Anemone Theater 1.9

Anemone Theater

Season 1 Chapter 22

5K Oct 05,22 Zoy , Greensea

Seongho, who is under extreme stress because of his conservative father, suffers from chronic headaches.To get rid of the headache somehow, he takes the whole pill and accidentally kisses a man.And feel like that severe headache is fading away... Is it because of the drug? Or because of the kiss?
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Snake Bite 2.3

Snake Bite

Chapter 4

0 Oct 05,22 Gongzo

Jun-won, who is a denial by person, falls in love with his straight older brother, Jae-hyung, who is educated in the same way, and finds out that the relationship between Jae-hyung's people around him is unusual. Jaehyun and his ex-lover Jiyeon, who is his older sister, are more interested in Jaehyun than when they started dating, even though he found out about his unrequited love. I can't quite
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The White Lion’s Secret Bride 3

The White Lion’S Secret Bride

Chapter 10

5K Oct 05,22 Yim Hye

He is a dark beast worthy of his name who'll do anything for money. This is what Isabella Barret is told about Lion Black, the man she must marry while in disguise as his actual fiance, Violet Lancaster. As dangerous as this gamble is, if Isabella manages to fool Lion until their one-year marriage contract is over, she'll be freed of yet another contract that has kept her shackled for the past fiv
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In the Flower of Our Youth 3

In The Flower Of Our Youth

Chapter 24

0 Oct 05,22

Love is hard, even for grown-ups. After a heart-wrenching breakup, Chorong decides to chase her dreams. Three long years of studying for the civil service exam finally come to fruition her new life is just starting now! But her new workplace brings about an unexpected reunionUs On That Day,Us That Day, mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you m
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Aristité was Blessed with a Curse 3.7

Aristité Was Blessed With A Curse

Chapter 15

0 Oct 05,22 Cherry (ii)

In the Kingdom of Strandeon, one man from each noble family is required to serve in the Order of the Royal Vine, and Aristit is chosen to fulfill this duty for House Theseus. One day, while the order is carrying out a mission, a witch places a curse on Aristit, saying that he'll lose something important. Everyone in the order thinks that this curse is what transforms Aristit into a woman, but litt
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The Scorned Villainess Survives in the Wilderness 5

The Scorned Villainess Survives In The Wilderness

Chapter 49

0 Oct 05,22 An yoshii / Nakano ruri

Read manhwa The Scorned Villainess Survives in the Wilderness / Kon'yaku o Haki sa Reta Akuyaku Reijou wa Kouya ni IkiruThe Crown Prince Wilhelm suddenly announced the dissolvement of his betrothal to Constance (Connie), the daughter of a marquis. It seems like he had fallen in love with someone else a saint who had appeared recently. Connie grew depressed at the cruel declaration, as she had spen
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World Of Data 3.9

World Of Data

Chapter 6

10K Oct 05,22 墨乡

World Of Data manhua, Rise of The Cheat UserSun Ran, who was born in a slum, known as a talented game cheating expert. He used to hang out in multiple virtual worlds with different identities, but he was accidentally kicked out of the virtual world by the orderer, and left with nine money in the real world. While having billions of high debt. In order to pay off the debt, Sun Ran made a deal with
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The Supporting Enchanter of Desperate Skill 4.3

The Supporting Enchanter Of Desperate Skill

Chapter 2.1

10K Oct 05,22 Shirukan

The Supporting Enchanter of Desperate Skill manga, Fuguu Skill no Shien Madoushi Party wo Tsuihousareta kedo, Chokugo no Skill Update de Shin no Chikara ni Mezamete Saikyou ni natta
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Oni wa Shitau wa tatarigami 3.4

Oni Wa Shitau Wa Tatarigami

Chapter 5

0 Oct 05,22 HAIZAKI Mejiro

Tsubakimaru, a half human half demon child, is captured by a group of bandits to be used as a profitable freak-show. On their way to the next village, they decide to travel through a strange desolate mountain where there are no animals or vegetation. “Let me go you bandits!” But before long, all but Tsubakimaru fall dead to the barren ground. There he is faced by the beautiful god Shii who carrie
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Studio Cabana 3

Studio Cabana

Chapter 5.1

0 Oct 05,22 Uma aguri

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Night Owls & Summer Skies 3

Night Owls & Summer Skies

Chapter 5

0 Oct 05,22

Despite her tough exterior, seventeen year-old Emma Lane has never been the outdoorsy type. So when her mother unceremoniously dumps her at Camp Mapplewood for the summer, she's determined to get kicked out fast. However, when she draws the attention of Vivian Black, a mysterious and gorgeous assistant counselor, she discovers that there may be more to this camp than mean girls and mosquitos. Ther
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Country of the Crimson Moon 3.6

Country Of The Crimson Moon

Chapter 16

15K Oct 05,22 Park Shin

The absolute organization "Red Moon", which mobilizes members with the power of glia, a kind of superpower, makes even the president kneel! This country has already become the Country of the Red Moon'. The government was looking for a way to destroy the Red Moon, the root of evil. Someone who has glia potential comparable to that of Shin Young-woo, the president of the Red Moon. They discovered Ry
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Crossover Actor 3.8

Crossover Actor

Chapter 1

0 Oct 05,22 北南 , 晋江文学城

not found...
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Weed Reincarnation ~ Carefully Raised in the Elf Village ~ 4.9

Weed Reincarnation ~ Carefully Raised In The Elf Village ~

Chapter 4

10K Oct 05,22 Ikuya Daikokudou,Nijima Aruku,Tennensui Coffee

I noticed that I am a weed in the forest, but for some reason, I can think and have an ego. Besides, there is also strange knowledge. I have no choice but to live for the time being, even though I feel something is wrong with the status screen and level as a game. I don’t think I was originally a human being, but I don’t remember much about it. Aside from that, the light is delicious. When I thou
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The Useless Skill [Auto Mode] Has Been Awakened ~Huh, Guild's Scout, Didn't You Say I Wasn't Needed Anymore?~ 4.4

The Useless Skill [Auto Mode] Has Been Awakened ~Huh, Guild's Scout, Didn't You Say I Wasn't Needed Anymore?~

Chapter 11: Chasing Claus

60.1K Oct 05,22 Nakajima Rei,La軍

Young boy Claus was gifted with a Skill called [Auto Mode]. It is an extremely rare skill and he was so pleased when first received it... Turns out, the skill's abilities [Auto Return] for "only to go home" and [Auto Travel] for "only to go to places that have been visited" are a completely useless ability for both combat and making money! However.. The now leveled up Claus has come to know the
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This Reincarnated Countess Is Trying To Escape From Her Prince 3.9

This Reincarnated Countess Is Trying To Escape From Her Prince

Chapter 5

10K Oct 05,22 TSUKIGAMI Saki

This Reincarnated Countess Is Trying To Escape From Her Prince MANGA, Tensei Hakushaku Reijou ha Oujisama kara Nigedashitai, Countess Sherazade of the Holy Kingdom of Florentino is hit with a flood of memories. Memories of a past life, in which her current life is just a Teen Love novel called, "The World that Surrounds Me," or "My World" for short. Her life is about to go from tragic to downright
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After Ten Years of Chopping Wood, Immortals Begged To Become My Disciples 4.7

After Ten Years Of Chopping Wood, Immortals Begged To Become My Disciples

Chapter 2

25K Oct 05,22

After ten years of chopping firewood (so tired ), female immortals (one after another ()) knelt down and begged me to take them as their disciples! _(` )_
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Marriage of Convenience ( The Marriage Business) 4.7

Marriage Of Convenience ( The Marriage Business)

Chapter 51

30K Oct 05,22 hanheun

Marriage of Convenience manhwa, The Marriage Business , The Wedding Business Bianca de Blanchefort. The wife of Zachary de Arno, thrown out of Arno family after his death due to her self-indulgent, frivolous, and immoral behavior. She had nowhere to go, the Blanchefort family having already fallen to ruin, and was more or less kicked to a convent out in the border. A woman who ultimately met her e
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Nokori Mono niha Fuku ga Aru 5

Nokori Mono Niha Fuku Ga Aru

Chapter 13

5K Oct 05,22 HINATA Sora

Nokori Mono niha Fuku ga Aru manga, The Best Is Saved for Last , There Is Luck In the Last Helping , Nako's been summoned as a sacred figure, but she doesn't have the special powers her summoners expected to make this "other world" a better place. She's sent away to live in a detached palace with Lynn, her lady-in-waiting, until one day, she's ordered to marry an earl who's said to be the country'
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Fun Territory Defense by the Optimistic Lord 4.7

Fun Territory Defense By The Optimistic Lord

Chapter 13.1

95.1K Oct 05,22

Fun Territory Defense by the Optimistic Lord Okiraku Ryoushu no Tanoshii Ryouchi Bouei A man was reincarnated as Van, a boy of noble birth, who grew up to become a child prodigy through hard work. But when it was discovered that he possessed "production magic," he was immediately relegated to a remote village. However, his magic, which was called useless, turned out to be truly extraordinary, capa
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The Falling Merman 3.7

The Falling Merman

Chapter 41

10K Oct 05,22 麟潜 , Re-vendur , 流浪草工作室 , 长佩文学网

Tactical command boss (coquettish white lion alpha) × force value top dumb beauty assaulter (noble mermaid omega). Both of them were once experimental subjects of the Academy, relying on each other but “using” each other. Because of a misunderstanding, the white lion was injured by the mermaid, yelling about revenge, but it was difficult to start when he was goodbye. After all, he still wanted to
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The Foul 4.1

The Foul

Chapter 30

15K Oct 05,22 Aczer X Chaepali

After the death of his father, Joo Hawon is left with his father’s astronomical debt in the foreign land of Macau. With no future in sight, Hawon works as a casino dealer, barely getting by each day. One day, a mysterious man, Kwon Taeha, shows interest in him. “Now then, let’s have some fun, shall we?” Hawon agrees, believing that they will be spending their time together in a more frivolous an
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