level talent, and all his skills are autom
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Living Together Just To Guide You 5

Living Together Just To Guide You

0 Feb 27,24 iCiyuan, 动漫

In a well-designed, wealthy engagement event, Yan Jingxi was unexpectedly sent by her fiancé to the bed of his domineering uncle. Reporters burst through the door and witnessed Yan Jingxi leaning against Lu Muqing's arms, smiling as she said, “My fiancé isn't good; I'm cheating/breaking up with him.” After the reporters left, she gave him a high-five in alliance and said, “Thank you for helping me
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Meow Meow 5

Meow Meow

0 Feb 27,24 喵叽tom

A story about an unexpected cohabitation life between a warm and cute cat and a irritable chicken boss~~Life is hard, let me sweeten it with meow!!
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Claw 5


0 Feb 27,24 易书科技

Once upon a time there was an innocent and straightforward little Aries girl. After being targeted by a black-bellied Leo boy and by using food to lure her to him, she couldn't resist the Leo boy at all!The boy said : "I'm determined to be there whenever you need me, I'll accompany you wherever, eat, drink, and even finish up all the vegetables that you hate. I'll do my best to make you ha
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Mobile Suit V Gundam Gaiden ~Letters from Odelo Henrik~ 5

Mobile Suit V Gundam Gaiden ~Letters From Odelo Henrik~

0 Feb 27,24 Okamoto Kazuhiro

A new series celebrating the 30th anniversary of V Gundam's broadcast! What memories from that day will find themselves resurfacing?
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Navigatoria 5


0 Feb 27,24 Oshiishi Waka

Enter a world where the First Space War has ended, and Earth has claimed its first extraterrestrial colony. Manabu Houo, a boy born into a totalitarian state, finds his only joy in watching forbidden movies with his childhood friend, Hina-chan. However, one day upon returning home, he finds a group of government officials waiting for him...?! Watch as this thrilling sci-fi school drama unfolds on
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