Flash Mac + Patrol X 4.5

Flash Mac + Patrol X

Vol.1 Chapter 4: Senkou Mack (4)

391 Jun 14,24 Kazumine Daiji

After 40 years, two heroes have arrived in the present day!! Ilmine Daiji, the all-powerful sci-fi hero "Senkou Mac" and 'Patrol X' is now in book form for the first time!!
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Re'Draft 5


404 Jun 13,24 Nyomin

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Super Cub Rei 4.8

Super Cub Rei

428 Jun 13,24 Tone Koken , SAITO Sakae

A Super Cub showed her that she can become anything. The official spin-off serialization of "Super Cub" from the perspective of another main character, Reiko, has finally begun! Reiko, a young girl who yearns to be a hero, encounters an old Super Cub. The story of Reiko and the Cub spins through Tokyo, Yamanashi, Saitama, and Osaka...!
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Traveling Through Time and Space to Become an Unlucky NPC: I Have a Wife to Protect Me 4.1

Traveling Through Time And Space To Become An Unlucky Npc: I Have A Wife To Protect Me

Chapter 7

20.1K Jun 15,24 英之耀

He Qingyang traveled to the game "Sword Immortal Legend" he was playing and became an unlucky NPC who kept skipping the plot when he was playing the game. This NPC kept harassing the main heroine Ning Yiwan, and later his identity was exposed and he was killed by Ning Yiwan.....
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??? Rank no Ura Soubi Musou 4.6

??? Rank No Ura Soubi Musou

Chapter 10

20.1K Jun 15,24 Kiyoro , SORAJIMA

A young man named Jinfrey, decides to become an adventurer in order to earn a lot of money and make his family happy. However, the moment he tries to become an adventurer, Jinfrey remembers the memory of his previous life. This world that Jinfrey was born and raised, was exactly the same world as “Ground Seven”, a shitty game that he played in his previous life to the point where he was ca
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Yamu ni Yamarenu! 4.1

Yamu Ni Yamarenu!

Chapter 1: Big-Breasted Demon And Yandere Fox

10K Jun 15,24 Parabola

This is a heartwarming (physically) story about a former great sage who reincarnates in modern Japan and gets overwhelmed by a Japanese yandere knife.
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Sarumane 4.1


Vol.1 Chapter 1: Gaze

4.6K Jun 15,24 Yoshida Kaoru , 吉田薫

Despite the food shortages caused by famine, the mountain village where the protagonist Kai lives is able to pursue a somewhat better life than others by hunting wild animals. However, one day, a man who says he got lost in the mountains comes to the village. Kai is suspicious of the man, who refuses to make eye contact, but he and his family welcome him. That night, another uninvited beast though
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Battle Studies 3.9

Battle Studies

Vol.1 Chapter 7: Don't Show Weakness

4.6K Jun 15,24 Nakibokuro

You can’t win through only with “friendship” and “youth”. We stake our lives to get to Koshien!! Kanou Shoutarou entered an official baseball club at one of the best powerhouse baseball schools in the country - DL Gakuen. However the discipline in the club, he admired so much, was beyond all imagination! From Nakibokuro - the former member of PL Gakuen’s baseball club who
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Arctic Cold War 4.7

Arctic Cold War

Chapter 3

2.5K Jun 15,24 Manchuangtang

The Ice Age descends, a brutal, unforgiving apocalypse. I was betrayed and killed by the person I secretly loved… After being reborn, I gained a miraculous ability: any food that enters my mouth turns into a living creature, and I can enlarge pork with my hands… Amidst rising crises, this time I will live for myself!
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Hiding Out in an Apocalypse 5

Hiding Out In An Apocalypse

Chapter 7

30.2K Jun 15,24 Dd, Road Warrior , Song Ji-Hyung

Three years ago, a doomsday prepper named Park Kyu, who predicted the world’s end and prepared for it in every way possible. As he expected, one day, a nuclear attack on Seoul led to a global nuclear war, resulting in an unprecedented apocalypse. Despite everyone’s ridicule, the protagonist Park Kyu spent his entire fortune over the past three years to quietly dig out his own bunker. Was it me
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The First Commandment 3.1

The First Commandment

Chapter 1

3.4K Jun 15,24 Taengja , Flona , Tangja , Inpol

"I said I would do anything for you," Alexei gasped, his voice strained as he struggled to hold back the tide of emotions. Saratov, a city where a large number of Russian immigrants have settled, served as the backdrop to his turmoil. Alexei, a member of the mafia, had made protecting his younger brother his first commandment. Obsessed with his brother, who harbored resentment towards him, Al
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Seven Ninja of the Imperial Guard 5

Seven Ninja Of The Imperial Guard

Vol.1 Chapter 3: Reiki 3: Magai Shinpen Onshin Ninpo

1.5K Jun 15,24 Yamaguchi Takayuki

With the power of the shogunate, Ieyasu, the supreme ruler of Japan, holds sway over the Sengoku Era. Those who refuse to follow his whims are doomed to be put to death by the god of war, Kibitsuhiko-no-Mikoto. But behold! Seven shadows are still rampant in this ruthless world. Are they men? Beasts? Petals? The wind? No, they are the seven blades of the Efu–the grudgeful ninja! Note:
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OreHiki: I'll Break Away From My Meaningless Life 5

Orehiki: I'll Break Away From My Meaningless Life

249 Jun 13,24 Tomoplus

Shigesaburou's life up to now has been a lot to deal with, but after he abandons his duty and decides to live as a ronin, he has to figure out what matters to him the most. Meeting new friends and finding his place in this world seems easy enough, right? At least until his naivete is challenged by complicated relationships and grievances at almost every turn... in both the past, and the future.
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My Goddess Spurs Me On 3.7

My Goddess Spurs Me On

Vol.1 Chapter 2: Minozuki-San Is A Former Maid

3.6K Jun 15,24 Kawauchi

This is a yuri omnibus currently being serialized in the web manga magazine comicGAGA. The theme is "goddess-like woman x troubled protagonist" and it's a fun manga that you can easily read. Both the magazine and the single issue version are distributed on the first Saturday of every month. (Each episode 20 pages)
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Fist of the North Star: BBQ Flavor 5

Fist Of The North Star: Bbq Flavor

Vol.1 Chapter 8: Full Power Translation - Raoh Arc

1.2K Jun 15,24 Kawata Yushi, Hara Tetsuo, Yukito Imouto, Buronson

Yushi Kawata, with his middle school-level English, has taken on translating *Fist of the North Star* himself! Revisit famous points from the first 15 volumes with Kawata's translation, supplemented by artwork from the Yukito sisters and artwork sampled from the original manga. You'll certainly have one crazy time around America!
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Special Civil Servant 4.9

Special Civil Servant

Chapter 3

5.1K Jun 15,24 Kwon Sora, Seo Jaewon , Baesaem

After failing the Grade Nine civil service exam four times and many twists and turns, Han Maru finally succeeded in becoming a special civil servant under the Ministry of Environment. Goodbye, gosiwon! Goodbye, convenience store lunchboxes! But the joy of passing was short-lived. It turned out to be a life-threatening national secret job?! Along with the yellow dust came the demons, creatures that
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Ghost Story Club (Remake) 5

Ghost Story Club (Remake)

Chapter 10

5.6K Jun 15,24 Ojigjaemi, Aengmusae

Lee Joon was an ordinary high school student. During the entrance ceremony, he was caught up in a strange phenomenon and died. But then, a message appeared before his eyes. 『Congratulations on your acceptance at Nakseong Highschool, the school of secrets and mysteries. Uncover the shady secrets hidden within the school, or fight against the legends and ghost stories of the campu
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Murim Salon 3.8

Murim Salon

Chapter 8

30.1K Jun 15,24 Mannyeon 2 Inja, Jiun

In the Immortal Realm, Jinyul was renowned as the Beauty Immortal, leading fashion trends and styles as the personal barber of the Jade Emperor. However, he, who was (literally) intoxicated by his high status, behaved recklessly and caused a major accident, completely shaving off the Jade Emperor’s hair. Enraged, the Jade Emperor banished him to the Mortal Realm. After falling into the Mortal Real
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Kiss n Karess ! 1.7

Kiss N Karess !

Vol.1 Chapter 13: Karnival Kids Part 10

4K Jun 15,24 Wiggie666

This is a girls love series. When a delinquent and a role model student start dating, they must conceal their relationship because of their reputations. People would be outraged and not approve of such a couple. Even though Alix and Skip are complete opposites like night and day, they manage to maintain a loving relationship.
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Kanojo ga Onii-chan ni Nattara Shitai 10 no Koto 4.6

Kanojo Ga Onii-Chan Ni Nattara Shitai 10 No Koto

Vol.1 Chapter 3

6.9K Jun 14,24 Akakoko

As a result of entering high school, Nanase moves into a sharehome. Only, there is a special rule that states "all the residents must be assigned a family role"!! What will happen of Nanase's life as she starts living with her pretend family...!?
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Outside the Timetable 4.3

Outside The Timetable

Chapter 1: Tohno-San, Next To Me Only In The Mornings

3.3K Jun 14,24 Toyobayashi Sakane

We may not know anything about that girl who's in the same class and has the same route to school yet— a sweet, sour, and embarrassing omnibus of three girls drawn by Toyobayashi Sakane, a "more than youth but less than romance" expert!!
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Jyoshikou no Ouji-sama ga Watashi shika Ganchyuu ni nai rashii Yuri Anthology Comic 3.3

Jyoshikou No Ouji-Sama Ga Watashi Shika Ganchyuu Ni Nai Rashii Yuri Anthology Comic

Vol.1 Chapter 1: True Blue Baby

3.3K Jun 14,24 Kashikaze, Haruhana Aya, Takemiya Jin, Sumire, Pyaa

"At the school I attend, there's a so-called 'prince of the girls' school.' Beautiful and accomplished — she's beloved by all. But for some reason, this prince seems to only have eyes for me...!?" A yuri anthology comic of short love stories about various princes, including sparkling princes, athletic princes, and hidden otaku princes.
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Surviving the Apocalypse 4.5

Surviving The Apocalypse

Chapter 10

80.4K Jun 15,24 Song , 송

A boy was locked in a basement and trained his entire life. His deranged father, the one who confined him, declared, “The Apocalypse is coming.” Now, armed with the training and survival skills he had honed over years of practice, he must survive the impending apocalypse.
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