Qing Dong 3.3

Qing Dong

Chapter 8: Sunset

39.4K Aug 18,22 人子Rz

In a beautiful and fantastical world—the Yanhuo Empire—the story of some cute and cheerful kids takes place in Haixi town. Brought together and separated due to love, how will their story unfold…?---**Note:** Please support the creator and read the original webcomic (
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Nyx no Lantern 4.4

Nyx No Lantern

Vol.1 Chapter 4: Phonograph

38K Jun 07,22 Kan Takahama

In 1878, as the wave of Western culture spreads through Japan, Miyo, a girl orphaned in the Satsuma Rebellion, works at a curio shop in Nagasaki called Vingt. The dresses, sewing machines, binoculars, boots, and other items acquired at the Paris Exhibition by the proprietor Momotoshi Koura have aroused her curiosity. Miyo accumulates experience in her job while using the clairvoyant ability which
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Mirror Flower 4.7

Mirror Flower

Chapter 2

37.5K Jun 15,20 夭夭/清明

Mrs. Meng took advantage of a poor opportunity to reincarnate into the world so she could safe her loved ones from the past life. However, due to the loss of the seal in the mirror, Meng Po was unable to restore her memory after the rebirth. So when she met the lover of her previous life, she couldn’t help falling in love with him again. At the same time, he was caught in a dangerous conspir
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Jun And Wang Xin 3.7

Jun And Wang Xin

Chapter 5

35.4K Oct 04,20 Zuo Xiao Yu

Lu Wang Xin is the Miss of Yun Jian province. She fell in love with Xia Hou You. However, after Xia Hou You ascended the throne, he put Lu Wang Xin into the Cold Palace. Heartbroken, Lu Wang Xin died. Reborn at age 16, Lu Wang Xin embarked on the road of revenge…
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Oh! My Hubby 4.3

Oh! My Hubby

Chapter 13

34.6K Nov 03,22 Eokkaeng (어깽)

Dohwa, Hanyang's best gisaeng, abandons the life of a gisaeng and tries to run away at night with her beloved man. But it was betrayal that came back! 'Why did you...?' Without knowing why, Dohwa, who was murdered by his hand, fell into the cold water... But when she opened her eyes, she had become a different person?! "Madam, have I become a madam?"' Hong Seo-hye, the main character of a romantic
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Unfavored Courtier 4.1

Unfavored Courtier

Chapter 29: As Long As You’Re Alive

33.3K Nov 21,22 天绘神画

A Regent who’s cold on the outside but passionate on the inside x A Chancellor who is unable to be open about his pain and suffering. The two of them used to be lovers who promised their futures to each other, but fell victim to the schemes of an evil scoundrel. When they meet again, they are on opposing sides. The Regent is bitter about the past betrayal of the Chancellor, and the Chancellor is b
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The Window of Orpheus 3.7

The Window Of Orpheus

Vol.4 Chapter 20: Isaac's Future (Part1)

33.2K Jan 25,21 Ikeda Riyoko

The story begins in Europe, during the first years of the XX century. On a background of intrigues, machinations and a Europe that is going strait toward World War I, three kids meet at a strict conservatory in Germany. Julius met Isaac at the famous Orpheus' Window and later in another event met Klaus there. The legend told that two lovers met at Orpheus' Window would end in unhappiness.
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Meiji Tokyo Renka - Oboro no Koku no Gikyoku 4

Meiji Tokyo Renka - Oboro No Koku No Gikyoku

Vol.1 Chapter 5

32.6K Sep 18,22 Hinata Hiyori

A very normal girl, Mei Ayatsuki, has made a time slip to the Meiji Era. There she meets the historical figures, Otojirou Kawakami and Kyouya Izumi--!? A romantic yet a little mysterious historical love story is beginning.Adapted from the *Meiji Tokyo Renka* otome game.
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Count Tachibana 4.5

Count Tachibana

Chapter 11

31.7K Nov 11,22 Kakki

During the period of Japanese colonial rule, a young Korean boy, Yonghyun, is invited every summer to a royal residence in the mountains behind his village. The residence of one Count Tachibana. The peculiar Tachibana Sho is a complete mystery, as it seems he’s never left his mansion, not even once. But over the summers, Tachibana Sho and Yonghyun have made a strange but solid bond with each other
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Feathers of Light 4.6

Feathers Of Light

Chapter 1

30.1K Oct 23,20 Tuanz_zzzzz

Once, when he was about to disappear, she appeared as the light that illuminated his existence; Now, when she is about to give up her dreams and extinguish the light in her heart, he comes to her side. Their story originated in the book world of Alice in Wonderland and continues in the real world where you and I live. Will the wishes they’ve always held in their hearts come true in both the
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Hongmao and Lantu: Legend of the Seven Swords 3.7

Hongmao And Lantu: Legend Of The Seven Swords

Vol.1 Chapter 1: A Return Of The Demon Cult, The Calling Of The Seven Swords

30K Jan 18,20 He Mengfan

Dayong area (modern day Zhangjiajie in Xiangxi region) is a place of grace and beauty. In 347 CE, the leader of Cult of Demons, Heixinhu, attempted to capture the sacred beast Qilin and drink its blood in order to raise his martial art power and take over wulin. Baimao, the father of Hongmao, with six other swords, defeated Heixinhu with the combined strength of Seven Swords.  50
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Oni 3.9


Chapter 1: Oni: 2889-Nen No Hanran

29.4K Mar 13,20 Nagai Go

1. Oni: 2889-nen no Hanran Story that recreates the origin of the Oni in ancient Japan. 2. Kyuuketsuki-gari 3. Susumu-chan Dai-shock
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Meiji Tokyo Renka - Moonlight Memories (Anthology) 3.1

Meiji Tokyo Renka - Moonlight Memories (Anthology)

Vol.1 Chapter 3: The "m" In Mei♡Koi Stands For "majorly Annoying" (Morita Nana)

29.3K Sep 18,22 Rikou, Namako (なま子), Itsuki Meiko, Uraki Enya, Himeki Takuya, Kurodeko, Morita Nana, Secco, Moo Mochida, Chitose Asahi, Emiri, Nagao Uka, Yukiya Tomoki

Stories related to the *Meiji Tokyo Renka* otome game.
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Cheonjihae 3.4


Chapter 10

28.4K Dec 17,21 Updating

In order to bring correct order to the heavens, the first Jade Emperor put together the representatives of the 12 Ji, the Ten Longevity, and the Five Bangs. The apprentice Cheonjihaeryun joined this organization as Hwangryong's representative. What is the appearance of Cheonjihae that she saw on her first day of work...? A fantasy drama about a special agency that takes place in a heavenly world w
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Sakura Illustrated 3

Sakura Illustrated

Chapter 1

28.1K Dec 12,19 Genpei Akasegawa

Satirical series taking the format of a newspaper. It was among the first manga to be officially translated, with a portion published in a magazine by Concerned Theater Japan in 1971 along with the unrelated series, "Akame" and "Nejishiki".
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Forbidden City · Impurrial Cat Room 4.9

Forbidden City · Impurrial Cat Room

Chapter 2: Randomized Crossing

28K Feb 21,21 A'Nan &, Daitu

There are special creatures that live in the modern Forbidden City. By day, they're the idols of the Forbidden City, and a simple yawn can earn the squeals of the crowd! By night, they're the protectors of the Forbidden City who watch over the restoration of cultural relics! While they could've lived day to day on their cute appearances alone, they've chosen to bear the burden of preserving cultur
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Lady Snowblood - Revival Arc 4.4

Lady Snowblood - Revival Arc

Vol.1 Chapter 3: The Mysterious Female Gymnastics Teacher: Questioning Her Identity (3)

27.5K Mar 12,21 Koike Kazuo

In 2006 the Japanese publisher found extra material for a new volume starring the same character, but in a different historical context.
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Investor Z Sequel 4.5

Investor Z Sequel

Chapter 4

27.4K Mar 19,21 Gen Z Group

Mita Norifusa, whose “Dragon Zakura” started a revolution in Japan's world of entrance exams, brought to us another school-drama manga about stock investments – Investor Z. This is a sequel to the investment journey of Zaizen Takashi and Miyuki Fujita after their graduation from high school. What is the meaning of investment? Is there more to do it than making money?
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Amber Icy Days 4.2

Amber Icy Days

Chapter 1

27K May 25,20 豆丁墨鱼

At that moment, I realized he really had forgotten about me. He isn’t the Meng Lingtian who’d light up the night sky for me anymore. He is now my master, the god who manages this spiritual mountain. Can Hua Bing’er’s reunion with the master break the taboo of love between master and apprentice, or will she bury her emotions forever?
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Aien Catharsis 3.8

Aien Catharsis

Vol.1 Chapter 6.5

26.5K Mar 26,22 Oshima Kamome

Ryuuji, the young master of the Inamiya apothecary, finds himself intrigued by the blunt honesty displayed by his driver, Kondou. One day, he discovers the burning passion that Kondou holds for him after he snuck a peek at Kondou's journal. But even after Kondou discovers that Ryuuji read his journal, his behavior doesn't change, which leads Ryuuji to be extra self-conscious of that fact…
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White Tiger Tribulation 4.5

White Tiger Tribulation

Chapter 0

26.2K Aug 01,20 Feng Xiaochen,Qian Qiu Sui

The constant entanglement in past and this life is nothing but the obsession and mistakes of the past. Trust and exploitation, loyalty and betrayal. When all the dust settled, the eyes met, and he remained the same.[mc]
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Tomoji 4.3


Chapter 5: The Voyage

26.2K Oct 05,20 Taniguchi Jiro

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Our Reputation Is Not Very Well 2.8

Our Reputation Is Not Very Well

Chapter 29: Will You Be Shaken?

26K Aug 25,22 颜泡泡文化, 花神先生

The thief 'Lantern Ghost' infiltrates a brothel to steal a priceless treasure.Unexpectedly, he bumps into the boss Lin Ange, someone not to be crossed, and forced to 'sell his body'! After a resentful tangled beginning, the relationship between the two gradually becomes something out of the ordinary...
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A Poem of The Empire and A Thousand Piles of Snow 3.1

A Poem Of The Empire And A Thousand Piles Of Snow

Chapter 43

25.3K Nov 24,22 呷茶赏花

Rhapsody Of The Upper Country: A Thousand Pile of Snow / Let me serve you! Xuan Qiancao might be gifted, but she faces constant ridicule and humiliation for being the daughter of a traitor. One day she is helped by Chen Tongxue, the most outstanding figure in the Imperial Academy. She falls in love with him from that moment on and works hard to become his servant.
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