Fabricant 100 5

Fabricant 100

0 Jan 30,23 ENOSHIMA Daisuke

There was once a doctor fixated on creating the "ideal human being." After the doctor's death, his fabricant creations start attacking humans in order to attain the perfect body. When Ashibi Yao's entire family is murdered by these fabricants, he sets out on a journey of revenge accompanied by the doctor's final creation, Fabricant 100. This dark fairy tale launches only in the pages of Shonen Jum
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The Ichinose Family’s Deadly Sins 5

The Ichinose Family’S Deadly Sins

0 Jan 30,23 Taizan5

Tsubasa Ichinose is a middle schooler who loses his memory in an accident. He is able to safely reunite with his family, but is soon faced with a new shocking reality... What is going on with this family?! From the creator of Takopi's Original Sin comes a new kind of dramatic story!
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Shintan Kairou 3.7

Shintan Kairou

0 Jan 30,23 NAGAI Saburou

He was a teacher who knew his student was gay and still desired his body. After running away from everything, he became a wanderer. He wanted to get away from people, and took the name, Mos-san. Yanagida struggled with the pain of being in love with the same sex. He committed attempted rape on a student when he was a teacher, and ran away from there. Before he knew it, he had become Mos, a pitiful
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Around The Tiger 5

Around The Tiger

0 Jan 30,23 후박나무옹뽀 , Park Mindal

Features 4 couples which include Naroo and Kyunghoon from Biting the Tiger. Kyunghoon sees ghosts. Until he meets Naroo. Naroo’s as pretty as a girl, but he isn’t a girl or a guy—he’s a nine-tailed fox! And he needs yang energy to become human. They become roommates, but there’s a problem. Hanwool, a tiger spirit who works with Naroo guiding ghosts to the next world, is the jealous type. Naroo gr
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Majin Tensei: The True Remembrance 5

Majin Tensei: The True Remembrance

0 Jan 30,23 UEDA Shinsyu

After the great war of the late 1990s as Japan begins construction on a new capital city, earthquakes cause massive destruction and rumors of demons have begun to emerge. The protagonist receives a warning and a demon summoning program.
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Arafo Kenja no Isekai Seikatsu Nikki - Kimamana Isekai Kyoushi Life 5

Arafo Kenja No Isekai Seikatsu Nikki - Kimamana Isekai Kyoushi Life

Chapter 44

0 Jan 30,23 KOTOBUKI Yasukiyo , Maneki

Arafoo Kenja no Isekai Seikatsu Nikki (Alternate story) , The Diary of a Sage Around 40 Living in Another World Carefree Another World Teacher LifeAn alternate version of the "Around 40 Kenja no Isekai Seikatsu Nikki" story with a different artist.Satoshi Osako was a player of the VRRPG Sword and Sorcery who defeated the Evil God and died for his troubles. When he awoke again he found himself in
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Season Of Alabaster 5

Season Of Alabaster

Chapter 7.2

0 Jan 30,23 TAKATSU Makoto

Maeda Gin is a student who enjoys drawing graffitis at an abandoned apartment complex building near his school, with his friends and acolytes, Teppei and Kon-chan. One night, while they're at work on one of their masterpieces, they're interrupted by a mysterious ghastly pale-skinned woman who scares them. In the process of fleeing, Gin loses his sketchbook to her and then from this point onwards,
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Kiyoubinbou, Jou wo Tateru - Kaitaku Gakuen no Rettousei na no ni, Joukyuu-shoku no Skill to Mahou ga Subete Tsukaemasu 4.3

Kiyoubinbou, Jou Wo Tateru - Kaitaku Gakuen No Rettousei Na No Ni, Joukyuu-Shoku No Skill To Mahou Ga Subete Tsukaemasu

Chapter 8

5K Jan 30,23 SATOU Kenyou , Sugan

The boy Leopin was born with unnaturally high dexterity. From an early age, he used his dexterity to contribute to his peers in a variety of crafts. Leopin and his friends entered the Royal Pioneer Academy. However, during the "Ritual of Ability Development" at the entrance ceremony, the status given to Leopin was disastrous."Occupation: Unemployed.""All statuses except dexterity remain at their i
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High Pulse 3.7

High Pulse

0 Jan 29,23 Ji Seung Hyun , 지승현 , 1001

Eunjae, born sickly, transfers to a high school near the hospital. An unfamiliar school, an unfamiliar classroom. Where everything was different, a familiar scent of soap came into Eunjae's life.
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Building the Strongest Shaolin Temple in Another World 5

Building The Strongest Shaolin Temple In Another World

0 Jan 29,23 Nami , 黑土冒青烟 , 漫潮社 , 窝得马动漫

The young Huo Yuanzhen crossed into another world and became a small faction – Shaolin Abbot Yi Jie. In order to save his life and complete the task of the “Abbot System”, Huo Yuanzhen had to start to find ways to deceive Shaolin believers and make incense more prosperous. The rise of Shaolin has made the surrounding factions panic. They secretly made ruthless moves to suppress Shaolin, but were s
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I Led the Male Lead and Villain Astray 5

I Led The Male Lead And Villain Astray

0 Jan 29,23 漫神动漫

I Led the Male Lead and Antagonist Astray manhua, I Have Raised Both the Protagonist and the Antagonist CrookedlyFu Sang is a yin being that was formed from the resentment of the dead. By chance, she received the opportunity to be reborn as a human again. Bound by a trash system, the system tells her that she must raise the protagonist and the villain well so that they won't be rivals due to the f
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My Boyfriend is a God 5

My Boyfriend Is A God

0 Jan 29,23 Na Kyung , Prin

Love is divine. Miso Lee lives an uneventful life. Then one day, a man drops down from the heavens before her and claims to be a god. He also insists that Miso has a ring one he had given to his lover centuries ago. Is he telling the truth? And if he is, does that mean Miso is the reincarnation of his old lover? mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. W
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Under the Moonlight 3

Under The Moonlight

0 Jan 29,23 Chada

.An assassin drops in on a troublemaker vampire who creates havoc all over the continent. But turns out, he was brainwashed! Can he make this man, who's very much his type, his?
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Ginka to Gluna 5

Ginka To Gluna

0 Jan 29,23 WATANABE Shinpei

This story begins deep on a snowy mountain... Glüna lives alone until the day she meets a mysterious snowman named Ginka. In order to see the outside world, Glüna is determined to learn magic from Ginka and leave the mountains. "As long as we're together, nothing is impossible!" Where will their fun adventure take them?! Now begins a magical fantastic journey like you've never seen!
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0 Jan 29,23 Kanda Neko

.A new butler, Natsuo, has come to the residence of Wadou family where Aki works as a butler. Actually, both of them have made love in the past...? Their reunion brings back the memory of sexual pleasure--.
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My Dear Aster 4

My Dear Aster

0 Jan 29,23 Eoseule , HAN Mint , Mongso , Rosin , 한민트

few years ago, Lihen's daughter said. "If mother ever lives again, don't give birth to me." "What are you talking about all of a sudden?" "You don't have to give birth to me. Meet someone better than Dad. You said you had a first love. If you live again, confess. Who knows? Maybe it will work out?" The mother and daughter giggled together. Then Lihen Copland woke up. As a nineteen-year-old. Living
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Devil’s Luck 4.5

Devil’S Luck

Chapter 15

5K Jan 30,23 尼三岁 , monkiko

Qianxia’s friend, Jiamei, jumped off a building because of harassment at work, and Qianxia made a deal with a devil to take revenge for her. As she investigated her friend’s death, she found a hidden camera, learned about the indifference of Jiamei’s superior, and met an oddly friendly colleague. Slowly, the truth came to the surface. This is a tale of a fight between humans, but also a fight betw
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Emperor Jiwu Xuan 4.3

Emperor Jiwu Xuan

Chapter 103

5K Jan 29,23 Shenyu Manshe , 神鱼漫社

Above the heavens and the earth, the emperor of Taixuan, who goes in and out of the sky, is rampant, and I am invincible. The genius of the cold door, the enchanting of the family, the sacred son of the Zongmen, the young king of the beast, the king of the battle, the king, the ultimate is the hero, the middle of the beautiful, the sword and the scorpion! A teenager, a blood sword, a lot of beauty
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I tried to run away after eating the male lead 3.3

I Tried To Run Away After Eating The Male Lead

Chapter 25

5K Jan 30,23 Lee Inhye , Lee Sang-A

Read manhwa I Tried To Eat With The Male Lead and Ran AwayI was starving and went to the temple to beg.Suddenly, the temple began to collapse.As I was about to go out in a hurry, but a candy that seemed to smell sweet rolled around.When I picked it up and opened my eyes again,There was a man called a demon without blood or tears in front of me."If you ate it, you should take responsibility, right?
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Isekai Walking 4.6

Isekai Walking

Chapter 11

10K Jan 29,23 Aruku Hito , Ogawa Kei , 小川慧

Sora, a Japanese boy who was summoned to another world, gained the skill "Walking". Its effect is that "no matter how much he walks, he never gets tired". Because of this weak skill, the king expelled him from the group of summoned heroes. But when Sora starts walking in another world, he suddenly levels up!Walking had a hidden effect of "gaining 1 EXP for each step taken". He acquired useful skil
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I don’t believe in my twin sister 4.5

I Don’T Believe In My Twin Sister

Chapter 11

0 Jan 30,23 Garamdal , Nokcy , Suol

I am viscountess Lorentia Aztec, the richest woman in the world. I have financial power, beauty and even honor. But my life isn’t happy at all. I found that my younger sister – Erusia pretended to be sick. She’s even colluded with my fiancé to steal my whole property. At the moment I was giving it all up in pain, regretting believing in those traitors, I turned back to 11 years before I engaged.
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Welcome, It’s Your First Time Seeing a Cute Villainess, Isn’t It? 3.8

Welcome, It’S Your First Time Seeing A Cute Villainess, Isn’T It?

Chapter 10

0 Jan 30,23 Choi Dododo , Gamtaegim

I went back to my hometown after accepting my dying fate, but I learned about my birth secret that was like dog shit. That I was actually Sophia Herman, the granddaughter of Grand Duke Herman, the empire’s greatest evil family. The woman that I believed to be my mother was actually a kidnapper. Hercio Herman, a man without blood or tears and my grandfather, told my kidnapper to do whatever she wan
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