Tokimori-san ga Muboubi desu!! 4.4

Tokimori-San Ga Muboubi Desu!!

Chapter 27: Tokimori-San Is Tipsy

1.8M Oct 02,23 Tazawa

Tokimari-san is Completely Defenseless!! manga, Tokimori-san ga Muboubi desu!!Tokimori-san is a beautiful and successful woman. But when she's off the job, she tends to be a bit absent-minded! Living together with the charming Tokimori-san always makes me nervous!
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Dungeons & Artifacts 4.7

Dungeons & Artifacts

Chapter 120: (S3) Ep. 120 - Return

52M Oct 02,23 Zero Water,Umkey

“The moment I get a hold of those artifacts, it'll be the end for you!” The start of vengeance for a wrongfully killed dungeon explorer and his artifacts! Dungeons attract the human mind, strengthens it selves with the dead and uses bait and artifacts to lure more victims. The one who was killed by a ruse in a dungeon, Stetch Atelier. Beyond the threshold of death, he was given a s
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Don't Ignore Me 5

Don't Ignore Me

0 Oct 02,23 Little Ice Cube, 长佩文学

In a certain city there are such two school tyrants: One: not sociable, no early love, addicted to studying and progressively more withdrawn. The other: My partner must be dedicated, adorable and obedient. A certain day, these two school tyrants met. Jiang Yao: This brat, don’t know what’s good for you. Jiang Yao: This brat is actually quite cute. Jiang Yao: Brat... Yin Che: Get lost. Sunshine Big
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The Vampire 4.5

The Vampire

Chapter 6

82.8K Oct 02,23 Deco*27

I am a hungry Vampire.I longed to suck the blood of a destined one, which is said to be the finest, but somehow I satisfied my hunger on social media as an internet influencer. But one day, I got a hateful comment--.
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Invincible to 100 Hits 5

Invincible To 100 Hits

0 Oct 02,23 이원희/Wonhee Lee

Yeon Hwicheon from the Yeon Clan is deceived by the Dam Clan, who is after his Sect’s Divine Treasures, into an arranged marriage.Despite the unsightly scar on his face, he meets his kind-hearted wife, Dam Hwayeon, and they live a trouble-free life. However, the Dam Clan, revealing their true intentions, causes the downfall of the Yeon Clan.Hwicheon then barely escapes and finds refuge in
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Ichigo no Haitta Soda-sui 2.5

Ichigo No Haitta Soda-Sui

Vol.3 Chapter 45

246.3K Oct 02,23 Arai Cherry

Mannenrou Ladies' Academy is famous for its upper class and posh students. Despite knowing how out-of-place she'd be, the former yankee, Hanaizumi Luna, decides to enroll there. Moreover, according to her underling: "Girls' schools means yuri!! Add in school dormitories? Now that's a world of girl on girl action!!" And with those words in mind, Luna's new
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Hero X Demon Queen 5

Hero X Demon Queen

0 Oct 02,23 拾部

The demon queen was defeated by the dog I raised… I, who merely wanted to return to the countryside, was transmigrated into a foreign world. I managed to become a foundation level existence in a novice village. Even the demon queen, who dominated the world, was defeated by the dog I raised. From then on, the demon queen has lived in my house, and my adventures in aforeign world began.
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A Campus Romance, I Guess 5

A Campus Romance, I Guess

0 Oct 02,23 Gong Cheol Jin

An ordinary university student, Hayoon. She meets Kang-on on a trip for which she leaves on impulse. Kang-on falls in love at first sight with Hayoon and confesses to her but she rejects him. The two who thought they would never see each other again are reunited during a university club recruitment event...and end up joining the same club. But wait..the president of the club they joined likes
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Jade of the Eight Gates 5

Jade Of The Eight Gates

0 Oct 02,23 김양수

'Jucho', a government official manipulating the young king from behind, begins to express his ambition to oust the king and take real power and plots a ruse. Meanwhile, 'Handong', a member of the emperor's special unit 'Surajo', meets the boy 'Jinbaek' in a village he entered to following the traces of his disappeared colleague, and learns that his colleague met his end in this village. These two
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Tender Night (Tan Kong) 5

Tender Night (Tan Kong)

0 Oct 02,23 Tan Kong

Seongwon is a self-conscious beta who pretends to be an alpha. After being dumped by his boyfriend, he goes to his usual bar. There Hansol, a waiter and an actual alpha, seems interested in him. He is especially tender with him. What could be the reason?
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Seikaku Kuzu de Nani ga Warui 5

Seikaku Kuzu De Nani Ga Warui

0 Oct 02,23 Shisito Karari

Hanaura auto-proclaimed himself to be trash, and among other things, he chose to be alone in his classroom. However, all of a sudden, he is confessed to by the most popular guy in school, Tsuzuki!? Hanaura can't reject him properly – his time together with Tsuzuki ends up being perfect, but when it comes to himself, he can't return those feelings to begin with…
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Idolmaster Shiny Colors Coherent Light 5

Idolmaster Shiny Colors Coherent Light

0 Oct 02,23 Ohara Hiroki

Serizawa Asahi, Mayuzumi Fuyuko, and Izumi Mei, members of the idol unit 'Straylight,' openly declare themselves as rivals. While they occasionally clash, they further polish their talents, shining even brighter. The new manga adaptation of the game 'The Idolmaster Shiny Colors,' compatible with the 'enza' platform, is here
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Meikyuu Biyori 5

Meikyuu Biyori

0 Oct 02,23 Yoshitomi Akihito

A world where runaway construction machines repeatedly expand and remodel, and buildings go on forever. Even in a world where the sun is invisible, Hinata and her friends are living cute and pop everyday lives! A story of the mega-structural wonderland of youthful, lazy days!
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My Little Sister Is the Best Masturbation Material 5

My Little Sister Is The Best Masturbation Material

0 Oct 02,23 Kazami Genichirou

Genichiro Kazami's popular Web novel about little sisters is now available as a comic book by Hayate Asakura, a moe illustrator! Miyu, my own sister, catches me masturbating to my favorite "sister" erotic game! She's always cool, straightforward, and a bit salty, but for some reason, she ends up helping me masturbate...! I began to cum on my little sister's skin and have her touch it! After a
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Ancient Herbalist 3

Ancient Herbalist

0 Oct 02,23 iCiyuan , 动漫

I, Qin Feng, the alchemy God, died in order to save the people of the world, but I never expected to open my eyes and be reborn to a world 100,000 years ago. Am I only capable of refining pills as a alchemy God? No! In this life, I will cultivate both alchemy and martial arts, break through adversity, and restore my family’s glory! Watch me use my memories from the past 100,000 years to create a d
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Da Lao Shiyi Hou Zhi Jide Wo 4.2

Da Lao Shiyi Hou Zhi Jide Wo

Chapter 187

1.7M Oct 02,23 丁嘉树 , Yuewen Manhua, 春日文化

Big Boss Only Remembers Me After He Lost His Memory / Boss Only Remembers Me After He Gets Amnesia / Boss Only Remembers Me After He Has Amnesia / D Lo Shy Hu Zh Jd W / / / Dillon, a captain at Eastern Airline and heir to the Alba Consortium Group, was involved in a collision and was inflicted with amnesia. He only remembered Wendy, who, in her desperation to rescue him, died in the process. S
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To Those Who Long for My Destruction 5

To Those Who Long For My Destruction

0 Oct 02,23 Choil , Wonders , Hyangcho

From parents forcibly married, whose only shared passion is mutual disdain, a neglected child is born—Leoni. Yearning for affection as a child, Leoni loses her mother to illness, only for her father to auction her hand in marriage. Enduring three arranged marriages, Leoni faces further hardship when she is falsely accused of a capital offense, seemingly destined for a bitter end. "T
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Make Love First Time in 8 Years 5

Make Love First Time In 8 Years

0 Oct 02,23 Asai Sai

Anyone is fineI want to be held by a man againNaoto, a popular teacher at a famous prep school, spends his days enjoying s** with his one-night stands.Because of his good looks, physical strength, and huge di**, he has been playing the role of the top for the past eight years.However, Andou, a student at the prep school, sees through his desire to be bottomed by a man.Naoto, who was forcibly embra
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Apex Predator 4.1

Apex Predator

Chapter 22

104.1K Oct 02,23 水千丞

Gain-Driven Apex Alpha x Gentle Rational Researcher Omega After getting marked by accident in the lab 3 years ago, Shen Dai developed feelings for Qu Moyu. He thought he could only watch from afar, but a certain deal landed the pair in a contract despite the massive gap in their social standings. However, "Apex Alphas are heartless". While Shen Dai is swept away by that person's tenderness, he is
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The East Wind of the Altas 4.3

The East Wind Of The Altas

Chapter 43

3M Oct 02,23 Ziseo , Tappytoon Studio

The people of Genevu always pay their debts. So when peasant girl Claire throws herself under Marquess Balt Morenheitz's favorite horse, forcing him to kill the animal to save her life, she must repay him by spending a night in his bed. But Balt isn't satisfied with just one night and moves Claire and her family to live at his palace so that she can "service" him whenever he pleases. However, Clai
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Kubera 4


Chapter 593

8.4M Oct 02,23 Currygom

From The Company: Gods with everlasting lives. Sura who possess unrivaled power. And humans, caught helplessly in-between. When Kubera’s peaceful village meets its fiery end, a mysterious magician named Asha comes to her rescue. Together they begin on a journey in search of answers and revenge. Meanwhile across the realms, a web of entwined fates is growing tighter. One by one the other play
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Magical School Meal 3.9

Magical School Meal

Chapter 21

154.7K Oct 02,23 Wong Wong-i

In a modern society full of all kinds of villains', God has descended to bring justice to this chaotic world.The hero who will fulfill his justice is Magic..
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Ore Igai Dare mo Saishu Dekinai Sozai na no ni 5

Ore Igai Dare Mo Saishu Dekinai Sozai Na No Ni "sozai Saishuritsu Ga Hikui" To Pawahara Suru Osananajimi Renkinjutsushi To Zetsuen Shita Senzoku Madoushi, Henkyou No Machi De Slow Life Wo Okuritai.

0 Oct 02,23 KITSUNE Gozen , NISHIOKA Tomozou

The Assistant Mage of the genius alchemist RubyLloyd has an abnormally low chance of gathering materials for alchemy use. Hence, he is treated as baggage and is made to be the bottom of the entire country's joke.Everyday is a day he is scolded by Ruby. It's become too much of a despairing environment that he's come to hate it. And so, he finally decided to part ways with her.However, unbeknownst t
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