Actor Class 4.1

Actor Class

Chapter 55

110.6K Jun 14,24 Dogaebi

Read manhwa Actor Class / Up-and-coming actor Seo Kangwoo is up for "Rookie of the Year" when his former lover, industry exec Lee Jiwon, suggests they act like a couple in public. Although they are no longer dating, Jiwon now needs Kangwoo's help to create a dating scandal that will break off an engagement set up by her family. With his lingering affection for Jiwon, Kangwoo jumps at this chance t
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I Will Become the Villain's Poison Taster 4.7

I Will Become The Villain's Poison Taster

Chapter 53

1.8M Jun 14,24 Nemolaming,Pilyoo

I, an innocent office worker, possessed a character in the devastating novel *The Poisoned Apple*. On top of that, I'm Giselle Lloydsvin, a villainess who gets poisoned to death before being hanged! But the poison brought by the assassins doesn't work? It even tastes like fruit! "You'll be okay since it's only a little bit, so hurry and drink it." …Even though I possessed someone
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Darby the dizzying flow 4.6

Darby The Dizzying Flow

Chapter 53

613.4K Jun 14,24 Eunbi Lee

Darby the dizzying flow manhwa,Dan-i, the owner of a tea shop selling tea leaves north of the Yalu River,is saved with the help of a man.The true identity of the man who saved his life is a cold-blooded man who mercilessly cuts down female females,Joseon general Seo Gyeol, who is called the cursed northern ghost.He is cursed to drink only strong tea instead of water, and it is said that he takes c
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So I Married An Abandoned Crown Prince 4.4

So I Married An Abandoned Crown Prince

Chapter 49

1.7M Jun 14,24 Eclair, Sanha

Read manhwa So I Married An Abandoned Crown Prince / I was betrayed by my lover and even lost my child, so I was given a second chance.I'll pay back everything.'I will send my deceitful lover and his mistress into the deepest he**.My kind husband, who foolishly put up with me even though I only took advantage of him. I will only let him walk on a flowery path.When did it start?When did eve
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Solo Max-Level Newbie 4.7

Solo Max-Level Newbie

Chapter 158

72.8M Jun 14,24 WAN.Z, Maslow (메슬로우)

Solo Max-Level Newbie is a Manga/Manhwa/Manhua in (English/Raw) language, Action series is written by Updating This Comic is About Jinhyuk, a gaming Nutuber, was the only person who saw the ending of the game [Tower of Trials]. However, when the game's popularity declined, it became difficult for him to continue making a living as a gaming Nutuber. Since he already saw the en
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I Became the Tyrant of a Defense Game 4.8

I Became The Tyrant Of A Defense Game

Chapter 103

29.1M Jun 14,24 Ryueun Garam (류은가람),Ha Jung (하정),Gyong (굥)

Tower Defense & Dungeon Attack RPGI saw the ending to the game no one was able to clear.But, when I came to my senses, I was inside of the game.In fact, I was in the tutorial stage, a place where strategy was impossible."I'll clear this bullshit game no matter what!" mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related m
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My Love Tiger 4.5

My Love Tiger

Chapter 291

17.1M Jun 14,24 Kanel, Yoon Jae Ho

Sung Hoon was a normal High School student, but one day he finds himself with a tiger that Hwangun didn't marry, and is told that the world will end if he doesn't marry that tiger. The story begins with the cute smile of the tiger girl.
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To Not Die 4.7

To Not Die

Chapter 137

34.5M Jun 14,24 Parae

Im Dajun is a high school student who gets bullied at school every day. He came across an interview on TV just when he was on the verge of giving up on life. It was with a murderer who killed the classmates that bullied him. Dajun becomes inspired by what he saw and decides to take revenge as well. His revenge was successful. However, his life steered into an undesired direction. Im D
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The World After the Fall 4.7

The World After The Fall

Chapter 131

64.5M Jun 14,24 Sing N Song (싱숑),S-Cynan

Humans were suddenly summoned to become “Walkers”, and they needed to clear the tower to save the world. Then, the “Regression Stone” was discovered. Walkers could now “return” to the past. And slowly… everyone left. Humanity's last hope, “Carpe Diem”, was formed by people who refused to abandon the world. But once
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Lookism 4.6


Chapter 506

98.2M Jun 14,24 Park Tae Joon

Park Hyung Suk, overweight and unattractive, is bullied and abused on a daily basis. But a miracle is about to happen... Hihi You may also like: + My ID is Gangnam Beauty
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Aristité was Blessed with a Curse 3.9

Aristité Was Blessed With A Curse

Chapter 60

3.5M Jun 14,24 Cherry (ii)

In the Kingdom of Strandeon, one man from each noble family is required to serve in the Order of the Royal Vine, and Aristit is chosen to fulfill this duty for House Theseus. One day, while the order is carrying out a mission, a witch places a curse on Aristit, saying that he'll lose something important. Everyone in the order thinks that this curse is what transforms Aristit into a woman, but
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I Stole the Number One Ranker’s Soul 4.7

I Stole The Number One Ranker’S Soul

Chapter 77

13.2M Jun 14,24 Ash Tree , Eudam , Ijeong

One day, Son Mo-Ah fell into a dungeon and became a gathering hunter.Son Mo-Ah, who somehow narrowly escaped death, was going to live a normal life but gets caught up in a dungeon yet again.In a moment of crisis, she is rescued by Seo Ji-Han, the number one ranker, and succeeds in surviving the situation. Somehow, Son Mo-Ah got entangled in a fateful relationship with said number one ranker.But he
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Even The Demon King, One Step At A Time 4.7

Even The Demon King, One Step At A Time

Chapter 155

7M Jun 14,24 Yun Hong ; Team , 윤홍

One Step to the Devil, Mawangkkaji Han Geol-eum, This is No different from Villager A There can't be a stronger being in this world!" To become the strongest, Yuria, the sea king (or queen), came down in search of the strongest demon king. BUT looking at the mirror, a face of a kid? In exchange for legs she have lost all her powers even then, still aiming to become the strongest, the painful jou
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Into the Light, Once Again 4.8

Into The Light, Once Again

Chapter 91

34.2M Jun 14,24 Tikatika , Yuya , 유야 , 티카티카

I was falsely accused of attempting to kill my younger sister, who was worshipped as a Saintess. There was not a single person who believed in me, nor was there a person who stood up for me. Not even my blood-related family. I was 14 years old, and it was winter. I, who was Edenbell's Fourth Princess, was miserably beheaded in front of the masses. After the end of
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Rosalyn Bogarte 4.5

Rosalyn Bogarte

Chapter 94

1.5M Jun 14,24 Hano , SWE

Rosalyn Bogarte manhwa, "Do you not think the husband is so beautiful his in-laws will bring him into sudden wealth?"Due to the luxurious spendings of the royal and noble families, the church and state of the Calabria Kingdom had collapsed. In order to obtain honor, the only thing they cannot obtain, being bourgeois, the Bogarte merchants try to marry off the black sheep of the family, their seco
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The Max Level Hero Strikes Back 4.4

The Max Level Hero Strikes Back

Chapter 167

140.5M Jun 14,24 Devil's tail , Yudo , 유도

The weak prince of an insignificant country, Davey. After becoming comatose, his soul escaped to a temple where the souls of heroes gathered. He trained for a thousand years and has now returned as a max level hero! “Just you guys wait, I’m gonna face you all head on!” The refreshing story of Davey’s royal life and revenge has just begun.
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Materialistic Princess 4.8

Materialistic Princess

Chapter 60

2.5M Jun 14,24 hanirim

Read manhwa Materialistic Princess / One day, I woke up from being a poor college student as Princess Roselia Kanep from the novel A Sculpture of Emotion'.And by the way, she was the daughter of a poor noble family who'd squandered their wealth under her brother's leadership. In order to earn a fortune, she uses the original content of the novel to approach Anoch, the crown prince who lost part o
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I Tamed My Ex-Husband's Mad Dog 4.4

I Tamed My Ex-Husband's Mad Dog

Chapter 82

10.7M Jun 13,24 Jagyum , Jagae

Right before she died, Reinhardt repeated the same words as she had wished. When she came to her senses, she was back at her father’s funeral 15 years ago. It was the time when she was divorced by Prince Michelle, the reason why her father lost his life. As revenge, Reinhardt stabbed the Crown Prince’s leg. And as a consequence, she was exiled. While she was on her rough journey, she meet the poor
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Seducing the Lady's Lover 4.5

Seducing The Lady's Lover

Chapter 52

3M Jun 13,24 DIAN , Red Agate

I’m Lydel Cross. When I turned 18 the Emperor trapped me in a magical tower and used me in whatever way he saw fit. That was the life I lived before it was rewound. In order to be happy during my second chance at life, I decided to turn away from anything related to magic, even becoming the maid of a count. At least, that’s how it was supposed to be… “You’re the only person I have! Please ste
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Wind Breaker 4.7

Wind Breaker

Chapter 501

97.7M Jun 13,24 Jo Yongseuk

Street riding drama of youngsters who dream of freedom! - Naver
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It Was Just a Contract Marriage 4.6

It Was Just A Contract Marriage

Chapter 40

617K Jun 13,24 Dalseul

Read manhwa It Was Just a Contract Marriage / /ItWasJustAContractMarriage/Promo Novel/FtrSumomsThe empress of a fallen nation was dragged to the enemy empire. Despite everything, the Treasure of Grandel was still gorgeous. However, in the end she was just a captive who was going to be hanged by the savages. Eliza wanted to avoid that outcome no matter what, even if she had to tell outrageous lie
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The Legendary Return 3.2

The Legendary Return

Chapter 133

51.2M Jun 13,24 Kim Kwang-soo , Song Jin-woo

Due to the situation like the second IMF, the security company Jang Taesan worked for goes bankrupt, and he becomes an unemployed man wandering around Noryangjin-dong. He loses his life saving an elementary school student who was almost hit by a car. But thanks to his good deed, he goes 14 years back in time and is welcomed to a new life. However the joy of being revived is short-lived. The though
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Contract Grand Duchess 4.5

Contract Grand Duchess

Chapter 36

605.2K Jun 13,24 MON쉘

Read mahwa Contract Grand Duchess / "Rien, a princess whose husband dies every first night, has married for the sixth time. This time, she hoped for a happy marriage, but what she got was her husband's mistress, an illegitimate son, and a poisoned glass of wine."You were just a means to an end."Rien closes her eyes as her sixth husband mocks her as she agonizes.And then When she opens her eyes ag
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The Cursed Maid of the Duke’s Castle 4.8

The Cursed Maid Of The Duke’S Castle

Chapter 41

126.5K Jun 13,24 Odanrobot

Read manhwa The Cursed Maid of the Duke's Castle, Cursed Maid of the Duchy, The Cursed Maid in the Duke's Castle, The Duke's Castle's Cursed Maid, Lia is a young woman who saves an old man from being beaten in the street, but receives a curse that will kill her if it is not broken within a year. She discovers that the only way to get rid of the curse is to stay close to the cold and cruel Duke,
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