Fate/Extra CCC - Foxtail 4.5

Fate/extra Ccc - Foxtail

Chapter 83.5: Maiden Coaster 4

2.6M Feb 27,24 Type-moon, Takenoko Seijin

Being flung from the world of Fate/Extra Kishinami Hakuno finds himself in a very strange predicament. Caster Route. Note: There are no missing chapters. Chapter #32-33 are missing due to a difference in the volume and magazine numbering. Some earlier small chapters were combined in the volumes causing the number difference. Chapter 34 directly follows Chapter 31.
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Crushing Jade and Casting Pearls 3.8

Crushing Jade And Casting Pearls

Chapter 117

496.1K Feb 27,24 Bei Nan

When Ding Hanbai, the young master of the centuries-old jade-carving shop, first laid eyes on his timid shidi Ji Zhenzhu, he bullied him relentlessly, not expecting that Jiangnan could produce someone who would break down his defenses and melt his heart this way. They go from being unable to stand each other to admiring one another, but as the days pass, even this admiration begins to evolve&helli
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Akuyaku Reijou no Okiniiri Ouji...... Jama 4.6

Akuyaku Reijou No Okiniiri Ouji...... Jama

Chapter 17

77.1K Feb 27,24 Minami Shiina

Iris, the "Wise Princess Who Never Smiles," has just remembered her past life as Fiona, Warrior Princess from the neighboring kingdom. In this lifetime, however, the events that lead to Fiona's death have yet to happen, and Iris becomes determined to use the knowledge from her reincarnation to stop the person she suspects is behind her murder: Fiona's cousin, Prince Alvin.In disguise, Iris moves t
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Soul Land IV - The Ultimate Combat 4.2

Soul Land Iv - The Ultimate Combat

Chapter 465

84M Feb 27,24 Tang Jia San Shao

Following with nearly extinct Spirit Beasts and Soul Masters Joint force and archieve peace. 10,000 years have passed since the end of the battle of the Douluo plane with the Abyss plane. The abundant energy of the Abyss opened the door for soul masters and spirit beasts in the Douluo plane to reach knowledges, power, and ranks that were once impossible to achieve. The humans of Douluo Plane conqu
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I plan to divorce my Villain husband, but we have A Child 4.6

I Plan To Divorce My Villain Husband, But We Have A Child

Chapter 90

9.1M Feb 27,24 Baek Dan , Yoon Dong-Baek , LEMTEA

I already possess the body of a woman who will marry the devil. In a role haunted by her husband until death. “I will always be by your side!” I’ve decided to be nice to this poor husband for a while. But before one day, when I had reached adulthood and planned to divorce. A little angel appeared in the night full of surprises. Oh man. So I tried to run away before being discovered… “Richard?
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Misato-san is a Bit Cold Towards Her Boss Who Pampers 4.8

Misato-San Is A Bit Cold Towards Her Boss Who Pampers

Vol.2 Chapter 15

4.1M Feb 27,24 Kurotama

Misato-san, a very beautiful office lady who is good at her job, and her boss—Konishikawa-san, a middle-aged man who spoils his subordinates. Misato-san has a strict attitude toward Konishikawa-san, but what are the hidden feelings behind it?! The gap between the seriousness and cuteness will make you faint in anxiety, and this office love comedy with a difference in age begins! (MTL)
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Kyo mo Hajime-Senpai ga Sukisugiru 3.6

Kyo Mo Hajime-Senpai Ga Sukisugiru

Chapter 9

750.1K Feb 27,24 Yumachi Shin

Kokomi enters into a new school but ends up tering her clothes. The kind and popular Hajime lends her some clothes and she falls in love with him at first sight, after not being able to speak to him for a long time, she discovers a terrible truth about him but is undeterred into trying to win his heart.
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My Sect's Senior Disciple Has a Hole in His Brain 3.2

My Sect's Senior Disciple Has A Hole In His Brain

Chapter 390: Is There Also A Problem In The Protagonist Route?

1.6M Feb 27,24 Ling Yumo

The hilarious adventures of the eldest disciple of a sect who has a problem with his brain. Dong Fang Xian Yun was reincarnated as the most senior disciple of the Carefree sect. But the only thing that goes through his mind is to make sure he doesn't end up dying by the hands of the "main character". Read as he makes no sense to his fellow disciples while avoiding flags left and right.   
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Cheer Up, Your Highness! 4.9

Cheer Up, Your Highness!

Chapter 58

507.7K Feb 27,24 Hyean , Niru B

Read manhwa Cheer Up, Your Highness! / Good Job, Her Highness the Princess / , There comes a time in every princess's life where she has to find her prince. But Hayool shuns marriage and wants to remain in the royal palace with her family. This crybaby princess is known throughout the kingdom for her strongheadedness. She's even earned the nickname of "Eun-Lu," or silver tears, for her crying fits
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Lend Me Your Lips 4

Lend Me Your Lips

Chapter 61

370.3K Feb 27,24

Is there a chance to kiss this man..? A love story between a woman and a man involved in an absurd relationship
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Beast’s Flower 3.4

Beast’S Flower

Chapter 52

1.7M Feb 27,24

Beware the witch in the forest for she may curse you with her stench! So everyone says about Lyla, who was abandoned by her family and cast away to a cabin deep in the woods for being born with a putrid odor. Though she's spent her entire life alone, everything changes the night Viorst comes knocking at her door. When asked why he isn't disgusted by her, he claims it's because he lacks
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Judge Lee Han Young 4.7

Judge Lee Han Young

Chapter 122

4.7M Feb 27,24 Moon Sung-Ho

Judge Lee, who believed justice could be realized in the courtroom, did not follow the orders of his superiors and sentenced the conglomerate to life in prison before being killed. But is it because of the shenanigans he heard as a child ? With all his memories, Lee gets a second life chance. The world needs him, Lee, the heretic of the judiciary, who knows only justice.
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Gamer ga Isekai Konten Shite Harem Jinsei e Continue suru Sou desu THE COMIC 4.1

Gamer Ga Isekai Konten Shite Harem Jinsei E Continue Suru Sou Desu The Comic

Vol.1 Chapter 4: Episode 4

1.8M Feb 27,24 Etose

After opening the last route of a certain FPS game, the protagonist jumps for joy, slips and dies. However, due to God (a game lover) feeling sorry for him, he decides to continue his life in a different world as the boy Wayne (although he seems to have no memory of his previous life). Life at military school in a world where magic and adventure are commonplace, and meeting heroines who truly love
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1F no Kishi 4.6

1F No Kishi

Chapter 36

2.1M Feb 27,24 Hollow Takeuchi

"'Fencing' and 'fighting games' are kind of alike, aren't they?" You use your head! You use 'reading'! A fighting gamer takes on the challenge, this is the tale of an 'unorthodox' knight's path!!Izumi Ichidou was devoted to fighting games, unexpectedly, he joins his high school's fencing club. 'Fencing' and 'gaming' are two seemingly unrelated sports, but when they are brought together, the cu
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Isekai Ten'i Shite Kyoushi ni Natta ga, Majo to Osorerareteiru Ken - Aoi-sensei no Gakuen Funtou Nisshi 4.6

Isekai Ten'i Shite Kyoushi Ni Natta Ga, Majo To Osorerareteiru Ken - Aoi-Sensei No Gakuen Funtou Nisshi

Vol.1 Chapter 2

20.1K Feb 27,24 Inoue Mitsuru

Aoi is a new teacher who has been transported to another world.Aoi is picked up by Owen, an elf, and as they live together, Aoi masters more and more of Owen's magic and even surpasses him. In order to refine her magic further, she is assigned to teach at the Fiddick Academy, a school of magic!Aoi starts her teaching career showcasing overwhelming magical abilities, and she is not daunted
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A Single Aristocrat Enjoys a Different World: The Graceful Life of a Man Who Never Gets Married 4.6

A Single Aristocrat Enjoys A Different World: The Graceful Life Of A Man Who Never Gets Married

Chapter 18.2

1.6M Feb 27,24 Renkinou

Toshinori Dokuraba, 35 years old. A so-called single aristocrat in Japan who enjoyed a single life without wife and children, even though he was tall, handsome, highly educated and had a high income. One day, he died alone at home.However, he was liked by Hitorigami, the God of another world, and was able to reincarnate in that world. Reborn as Zirc Louren with skills and blessings from the Go
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The Red Sleeve 4.8

The Red Sleeve

Chapter 114

1.7M Feb 27,24 Dopamine , KANG Mikang , CreativeSUMM

Never underestimate a humble palace maid! Like the leading ladies of lore, Deokim is headstrong. She translates literature to support her family while juggling palace chores and a few sly pranks on the side. Be it fortune or ill-fate, rumors of Deokim’s literary talents spread, and everyone from the queen to the crown prince takes note of her skills. But as the tides of political intrigue shift, D
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Am I Invincible 4.7

Am I Invincible

Chapter 194

23.8M Feb 27,24 Bilibili,戏柳先生

He always thought he was a mortal, but he didn't know that his yard was full of artifacts and the chickens he raised were even phoenixes! It was only after five years of living in a mortal town that the system finally let him go in contact with cultivators. It was then that he discovered that no matter how strong people were, when they saw him at that moment, they would be scared to death and
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Bunny Girl and the Cult 3.5

Bunny Girl And The Cult

Chapter 17

82.5K Feb 27,24 Merryweather

Strange bunny girls have been appearing all over the city, attempting to recruit people into a mysterious cult known as "The Warren Divine".
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Tensei Shitara Hime Datta node Dansou Joshi Kiwamete Saikyou Mahou Tsukai Mezasuwa 4

Tensei Shitara Hime Datta Node Dansou Joshi Kiwamete Saikyou Mahou Tsukai Mezasuwa

Vol.3 Chapter 12

297.2K Feb 27,24 Akira (輝)

Ikuto, an ordinary high school boy, is reincarnated as Isabella, a sheltered princess in a world of magic?!Although he is happy to be able to use magic, Ikuto's ambitions are crushed when he discovers that, in this world, women are not allowed to use magic.Still, Ikuto is not ready to give up, and at the age of 16, he decides to leave the castle and embark on a journey to learn magic...?!
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Touhou Chireikiden ~ Hansoku Tantei Satori 4.3

Touhou Chireikiden ~ Hansoku Tantei Satori

Chapter 33: Subterranean Animosity (Pt. Iii)

381.7K Feb 27,24 ZUN

The first official Touhou webcomic written by ZUN and drawn by newcomer Ginmokusei, featuring Satori Komeiji as the master armchair detective from the depths of the Earth. The first issue is currently free to read on the official Touhou web blog:
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Unaware His Majesty Is a Girl 3.9

Unaware His Majesty Is A Girl

Vol.1 Chapter 14: Gather Sweet Flowers While You May

36.8K Feb 27,24 欢了个喜, Lily Club (橘姬社)

The new emperor, Qi Nian, acceded to the throne many years ago. He kept refusing the requests by his officials to choose a consort, brushing them off by saying "the affairs of state are important, and I am busy with my work". But Qi Nian finally relented as rumors that "the emperor is impotent" spread ever more widely.Yu Dingdang was a particularly dim-witted girl, but born to a prestigious fa
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I Became the Tyrant of a Defense Game 4.8

I Became The Tyrant Of A Defense Game

Chapter 81

26.9M Feb 27,24 Ryueun Garam (류은가람),Ha Jung (하정),Gyong (굥)

Tower Defense & Dungeon Attack RPGI saw the ending to the game no one was able to clear.But, when I came to my senses, I was inside of the game.In fact, I was in the tutorial stage, a place where strategy was impossible."I'll clear this bullshit game no matter what!" mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related m
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"sabitsuita Ken" Wo Tameshi Ni Kyoukashite Mitara, Tondemonai Maken Ni Bakemashita

Chapter 14

1.2M Feb 27,24 HASEGAWA Shunya , MANNO Mizuki , Yaeichi

In this world, when you turn twelve, God gives you a special weapon called a sacred weapon. Rust, a boy living in a remote village, dreams of becoming an adventurer with his childhood friend Ruby. Ruby receives the highest rank, A, but Rust receives a battered, F-ranked rusty sword. Unlike his childhood friend who was recruited by a top-ranked party, Rust was told that his dream of becom
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