Urban Best Medic 4.2

Urban Best Medic

Chapter 93

3,659,862 Jun 29,22 Xiao Yu

The immortal doctor Lu Ning, will reveal the truth and cure the non-curable disease, but the next step is his fiance, the ice cold female president, beautiful and pretty like flowers, and to win her heart.In the future, he have to face counterattack, danger in this big world.
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Please Don't Come to the Villainess' Stationery Store! 4.8

Please Don't Come To The Villainess' Stationery Store!

Chapter 27

1,171,347 Jun 29,22 Yeo Ro-Eun (여로은),Jecheolmu (제철무),Min Jeolmi (민절미)

“A useless thing like you has no value in our family. Take this money and leave immediately!” “Yes! Goodbye!” She became the incompetent villainess who commits wrongdoings in order to earn the love of her fiancé, the male lead. Her reputation was already at rock bottom and the main characters, who can’t live without each other, are having an affair. “Getting kicked out and receiving money is go
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Supreme Magic Weapon 4.7

Supreme Magic Weapon

Chapter 5.1

586,828 Jun 29,22 Updating

Supreme Magic Weapon is a Manga/Manhwa/Manhua in (English/Raw) language, Action series is written by Updating This Comic is About Not provided.
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Losing Weight for My Highness 4.1

Losing Weight For My Highness

Chapter 33: Someone’S Out To Get Me

40,102 Jun 29,22 Chen Guojian

As the descendant of a noble family of traditional Chinese medicine, Han Fei woke up finding herself unable to bend down and see her toes. She then discovered that she had become the famous fat woman of Prime Minister Han's residence, the eldest daughter of the first wife. And Prince Qin who was in a wheelchair and mocked by everyone was her betrothed? A fat woman and a crippled man—what a match m
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Meikyuu Metro - Mezametara Saikyoushoku Datta node Shima Risu o Tsurete Shinsekai o Aruku 4.7

Meikyuu Metro - Mezametara Saikyoushoku Datta Node Shima Risu O Tsurete Shinsekai O Aruku

Chapter 9: Scene 9

5,427,358 Jun 29,22 Last SASAKI,TAKASE Wakaya

When the 23 years old hospitalized protagonist - Shuu Abe - wakes up, he finds himself in a strange underground world rampant with monsters he has never seen before. In front of our puzzled protagonist, appears a talking chipmunk who's a girl(?) called Tamiko. "Mister Hunter, let's squeak on to the surface together!" Says she as the two decide to work together to achieve their go
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Princess, Please Stay Away From Me! 4.1

Princess, Please Stay Away From Me!

Chapter 47: Late Night Chat

710,794 Jun 29,22 Big Bear Company

Women? It’s fine to play with them for a bit, but as for those sacred vows professing eternal love? Heh, I’m sorry. I won’t believe a single word! Especially if they’re coming from the mouth of a beautiful girl… That’s what I used to think. However, after I transmigrated one day and was bedded by a certain loli princess, I… seem to have changed.
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Rendezvous 4.5


Chapter 81

6,608,772 Jun 29,22 Hun

When I wake up, everything is a mess. War? Extraterrestrial invasion? Whatever it is, I just need to take personal revenge.
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Heyday Darling: Young Master Yi’s Cute Little Wife 4.1

Heyday Darling: Young Master Yi’S Cute Little Wife

Chapter 41: Kidnapped?!

115,795 Jun 29,22 Updating

Her boyfriend is about to get married, but she isn't the bride. And seemingly overnight, she gets labelled as the homewrecker and is subjected to malicious slander and gossip. She then agrees to the ridiculous marriage proposal from Third Young Master Yi and marries into a wealthy and reputable family. Somehow, this marriage turns her into a target as her mere existence offends many powerful women
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The Healing Priest of the Sun 4.6

The Healing Priest Of The Sun

Chapter 39

1,330,311 Jun 29,22 Updating

[From the author of Return of the Frozen Player:]"The reason why he does quests like that isn't because he's kind but because he's a sucker."Kai looked back at the people talking behind him from a distance.I'm a sucker?! Is it really wrong for me to help those in need?'[You helped an NPC in trouble.][Your kindness stat has increased by 1.]You're rewarded when you do good deeds?A never-before-seen
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Tales of Demons and Gods 4.8

Tales Of Demons And Gods

Chapter 385-5

427,689,952 Jun 29,22 Mad Snail

Nie Li, one of the strongest Demon Spiritist in his past life standing at the pinnacle of the martial world , however he lost his life during the battle with Sage Emperor and the six deity ranked beast, his soul was then reborn back in time back to when he is still 13. Although he’s the weakest in his class with the lowest talent at only Red soul realm, with the aid of the vast knowledge whi
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Immortal King of the City 3.7

Immortal King Of The City

Chapter 19: Jade Spirit Needle Technique

88,938 Jun 29,22 Big Bear Company

Baili Yunxiao, a spirit ancestor from the Jiuxiao Continent, died and was reborn 300 years in the past. He was his young self in the city again. He embarks on a journey to alter his fate and return to the peak of the world. He vows to become invincible! He’s now back in school, armed with the frivolity of youth, amazing medical skills, ultimate cultivation methods, and the love of his life.
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Mr. Perfect, Please Take Me 2.4

Mr. Perfect, Please Take Me

Chapter 27: You’Re Here Because Of Your Connections!

28,810 Jun 29,22 Big Bear Company

Ye Xinyi is the the gorgeous heiress of a wealthy family. Instead of enjoying her life as one, heaven knows why she's obsessed over a prideful and obnoxious jerk. Since he won't take the carrot, she decides to hand him the stick. She unknowingly steps into a big trap as she offers herself as the apprentice to the genius magician Luo Ziyu.
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Homura Sensei is probably unpopular 4.7

Homura Sensei Is Probably Unpopular

Chapter 37: Homura Sensei And Cookies

1,493,946 Jun 29,22 Sekaneko

High-school student Hasumi-chan is drawn to Khomura-sensei, a young, socially awkward biology teacher generally seen as weak and boring but recognized by her to be kind. Молодой учитель биологии Хомура всегда ходит в белом халате и выглядит очень скучным и слабым, а так же имеет страх к нынешним школьницам, но Хасуми всегда пытается следовать за учителем, ведь тот добрый и симпатичный
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I'm Sandwiched Between Sweet and Spicy Step-Sisters 4.5

I'm Sandwiched Between Sweet And Spicy Step-Sisters

Chapter 16

2,734,624 Jun 29,22 Kirisaki Shuusei

English From Seiga : One day, Our plain protagonist suddenly got 2 sisters, a big-breasted gentle older sister type and a devilish cute little sister!? A slightly exciting family romantic comedy! (more boobs and loli cliche) Indonesian: dialah Takashi, si bajingan beruntung yang mendapatkan 2 saudari cantik setelah ayahnya menikah lagi, si adik, Kaho, gadis manis yan
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The Only Monster Tamer in the World: I Was Mistaken for the Demon King When I Changed My Job 3.4

The Only Monster Tamer In The World: I Was Mistaken For The Demon King When I Changed My Job

Chapter 38.1: Infiltration

3,024,620 Jun 29,22 Kakei Senri

After searching for a long time, Noah finally found the [Divine Job Tome]. With it, he just might be able to get away from his current Divine Job Hero and its responsibility! Or so he thought. Because the new job that had been granted to him, Monster Tamer was completely unheard of..!?
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Isekai de tadahitori no mamono tsukai ~ tenshoku shitara maou ni machigawa remashita 4.5

Isekai De Tadahitori No Mamono Tsukai ~ Tenshoku Shitara Maou Ni Machigawa Remashita

Chapter 38.1: Infiltration

26,307,651 Jun 29,22 Kakei Senri

After searching for a long time, Noah finally found the [Divine Job Tome]. With it, he just might be able to get away from his current Divine Job Hero and its responsibility! Or so he thought. Because the new job that had been granted to him, Monster Tamer was completely unheard of..!?
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The Reincarnated Inferior Magic Swordsman 4.6

The Reincarnated Inferior Magic Swordsman

Chapter 62.5

31,306,932 Jun 29,22 Hagiu Aki,Kanou Hiroto

A normal office worker, Toru Minasuki, was swallowed up by a dimensional fissure and reincarnated into a different world. Upon reincarnation, Toru was given a [skill board] by God. Make the most of it to acquire all the necessary skills! Even though he is an "inferior person," he'll make his way to the top! Webnovel:
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100-nin no Eiyuu o Sodateta Saikyou Yogensha wa, Boukensha ni Natte mo Sekaijuu no Deshi kara Shitawarete Masu 4.6

100-Nin No Eiyuu O Sodateta Saikyou Yogensha Wa, Boukensha Ni Natte Mo Sekaijuu No Deshi Kara Shitawarete Masu

Chapter 45

46,139,592 Jun 29,22 Shiroichi Amaui,Shin Hibiki

Raising a hundred heroes and ending the war with an evil god, Eisen is the prophet that saved the world. Having received a great injury from protecting the heroes, he left for the Other World to recover. In that time, the heroes made use of their abilities to contribute greatly to the development of the world. Longing to meet again with the master they admired, they reported to him of their achiev
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Strange Tales of Xiao Zhi 3

Strange Tales Of Xiao Zhi

Chapter 138: Silent Valley (5)

278,468 Jun 29,22 Hua Hua De Leng Zi

Who is Xiao Zhi? He is your unlucky classmate, your nervous neighbor, your weird childhood friend that hangs out with you… while there are countless parallel worlds, there will be countless Xiao Zhi, and each of them have their own characteristics and fate. The only constant they share, is that there's always something weird happening around them…
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Real Man 4.8

Real Man

Chapter 94-5

12,251,251 Jun 29,22 도가도

The world’s only one best CEO, Han Yoo Hyun. He leaves everything behind and relives his life!
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Casanova's Tome 3.5

Casanova's Tome

Chapter 182: Episode 182

230,252 Jun 29,22 Chen Guojian

Lin Feng finds himself suddenly in possession of Casanova's Tome, and in turn starts to pick up all sorts of special skills and super powers. This marks the turning point in his life, from now on he will enjoy all the best that life has to offer, travel the lengths of the world, and stand tall above all other champions!
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To Hell With Being A Saint, I’m A Doctor 4.6

To Hell With Being A Saint, I’M A Doctor

Chapter 24

1,211,453 Jun 29,22 Voke,Goriff (고리프),Lorenzo (로렌조),Hammi (함미)

Yusung is a genius doctor famous in the medical world. He, who spent his whole life in an operation room, died in a traffic accident, and when he woke up, he was in another world. But…a saintess? A holy empire? Healing magic? “I put so much effort into learning medicine, but now all I need to do is touch someone and they’re healed? Seriously, I think I’ve gone crazy.”
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BJ Archmage 4.7

Bj Archmage

Chapter 41

1,341,504 Jun 29,22 디다트,Sadu

Jung HyeonWoo had neither ‘Talent’, ‘Money’, or ‘Luck’. “Why can I see the hidden information in the game?” After an electrocution accident, I started being able to see stuff I couldn’t before in the game. Note: "BJ" is a Korean slang that means Streamer.
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