Poisonous Doctor: First Wife's Daughter 4.4

Poisonous Doctor: First Wife's Daughter

Chapter 209

3M Sep 29,22 极漫文化 源创优加

The original owner died at the hands of others, the next second the successor of the Heaven's Godly Healing Needle crawled out of the grave! Clothes bloodied red; heart ice cold! Nasty relatives? No worries! One prick of a silver needle guarantees obedience! Appearance ruined and fingers broken? Can’t practice medicine or cultivate? Easy! Fix appearance, reform muscles and bon
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One Pair Lady 4.7

One Pair Lady

Chapter 65

5.2M Sep 29,22 Milktea,요정용 (fairy dragon)

When I woke up from my sleep, my house had disappeared?! Adele, a gambling genius, suddenly transmigrates ten years into the future. Participating in a gambling event at the request of the tower master, Rudy leads her to meet the Duke of Elfinheim, the organizer of the event. A name that I seem to have heard somewhere, with a familiar pronunciation and appearance. What is this strange feeling? &qu
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The Second Male Lead is Actually a Girl 4.4

The Second Male Lead Is Actually A Girl

Chapter 20.5

190.5K Sep 29,22 IIAKI , Kim Misol , E ang E

Rosa remembers her past life. She remembers reading about the Helios Empire in a novel before dying suddenly in an accident. When she is reborn into that exact world as Rosa Veronica, she lives day to day and works hard to make ends meet until one day when someone from the Duke of Estella's estate comes to fetch her. When she arrives and meets her biological father, her life is turned upside down
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Spiritual Master 4.4

Spiritual Master

Chapter 2: Fighting The Tiger

0 Sep 29,22 Bujin Wenhua (不仅文化)

Strange events are rampant, grieved souls are everywhere, and people's lives are disturbed. In order to deal with the constantly appearing spirits, the royal family created a profession called "Spiritual Master." They travel around and use special methods to transcend the resentment of the spirits. When the bell rings and the night falls, they will accompany the fading green flames until the very
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I Might Be A Fake Cultivator 4.5

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 259

12.7M Sep 29,22 Webnovel comics

It’s a cultivation story. One with immortal gods and cultivation arts. But more importantly, it’s the story of a boy named An Lin, a mortal who was heavily in debt and was pursued by loan sharks before meeting his savior, a True God. Saved from the loan sharks, An Lin was sent to cultivate at the Immortal Cultivation United University, but it seems like he was trolled by the True
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The Sickly Tyrant With An Innocent Facade 3.5

The Sickly Tyrant With An Innocent Facade

Chapter 80

280.4K Sep 29,22 阅文漫画

Bng Jio Bo Jn Gi N Lch Jbn / The Sickly Loveable Tyrant Changed to Take the Green Tea Script / Yandere Tyrant Transforms to Take the Green Tea Script / Fu Xin, a powerful president of her company in the modern age, finds that she had travelled to the past and transmigrated into the body of the village girl Fu Qibao along with her Merit System. Now, not only did she have to suffer the consequences
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Queen Of Poison: The Legend Of A Super Agent, Doctor And Princess 3.6

Queen Of Poison: The Legend Of A Super Agent, Doctor And Princess

Chapter 359

360.8K Sep 29,22 Mu Dan Feng, Han Tai Culture, Yuewen Manhua

.Description :"She is an ace agent, the queen of medicine and poison. Sweet and adorable she looks; resolute and cunning she actually is. She is half an angel and half a devil. When she travels through time and stays in an orphan girl's body, will she rewrite the history? ""I quit the marriage with this coward girl. To my surprise, she is so shrewd and eloquent! How ignorant I am!"" Some lord regr
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The Fabulous Lives of the Hillington Sisters 4.2

The Fabulous Lives Of The Hillington Sisters

Chapter 17.5

103K Sep 29,22 Kkot ni rang

Hildea Hillington, the daughter of duke Hillington, always knew that she was a mere supporting role in the story. She also knew that her destiny was to watch her younger sister, Roserielle, get married to young and ambitious duke Gabriel Velkius.But something was definitely off. Why does Gabriel say that he loves me? He's supposed to be in love with my sister!He Loved My Sister, mangabuddy is a
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A Wicked Tale of Cinderella's Stepmom 4.4

A Wicked Tale Of Cinderella's Stepmom

Chapter 84: Which One Is It?

5.9M Sep 29,22 Kiarne,Sunset

There is a famous fairytale. A kindhearted girl whose father and stepmother got married and became a family of five with her two stepsisters. The poor girl who was condemned by her stepmother and stepsisters when her father died. The very fairytale, Cinderella. But I am not Cinderella, I am the stepmother. At the age of thirty-seven, already married twice, been widowed twice and is raising three d
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The Secret Bedroom of a Dejected Royal Daughter 4.5

The Secret Bedroom Of A Dejected Royal Daughter

Chapter 18.5

1.6M Sep 29,22 Sung Hye-rim, Hyeni

Princess Llewelyn, who was once an outstanding but now miserably abandoned. Her ugly curse is placed upon her, and no one protects her. It is the curse that makes her lustful for men. In order to stop her curse, Llewelyn opens her bedroom in the end... Four men are entangled with the abandoned princess. Will the truth of the curse be revealed? And who will be the man who will end up with her?
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Release That Witch 4.9

Release That Witch

Chapter 432

138M Sep 29,22 Er Mu, Dr Woodman

A male engineer transmigrated into another world, and became a prince. This place strikingly resembles the Middle Ages of Europe, but at the same time, it seems kind of different? Witches truly exists, and they even possess magic powers! Magic powers are productive forces! Save the witches, liberate the productive forces! Open map, fight demons, break conspiracies, climb up the science and te
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Dong Gun 4.1

Dong Gun

Chapter 28

289.4K Sep 29,22 Dan-Ee Lee, Ji-Woo Shin

It was an era of terror, a time in history where 10 suns shone as the world below burned under its mantle. As a result, Yae, a legendary warrior, was summoned and commanded by Chunjae, the father of these 10 suns, to shoots down all but one sun. But of course, the suns’ mother, Hwaehwa, did not take this news well and, in vengeance, swore to revive her dead sons. After a long time, Hwaehwa r
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Shadow Bride 4.7

Shadow Bride

Chapter 80

2.5M Sep 29,22 Gamja,LEE Sae In,LIM Soo Bean

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Transmigration Game 3.9

Transmigration Game

Chapter 57

450.1K Sep 29,22 Updating

A girl from the 21st century fell into a manhole well playing a game. She then transmigrated and a gaming system where she finds herself in the body of Victoria Augustine, a wicked lady of a duke's mansion who enjoys bullying her 'brother', Shulin. Now, it has become her ultimate mission to help Shulin ascend to the throne... However... is he a puppy or a wolf?
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Crossing Egypt: Becoming The Pharaoh’s Bride 4

Crossing Egypt: Becoming The Pharaoh’S Bride

Chapter 55

155.2K Sep 29,22 二次元动漫

Under the wish of Yuya, the black cat, Nefertiti traveled to ancient Egypt and became the princess who was destined to be a bride in Egypt. Why did she, who just wanted to find a way back to the modern age, accidentally fell into the eyes of the next pharaoh, Akhenaten? And Yuya, who had been by her side all the time, seemed to have a secret. Destiny-like love started quietly from their reunion.
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General, Leave Me Alone! 4.6

General, Leave Me Alone!

Chapter 24

37.1K Sep 29,22 Cloud Studio

General Leave Me Alone at Qin Muxue met the Great General in the turbulance of dynasty alternation. This aloof general seemed to be interested in her, for he brought her and her younger sister back and treated her ad his fiancee. Qin Muxue didn't know that they had met long time agomangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your an
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Princess Strategy 4.1

Princess Strategy

Chapter 125

3.8M Sep 29,22 Jiu jiu

I’ve reincarnated! Different from those cold-blooded murderer fathers, my father is a total slave to his daughter (me) since I am his only princess! With a Princess System, I have hack tools whenever needed! However, I never had expected…
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For My Derelict Beloved 4.8

For My Derelict Beloved

Chapter 27.5

2.5M Sep 29,22 Kim Seon-Yu, Ryuho

I entered my favorite romantic fantasy novel! I may be a commoner, but I'm rich beyond belief. I quietly watched the romance of the main characters in the original novel, assuming I would go back to reality after reaching the novel's ending... However, even after the ending, I am still stuck in this world! As a result, I learned the behind-the-scenes stories that I didn't want to know. My favorite
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Your Highness, Enchanted By Me! 3.6

Your Highness, Enchanted By Me!

Chapter 116

70.1K Sep 29,22 Cloud Studio , 叉布 , 漫星球

Your Highness Enchanted By Me at I time travelled. I died on the first day. What the heck, system? !Sorry, host! Let's start one more time!Lian Qi, an ordinary high school student, time travelled to be Princess Yunying with a useless system. Her mission is to help the forth prince, Prince XuanYu, ascend the crown and make him fall in love with herself.Easy?! But Prince Xuanyu mistakes me for the a
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If You Remove the Kind Protagonist’s Mask 4.4

If You Remove The Kind Protagonist’S Mask

Chapter 9

187.5K Sep 29,22 Gong Il, Yeolha

For the sake of survival, I kissed the protagonist and we became partners.But I just can’t believe that the ‘kind’ protagonist in the original novel was all an act!“If I kill you, this partner relationship will be broken.”“You can’t do that. We’ll both die at the same time.”We were tied together by a tightly shared fate.Sharing the same wounds, the same pain, the same life and
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Smoke & Honey 3.6

Smoke & Honey

Vol.2 Chapter 10: Chestnuts & Bubbles

233.4K Sep 29,22 Hiroko Nagakura

A love story between a 12-year-old girl and her 18-year-old senior.
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The Young Marshal Is Jealous Every Day 2: Young Marshal Is the Concentrated Vinegar 4.3

The Young Marshal Is Jealous Every Day 2: Young Marshal Is The Concentrated Vinegar

Chapter 43

108.2K Sep 28,22 插电动漫

A female forensic doctor who traveled to the Republic of China after her death, an ambitious military and police commander, a massacre that disturbed Shuncheng, and involved a 20-year-old extraordinary case. Let's see how the female forensic doctor copes with the open and secret struggles of the rich and powerful, and how to join forces with the handsome director to solve the strange cases, the hu
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A Silent Garden 4.6

A Silent Garden

Chapter 56

6.5M Sep 28,22 Moon Seol A , Yam , Yeomra

It wasn't until I lost my husband and daughter that I realized my world was warped. The second life that came like a miracle is going to be useful for me now.
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Reincarnation of the Murim Clan's Former Ranker 4.6

Reincarnation Of The Murim Clan's Former Ranker

Chapter 63

18.6M Sep 28,22 Sanbo,In Yong

[The Strongest Guild, Griffin! SSS Ranker Gang Tae Ha challenges them alone! But he meets his death after a fierce battle. However… “…I am this pig?” I open my eyes, and it's Murim? I am Yu Shin Un, the ruffian of Baek Un Clan? A chaotic situation with no time to rest. In the midst of incoming death!
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