Ninja #1 Flying Kato 4.5

Ninja #1 Flying Kato

Ninja #1 Flying Kato

115.1K Nov 19,19 Kazuo Koike,Saburou Momojiri

This is an on-the-road, rise-to-glory tale about Hojo Soun, a pioneering daimyo of the Warring States Period who became a lord overnight, and Flying Kato, the legendary ninja who supported him from the shadows. It was originally created by Koike Kazuo, one of the gods of modern manga, and is brought to life through the bewitching battle-art-style of Momojiri Saburou! Just before the chaos of the W
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The Chronicle of Myo-Jin 4.4

The Chronicle Of Myo-Jin

Vol.3 Ch.13

114.6K Jan 20,16 Jellybean

From Sura's Place: This is a chronicle of a man named Myo-Jin who seeks to reenter the Heavens.
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Salacia 4.7


Chapter 4: Launch! Salacia Corps! - Part 2

114.4K Aug 30,17 Nagai Go

In 2071, north pole ice have melted and the land has been submerged. Humanity survived but it's divided into two species: the true humans, those who live in underwater cities, and the Dugons, those who chose to undergo genetic modification to live in the sea. Both species go to war to survive as long as the Dugons consider the humans good to eat. To defend against the Dugons, the city of Mari
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Lupin Sansei 5

Lupin Sansei

Vol.1 Chapter 5 : Suspense Scene

113.8K Apr 05,17 Monkey Punch

International man of mystery and master thief extraordinaire, Lupin III comes from a long line of high stakes bandits, all committed to stealing from the rich and giving to themselves. Fortunately, Lupin tends to avoid robbing society's virtuous and, instead, targets some pretty shady characters. Of course, he partners with some pretty shady characters as well: Daisuke Jigen is an ex-mafia hit ma
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Top Actor's Secret Life 2.5

Top Actor's Secret Life

Chapter 30

113.7K Nov 17,22 Seolockt & Lemon

Perfectly charming, A-list actor Sihyun Won, has secretly been in love with his senior co-worker Sangjun for five years! Sihyun had always coped by masturbating himself whenever he brushed passed Sangjun, but he is spotted by his junior Yeonsu...!
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Silky Secrets 4.4

Silky Secrets

Chapter 23

113K Nov 26,22 Gazealle

Kwon Chang-woon was off to a great start at the cosmetic company he was just hired at. Raving reviews from his coworkers, getting recognized by Park Young-in, the team leader and rising star at the company, things couldn't have been going any better until an alcohol abundant, rowdy work dinner complicates matters. Young-in has too much to drink and when Chang-woon helps him get home, he opens Youn
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S..Friend 4.9


Vol.1 Ch.2.2

112.9K Jan 20,16 Chitose Piyoko

[From Peccatore Sanctuary]: Kuro Inamori is the heir of a huge industrial group. Because of a traumatic experience in his youth he is impotent. But then he meets Nana.
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Sexy Cool Voice 5

Sexy Cool Voice

Vol.1 Ch.3.2

112.7K Jan 20,16 Fujisaki Kou

Sequel to "Aishi no Sweet Voice". College student Taku has just joined Drama Club and is teased about his slight figure and girlish voice. But everyone is very friendly, except Kurata Satoshi, the one person Taku really wants to be close to. They've been lovers for two years, but not friends and though Taku keeps trying to connect with Satoshi he finds himself being shut out. Is Taku just a sex f
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Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai 5

Kono Minikuku Mo Utsukushii Sekai

Vol.01 Chapter 005

112.3K Dec 26,17 Gainax

Anime description: Takemoto Takeru, an ordinary high school student, encounters a strange light during a bike delivery for his part time job. When he stops and searches the surroundings, he notices a cute girl named Hikari climbing out of a sparkling cocoon in the forest. Takeru instantly falls for her at first sight, but was interrupted when suddenly a monster appears at the same spot and
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Toushin Toshi III 4.7

Toushin Toshi Iii

Vol.1 Ch.2 : Remedia

112K Jan 21,16 Alicesoft

The protagonist Nakuto, has his sights on becoming the "War God" aka the Champion of a gladiator style tournament with a twist. When Nakuto tries to enter this tournament, he learns that there's a special condition required for entering. He must partner with a beautiful woman along as collateral, and so by chance he finds his childhood friend, Hazumi in town worried for him. Since he has no other
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Riman Gambler Mouse 4.8

Riman Gambler Mouse

Vol.2 Ch.8

111.6K Jan 20,16 Takahashi Noboru

Tadanori Takamura is a failure in everything he does. His job, his marriage, his life. One day, he is offered a way out of his hell (by a 3-fingered woman): A gambling game called "cowarDICE". Shady characters and dark moods abound in this intense gambling drama by Noboru Takahashi. [NOTICE: MATURE themes.]
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Blue (YAMAMOTO Naoki) 4.2

Blue (Yamamoto Naoki)

Vol.1 Ch.0

111.4K Jan 20,16 Yamamoto Naoki

• 197X Long, long ago, when things like VHS, Betamax and satellite broadcasting didn’t exist yet, there lived a boy who loved watching movies over anything else - until one day he found something much more interesting to do in the darkness of the movie hall…
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17 Sai no Mama 4.8

17 Sai No Mama

Vol.1 Chapter 2

111.1K Jan 20,16 Higuchi Marina

These are stories that deal with being an underage mother and how the characters dealt with the situation. by Forbidden Garden: a series of oneshots: We are merely 17 years old and in love. And then I suddenly got pregnant, although he proposed to me straight away, my parents were against this, but I don't want to get an abortion, I want to be a mommy. No one can help us... which path is there
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Salvation 4.7


Chapter 45

110K Nov 13,22 Gwendoline , Dojin

Min-hoo, who was thought to be loved by his stepmother, wandered around a winter pond after hearing the news of her divorce and fell into the pond.And as his eyes opened, he woke up on an unfamiliar planet named "Jubrade" and Emperor Sioen declared that Minhu would be the savior who would save Euphrates from'recruits', calling Minhu the'moon man'Min-hu fights to overcome fate in order to get back
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Little Big Apocalypse 5

Little Big Apocalypse

Ch.10 : The Orb Of Dreamers

109.5K Jan 20,16 Jon Martin

After the the world ended, a Sackboy emerged from the rubble. With little idea of what came before him, he spends most of his life wandering around the wasteland. Then came a very unusual day, Sackboy discovered a strange building. Upon entering, he comes face-to-face with "The Eyes" the computer game that ended the world. "The Eyes" tell Sackboy that they are dying and need his help... withou
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Kamunabi 5


Vol.1 Ch.6

109.3K Feb 01,16 Hoshino Yukinobu

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Koisuru Yajuu 5

Koisuru Yajuu

Vol.1 Ch.2

109.1K Jan 20,16 Katsumoto Kasane

Satou Hinato is a really dumb high school girl. She even failed in a really easy test and got to attend summer's class all alone. But she isn't depress with it, exactly the opposite, because this is a great opportunity to be together with her beloved M... ~Taken from
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01 Monkey 4.2

01 Monkey

Chapter 24

109K Dec 31,21 Ousaka Miya

From Loveless: Senke is a gloomy and shy man who's secretly in love with Masaharu, a mailman in the company he works for. His inability to confess to Masaharu leads him to lavish his love upon a Digital Monkey on his PC, which he names Masaharu. The recession, his low-paying job as a dispatch worker, and a demanding boss causes him to work overtime night after night. One night, fed up with seeing
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U12 3.8


Vol.1 Ch.2 : Party

108.8K Jan 20,16 Yamikawa Kou

12 girls are imprisoned in a mysterious prison. Fighting their way through this unjust and abnormal conditiions, these girls have begun a life and death struggle. A harrowing little girl prison escape.
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Kuzuryuu 4.7


Vol.1 Chapter 9 : [End]

107.9K Dec 26,17 Ikuta Tadashi

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Ryoujoku Kyoushitsu 4.2

Ryoujoku Kyoushitsu

Vol.1 Ch.4.2 : Embrace (Part 2)

107.4K Jan 20,16 Sakamoto Miki

From Baka-Updates: In Tokyo lives the young teacher Tsunagu who has to deal in his poor life with all sorts of bad-ass students and suffers a lot from his relationship with the violent lover Akira whose heart he knows he'll never have. In spite of Akira's threats Tsunagu refuses to give up his teaching job because he wants to be there for a few good students like Aoitsuki. However, unknown
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Chiruhi 4.9


Vol.1 Chapter 6

105.9K Jan 20,16 Kawachi Haruka

In the title piece, Chiruhi, Orin is a prostitute who works on a boat near the seashore. She falls in love with a young hairdresser, who is one of her customers, even though she knows it is an impossible love. This collection consists of seven historical short stories which tragicomically depict people trying to do their best in the city of Edo throughout the seasons.
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Warrior and Kaal 3.8

Warrior And Kaal

Chapter 1

105.1K Nov 03,22 Ppatta

not found...
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A Chronicle of Vile Ambitions 4.1

A Chronicle Of Vile Ambitions

Chapter 1: Teacher And Disciple

105.1K Dec 07,19 Tutu

A dark chronicle of intrigue and betrayal set in the royal palace of a crumbling kingdom. A chronicle that will make you laugh the second before dropping you into a pit of despair. A chronicle without pretense, a strike straight to the heart.
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