Jinx Yeon-in 4.6

Jinx Yeon-In

Special.30.3 : Fanart

2.5M Dec 18,22 Han Ji Hae, Gu Seul

The beautiful goddess of fortune hidden by a rich man came into the life of the poor and unlucky guy....
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My Ex-Husband Became The Male Lead 4

My Ex-Husband Became The Male Lead

Chapter 49

2.4M Sep 17,23 MON쉘 , Soy Media

Lena Cornelli was executed along with her husband, whose rebellion failed. She reincarnated as "Asha Bliss", a side character who was a mage in a novel she enjoyed reading. While she was living as quiet as a mouse without tampering with the original novel, she was commissioned by "Kaligo Etos", the strongest person in the Karahan Empire as well as the male lead of the novel, for an aphrodisiac on
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You At First Sight 4.8

You At First Sight

Chapter 98

2.4M Jul 07,23 Icchae

Quiet girl Yechan can see a person's inner thoughts instead of their face. But this ability and its troubles keeps her distant from others. When a boy with not a thought but a proper face appears, he's the one person she just can't read. Yechan's world, and heart, are about to turn inside-out!
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Crash Into Me 4.4

Crash Into Me

Chapter 48 : Side Story [The End]

2.4M May 08,21 Re-run

Seung-chan is stressed. He has enough on his plate with the long hours at work, and now he can't even get any rest at home! Every night, the lustful moaning and violent banging from the apartment upstairs keeps him awake. Just as he's at his wits' end, he chances upon the gorgeous, enigmatic Hyesung outside his building. Surely all those filthy sounds couldn't be coming from
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Kiss Me, Liar ( SPECIAL EPISODES ) 3.5

Kiss Me, Liar ( Special Episodes )


2.4M Oct 31,22 Updating

As a secretary, is there anything more tragic than having a crush on your boss? What's more, this boss is a big Alpha doctrine. What age does he still engage in sexism and refuse male Omega! Just when Yeon Woo thought that his bitter secret love was going to end in vain, he found out that the boss who looked down on him secretly took care of everything for him. After the heat cycle he not only
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The Empire's Cutest Little Hostage 4.5

The Empire's Cutest Little Hostage

Chapter 46

2.4M Aug 15,23 Darongkkot , HN , UANKE

When life is so bad that you'd rather be held hostage, your next step is obvious. That's what Elaine realizes after a fatal accident slings her back to the past, where she wakes up as her powerless child self. All it takes is pretending that she's the daughter of her evil uncle the king to be captured by the enemy empire's tyrant. However, Elaine knows that she must struggle to prove her value as
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Bameur Geonneun Seonbi 4.6

Bameur Geonneun Seonbi

Chapter 113

2.4M Feb 16,23 Han Seung Hee , Jo Joo Hee , Joohee jo , Seunghee han

After the decline of her family, Yangsun finds herself living as a book seller, while hiding her real identity. One day, she visits Eumseokgol to deliver some books. She runs into a breathtakingly beautiful scholar, Sungyul Kim, who is actually a vampire in disguise! As much as they are drawn to each other, they can't be together because of the fact that one of them is human and the other, is a va
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Reincarnated as the Mastermind of the Story 4.9

Reincarnated As The Mastermind Of The Story

Chapter 11

2.4M Sep 07,23 YUUKI Ryou , 結城涼 , SEGAWA Hajime

There was a globally popular game called “The Legend of the Seven Heroes”. Ren cleared the sequel of that game at the fastest record in the world, and thus he obtained a bonus special data. However, no matter where he looked inside the game, he could not find the data. The moment where Ren was about to give up the search, he decided to start playing the second round of the game. Sud
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Flowers of Worship 4.3

Flowers Of Worship

Chapter 43

2.4M Sep 18,23 AB , MAGMA (II) , Sayosae

Flowers of Worship / It was in the middle of the night that the woman who would be the Duchess came to see me. She said my father and mother died, and my kind uncle became king. She said it's not worth it for me, the crown prince, to be living in hiding, too. "A while ago, Your Highness had been hiding from me. With all due respect, is that for the sake of survival? Just because your parents die
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If You Remove the Kind Protagonist’s Mask 4.6

If You Remove The Kind Protagonist’S Mask

Chapter 40

2.4M Aug 25,23 Gong Il , Yeolha , Anto

In order to survive, I robbed the male lead by covering his lips with my lips. That's why he became my life partner.But in the original, the gentle' male lead is all fake!"If you kill me, maybe this relationship will be free""You won't be able to do it. We'll both die at the same time."We were bound together by a firm destiny. Share the wound, share the pain, sh
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Academy’s Genius Swordsman 4.8

Academy’S Genius Swordsman

Chapter 15

2.4M Sep 24,23 Seok Wando, Sich

[From the studio that brought you Is this Hero for Real?]Ronan, who had always squandered and lived a life filled with regrets, is given a second chance when his life was about to end in vain.And that chance is when he was sent back to his childhood ten years ago!Ronan makes up his mind to live a new life for the sake of many people who have sacrificed themselves for him.
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Call me the Devil 4.7

Call Me The Devil

Chapter 67

2.4M Aug 13,23 Ante , Jayang , sun_ah

Like other devils of his kind, Hyeonshin has adapted to the modern world to consume the Deadly Sin, Pride. Working as a plastic surgeon means there's always more than enough ego around him to feed off of. There's just one small problem: because of past trauma, he has an overwhelming repulsion toward blood! Luckily, a solution appears in the form of a plucky human named Ina, whose eyes seem to have
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The Second Life of an All-Rounder Idol 4.5

The Second Life Of An All-Rounder Idol

Chapter 36

2.4M Sep 22,23 Line Here , meka

The Second Life of an All-Rounder Idol manhwa, 2 Si-yoon, the leader of the idol group in their eighth year Nu-Bois died in a truck accident on his way to a press conference because of a drug scandal involving a group member.After that incident, he regressed back to his days as a trainee ten year ago, adopting a new mindset to establish his position to become an idol.Along the way, he pushed out
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Lover Boy (Jeky) 4.5

Lover Boy (Jeky)

Chapter 055

2.4M Jan 01,18 Jeky (제크), Zec

Eunho, the little neighbor boy that always asked Jaeha to marry him is all grown up now. Jaeha never gave little Eunho a second thought until one day, years later, Eunho suddenly reinserts himself into Jaeha’s life. Will Eunho forever be the little neighbor boy to Jaeha? Or will Jaeha finally see Eunho for the man he’s now become?
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A Painter Behind The Curtain 4.2

A Painter Behind The Curtain

Epilogue 5 [Finale]

2.3M Jun 13,21 Munamu

Ian is a painter with a natural-born talent, but his love for painting is soon lost after being forced to work for the cruel and greedy Bardi family. No one knows that he's the genius behind the beautiful works of art that the famous family claims as their own. That is until one day, when the wealthy merchant Raymond comes for a portrait and his interest in Ian is piqued… Can Raymond help hi
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A Comic Artist’s Survival Guide 4.2

A Comic Artist’S Survival Guide

Chapter 24

2.3M Oct 04,22 凯特动漫

Snow, a failing comic artist whose comic is about to be discontinued, reincarnates into his own comic by chance. In his comic, the Pante Continent is on the verge of ruin due to the expansion of the Demon King's army, resulting in Snow being in danger as well. Just as his life was about to end, Snow receives an opportunity to survive, with the condition that he takes over the author's role and rew
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Monster Princess 4.7

Monster Princess

Chapter 28

2.3M Jun 03,23 Jinhwi , Kin , Edis

I am the greatest.'I'm the best.'I am the best!'Superior lineage, superior ability, superior appearance, superior popularity.Arbella, who lived in her own world as a perfect princess, had a strange dream one day.Her half-sister Judith, who is born from a s*ave, is the heroine of this world.That she is destined to lose everything and have a miserable end after touching forbidden magic!It's ridiculo
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Red and Mad 4.3

Red And Mad

Chapter 31

2.3M Jun 16,23 Gwon Gyeoeul , Dumdum

Lee Ye-joo, a lone female college student, has a secret. A special ability to leap over time beyond the unknown door! But the uncontrolled ability is just a curse, and what she faced one day after moving for as many as a thousand years was a mad world in which the absolute red-eyed ran wild. An unidentified man who causes earthquakes and lightning by beckoning only refers to her as a "timer" and m
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If You Want a Fake Sister 4.5

If You Want A Fake Sister

Chapter 12

2.3M Mar 07,23 Rose Line , 로즈라인

Following an uprising, the nine-year-old princess of Grandia, Gris Benedict, had gone missing. In fact, she ended up working as a maid in brothel, really no better than a slave. She spent eleven years in that hellhole, but was fortunate enough to escape her prison. Apparently, she looked similar to the youngest daughter of the House of Byrenhag who had also gone missing in the woods at a young age
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Phantom High 4.6

Phantom High


2.3M Oct 01,22 Updating

Phantom High manhwa Don't let them find out you're human! Ingan Kim, a normal human man, suffers an unfortunate fate of having to work as a teacher in Hell's Phantom High, where spirits and monsters are students. His only chance at survival is an elixir he uses to hide his human scent. If his students ever find out that he is human, he will be done for. Everyday, he asks himself: will
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Doridosim 4.6


Chapter 79.5

2.3M Jun 26,22 Lee Gpiee

From Lezhin: With Kang Dol's crush on Yang Yang growing larger and larger, he decides to confess his feelings. With his back turned against her, he makes a courageous confession. But when he opens his eyes and turns around, instead of Yang Yang, he finds Min Dosim standing in front of him. Oops?! But the more shocking twist is that Dosim, the school's most popular girl, mistakenly obliges
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Dream Sign 4.2

Dream Sign

Chapter 40 : End

2.3M Apr 27,22 Woonseok

For some reason, ordinary college student Han Gyeom has gained the ability to have lucid dreams. In these dreams, Han Gyeom has relations with his unrequited love, Leejoon. When this happens, the content of the dreams is actually shared with Leejoon. This causes him a lot of confusion regarding his own identity, when he happens to meet Gyeom at the bar where the latter works. Leejoon finds out tha
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A Sip of Poison 4.4

A Sip Of Poison

Special.38 : Epilogue

2.3M May 14,23 Chyomchyom , Ugungee

A Sip of PoisonA slave can never go against their master. Every slave knows that, so Baek-ha's resigned herself to her fate as a lowly servant. She's determined to keep her head low to survive, and it looks like she'll be able to spend her days trapped in the all-too familiar, safe cycle of labor. That is, until the day her master brings an unexpected guest into the house. Baek-ha instantly knows
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This World is Mine 4.4

This World Is Mine

Chapter 59

2.3M Jun 24,23 Ryugong

Wooyeon is a reclusive web fiction writer. Her mundane life is changed forever when Princess Charlize Rod Crosel, a minor character in one of her bestselling web fictions, decides to take destiny into her own hands by kidnapping Wooyeon and bringing her into the fictional world. Will Wooyeon and Charlize be given the opportunity to change the future and find their happy ending? mangabuddy is a w
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